It had been two years since Riley, Alexis and their families left the small town of Surrey. Since they had promised to come back for Harry one day, he waited. But, nearly two years later, he was being to lose all hope. He figured that they were just fake by pretending that they were his 'friends'. Harry started to believe that they were just joking with him saying they'd come back… they were probably laughing about Harry's naïve-ness when they left two years ago. Heck, they were probably somewhere now laughing it up about him. After some time Dudley managed to get over the threat that Riley had had given him; so he started up Harry-Hunting again.

Harry sighed and looked out the window. It was a sunny day outside, but to Harry it was a cloudy dreary day. Harry hadn't let sunshine into his world since Alexis and Riley left two years ago. He looked out the window, seeing if he could have a glimpse of Riley or Alexis coming up the driveway for him. No such luck. But, he did catch something he recognized – Dudley and his gang. Without a word of warning, Harry jumped down from the stool in the living room window, and ran. He tore through the living room and the kitchen where Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia ignored him and opened the door for the basement.

Harry sighed when he heard the front door open and close and Dudley and co. wandering into the living room. "Mum, Dad, where's Harry?" Harry could hear everything that was being said through the door he ran though.

"I think the boys' out back in the bushes." Uncle Vernon replied.

Harry snorted, when he heard Dudley's goons run out to the backyard. But, Dudley was still there; Harry could hear the creaking of the floor under Dudley's feet. He strained to hear what they the Dursley's were talking about now, they were all in hushed voices.

"What are we going to do about it, Vernon? We can't give it to him. We've stamped it out of him by now, haven't we?" Came Aunt Petunia's worried voice.

"We simply ignore it. I'll toss it into the fire and this'll be the end of it all." Uncle Vernon snapped, and the sound of ripping paper could be heard.

"What is it? I want it see it. Now!" Dudley demanded, and the ceiling shook above Harry's head; he figured that Dudley stomped his foot.

Footsteps were heard above, and then the slam of the door. He figured that Dudley went outside with his friends to try to find him. Harry grinned and stood up, brushing the dust off his jeans and opened the basement door. Aunt Petunia had her back to him, so he slipped by her, and into the living room. He noticed Uncle Vernon crouching on the floor, beside the fire.

'Wonder what that is?' He wondered, looking at the letter in Uncle Vernon's hand. Uncle Vernon looked up as Harry entered, flashing him a mischievous smirk.

"You want this boy?" Harry looked at the envelope confused; why would he want it? Uncle Vernon smirked at his confusion. "You obviously don't know what this is boy. It's got your name on it."

Harry gasped at what Uncle Vernon said, and made a dash for the fire. But, Uncle Vernon was one step further. He tossed the letter into the fire, laughing as he watched the seal on the envelope melt off, as the fire ate up the letter.

"NOOO!" Harry yelled, as he watched the fire eat away at the letter.

He stared at it wishfully, hoping the letter would repair and fly into his hand. But no, the letter just vanished into millions of burnt paper. Harry took a step toward it, in hopes of seeing anything readable, but Uncle Vernon saw it, and stopped it. He grabbed Harry around his waist and dragged him away from the letter to the one place he couldn't escape – the cupboard.

"Let me go! I want my letter!" Harry yelled, pounding his fists on Uncle Vernon, who simple ignored his attempts.

When the two reached the doorway into the cupboard, Uncle Vernon held onto his one scrawny arm while he tried to open the door. While Uncle Vernon was doing this, Harry attempted to retch his arm out of his uncle's grasp but failed. That just made him even angrier as he threw Harry inside the cupboard, slamming and locking the door behind him. Harry sighed, as he sat down on his 'bed' and opened up an old photo book that Alexis had made for him. It was full of pictures they had taken of all the fun they had in the couple months they had together. Harry smiled, as he opened the first page.

*           *           *           *           *

The next couple days went the exact same ways. More and more letters would come for Harry, and they would all be burned right in front of his eyes, then he would spend the rest of the day in his cupboard alone with the secret photo book Alexis gave him. As more and more letters came for him, the Dursley's were starting to get worried. Whoever kept sending these letters for him, knew he wasn't getting them and was sending more and more as time progressed. The more letters that were being sent, the more agitated the Dursley's got. After a couple weeks of all these 'attacks' of mysterious letters, Uncle Vernon decided if they weren't here, the letters couldn't get to them. So the Dursley's and Harry packed up and left to go to a hut on a deserted beach out in the water. Only they didn't know that going there would be the worst thing they could ever do… well… for the Dursley's anyway.

