"Happy 80th birthday Liv!" John exclaimed handing her a bouquet of flowers. Olivia smelled them.

"Oh John, they are beautiful." Olivia said.

"Thanks, I picked them out of Pa's flowers on the mountain." John replied. "But that's not all of your birthday gift." The door opened.

"Grandma!" Loretta Lynn hollered as she burst in.

"Loretta Lynn!" Olivia exclaimed wrapping her arms around Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn. "Where are your parents and brothers?"

"Right here Mama." Jason said.

"Hi Olivia." Toni said with a wave.

"Hello Toni." Olivia replied.

"One out of seven. I guess it's not bad." Olivia said. "Everybody is so busy with their own lives now." Jim Bob walked through the still opened door.

"Happy Birthday Mama." Jim Bob said. She walked over and hugged him.

"Well look at this happy reunion!" Mary Ellen said. Olivia whirled around. She grabbed a hold of Mary Ellen, Jones, Katie, Clay and John Curtis.

"Where's your wife and beautiful daughter?" Olivia asked John Curtis.

"I asked him the same question." Mary Ellen said with a smile.

"They couldn't come this time, but Grandma I promise they will come see you soon." John Curtis responded. Erin walked in with Susan, Peter and Amanda.

"Mind if we join you?" Erin asked.

"Sure." Olivia replied. "Susan! How's California?"

"It sure is different than Walton's Mountain Grandma." Susan replied. Erin walked over and hugged Mary Ellen.

"Hi Mary Ellen." Erin said.

"Hello Erin." Mary Ellen responded.

"Hello to both my big sisters." Elizabeth said.

"Elizabeth!" They both exclaimed.

"Hello Drew." John said.

"Hi Mr. Walton." Drew responded.

"We've been family for over ten years. Drew you can call me John." John stated.

"Okay John." Drew said.

"Grandpa!" Olivia and Andrew exclaimed and hugged him.

"Did I hear somebody say Grandpa?" John Boy asked.

"John Boy! Oh John Boy!" Olivia exclaimed hugging her son.

"Happy Birthday Mama." John Boy replied. Janet sighed.

"I don't think I'll ever get used to calling him John Boy." Janet said.

"Then you call him John Walton Junior, but he will always be John Boy to me." Olivia said with a smile.

"John Boy!" Mary Ellen exclaimed as she finished her conversation with Erin. She hugged him.

"I've missed you too Mary Ellen." John Boy said laughing. Ben walked in quietly with Cindy, Charlie and Michelle. With all the commotion they didn't hear them. Ben coughed loudly. John Boy turned around.

"Ben!" John Boy hugged him. "Hi Cindy. Charlie! Is this Michelle?"

"Yes, this is my daughter. Isn't she cute?" Charlie asked.

"Oh she's beautiful." John Boy responded. Olivia walked over.

"Charles Benjamin Walton, can I hold that precious daughter of yours?" Olivia asked. Charlie handed Michelle to Olivia.

"Grandma, this is Michelle Erin. Erin Michelle, this is Grandma Walton." Charlie said.

"Well come on you all, Mama made an applesauce cake!" Livie exclaimed. Olivia laughed and looked at her youngest daughter.

"I remember when you first got worried because you didn't know how to make my applesauce cakes. That is something you can pass down to Livie that she can pass down through to her children as I did through you." Olivia said with a smile. The entire family, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren sat at that Walton table for Olivia's eightieth birthday and yet another applesauce cake.

The first Walton to the last Walton are doing well as of 1980. Good night Mama. Good night John Boy.

A/N: Hope you enjoyed it. I really had fun writing what I thought would have come of the Walton clan.