Chance took another long, deep drag of his cigarette, propping back on his work stool, still wondering how he held himself together. He had been sitting in the garage for two hours now and he had yet to give himself the answer.

It wasn't that he didn't love taking down the bad guys, but come on, how many were left now? T-Bone and Razor's enemies had almost run dry. And even if they weren't he had been doing this for years, and the only thing he had to show for it was age lines.

Yeah, T wasn't getting any younger… That wasn't something that was affecting Jake. He was still young, still full and well ready to push things to there limits. Then again, Chance was sure all that hot tail the little fuck had been getting from Callie lately probably boosted his testosterone or something. Not that he blamed Jake or anything, he knew that he'd hit that, so why not Jake right?

Why not Jake…Yeah, Why not Jake

" Hey Chance? "

" Mmuh…? " Chance blinked, focusing on the figure that stood before him. " Ah,… Jake. "

The smaller Kat Smiled warmly. " Yeah, me. Hey, I thought I told you to lay off the cigs man. " Chance waved him off. " Yeah, Yeah. Thank you for worrying about my health mommy. "

Suddenly the alarm system went off, red, siren-like, wailing filled the air.

Jake gave his costmary smirk. " You ready T-Bone? " Chance sighed, grinding out his cigarette into an ashtray. " God, I hope so. "