By the time they got from number four Privet Drive to the old beach hut that Uncle Vernon had rented for a couple days it was almost nightfall. The sun was just about to set under the waters' horizon, Harry stood there staring at it in awe, until Dudley pushed him into the hut.

"This is the place were staying it? It's so dumpy!" Dudley complained, looking around the small beach hut, as he entered after Harry.

Petunia and Vernon entered behind him, nodding in confirmation of what Dudley said. The Dursley's dropped all their bags and Harry dumped his in a corner, away from their massive bags. Looking at the Dursley's bags you would think that they were going to be here for weeks on end. Aunt Petunia quickly swept up the rickety old stairs, and into the bedroom upstairs. She quickly claimed that one as hers and Vernon's, Dudley claimed the couch and that left Harry to find as many blankets they weren't using to make himself a bed on the floor. He picked one in the corner of the room, away from the rest of them. Maybe then, he could have some peace and quiet. He doubted that it would work, but it was worth a shot.

Night fell and time past slowly after that as Petunia kept complaining that the hut was a mess and that she wouldn't be able to sleep with all the waves crashing up against the hut walls. It figures it would be a stormy night. Eight o'clock rolled by, followed by nine and ten, after what seemed like days to Harry the Dursley's finally called it a night and went to bed.

Harry however lied awake, there was way to many things that were crawling around his brain. He was turning eleven at midnight, which was about five minutes away on the watch Dudley was still wearing. The other thing was that Alexis and Riley said that on one of his birthdays they would come back for him. They didn't come last year when he turned ten, so could they come this year? But then Harry sighed and remembered they weren't at Privet Drive, so even if they did show up, they wouldn't know where to find him. He sighed and rolled over to face the wall.

Four minutes to go…

Then there was those letters. What was so important in them that every time they came in the mail they would be burned? Harry had figured out on the second day of the letters coming, someone was trying to tell him something. Something important. What could it be… but no matter how hard Harry tried to figure it out, he always came up blank. He figured that it wouldn't be Riley because she always hated Snail Mail, said it was faster just to come over yourself. But could it have been from Alexis? That's what he thought at first, but on day before the letter was burned, he saw the printing on the envelope. It was in small, green handwriting. Definitely something Alexis couldn't do. So the question still remained that the letter was from a mysterious nobody.

Two minutes to go…

Harry sighed, and sat up drawing a birthday cake for himself in the sand that blew in under the door, with the number eleven in the middle of the cake. He sighed, as he finished drawing the eleven candles in the sand. He glanced up at Dudley's watch and saw it was soon time to make a wish. He watched the second hand count up until it hit 12:00.

"Make a wish Harry." He whispered to himself, and made a wish, blowing the eleven sand candles.

Little did Harry know that was when everything was going to get very strange. He was about to turn in for the night also when…


Harry shot up in his makeshift bed. That wasn't what he wished for, he wished for someone to come and take him back to his friends. The door made another 'BOOM!' sound and the door fell right off its hinges. By now, Dudley was awake and clutching onto the blanket on top of him, scared witless. Rumbling could be heard upstairs as Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia made their way from upstairs to the creaky stairs. The two froze on the stairs, staring at this person, while Uncle Vernon clutched a gun in his right hand, ready to shoot.

 "You better get out of here! I warn you – I'm armed!" He yelled at the intruder.

The intruder seemed not to hear what Uncle Vernon said or just didn't care, because they just continued walking inside, and once inside they scooped down and put the door back up in the wall. The man then turned and moved over to the couch where Dudley was sitting. Dudley looked up at the man, – only he was about two times the size of an ordinary man – terrified. This man simply looked at him, telling him to budge over, which he did, completely in shock.

"Why you – you better get out of our house now!" Uncle Vernon yelled, while Aunt Petunia gasped; she knew who it was, it was Hagrid the giant. Who worked for Professor What-His-Name? Like she actually cared, it got rid of her sister for her.

