BLACK OUT! When Voldemort's a bit creative…

I was at Hogwarts, Draco was being a jerk to me.

"Look who's here, it's the mud blood." Draco introduced.

"Stop it." Ron said, by my side.

"You're the poo's vomit." I introduced.

"Oh," Draco said with a smirk on his face. The Slytherin all gathered up behind Draco, sniggering and making whispering conversations.

I went through the corridor. Draco following me and risking my nerves.

"I think we got someone to put a fight against, like Potter, well he's to easy to bet. I guess you'll be the same." Draco said meanly, and with a smirk wriggling on his face too. Draco got his wand into his hand, I grabbed out my wand too.

"Expelliarmus." I yelled. Draco's wand gargolyed out of his hand. The Slytherins kept a close eye, cheering for Draco.

"Get her.." One said.

"Get her in detention" Another yelled.

"When Guardian leviosa." I shouted so it echoed through to roof top. Draco was sent flying as I controlled him.

"Help." Draco shouted. Mrs McGonagall came out from the room above.

"Hermione, what the blivering gods do you think you are doing. Put him down at once. I thought better than you to pick a fight." Mrs McGonagall shouted downwards, as she walked into the middle if me and Malfoy, she was walking as fast as she could. I leashed Draco to the ground, with out harming him. "Hermione, I expect better of you. You do not use spell on other students. Surely you know that?" Mrs McGonagall added.

"I know. Draco had the idea." I replied. I looked at my toes, shame in my face, and a tear dropping to the ground.

"I don't care who's idea it was. I want no more of this, Hermione. Draco are you alright." Mrs McGonagall said switching to Draco.

"I think I hurt my shoulder." Draco said, making it crack so it would come across as real.

"Hermione. That's is horrible." Mrs McGonagall said, flickering back to me, in great disappointment. Draco smirked as Mrs McGonagall had switched to me. I felt hatred in Draco, jerking around like that on me. He had faked his shoulder being hurt, why couldn't Mrs McGonagall see it was lies. "Detention Hermione. You take Draco up to the hospital wing this instant. That's the only good thing you could do." Mrs McGonagall ordered me. I walked towards Draco, knowing he was going to get whipped because of his faking. I was smirking a bit. I took Draco, Draco walking with me down the stairs and round the corridors to the Hospital wing.

"What's the problem?" Madam Pomfrey said, getting out of her chair in great concern.

"Draco hurt his shoulder." I said, smiling. Draco went onto a bed. Madam Pomfrey followed up, performing to do an x-ray. Madam Pomfrey looked all over finding out he was in no pain.

"It seems as though you have no broken bones and you are in no pain. Why did you come up here?" Madam Pomfrey asked.

"Huh? - Draco asked.

"Draco came up her because he wanted to fight me so I did a spell and Mrs McGonagall caught me. So he faked that he had a hurt shoulder so I would get into more trouble, and look now, I'm going to detention." I said, interrupting Draco.

"Draco is this true?" Madam Pomfrey asked. Draco couldn't lie after a lie. Draco nodded his head.

"Kind of." He said backing up, off the bed.

"That deserves detention." Madam Pomfrey said. "But I can't so I have to express to Mrs McGonagall." Madam Pomfrey added. Draco stumbled out of the hospital room.

"And your detention might be a miss." Madam Pomfrey said happily. "I'll just go." She added. Madam Pomfrey disappeared through the corner, and her foot steps were the only thing remaining. I moved my feet and went out of the hospital wing. I went was going down the stairs.

Some thing odd happened. Every one blacked out, I blacked out too.


I heard it through my black out. I woke up again. A big bomb on the 1st floor had blown. The fire blowing didn't bother anyone. Ron and Harry were in the library, studying homework. They heard the bang as they looked down on the 1st floor from above. I saw many dead people, including Goyle. Draco wasn't dead, (WHAT A SHAME,) but he had climbed down to the 1st floor, not even crying but looking at Goyle's body in shame. He had been on the 2nd floor. Madam Pomfrey was on the 3rd floor, looking in horror at the incident. She must have been thinking, what a lot of patients, right?

No one I really knew a part from Goyle was down there. I felt sad for those innocent people. Ron and Harry came to see if I was alright.

"Are you alright?" Ron asked.

"I guess. I've never blacked out." I replied.

"Me either." Ron said back.

"You fainted?" I asked.

"Me and Harry did, from up top." Ron answered pointing at the direction of the library.

"Are you alright?" I asked Harry.

"Look." Harry replied. Padma was on the floor, not alive. "Ron..." Harry added.

"Oh." I said concearningly. "I'm sorry Ron." I added, looking down a Padma.

"I'll get over it." Ron said. In the 4th grade Ron had gone out with Padma at the Yule ball. Looking at her brang me to much memories of Victor Crum. I looked away from Padma and movied on with Ron and Harry.

"This could happen again. Some one planned this." Harry said, biting his finger.

"Well, Voldemort." Ron said like it was completely obvious.

"I never knew he was scientific." Harry replied. Ron nodded, knowing that was right, that it couldn't have been Voldemort. I thought it could have been, at his determination to kill all of the half muggles, he would have wanted to make something wicked.

"He could have. He is that kind of type to make some thing wicked." I said.

"Yeah, I guess." Harry replied.

"It could be Voldemort, Hermione- well partly me was right. Voldemort could of invented some like that to make it so he could take over the world and stuff." Ron said.

"Yeah." I said, knowing the problem was solved.

"I'll see you later. In the common room. 12:00." Harry said departing. I moved to the library because I had an essay on apperating. I thought it would be fun, but instead it wasn't a bit. Nothing in the library a part from an issued book was about Apperating. I was in the boredom state.

Soon I had to go to class, after my lunch break. I had potions. Potions was the usual. Snape was there.

After class it was day break. I went to the library and researched on apperating finding out that the only book on Apperating was now free. I got it out immediately baring my chance, feeling exceptionally happy. I read it, it had basically nothing in it, apart from apperating is transport. I could see why Pansy had put it back.

I put it away. I knew enough about apperating any way to pass in the essay. 'I know enough about apperating.' I repeated in my head. I went into my common room and got into bed. I didn't sleep as Harry had said for us to go to the common room at 12 o'clock. It was Friday too so I could stay up right?

I feel asleep…

Beep, beep beep!

My al;arm clock rang. It was 12 o'clock. I bumped it. It stopped buzzing. I got up quietly and moved from my four poster bed, in my PJ's. I went into the common room…

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