Harry Potter and the Forgotten Friends

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Everything would be fine, as long as one person kept one secret deep within their very soul. If this person was ever to spill this deep secret, the person's lives that it protects will be gone forever. If the person they are running from finds them. This was none other then the Fidelious Charm. This was a very powerful charm, which could protect anyone from the whole world. And only one person would be able to find the house… the secret keeper. 

The secret keeper was keeping none other then the powerful, Lord Voldemort away from James and Lily. His new victims that he so wanted to hunt and kill. For reasons, that no one would ever be able to figure it out and would never be able to know why. The only thing that they hadn't known was that the person they picked… would be the one who would kill them. He would hand them over to Voldemort on a silver platter.

But today, today would be the day. The day that everything in the hidden world would change. It was Halloween, and the day James and Lily, would be no more. Their secret keeper being who he was would change everything. The man was none other then Peter Pettigrew, a wizard who was weak and helpless. Also, he was the undercover spy for Voldemort. Today was the day, that Peter Pettigrew betrayed his friends and became a murderer and a traitor.  

A loud noise was heard all over the hidden world in Britain. It was a flying motorbike. Anyone in the muggle world would think they were seeing things or they were crazy. The night had been a pretty bad one, in many different ways. A house was in ruins in the middle of town, three people were dead, fear was in everyone's hearts and someone was going to Azkaban that night. The only problem was… who was going to go to Azkaban?

The one house was all in ruins. It was smashed down on the ground, metal, furniture and smell of fire was still there. There was the dark mark hanging high above the wreck. This was the house in which James and Lily had once lived in. But… their secret keeper had betrayed them. Peter Pettigrew had sold them out to Lord Voldemort.

The motorbike that was flying through the air, starting coming down from the sky, and meeting the ground with a soft, Thud. Thud. On the pavement, until it came to a stop. The man was shocked at what he saw. The house that was once filled with happiness, pride, joy, and of course… his friends. But now… the house lay in ruins, just in front of his feet. As he stood there, dumbfounded, one thing crossed through his mind.

'James? Lily? Harry? Would they all be dead? Did Voldemort finish them all off. Stupid Pettigrew. If I ever find him, he'll pay.' He thought. He finally got his courage. He walked forward, and slowly into the wreck. He walked slowly, as if he was looking for something. Which he was looking for something. He was looking for a sign of life or movement. All he wanted to see was his friends again. Moving, alive, with a sign of being alive. Anything. Anything that would put his soul to rest… at least for now.

He remembered this place so well, when it was full of life, not death. If only he could see them one last time. He was walking through what he thought was once a kitchen. When he heard something come from under him. It surprised him and made him jump a foot in the air. He looked down to see what he had stepped on. When he saw what it was, he gasped.

It was a pair of circular glasses, made out of rim-stone. Maybe, just maybe, he knew what it was. He bended down and picked the glasses up. He looked at them and after a few minutes he realized what it was, and whom they belonged to. An image of his best friend floated into his mind, along with Lily, and baby Harry. They were James glasses. That must mean one thing. He was nearby. Real nearby.  He kneeled down on the ground, and tried to move some rubble. When the rubble wouldn't move, he grabbed is wand from his pocket, muttered a spell and the rubble moved away.

As soon as he moved the rubble away, he was shocked. He came face to face with his friend. He looked like he was dead. If he wasn't dead… he was a really good actor. His face was white, and his eyes were closed. He shook him and nothing happened.

 "Oh my god. Wake-up! Wake-up! Please be acting." He yelled, looking down. No sign of movement. He grabbed his hand, looking for a pulse. He couldn't find one. "No. No. This can't be happening. It just can't." He said, looking down. He slowly put the hand back down and stood up. He sighed, looking around. The rubble looked worse now. The dark mark was still above the wreck, burning bright. It would be there for at least a month. That's how long Voldemort's Dark Mark lasts.

 'Wait. There's still Lily and Harry. Please be all right. Please.' He thought as he made his way through the wreck, looking for a sign. Anything that would show where they were… a baby crying. Anything that would be possible! Anything that was recognizable. Anything! He looked through the wreck around what he thought was the front of the house, but he hadn't found anything. Then it hit him. They were probably in the nursery. Harry was probably asleep by the time Voldemort came, and while James was holding Voldemort off, Lily was probably trying to escape.

He ran as quickly as he could through the wreck until he got to what he thought was upstairs. When he reached to what he thought was once the upstairs. The only problem was through all the rubble; he couldn't remember which room was which. He had to find the nursery, which was probably the room where Lily and Harry would be… if they were here. He managed to break one of the doors down, when he body-checked it. The rubble was piled high up, almost to the ceiling. When trying to move the rubble by hand didn't work, he grabbed his wand from his pocket and muttered a simple spell.