Hagrid simply looked at Uncle Vernon and he got up off the couch. As he walked over to where they were standing on the stairs, he seemed to grow taller, until he was looming over them. In his walk over there, he also took out his umbrella and was pointing it at them. Harry raised an eyebrow to this, this was weird, why was everything getting so weird all of the sudden?

"Ah, shut up Dursley, yeh great prune." He said, as he jerked the gun out of Uncle Vernon's hands and twisted it up like a pretzel.

Harry stared at this in amazement, but covered it up when the giant man turned to him and started walking over to him. Harry immediately clammed up hoping this man wouldn't make him look like a pretzel. The man stopped in front of him, kneeling down to be on eye level with Harry.

"Las' time I saw you, you was only a baby," Hagrid said, making eye contact with Harry. "Yeh look a lot like yer dad, but yeh've got yer mum's eyes."

Harry nodded, dumbfounded. How did this man know who his parents were? And, if this man did know his parents, how on earth did he find him? Theres a million people in the world, and he managed to find him, Harry…? That's kinda odd, but maybe…

"The Letter…" Harry blurted out loud, immediately regretting what he said.

Hagrid looked at his strangely for a second then nodded. "So you know about the letters and about Hogwarts and where your parents learnt it all." Hagrid said, beaming at Hagrid.

Harry looked at him stunned for a moment. "Just who are you? And what's Hogwarts?"

Now it was Hagrid's turn to look stunned. "What are yeh talkin' about, Harry? Didn't yeh read the letter yeh got?"

Harry shook his head and was about to reply when Uncle Vernon interrupted. "STOP! I FORBID YOU!" He sounded very panicked by now.

Hagrid just looked at Uncle Vernon and then turned back to Hagrid. "I guess yeh never got the letter. So, here yeh go."

Then out of one of Hagrid's massive pockets he pulled out a letter that looked identical to the ones Uncle Vernon had been burning for the past couple days. Harry took the letter in surprise, and timidly broke the seal on it to get to the letter. Once he opened it, he yanked out the letter, and read it over.  He stared at it blankly. Wizards? Magic? What was this letter going on about? He then looked up at Hagrid, who nodded.

"I still don't get it, what's with all the talk about magic and awaiting my owl?" Harry asked, looking up at Hagrid, who looked confused back at Harry.

"Didn't anyone ever tell you the truth?" Harry shook his head. "Yer a wizard, Harry! And a thumping good one at that." Harry just stared at him in confusion. "Yeh'll learn more when yeh get to Hogwarts. Oh! And I almost forgot, friends of yours Riley Black and Alexis Lupin wanted me to give these to you." Hagrid said, fishing through his massive pockets again.

Harry stood there in shock. Alexis? Riley? They hadn't forgot him… they remembered him. They kept their promises, saying that they'd be back on his birthday. He snapped back to reality when Hagrid handed him something. He took what Hagrid gave him and put it down on the ground.

He picked up the first one, which was wrapped in paper with yellow balls with little wings on them. Strange. Harry shrugged it off and ripped the paper and looked at what was inside. It was a book – he turned it over and the cover read: "Pranks for the Annoying". Harry grinned mischievously and glanced over at Dudley who was frozen in fear. Harry then turned to the next present, which was from Alexis. He looked at it strangely; it was in the shape of a dome. He quickly ripped off the equally weird paper and saw the dome was a cage with a snowy white owl inside. He then saw the letter Hagrid was still holding, he quickly grabbed it and opened it up.

(A/N: What's written in Italics is written by Alexis, and what's underlined in written by Riley.)

Hey Harry!

