Due to the fact that the Ghost Adventure crew keeps their private life extremely private, some names are not real. I apologize, I try to make this as real as possible but sometimes it doesn't work out like that. Thank you for being awesome! -B.M. Katherine

Coming to the End of the Beginning

Aaron looked left and right, a phone is what he needed but couldn't remember where they had put it. He had just sprinted up the hill and busted down the door to the manor, beads of sweat began to form on his forehead, more out of nerves than sprinting. "Damn phone" ,he whispered while frantically looking around. A bump at the top of the stair well made him jump. He looked up but saw nothing and continued his search.

"Aaron…" someone whispered. He looked up again and over his shoulders, but he was completely alone. This time he called out, "Who's there?" No one answered, of course. He shook his head and continued his search. It came again, "Aaron…" a female voice, there was no denying that. Aaron sighed and looked around, "If you have something to say, then come out and say it. Don't do this whispering sh**. Show yourself."

Silence. He was growing angry with every second he wait. He balled his fist up and yelled, "I said come out!"

"Hello Aaron" ,it was a female voice, a voice he knew all too well, one he knew he would never forget. He didn't turn around, "Sarah…"

She smiled, watching him as he didn't even turn to face her. She stepped closer to him, "Won't you look at me?"

"You're not real."

"Doesn't mean I don't want to see you. Look at me, please."

He hesitated but looked over his shoulder, she was so beautiful. Her eyes watched him curiously but lovingly, she missed him and he missed her more than he thought he did. He turned and faced her, he knew she wasn't real but all he wanted to do was hold her again, kiss her face and neck like he use too. He looked her up and down, "God, I forgot how beautiful you are."

She smiled, "I've missed you too."

He said too much and stepped back, "You're not real, you need to go."

"I've missed you, haven't you missed me?"

"More than you know" ,he couldn't help himself and what he said, all his emotions were beginning to pour out and he couldn't stop it. She stepped closer to him, "You wouldn't have to if you had stopped chasing ghosts around. All you had to do was walk away and come home."

A vision flashed before his eyes, a flashback on what his life would be like if he had walked away from Zak and Nick. He turned and left them behind in the dark and went home, cuddling with his wife as soon as we walked through the door. He saw nice dinners and movie dates, they were always laughing and smiling, enjoying company with close friends and numerous parties. He saw them leaning into a crib and watching the most beautiful baby while she sleeps…

Aaron shook his head, he didn't know what his life would've been like if he hadn't have continued with the Ghost Adventures crew, but he knew life wasn't always full of laughs and giggles, it had bumps in the road. He missed his wife, but this wasn't what he wanted either.

"No, I can't…"

"You did this to us" ,she said, suddenly growing very serious and angry. Aaron shook his head, "No…"

"Yes you did. All you had to do was walk away, but instead you brought it all home. I couldn't take it."

"We agreed that it was best…"

"I would say anything to make you happy and rid myself of that nightmare. Its your fault and all you had to do was walk away."

Aaron could feel tears surfacing. He shook his head and just kept saying, "No, it wasn't my fault…"

"Yes it was! You ruined us!"

He kept shaking his head, "I didn't want to keep hurting you."

"Too late. You hurt me more than any haunting or nightmare could've done."

Aaron fell to his knees, the tears were spilling out and running down his face, "I… I didn't mean to…"

"You pathetic, worthless son of a…" her tone had changed, much deeper and more demonic. He looked up, her beautiful face had rotted and turned gray, her bright eyes were dull and black, she looked dead. His tears stopped and he was suddenly angry, angry at himself, angry at this thing that haunted him. He shook his head and screamed, "You bi***!"

He swung at her, but she slid back towards the side of the stairwell. She smiled from the corner of her lip and disappeared underneath the stairs. Aaron jump to his feet and ran to where she stood and saw a door that he had never noticed. Without giving it a second thought, running on a mixture of adrenaline and anger, he pulled the door open and ran in. "Aaron" ,someone yelled behind him. He didn't turn around, kept running down the stone stairwell that lead into pitch darkness.


Nick watched Aaron charge for the side of the stairs and pulled a door open. "Aaron" ,he yelled, hoping he'd stop and turn around, but he didn't. Nick sighed and ran towards him, looking down the dark stairwell before climbing down himself. He took one step in and slipped, falling to his knees, feeling a sharp pain shoot up his leg. He cursed and pulled himself to his feet, feeling along the wall as he slowly made his way to the bottom.

The lighting was dim, Nick couldn't see very well and had to wait a second for his eyes to adjust. A tunnel that seemed to have no end…

"Aaron" ,Nick whispered, listening as his whisper echoed down the tunnel. He slowly walked forward, looking left and right for any sign of him, "Aaron, where are you?"

He was alone, no one was down there. He kept moving forward, calling out Aaron's name, "Aaron… Aaron, where are you? Come on man, please."

Nick walked a couple more feet, growing impatient, "Aaron… Whoa!"

He was startled when suddenly Aaron jumped out in front of him. His face was pale white, beads of sweat formed on his forehead, he was breathing heavily, and looked scared. Nick looked him over, "Dude, are you okay?"

He opened his mouth like he was about, but he only moaned. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he collapsed at his feet. Nick panicked, dropping to his knees and rolling Aaron over on his back, "Aaron! Aaron wake up. Oh my God, oh my God… Aaron."

A sharp pain exploded on the back of Nick's head, making him fall over. He gasped for breath and pushed himself on his back to see who his attacker was. His vision was blurry, but it looked to be a woman, not just any woman but someone he knew. Nick inhaled as much air as he could and whispered, "Zoë?"

She smiled and shook her head, "If only you knew."

His vision was fading even more and black sport appeared at the corner of his eyes. He blinked to try and rid of them, "Why?"

She shook her head again and leaned closer, "Its like I said, if only you knew."

Zoë raised her fist an brought it down on him, hitting him hard enough for him to black out. She straightened up, "Take these two where the others are. We'll need them in due time."

"With pleasure" ,a male voice answered back. Zoë watched as he dragged the bodies of the two Ghost Adventures crew around the corner and disappeared. She smiled, "Just one more thing…"