"Wingaurdium Levitosa."

The rubble moved with the move of his wand, until he put it down. He did this to all off the rooms until their was only one room. It would have to be the nursery. He had recognized all. All because he had been in Godrics Hollow before they had died.  It tried to move the door handle, but the door wouldn't budge. Rubble was blocking the door so the man couldn't get into the room. He grabbed his wand again.

"Flipendo!" He shouted. The power hit the door, and it fell down with a soft thud. He walked into the room, after the smoke had cleared. It was a wreck. The rubble was lying on the ground, with some dust on top. Over an hour, dust had already begun to form. The baby crib was dusty, and when we walked over, he looked for Harry, but he wasn't there.

'He must be with Lily then.' He thought. As he looked around, he realized that the window wasn't open, so they couldn't have escaped through the window. That squashed the plan that he had. He had thought that maybe they had escaped through the window, but it was closed… so never mind.

'The two of them… they must be in the rubble here… somewhere.' He thought. He looked around, wildly trying to find them. Then, as if he was dreaming he heard something. It was a baby's cry. It could only be one person! He had never been this relived to hear the child cry!

"HARRY!" He shouted. He ran through the rubble, hoping that he wasn't hearing anything, and that Harry was all right. He figured that Harry was around the area he was standing in. He started shifting the rubble by the window, with newfound strength and energy he had found. He dug down into the rubble, hoping to find anything. He was almost at the bottom, until he found something. A light pink sweater was peaking through the brown rubble.

'Lily.' He thought, as he saw the sweater. He remembered that sweater so well. He had given that sweater to her for Christmas, about two years ago. He continued digging. As soon, as he had managed to move all the rubble away, he looked down at her, and sighed.

"They were both so young… and they're dead. What is going on? If I ever find Peter, he will pay for killing a betraying James, Lily and Harry. Revenge will come." He growled, feeling more then anger… he was feeling loath. He wanted to avenge his two friends, by getting back the one person who had caused so much pain, in so many lives. He grabbed her one hand, looking for a pulse too. He hadn't found one. He put her hand back down. He must have just imagined Harry crying, for he wasn't crying now.

'Pah! Wishful thinking. My friends and godson are dead. Looks like my life can't get anymore pitiful.' He thought, as he broke down into tears. "This is all my fault. If I hadn't changed secret keepers they would kill be alive. I am a worthless fool." He yelled, in between sobs. He was just about to get up and leave the ruined house, when something stopped him. It might have been his imagination, or maybe, just maybe… it was real, it was a little voice.


He knew that voice from before. It must have been Harry… or else his imagination was playing games on him. He ran as quickly as he could back into the room. Under Lily's arm, there was Harry, wrapped up in a baby blue blanket. He moved her arm, and got Harry out from the rubble.

He looked at him. His emerald eyes—which he had gotten from his mother shone out at him. Harry smiled and Sirius smiled back. He looked back at Lily. "Don't worry about a thing, Lily. I'll take good care of him for you. Nothing will happen, and I'll be here for him." Sirius said, thinking that if their 'sprites' where around, they would be able to put their souls at rest. He kissed Lily's cold hand, one final goodbye, and then left the wrecked house, as fast as he could, trying to be careful at the same time.

When he had managed to get out of the house, he looked back at the piles of rubble and metal. "Life won't be the same without you, both of you. But don't worry, Harry's in safe arms now, you can rest at peace now in Heaven. Nothing will happen." He muttered. He looked back down at Harry. He was still crying, and wouldn't stop. Sirius sighed and held him out, looking at him.

"What's wrong little buddy?" He asked. Then he was it. Under a bit of his hair, he was a scar. It was in the shape of a lightening bolt. He looked at it a bit more carefully when he moved the hair out of the way. "Ah… that's why you're crying. You have a cut on your forehead." He said. He grabbed his bandana from his back pocket and tried to mop the blood of Harry's forehead—and the blood that had gotten on his jacket.  

"Mr. Black, sir. What are yeh doin' 'ere?" A voice asked. He knew who it was right away. It was Hagrid, the gamekeeper at Hogwarts. Sirius sighed, while Harry made a grab for his hair. "Hey. Hagrid. Dream on, little guy." He said, as he got his hair out from Harry's grasp.  He then turned and looked at Hagrid.

"This is all that's left of James and Lily's house! Their dead, both of them, nothing's left! All that's left is baby Harry." Sirius said, showing Harry to Hagrid. "The 'hole house destroyed. And he's all 'hats left?" Hagrid muttered, shaking his face. Sirius nodded, gravely.