It's Alexis and Riley here! What's up? Nothing much is up here, just writing to you! Haha! Never mind Riley, she's just hyper – she had chocolate again…! Anyways, Hagrid (the man that's with you) Duh, 'Lex! Hagrid would have told Harry his name by now… Harry's not stupid enough to talk to a stranger. Be quiet Riley! You never know, what with Harry's relatives. Alexis! Don't bring THEM up… Harry doesn't what to hear about them if he doesn't have to! Anyways Harry, listen to Hagrid. I know your personality, you might not buy the whole magic and Hogwarts thing, but trust us, and we're your friends! Unless you count that time we put him in the middle to choice which one he liked better out of us… Quiet! I'm trying to write here! Anyways, if you go with Hagrid, you'll meet up with us again! It's too hard to explain here (your FBI could find it! NOOOO!) And then you would be questioned and we would never see you again! STOP JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS, RILEY!  Ignore her Harry! But if you go with Hagrid, you'll see us again! And we can get into more mischief! Mwa haha! Maybe we can be a match for the Weasley twins… you'll meet them later Harry. I'll explain it all when we see you! Harry don't be a troublemaker! You want to be a Prefect, you can be one with me. I know I'm going to be one. Yeah… because you're a goody-two shoe now! Harry~y! She's changed; it's scary. I don't have a partner in crime. I need you back again! Hope to see you soon!  iiiiRILEY!!!!

Yes! Hope to see you soon Harry! See you when the term begins! (If you don't come Riley'll come looking for you! --- Alexis!

Harry grinned at the letter, leave it to those two. Always fighting about something, and from the way they were writing, them seemed to be the same. Always fighting about the small things. He grinned as he looked back up at Hagrid, who was looking around the hut waiting for an answer. He looked around at the Durlsey's; who were all glaring at him, then back to Hagrid.

"Are you telling the truth that I will be able to see Alexis and Riley again?" Harry asked, looking skeptically at Hagrid.

Hagrid simply looked at him and nodded. "Oh course! That Riley almost took off my head when I told her I might not be able to. So then, I guess your coming?" Harry simply nodded. "OK, well then, lets get going." Hagrid stood up and put his umbrella back in his coat and walked towards the door. Harry started to follow him, before Uncle Vernon cut in.

"Stop! I won't allow it. We swore when we took him out we'd put a stop to all this nonsense."

Harry and Hagrid stopped walking towards the door, and turned to look at the Dursley's. Hagrid was about to say something again to belittle the Dursley's, but, Harry beat him to it.

"You knew? You knew all along and you never told me!" He yelled, balling his hands up into fists.

Hagrid, sensing that things were going to go sour between Harry and the Dursley's, and quickly grabbed Harry's hand. He muttered something quickly to Harry and dragged him out of the small hut, leaving the Dursley's in their wake. Once the two got outside, Harry glanced around the surrounding area of the hut. How on earth did this man; Hagrid get here? He glanced around again and saw a motorcycle sitting on the edge of the hut 'island' how did that get there? Hagrid seemed to have spotted the bike and walked over, a confused Harry following.

"How did that get here?" Harry asked, looking at the black motorcycle. Hey… wait a second… "Isn't that Riley Black's dad's bike?"

Hagrid nodded, trying to rev up the bike. "Get on Harry, and yes it's his bike. He said that I could use it, as long as I brought you back on it."

Harry got on the bike, and clung onto Hagrid, wondering how the bike would leave the small island. Hagrids' words still rung in his ear: "He said I could use it, as long as I brought you back on it." Many thoughts were now going through Harry's mind that he didn't even hear the bike kick itself into gear and take off into the air. The event that happened two years ago on Harry's front steps with that dream… Riley's dad killed his parents and a mousy looking man and had to finish off Harry for his master. This was the time… he was going to die! Harry started panicking about meeting up with Alexis and Riley again… maybe everything wouldn't be picture perfect… He panicked most of the way to wherever they were going, each thought about what Rileys' dad would do to him; was worse the last.

His latest idea was that Riley's dad worked in a secret factor ((or lab)) under the ground that did mutations on people they didn't like, and turned them into other beings! Like Frankenstein! Then we would be all old and strange looking… he was to young to die! But then he thought of Riley and Alexis; they wouldn't let him get mutated! Unless… they were mutated too!! Ahhh! Harry stopped thinking about all the things that could've done wrong, instead he tried to push those thoughts to the back of his mind and consintrate on what Hagrid was doing.

They were zooming down what looked to be an old deserted country road, with trees hanging around the top like a roof, giving it a creepier look. All of this was giving Harry a harder time to push the mutated Frankinstein idea out of his mind. He shook his head, looking around the road… and then he saw it. A single house etched in shadows on the top of the road. Harry shuttered, wondering what was waiting for them inside – a mad man! Harry then heard the motorcycle come to a stop, alerting Harry right away, he looked around and yelped when Hagrid jumped off the bike.

