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Chapter 1


December 18, 1995-Santa Baby-Madonna

The noise in the kitchen didn't go unnoticed as the music on the radio was blaring Christmas music.

"Sara you don't want to be late" a woman yelled upstairs. A girl with dirty blonde hair runs downstairs as she get into the kitchen, wearing warm clothes. She appears to be seventeen years old.

"You're not going to be freezing in that are you?"

"Mom, I think I know how to dress in the winter" she replied, reaching for her camera.

Her mother sighed as Sara poured milk into a glass and drank it.

"Mom, where's my other sneaker?" Blake, Sara's older brother called out from the other room.

"Did you try in your room? And make sure Katie is up and Sara don't forget to meet me and your sister at the dress store today. We still need to get you a dress for February" her mom reminded her.

"I don't understand why even bother having a sweet sixteen for her. It's going to be pointless and boring" Sara protested.

"Honey, this is for your sister and it was her idea remember? Besides, I already told you that you can bring your boyfriend" her mom said.

"Morning," Adam said walking through the backdoor and kissing Sara on the lips. Adam and Sara have been together for almost a year now and counting until their one year anniversary.

"I know Mom and I got to go, I'll see you later" Sara said, grabbing her jacket and her schoolbag. After Sara and Adam left the house, they got into his car and started the drive to school.

"Your mother still at it about next week?" he asked.

"Yep and I'm glad I didn't have to go through with it" she said.

"Don't jinx yourself otherwise you will be in your sister's place" he said.

"Very funny" she said sarcastically. The couple pulled up at school awhile later and after Adam locked his car, the couple walked inside the school, with Sara holding on to her camera and checking it to see if it's still in shape.

"I swear you love that thing more than me" he said.

"Don't worry babe, it's for my photography class" she said as Sara snuggled closer in Adam's arms.

Two months later, it was the early hours of the evening in the inside of the catering hall laid a body on the second floor. The body turned out to be Adam, downed in a tuxedo and his body was faced up. There was a small pool of blood around his head and his brown eyes were lifeless.

A detective sighed as he walks in storage carrying a box and places it on the shelf and walks away. The box reads:

Carson, A. along with his case number and it sits on the shelf, waiting to collect dust.

15 years later…

November 14th 2003

Lilly is sitting at her desk doing some paperwork when a woman who appeared to be in her late twenties/early thirties walking into homicide. She looked up and saw the girl looking around with a confused look on her face.

"Can I help you with something?" Lilly asked.

"Yeah, you guys do the old murder jobs right?" the girl asked.

"Yeah, I'm Detective Rush" Lilly said.

"I'm Sara Moore and I was wondering if I can get your help on something" she said.

"You know something about a murder?" Lilly asked as she led Sara to her desk.

"Well, I'm getting married in a few weeks and I need to get closure on a murder" she said.

"Who was the victim?" Lilly asked, taking out her pen and pad.

"Adam Carson. He was murdered at my sister's sweet 16 that night. It was two months after Christmas that it happened. He was a senior in high school while I was a sophomore." Sara said.

"Did you know what happened?"

"Not really, he went to go use the restroom, I thought he got lost going there so I looked for him and that's when I saw his body. I know it sounds bad but in true honesty, it wasn't what you think. I was hoping you know what happened maybe take another look" she said.

"Do you have anything that we can take a look at?" Lilly asked.

"Now that you mentioned it, I was packing up my apartment since after the wedding, I'll be moved in with my fiancé, I was going through pictures the other day and found my sister's sweet 16 pictures that I took" Sara replied, rummaging through her bag.

"I was looking at them when I found this" she said showing Lilly the picture. It was a picture of Adam at the bottom of the staircase, dead.

"I don't understand how anyone could do that" Sara said.

"You think that someone who killed him also took this picture?"

"To be honest, I didn't notice the pictures up until yesterday. Whoever did this must've had some reason to take a picture of his dead body" Sara replied.

"We can try and take another look" Lilly said.

"Thank you so much. It's just with the wedding coming up and all it is bringing back old memories. Sometimes, I do think that it would be different if Adam was alive. Maybe now this time, I can get some closure on his death and move on" Sara said.

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