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Chapter 3 : Takedown.

Trip was nervous when he sneaked to the Armory. The Captain had specifically told Malcolm to empty it for awhile. He was now armed with a weapon called the 'shock rifle', a weapon that fires plasma beams and shock balls.

As he reached the torpedo tubes, he saw a strange greenish creature with dreadlocks and a pair of blades mounted on its wrist. He guessed it as a Skaarj.

"Freeze!" He yelled. He then realized that it was a big mistake alerting the alien of his presence. It lunged toward him and slashed his chest with its blade.

"Argh!" He backed off as far as he could, only to trip a PADD lying on the floor. He fell down. The Skaarj jumped at him and readied its blades. Trip closed his eyes, when suddenly a blue beam passed in front of it. Trip took his chances by backing off while the Skaarj was distracted.

It was a hard fight against the Skaarj, even when it was outnumbered. It seemed that it could foresee every attack thrown to it. Every time Archer or Tucker tried to blast it away, the Skaarj always somehow found some way to evade it, a second before the gun fired.

"It's no use, sir! We can't hit it!" Said Trip after 20 units of ASMD were wasted.

"Hang on. I have an idea." Archer took an aim on the greenish Skaarj. As always, it dodged left 1 second before the gun shot.

"Now, Trip!" Trip nodded and shot the Skaarj mid-air. It fell dead as the beam hit its chest.

"Good job, Trip. But we're not finished. Help me dispose of this corpse."

"Gladly, Cap'n" Trip said as he lifted the corpse up. "Wow, must've weighed more than 200 pounds."

The corpse was transported safely to an asteroid via transporter, where hopefully no one would ever found. Archer was glad no one saw the transportation, or the Skaarj itself (Trip put it in a box, so they could carry it without the crew seeing it.)

Archer was now sitting on the table, a small on his hand. Suddenly, the door bell rang. "Come in." He answered.

The door opened, once again revealing Trip, "You asked to see me, sir?"

"Yes please sit down." Trip sat on the chair available to him, the one he sat on the previous day he came.

"I'd like to thank you for the job well done. And I think there's something I need to inform."

"About what?"

"About the Liandri Mining Corporation requesting you to come with me in the next Tournament."

Trip was really surprised. "Really? But Cap'n, I'm inexperienced for such thing!"

"So was I when I first came, but I learned fast and so will you." He paused for a second, then continued, "But, if you want to decline..."

"No, I'd like to see this world. I wanna know what kind of thing they have there."

"That's my Chief Engineer I know. Okay, we'll go in 3 days."

"Thank you, sir. If you'll excuse me." Trip went back to the door.

Outside, he grinned widely. He was really anxious to learn about the engines he had never seen. Well, he's a chief engineer in an explorer ship, right?

Little did he, or Jonathan know, that in the next Tournament, they'd face more than they had never expected.

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