"Where are you going? Where are we?" Harry muttered, looking around wildly, trying to keep the fear from rising up.

Hagrid looked at him, and laughed. This scared Harry even more – maybe he was better off at the Dursley's…! "Come on, 'Arry! We got to go inside. Everyone's waitin'." Hagrid stated, and grabbed onto Harry's arm and dragging him up to the shadowed place.

Harry looked in horror as Hagrid dragged him up the driveway, and up the path towards the house. Harry tried digging his heels into the ground, but that didn't work and Hagrid didn't even seem to notice all this. Finally finding his voice as they reached the front door, Harry looked up at Hagrid.

"Hagrid? Where are we? What is this place? Why are there no other houses here?" Harry asked quickly, as Hagrid reached for the doorknob.

Hagrid stopped and looked at him. "This would be Riley's house. Suits 'ere personality, eh? No other houses 'ere because you know, they don't like people in their business, and can't be bothered with most people." Hagrid said, opening the front door and stepped inside, Harry being dragged behind him.

Harry looked around the house. Nothing to creepy – yet. The house was quiet, the only thing Harry could hear was the creaking of the floor under his feet- at least that's what he thought. But, he was totally wrong. From the level above he heard a scream and then a yell as the creaking of the floor above him increased. It sounded like someone was running away from a hideous monster.

"Hagrid! What was that?" Harry asked, fearful by now.

Hagrid simply looked at Harry with small laughter. "Just wait an' see yeh won't forget this." Hagrid said, flashing Harry a grin.

Harry looked around scared, what was going on? What did everyone here have planned for him? He never got to think of an answer for himself as he heard something behind him. He spun around to see what had made that sound, but all he saw was something pale coming at him. He panicked. He turned to run, but tripped on one of his shoelaces and fell over.

"Ahh!" He yelled, as he went down.

Hagrid turned around to see what was wrong with Harry then saw it. Someone had snuck up behind Harry… someone with black hair and clothes with pale skin. He sighed, rolling his eyes, he should have figured she's do something. He looked down at the ground and saw the small string going across the hallway. When they walked through the hall and walked – or stepped on – the rope the magic went off upstairs. He looked up at the figure, staring at her.

"Riley! We told yeh not to scare Harry! What're yeh thinking?"

Riley laughed, tucking her hair behind her ear. "Wanted to see if he could keep on his toes like he used it. He was doing pretty well until I came up." Riley said, looking at Harry.

"Hey! Did I hear Harry's name? Is he here yet?" A voice called down from above.

The two turned and looked upstairs, at the brown haired woman. "Hi Mum! Yeah, that was Harry!" Riley yelled, waving at her like there was no tomorrow.

"OK… where is he then?" Arabella asked back, looking around from the upstairs railing.

She could hear Rileys' stifled laughter from up there. "Riley! What did you do?" She asked, exhausted.

"Just scared him. All you have to do is shake him." Riley leaned down to Harry, laying a hand on his shoulder. A door opened, and Alexis walked out with a goblet in her hand.

"Riley? What are you doing?" She asked, seeing the pale skinned, dark haired girl leaning on the ground.

"Simple, this is Harry. Scared him! I came out of the shadows… you should have seen his face! It was all creepy."

Alexis shook her head, and walked over to where Riley was. She put her goblet on the ground and leaned down beside Riley. "I bet he fainted because of your pale skin. You need to get out more."

Riley shrugged it off and shook Harry. "Harry! Wake-up!" Riley smiled, evilly thinking of a plan. She cleared her voice, and put on the most annoy voice she could manage. "Harry Potter! Wake-up this instant! Dudley-kins wants his breakfast. Get up now!" Riley yelled, stamping her foot.

Alexis shot her a look, saying she went to far, but Riley waved her off. Arabella rolled her eyes, and walked down the bedrooms' hallway to find the others to tell them that Harry had arrived.

Harry moaned, and slowly started to stir. Harry opened his eyes, and looked around. The last think he remembered was the ghost. Where did Hagrid take him, then his eyes locked onto two people, standing in front of him, and staring at him. One was pale and the other looked worried for a minute. Harry stared at them then slowly smiled.

"Alexis? Riley? That you?" Harry asked, standing up and brushing the dirt off his already dirty jeans.

