I'm Only As Smart As My House Says I Am

A HariPo freeverse piece

by mew-tsubaki

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"One more time, one more time

If I were to be born again

Next time around

I want to be your number one"

Naoto Tamura, "I Want to Be Your Number One"


I'm an intelligent girl

Why else would I be in Ravenclaw?

I don't break rules

I won't heed peer pressure

&& I won't let others walk o v e r me

So eventually I had to

s n a p

Which was probably because of Percy

I suppose it was the


evident to all prefects and Heads


being the naughty girl was

f u n

& even Percy fell

into that trap of skulking about like the underclassmen we were meant to discipline

But here's the ironic thing:

even I couldn't stand Percy

for that long

He wasn't a complete stickinthemud

but my life needed some

excitement, e n j o y m e n t

& only those coal eyes

made me feel that way

Think about it

Joyous eyes

Devilish good looks

(a lovely, sweet, & wide grin)



I sensed a heart that


Really, I felt the darkness in the

h o l l o w

of my chest

&& I wanted his light to shine on


But I made the wrong choice

& I couldn't stand to stay

with Percy

(lucky Audrey's so tolerant)

If I could have a do-over,

I know I would choose

more W I S E L Y


Wow… This ended on a CANON note! :O Rare for me—something you know if you've read my other stuff. XD Anywho, I'm intrigued by the possibilities for Peneloplee…

Those lyrics are from the anime Martian Successor Nadesico, btw. :)

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-mew-tsubaki ;3