Hope you all like it.

This is for two challenges. First one CossetteLune's The Tonks song challenge. Second one Amy is rockin's The 'Endangered character' challenge.

For The Tonks song challenge, I got 'Singin' in the Rain (from Singin' in the Rain)'.

For The 'Endangered character' challenge I got Avery.

Tonks sits in her living as she looks at her older cousin think up a dare for her to do.

"Aha," he finally says. "Today it will be raining so I want you to go in an empty plaza and wait for someone to come there. When anyone comes into the empty plaza make them sing with you in the rain. Got it Tonks?"

Tonks nods.

Avery walks down a dark alley as he thinks about what he should be doing in life. Avery walks down the alley not knowing what lies ahead in the seemingly empty plaza. When he walks into the empty plaza he sees a woman standing there. It was like she was waiting for him.

"No that couldn't be right," he thought to himself, "no one every waits for me, looking so innocent."

Then the woman took his hand and screamed above the rain, "Sing with me."

At first he was skeptical about doing it. Then he just let go and started to sing with her in the rain. As the two sang and twirled in the rain Avery felt a feeling, which he never felt before. As he looked into her eyes he felt like he was losing the one thing he didn't knew he had, he thought he was losing his heart.

Only we know that Tonks is doing this for a bet, but poor Avery he never had love so let's let him be.

Why am I smiling
And why do I sing?
Why does September
Seem sunny as spring?

Hope you all liked it. :) Lyrics are from Singin' in the Rain by Gene Kelly.