"Harry! You remember us, yippee!" Alexis laughed, launching herself onto Harry.

"Yes, I remember. How could I ever forget my only two best friends?" Harry asked, shaking Alexis off him. He shook his head, then turned to Riley. "Well, you've sure changed Riley."

Riley sure had. It looked like she hadn't seen the sun in quiet a while. She looked like a ghost with her pale skin and clad in only black clothes and her long black hair didn't help things out either. Riley smiled down at Harry, shaking her head and crossing her arms.

"You've charged to Harry… you're thinner! What have those Dursley's been doing to you? Well have to work that all out." She grinned, then grabbed Harry's arm and headed to the kitchen. "To the kitchen! Supper time!"

Alexis rolled her eyes, following them. "Riley… you already had supper an hour ago."

"Well then, it's snack time, Alexis." She replied, shaking her head as if that was an obvious answer.

"Shouldn't we explain to Harry why he's here and what's going to happen?" Alexis asked, stopping and starting at Riley as she opened up the kitchen door.

"In a second, 'Lex. We need Snacks first!" And with that said, Riley dragged Harry into the kitchen, door closing behind them.

Alexis rolled her eyes, and turned, marching up the stairs. She had noticed that Riley was extra weird when Harry was around. Probably happy about having Harry live with them; his rightful place. She was happy for Harry too, but Riley was overboard. But that was Riley for you; crazy till the end.

"Mom! Dad! Arabella! Sirius! Harry's here… and Riley won't bring him up!" Alexis yelled, reaching the top of the stairs.

The sound of a squeaky door opened and closed, two people coming out the door.

"Harry's here, now?" One of them asked.

"Yeah, he's in the kitchen with Riley, mum.

Alexis' mum nodded and leaned up against the wall.

Arabella on the other hand sighed and crossed her arms. "This might take awhile… she'll stock him up on a lot of food. Maybe, I should go and get them." She muttered, starting for the stairs.

"Nah, just call them. RILEY! Come 'ere, and bring Harry!" Alexis shouted, leaning over the railing.

They heard a crash of dishes clang in the kitchen, a laugh and the door swinging open.

"What do you want, Alexis?" Riley asked, hands on her hips, glaring at the brunette. "We were busy… geez!"

Alexis rolled her eyes - Riley was too overdramatic. "You're mum and dad wanna talk to you and Harry about you-know-what and you-know-who."

Riley nodded, and started to make her way to the stairs, dragging Harry with her. Harry looked at Riley confused, what was 'you-know-what' and 'you-know-who'? Were they talking in code, what were they going to do to him? He shrugged it off as he got to the top of the stairs and Alexis looped his other arm with hers, smiling like a madman. Nothing that bad would happen.

"Harry, you're going to be so happy!" Riley said, when they were an arms length from the door they were steering him to. "I was so happy when I found out. And look at me, I'm a better person." Riley let go of his arm and walked over to the door, slowly pushing it open. "It's all behind you Harry… step inside, and you're life will change… forever!"

Riley grinned like a madman, slightly creeping Harry out. What was going to happen to him… how could walking into a room change his life… that's it! They were going to make him into a Frankenstein. He had to get out of here quickly. So much for that idea…he thought seconds later as Riley leaned against a door opening it.

"Are we going in there?" Harry asked, peering into the darkness, un-looping his arm from Alexis'.

"Yeah!" Riley said, Alexis nodding beside Harry. "You're not scared… are you, Harry?" Riley said, smirking at Harry.

Harry just shook his head, if Riley was going in there… so was he. "Nope. Let's go." He said, forcing a smile on, walking over to the door. Riley smiled at Alexis when Harry was already past him. Alexis rolled her eyes, at Riley's trick. Riley knew Harry wouldn't go in, so she pulled at his male pride. Leaving in Grimauld place for the past three years with mostly all males leaving here, she learned they barely ever let their pride be destroyed. Alexis sighed and followed Harry inside, Riley closing the door behind the three of them.

"Riley? Why'd you put us in the dark… couldn't you at least put on a light?" Harry muttered, banging into a small table.

"Yeah, just hang on a second. I gotta find… the… light switch." Riley called back, searching her pockets for her wand. She groped her wand and pulled it out of her pocket. "I found the switch!" She yelled, although this room had no switches. "Lumus."

