Sierra and Amanda were sitting in the pew, absentmindedly doodling on Amanda's sketch-pad. Sure, they would sometimes pay attention, but their Sunday School started soon after, so they weren't worried about missing out on anything. Sierra decided it was time to wander the halls, so, with the supposed intent on "going to the bathroom" the girls ran down the hallway of AEP Church, Sierra half-yelling, half-whispering, "COME ON, Amanda! Let's get to the snacks and coffee first!"

It turned out there weren't any little brownies, which of course depressed the diabolical duo. But it all turned out to be all right, since, after Sunday School (which was full of Harry Potter trivia, and Hang-man, of course) they saw two of their most favorite men. Ron Weasley and Todd.

*****flashback of doooooooooooom*****

They were coming out of the gym/food court thingy room, when Sierra froze. Amanda of course, kept walking, not realizing her partner-in-crime had stopped. Sierra grabbed Amanda's arm, stopping her, and pointed ahead of them.

"What is your problem?" Amanda asked. She was pretty used to Sierra doing things like this, so she wasn't really worried.

"It's….it's….IT"S RON WEASLEY!" She practically shouted. Amanda gasped and looked over at the man. He was turned around, but from the back, he looked as buff as he did in the Harry Potter movies. (Which is veeeeeeeery buff!)

"Oh. My. Gosh. IT"S RON WEASLEY! SQUEE!" Amanda clapped and jumped up and down.

After they got over this exciting experience, they started to walk over to the entrance of the church. But, of course, Sierra spotted something that actually made her scream.

"What is it this time?" Amanda sighed. Sure, last time, her friend's squeals turned out to have been for something awesome….but you never knew with Sierra. She could be shouting because she thought she saw Buzz-Light-year.

"Todd." Was all the dramatic 13 year old sighed. Slowly Amanda turned, and her eyes almost popped out at what she saw.

It was, just as Sierra had said, Todd. Beautiful, sexy, Todd. He was in a black leather jacket, and some slacks. There were, of course, the changes the Witness Protection Program had made. Like he wasn't wearing his signature glasses, and his hair was a dark blonde, instead of brown. But glasses or no glasses, he was Todd.

"TODD!" Amanda shouted. The girls marched right over to him; each took one of his arms, and teleported away in a flash of purple.

Naturally, when they arrived at wherever they teleported to, Todd freaked. He asked the normal questions, like "What the hell? Who the heck do you guys think you are? Where are we? What'd you do?" Along with a few words that are probably best not repeating.

The girls were unsurprised, and for once almost serious. Kinda. Well, Amanda was, at least. Sierra still had googly eyes on, and was practically drooling at Todd.

"Soooo yummy." Sierra mumbled.

"Stop fantasizing, Sierra. You can't do that. That's Claudia's job…" Amanda smacked her best friend. Todd just stared, utterly confused. Amanda patted him on the head.

"Don't worry Todd. We're the good guys." Amanda spoke warmly.

"GIRLS!" Sierra shouted into Amanda's ear. "We're girls." Amanda rolled her eyes.

"Anyway, Todd, I'm Amanda. She's Sierra. We work here-" She was cut off again by her annoying friend.

"More like frequently visit, and save the world. - Will says we're annoying. Obviously, he's never heard himself. –" Sierra said quickly; she didn't want to get smacked at again.

"Yeeeeeeeah. This is the Sanctuary; it's like the Warehouse, only with abnormals…instead of artifacts!" She clapped. Sierra did a facepalm.

"He doesn't know about the Warehouse, smarty! He thinks it's an IRS Warehouse!" Sierra reminded Amanda.

"Oh. Right. Then it would probably be best if we just showed you. It'll be easier that way." She glanced at Sierra, who nodded, and then the two of them started to walk off.

Sierra looked back after a moment.

"Hey. Are you coming, or not?" She asked Todd. Reluctantly, Todd followed the two girls, completely unaware of what he was getting in to.

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