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Chapter 1 – Is that supposed to impress me?

When a kid here's the words 'you're going to Hollywood' they would usually be super excited. When I here those words, I'm throwing a tantrum. And by tantrum, I mean using my amazingly awesome vocals and screeching at the top of my lungs. My parents, being the utter retards they are, took this as an 'awesome'. So, here I am, in the noisy lobby of the Palm Woods. My parents are currently upstairs in apartment 3J doing god-knows-what while I'm on a couch, sulking.

Now, I can imagine what you're thinking. Who is this chick? Well, my name is Jayden Silver. I am fifteen with 'the body of goddess' as my best friend once put it. According to her, I have a smile Megan Foxx would kill for, along with 'the voice of an angel'. As if. I'm not one of those conceited girls that show off their looks. I actually enjoy showing off my brains, something that seventy-nine percent of the female population in LA ignore. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if they melted at the sight of a test. Sigh. But, sadly, I have never seen it, nor do I believe I ever will.

Well, back to my life story. I have brown wavy hair, lightly tanned skin, brown eyes, and I'm from Spain. Fine, my parents are from Spain, I'm form Jersey. Your average small town gal. I'm from Cape May Point, New Jersey. Population two hundred forty-one. Yep, we don't even have a school. So, I guess you could say that I might be a teeny bit happy. Just a little bit. I grew up as an only child in a big house. My dad co-owned Sony, and my mom was a teacher. I bet you're wondering why I would live in such a smile town then. The answer is simple. My parents absolutely despise anyone who was born into money. So, to make sure that I wasn't spoiled, they raised as if we were poor. And, to tell you the truth, I don't mind.

Now that we got my appearance and history out of the way, let's move on to my 'talent'. I love singing, playing the piano and drums, dancing, and acting. I can do it all. So, my dad called up his friend, Griffin, and told him how talented I was. Thus, I am now sitting in the Palm Woods lobby, people watching. It's quite fascinating. People are checking in, checking out, and some are just hanging out.

A sigh escaped my lips as I looked down at my Iphone. 3 missed calls. 3 voicemails. 45 new text messages. A small smile graced my lips as I saw that they were from my best friend, Leah. I swear, that girl will be the death of me. She always has some stunt to pull. Her family was as rich as mine. Heck, her dad was the other co-owner of Sony. The only difference was that her family loved to throw their money around. But, Leah despised it. She cringed at the thought of acting superior.

All of the messages consisted of the same things. 'Are you there yet?' 'Call me when you can?' 'How's LA?' Only one message was different. 'I have AWESOME news!' Before I could call her, I heard loud thumps and curses coming from the stairwell. The noise got louder and closer as I watched. Soon, four figures came tumbling out. They were all guys, and they were HOT! After about twenty seconds of examining them, I realized they were one of my favorite bands. They were BIG TIME RUSH! Seriously, if I wasn't raised around celebrities I would probably have a fan girl moment. They noticed me staring, and quickly straightened up. They walked over to me, trying to act cool. 'Trying' being the keyword. One guy was tall. He had short brown hair, hazel eyes, and a toned body. The guy next to him was a little shorter. He had dirty blonde hair, big eyebrows, brown-green eyes, and an awesome smile. The next guy was shorter, had dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a small smirk. The last guy was the shortest. He had tan skin, black hair, and also had brown eyes. As I said before, they were all hot!

As they got closer, I felt myself do that personality switch I do around guys. While my insides are goop, I act all confident. I always thank the lord for inheriting that trait from my dad.

"Hey," the tall guy said. "I'm James." I nodded, and looked down at the magazine I forgot I picked up when I came down here. I started to flip through it but stopped when he spoke again. "This is Kendall," he pointed to the guy with the eyebrows. "Logan," he pointed to the guy next to Kendall. "And Carlos," he pointed to the short one. "We're in a band."

I smirked and stood up. Cocking my head to the side I said, "And that's supposed to impress me?" With that, I walked away and up to my apartment.

Maybe Hollywood won't be that bad.

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