The lights flickered on and Riley stuffed her wand into her pocket. Harry looked around the red colored room… it looked kinds of like Riley's back in Surrey but this room looked way more mature. Drawings his eyes away from the walls of the room, he locked them onto where Alexis and Riley were. They both were sitting in one of the chairs, with both of their parents sitting on the couches beside the two small chairs. He was OK with Alexis' parents and Riley's mum but Riley's dad… he was scary. That dream still haunted Harry, but he managed to ignore it after a while after Riley and Alexis had left town. That was the only good thing that came out their moving… getting as far away from him as he could.

"Alexis? Riley? Where are we, and why are they here?" He asked, trying not to come off as rude.

"Harry," Arabella said, standing up and walking over to Harry. "We have many things to tell you."

"Like what?" Harry asked, slowly backing away. They were starting to creep him out, this was strange. Really strange.

"'Bella, stop it. You're scaring him," Viola said from the couch. "Harry come here and sit down somewhere. We won't bite. You should know that." She laughed and pointed to a chair.

Harry slowly nodded, and walked glumly towards the chair. Nothing would happen, not in front of these witnesses' anyway. Arabella watched Harry walk by her; he was slowly slipping away from them. She knew that she shouldn't have allowed staying there with those – people. Figuring that everything would come out all right in what was ahead, she made her way towards the couch she had just left.

What happened next totally surprised Harry. He actually had a civilized conversation with an adult – no screaming, no yelling. It was the exact opposite of what the Dursley's were like with him. He stayed in his seat for over two hours, shocked by all the information that was coming to him. He told them about the vision he had in his dream with a rat-like man and Riley's dad, and that set off another batch of information along with a loud string of curses from Sirius. It turned out that the rat-like man had killed Harry's parents, and that he was the only known survivor of the Dark Lord Voldemort's attacks. As the time went on, Harry found Riley's dad to be less threatening, considering he now knew what the six of them had gone through. Not being able to tell Harry that he belonged with them and not with the Dursley's and actually have to leave him there and walk away two years ago. That couldn't have been easy. Harry felt himself sympathizing with them as they told him all these stories that had happened within the past eleven years. Many tissues and stories later, silence invaded the room, no one knowing what to say. Unable to stand the silence that had begun, Harry voiced the one question he desperately needed an answer to.

"Do I have to go back to the Dursley's after my year at Hogwarts?" Harry said, not used to the word 'Hogwarts' yet.

The six looked up at him, thinking the answer was quite obvious. Harry locked eyes with Alexis; who had a disbelieving look that he would even ask that question and then over to Riley who was trying to contain a laugh. Thinking he had said a stupid question, he quickly covered up.

"What was I thinking of, asking such a stupid question. Durlsey's is the only place to go, right?"

Riley let out a strangled scream and lunged at Harry, locking her arms around him.

"Harry don't be such an idiot – that's Dudley's job – you're going to live with us! We want you do, if you'll accept us." Riley said, letting him go and nudging him in the ribs.

"Sure… if you want that is. Anything is better then the Dursley's."

Riley laughed, and then crossed her arms glaring at him. "Harry… of course we want you here… if we didn't… we wouldn't have asked."

Harry nodded; she had a good point. "Alright then."

Riley nodded, and jumped off the couch. "Yahoo! We're going to have so much fun at Hogwarts… we'll get into Gryffindor and be friends till the end and get in lots of trouble and detentions – we can finally give the Weasley twins a run for their money. This is going to be fun… but what if we don't both get into the same house… that wouldn't be good. No, not at all."

Harry nodded, it looked like Riley had gone off the deep end again, and he had no idea what she was even talking about. Harry looked around the room, seeing all these people who cared about his well-being. This was too good to be true, maybe now, life would actually look up.

And for there… you know what happens.

The End

A/N: I'm done, I'm done! This chapter was a killer. I re-wrote it twice, my computer lost it once, then I re-started. I wrote myself into so many writers-block, that I had to write myself out. O.o! I think the ending was pretty corny but it's the end. LoL. Anyways, should I write a sequel for the third year, because obviously Prisoner of Azkaban won't happen, right? Any ideas? Or is it even a good idea? R&R!

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