Hagrid sighed. "Mr. Black, sir. 'Ere's the bad news. Under Dumbledore's orders, 'Arry has to come with me. Dumbledore says 'Arry's  goin' to have ter live with 'is muggle aunt and uncle." Hagrid said. "WHAT?!?!" Sirius yelled. He almost dropped Harry, and to make it worse… Harry started to cry, again. He tried to calm Harry down, by making him stop crying.

He looked up at Hagrid. "Why does Harry have to go to them? In James and Lily's will, they wrote that Harry goes with me. Its as plain as day! You have no idea what your doing! They hate 'out lot of people' you never have seen how much her sister beat Lily down." Sirius said. Hagrid shook his head. "I don't know. But, 'Arry's got ter come with me." Hagrid said. Sirius nodded, and slowly put Harry in his arms.

"Take care of him, Hagrid. You can take my motorbike if you want. I won't need it anymore, where I'm going. Bye Harry. I'll see you soon." Sirius waved to Harry, and threw Hagrid the keys to his bike. He walked away with millions of ways to kill Pettigrew for selling James and Lily out to Voldemort. Nothing would have stopped him from carrying out his plan, except one person.

"Sirius!" A voice shouted. He turned around, only to see Harry, looking at him. He walked back, knowing that he wouldn't be able to walk away from Harry so easily. Hagrid was already on the bike, reading to leave, when Sirius appeared, again.

"I'm coming too. What kind of godfather would I be, if I left Harry all by himself?" Sirius replied, and jumped on the back of the bike. "Alright then." Hagrid replied. He started the bike up and it set off into the starry night.


The dark streets of the muggle world were glowing a deep shade of yellow from the streetlights. On the street of Privet Drive, a cat sat on a ledge, not moving. If the cats tail, nose and whiskers didn't move every so often, you would have thought that it was a statue. It was far from a statue… and farther away from a cat. The 'cat's' eyes only moved when a man arrived at the end of the street. He had a long white beard and was dressed in blue robes.  

He took something out of his pocket and held it in front of him. It looked like a silver cigarette lighter. He clicked it once and the streetlight near him went out. He did this until all the streetlights had gone out. He put the silver cigarette lighter back into his pocket and walked up the street until he reached the cat sitting on the wall.

The cat jumped off the ledge, and while jumping down, the cat disappeared and in it's place was a stern face-looking woman. She wore blue robes as well. "Professor McGonagall. I never thought that you would be here. Everyone is out celebrating the Dark Lord's fall." He said, looking at her. She looked back at him. "Is it true, Albus? What the rumour is? He-who-must not-be-named is really gone?" She asked, looking at him with a bit of curiosity. He nodded and sighed.

"The rumour is true. And so is the bad news. At the price of Voldemort being gone, so are James and Lily. He arrived at Godrics Hollow last night. He knew where they were. The secret keeper—Sirius Black, must have spilled where they were hiding. All that's left is little Harry Potter." Dumbledore replied. McGonagall nodded and sighed.

The two stood there in silence, waiting for a sign. After a few minutes of waiting, McGonagall looked over at him. "Tell me one thing, why we are here, of all places? Who's bringing him?" She asked.  Dumbledore looked up at her, he was trying to un-stick two sherbet lemons. It was a muggle sweet, which he had become very fond off.

"I've come to bring Harry to his aunt and uncle. They're his only living family he has left now. And, Hagrid is bringing him." Dumbledore replied. McGonagall looked over at him, shocked. "You don't mean these people? They are the worst type of people you could leave him with! They hate our lot. They have a son—all the way down the street he would hit his mother. Reconsider it Dumbledore!" She shrieked, pointing at number four Privet Drive. Dumblore shook his head. This is the best we can do, McGonagall." He replied.

In the distance they heard a low rumbling, it broke the low talk in between them. As it grew louder, they looked up and down the street, for some sign of a headlight; it swelled to a roar, and as they looked up into the sky, a motorbike appeared from behind some trees and landed with a soft thud, thud, on the ground; until it stopped in front of Dumbledore and McGonagall.

"Hagrid." Dumbledore said, as Hagrid took his helmet off. 'Allo Professor Dumbledore, sir." Hagrid said. The two on the ground where looking at Hagrid, bewildered. "And where did you get that Motorbike?" Dumbledore asked, looking at the black motorbike.

A voice from behind Hagrid, simply said; "He didn't get it. It's mine, He's just… catching a ride." The person then got off the bike. That shocked Professor's Dumbledore and McGonagall.   

