Thanks to all of you, I've decided that an epilogue is in order. I wanted to tell you how touched I was by all of your heart warming reviews, some of them so amazing that they left me with chills. Reader-anonymous, you have cetainly left me with a warmed feeling at how in-depth you went with your review. Anyway, I decided to write this for you, so that you may now where they arm now. Trust me, they are as happy as lovers can be. Maybe even happier.

Anyways, enjoy the final addition to I'm Not Who I Think I Am.


5 Years Later

I stared out at the veranda, watching him sit down, bottle of beer in hand. "Light…" I murmured, worry evident in my eyes as I crept out through the large wooden doors. "Don't you think you've had enough of those recently." Light shook his head, and the sun reflect off of his smooth tan skin. Still so beautiful… "I think you have." I said sternly, taking the glass bottle away.

Light pouted, a look that made me want to give him the world if he just asked for it, but…the world was one thing, and bear was another. "I don't need an alcoholic boyfriend." I commented, and he huffed, turning away as he stared down at the wedding band on his ring finger. "Husband." He corrected me, and I smiled. "Yes, I don't need an alcoholic husband.

His eyes were soft, "I didn't mean to drink that much…" I smiled, "I know, I know." Ruffling his hair with love in my eyes, I sat the bottle down, closing my eyes as the sunlight warmed me. Maybe it was the sun, or maybe it was just Light's natural warmth. It was hard to tell, but he pulled me into a tight hug, forcing me to sit down beside him, sharing his lounge chair. "I love you." I smiled softly, "I love you to." He moved to kiss my cheek lightly, pulling away to stare up at the sky.

"It's such a beautiful day…" He murmured softly, his breath scented slightly by the alcohol. My nose crinkled in disgust, but I smiled sweetly. "Not as beautiful as you." He tsked, but his cheeks lit up, like small pink fireworks exploding on his cheeks. Yes, this is my Light. The Light that brightens my darkness, the Light that shines through the clouds. This is how it's been since that fateful day years ago, the day that we bonded officially, the day that we finally admitted how much our love meant to each other.

Not a word of Kira has been spoken in our household, no trace of him at all in Light's caramel eyes. I realized though, that without Kira, I would have never fallen in love with Light. Without Kira, we would have never reached this point. Staring at Light, I smiled softly, moving to kiss him thoughtlessly. It was soft, just to show him how content I was, but as I pulled away, words slipped from my lips. Not loud enough that Light could hear, but just enough that a Shinigami would know. "Thank you, Kira…"

I knew that was just the moment talking, that if I truly though it over, I would never thank that beast, but… It didn't matter anymore. We were together now, and no one could separate us. I'd seen how hallow Light was before, how empty his smile had been, but now, all of that has changed. As he smiles at me, I can see it, the happiness. The way his dimples move with his laugh, the childish ring that echoes with in it. Yes, Light was truly happy now, and it was all because of me. All because of something the world's greatest detective did. All because I saved him.

I reached over, pulling him into my arms, running my hands softly over his to feel the cool metal of the ring. "I can't imagine myself with anyone, but you." He glanced up at me, caramel meeting coal, and there was a hint of confusion there. He was still self-conscious, yes, you could tell by how envious he got when a girl looked in my direction. Lucky for him, others seemed to avoid me, but this, this envy didn't bother me one bit. It made me feel wanted, it made me feel needed…

It made me feel like he couldn't live without me…

And the way I smiled at him, the light that shined in his eyes when I did.

I could tell that I couldn't live without him either.

I pulled him to me, resting my chin atop his head, planting a kiss to his strawberry scented hair. "Forever and always, right Light-kun?" He chuckled at the honorific, and leaned up, kissing my lips for a fraction of a second. Though he pulled away shyly, I knew what it meant, and his unspoken words tingled on my lips.

"Forever and always, Lawliet…"

In that moment, I truly knew that no matter how many year would pass, Light would remain as beautiful as the day I met him, and I… I would forever be by his side to remind him of that, every moment of his life.

I hope that a love like this walks into my life when I'm older, something as special as I imagine them having. Utter understanding of the other being. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this epilogue, I loved writing it, it made me smile at all the fluffy cute parts. I love all of my reviewers, and my readers, everyone that has been a part of the fan group for this story. I love you all! ^^ Thank you all so much for giving me the chance to write this adorable little part of my heart.

Thank you always, my lovely humans.

Love, Lexi-Chan. ^^