Chapter 11

They didn't stop. They grew tired and rested then awoke an hour later and started again. It felt like they couldn't stop as if something would happen if they did. Her cries filled his room and their love drenched the sheets. Yet close to dawn, too exhausted for words they fell asleep.

8:45 am

There was a ringing and Kyoko tried to shut off her alarm but her hand met with flesh instead. She blinked and saw her surroundings. She smiled to herself and her face grew red as she felt her body sore and unwilling to move. Still the ringing persisted.

Still half asleep she crawled to the edge of the bed and found it's source, a phone. She picked it up and answered.

"Hello?" Her groggy sleep filled voice filled the line.

"K…Kyoko-chan?" Yashiro half screamed in shock. "Why are you answering Ren's phone?"

"Ren's ph…oh." She said confused and looked at it and sure enough it was the black version of her own. "I'm sorry, Yashiro-san. Here's Ren."

He stood there silent on the phone with huge bright eyes as he heard her faintly speak.

"Ren, wake up. It's Yashiro-san."

Ren groaned and lifted himself up. Yashiro heard rustling and then Ren's voice.

"What's wrong, Yashiro-san?" He voice was thick with sleep.

Yashiro sputtered like an idiot, "What's wrong? Kyoko is sleeping in your bed and you completely forgot about your meeting about the out of town trip next month and KYOKO IS SLEEPING IN YOUR BED ANSWERING YOUR PHONE!"

Ren chuckled, "What makes you say she is in my bed?"

Yashiro stared at his phone like an idiot, "YOU'RE NOT DENYING IT!" It worked! It fucking worked! The stupid little spell Maria cast worked! OMG!

While Yashiro was having a heart attack over the phone, Kyoko was nuzzling against Ren. Her soft breath tickling his ribs and her arm draped over his stomach. "Do you have to go?" She whispered softly and looked up at him with half closed eyes.

He pulled the phone away from his mouth, "Are you asking me to stay?" He teased and she smiled.

"I was just curious. If you have to leave then you should go. Work is very important. Can I stay here for a bit? I don't have anything till two in the afternoon." She yawned and stretched her body from head to toe. The sheet didn't reveal anything but still clung to her slender form in a very nice visual.

Ren took the sheet in his free hand and started to pull it down her body while he spoke, "So do I have to go?" He asked Yashiro who was still spewing nonsense.

"To go? What? With Kyoko, yes of course, especially after what you did to her, you have to be with her! I would disown you as a client and a friend if you just used her and left her. In fact I would have to knock some sense into you some how some way. Why all this time and you finally… but then it was…" Ren wasn't really listening. He was smiling as Kyoko tried to keep the blanket on her body. She laughed playfully and hid under the covers completely.

"Yuuukiiihiiitoooo… Do I have to go to the meeting?" He spoke slowly. He was sliding his hand under the sheet looking for something of hers to grab, an arm or leg. She snuck towards him and kissed his hand and her fingers started to play with his under the sheet.

"Oh. Um. No! No, I plan everything anyway. I'll just do that as usual and you can stay home. In fact, let me look at what you have." He spoke and Ren just heard no. He pulled the phone away from his mouth.

"He said I can stay." He whispered and Kyoko burst out of the sheet completely unaware of her very naked self.

"Really? For the day?" She asked with the sheet pooled around her waist.

"He's looking into it but for now at least." His hand cupped her face and she smiled leaning into his hand. She looked up into his eyes but he wasn't looking at hers. She followed his gaze down to her body and she huffed acting as if she was upset. She took the sheet and covered herself up.

"…and after that is your shoot which we can't reschedule, so Ren you need to be at the studio at 1 today…. Ren?" Yashiro heard laughing and he blushed.

"I'll call you at 12 for a reminder." Yashiro said and again there was no answer. He hung up and sent him a text with the info. He will read it when he can. Yashiro called for a cab and then smiled brightly at his phone.

"IT WORKED!" He yelled out into the sky and squealed in delight.

At Takarada Mansion…

Maria woke up on the floor and found the candle completely melted in a red and black lump. She took up the mass and hid it in her closet with the book. She had to keep it safe until she knew they were together. Even then she might decide to keep it just in case.

She was eager to call Kyoko to ask about her day when she realized that she woke up very late and that her tutor was most likely already here. She sighed. It will just have to wait till noon to find out. The book really didn't stay how long it would take to go into effect just that it would be active until they comsamated? Comumated? … talked about their feelings.

After her lessons she had the driver take her to LME. She searched high and low for Kyoko but found that she has yet to arrive. Maria didn't look into what she had scheduled for the day so she was probably at school or at a shoot. She pouted. She didn't have her phone with her so she started to walk upstairs to Lory's office.

"Maria-chan!" She turned and found Yashiro rushing to her with a large smile on his face.

"You did it!" He ran up, dropped his suit case carelessly and lifted her up into the air making her scream and laugh.

"It worked? How did you find out? What happened?" She couldn't believe her ears. Her spell actually worked.

"I'll do better than that. I'll show you. I'm supposed to call him at 12 so he can come to his shoot at 1 but I couldn't help myself this morning." He pulled Maria to a secluded corner and kneeled down with her.

"Here listen."

He put the speaker phone on and dialed not Ren's but Kyoko's number.

"Hello?" Maria heard her voice and was about to speak but Yashiro stopped her.

"Yashiro-san, is this you again? He is getting dressed right now. He will be out the door in five minutes. I promise."

Maria looked at the phone with wide eyes then heard Ren's voice.

"What are you going to do if I don't go?" He teased her and she laughed.

"I think the question is what I won't do if you don't go. You have work and so do I. Yashiro-san is wai…hmmmm." Soft sounds started coming from the phone and Yashiro quickly ended the conversation.

Ren arrived at LME after 20 minutes with a smile that wouldn't leave which was met with another man's smile that faltered into snickers every few seconds. Maria was holding on to Yashiro's hand and watched as Ren walked up with almost a bounce in his step.

"Good afternoon, Yukihito-san." Yashiro held back a laugh. He really looked at Ren. There was a cut on his lower lip and hickeys peeking from his collar. He looked like a very worn out man but wouldn't have traded that night for any other night in his life.

"Have a good night, Ren?" He replied and Ren just smiled and turned to Maria.

"Maria-chan, how are you today?" He bent down and lifted her in his arms without her asking. She was stunned but was engulfed in his good mood.

She giggled, "Are you happy, Ren-sama?"

He turned to her and nodded, "Very much so."

"So then did onee-sama and you your feelings to each other?" She had to sound out the word still not quite use to it.

Both men looked at her with wide stunned eyes then Yashiro busted out laughing till tears ran down his cheeks.

Ren blushed lightly, "I'm sorry, Maria-chan?"

"Consumate, did you tell each other your feelings? Is that why you are so happy?" She repeated and Ren licked his lips nervously while Yashiro tried to contain his fits of laughter.

"I think you are thinking communicate but either way yes, we did." He grinned.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this little story. Maria is so cute.