"Sirius Black?" Dumbledore said in shock. He nodded, and took Harry from Hagrid's arms while he got off the bike. McGonagall looked like she was going to explode or something. She stormed up to Sirius and looked him straight in the eye, pointing a finger at him.

"How could you? You were the Potters secret keeper and you sold them out to Voldemort. And then, you dare to show up here, with Harry." She yelled. Sirius sighed and looked from Harry to her. "I've killed them, and then I haven't. It was my idea to switch secret keepers. They switched to Pettigrew a week before today. And, because of my stupid idea, their dead and Harry's the only one left." Sirius replied.

Hagrid stepped up. "I believe him, sir. The story sounds true. He told it ter me, when we were flyin' over Bristol." Dumbledore looked from Hagrid to Sirius, and over again, until he finally spoke. "If you believe him Hagird, then I will too."

Sirius looked at them in shock, and he almost dropped Harry. "What? You actually believe me?" He stammered. Dumbloedore nodded.  "Thank you. I never thought that I would hear that." Sirius replied. McGonagall looked at the two of them. She rolled her eyes, huffed and drew her cloak in.

"Dumbledore! You can talk later. What about the child?" She asked, snapping the three men back to reality. They all looked at her. She gave them one of her icy glares. After a few seconds, they all clued in.

"Oh right. I have to take Harry, Sirius. He has to live with his aunt and uncle, until the time is right for him to know about his part. His aunt and uncle will tell him, when the time is right." Dumbledore replied. Sirius hugged Harry closer to him. "Can… I at least say goodbye to him? He asked. Dumbledore nodded.

"Hey Buddy. You're going to have to be strong you me while I'm gone. I have something I have to do. I'll see you soon in no time." He said. Harry looked up at him with his huge emerald eyes, as if to say 'Don't leave me!' He rolled his eyes. "Come on Harry. Don't make this harder then it already is. I'll see you soon, I promise. I also promised your parents that I would. I'll see you soon. Bye Harry." He said. He slowly handed Harry over to Dumbledore.

He took a letter out of his cloak pocket, explaining all about Harry and what had happened to his parents. The four people walked up the little pathway and put Harry down on the doorstep, the letter in his little hands. The four adults walked back down the garden pathway and out onto the sidewalk. Hagrid's shoulders shook, Professor McGonagall blinked furiously, the life in Sirius eyes, seemed to go out, while the twinkling light that usually shone from Dumbledore's eyes, seemed to have gone out as while.

After minutes of standing there, Dumbledore turned and looked at the other three. "Well…That's that. We've got no business staying here. We might as well go and celebrate with the others over the fall of Lord Voldemort." Dumbledore said. McGonagall and Hagrid flinched at his name. He shook it off and looked at everyone with an 'I'm trying to be happy' smile.

"Yeah," Hagrid said in a muffled voice. "I'll be going back to Hogwarts now. G'night, Professor McGonagall, Sirius and Professor Dumbledore, sir." Hagrid said, he grabbed his torn umbrella and walked slowly out of sight, into the dark night.

Three remained standing there. "I shall see you soon, I except, Professor McGonagall," said Dumbledore, nodding to her. Professor McGonagall nodded in reply and blew her nose. He then turned to Sirius, who was staring at the ground.

"Don't worry there, Padfoot. I know about your secret—just to let you know. And, don't worry; you will be able to see Harry again, in the near future. Until then, I will see you later." Dumbledore said. He smiled, and turned to walk down the street. On the corner of the street, he took out the silver cigarette lighter, which was called a Put-Outer. He clicked it once, and the streetlights came back on. He put the Put-Outer away in his pocket. He could make out a tabby cat slinking away, behind a bush, on the other side of street. Sirius was still standing in the middle of the street, not moving. And on the doorstep of number four Privet Drive, was the bundle of blankets.

"Good luck Harry." Dumbledore muttered. He turned on his heel and wish a wish of his cloak he was gone.

Sirius, still standing in the middle of the street, sighed.   The clouds rumbled above him and rain started to fall down from the heavens. He looked up into the sky. "This is a sign isn't it? This is my entire fault; James and Lily are dead, and Harry has no parents. All because of me!" He shouted into the rain. It was no use. He slowly began to walk away from Harry. He walked down the street and into the darkness… alone and friendless.

Meanwhile, Harry rolled over in his sleep. One hand clasped onto the letter, but still in the darkness of the night… he slept on. Not knowing what would happen in the morning, the next ten years of his life. That he was the most famous child in the entire hidden world at the age of one. Also, that he would spend the next few weeks, beginning pinched by his cousin. And, he couldn't know that at this very moment, people meeting in secret all over the country were holding up their glasses and saying hushed voices: 'To Harry Potter—the boy who lived!'

To be continued…