"So this is how it all ends?"Naruto stared into his the eyes of the man he once called father. But that was before he realized who this man really was. Or rather, WHAT he really was. His once mentor, Greatest ally and now greatest enemy, a mere shell of his former self.

"I guess it is…Son"

"HOW DARE YOU!" exclaimed the blonde avenger with a venomous fire in his eye. "YOU LOST THE RIGHT TO CALL ME THAT NINE YEARS AGO!" and with that the last of the Namikaze's, Uzumaki's and Soul Reapers brought his Final Bankai down to begin the battle that would decide it all.

8 years ago

*Drip. Drip. Drip.*

Darkness. Nothing but pitch black darkness for as far as the eye could see. Or could not in this case. A young boy with short blonde hair about shoulder length opened as eyes as he regained consciousness. All was silent until a faceless voice filled the void.

"What is it you seek? What is your hearts true desire?" this new force inquired.

As the blonde rose to his feet he realized where he was.

"oh great this again" the blonde grew a tick on his forehead as he recalled the dream for the hundredth time.

"What am I doing here? Why don't you just show yourself?" exclaimed the blonde.

"You are not yet ready to see my face and embrace the power of your soul. You will do great things little one, but first you must grow and understand the true meaning of where power comes from. As for your other question all thing will be revealed in time."

"I don't understand! What are you talking about you creepy voice? Can't I at least know your name?" Exclaimed the boy, a fire growing in his ocean blue eyes.

"I have told you my name many times, you are simply not ready to understand it yet. The true question is what is your name?"

The boy grew a large, fox like grin.

"Easy! Im Naruto Uzumaki! The Next Hokage!"

"your ambition are large little one but when you are ready you and I will destroy the boundaries between the impossible and reality. Now awake, we will meet again when you are ready to embrace the power of your heart"

And with that Naruto was blinded by a bright light and awoke to the sound of his frog alarm clock sounding calling for him to arise and begin the day. Naruto stared at the clock before realizing just what was happening.

"KYAAAA! I'm going to be late for my first day at the Academy!" Naruto quickly showered and dressed. Now fully clothed in his ninja attire, and exact imitation of his father's old Hokage uniform, That is, before he "died" a year prior in saving the village from the King of Demons, the Kyuubi .Only a few people knew the truth about what had occurred the year before, that the Kyuubi was not dead and as far as they all knew neither was his Father. The Fourth Hokage had used a jutsu that was otherwise unknown to teleport himself along with the demon king to a different dimension. Naruto began to develop tear in remembering his father. It hurt him that aside from himself the only other's who knew the truth were his mother, Kushina Uzumaki/ Namikaze, the Third Hokage, His Fathers Sensei, Jiriya of the Toads, and his surrogate big brother, Kakashi Hatake.

"Naruto! Your going to be late!" Naruto shuddered at his mother's screeching voice. She was one of the most kind hearted women in the world. But if you got her angry…. Well let's just say she wasn't known as the "Red Death" among the Whirlpool ANBU, Her former country.

"Coming Mom!" Naruto sprinted down the stairs, eager to begin his days at the academy. After all it was the first step to surpassing his father. He arrived at the bottom of the stair to see his mother waiting for him at the bottom with his lunch packed and his katana in her hand.

"oh my! Naruto, you look so much like your father." She said with a sad smile.

" if only he could see you now, he would know just how much you have grown. Well I better not keep you much longer. Go Naruto and make me and your big brother proud."

And with that Naruto set grabbed his lunch and his katana, kissed his mother on the check and set off for his first day of official ninja training. About half way to the academy from the Namikaze Estates Naruto heard a loud yelling sound coming from above him and looked up just in time to see a yellow blur fall from a black hole in the sky.

Before he could get out of the way Naruto was hit by the falling object which landed on top of him. When the blonde looked over to see what exactly landed on him his heart flew, but at the same time his stomach dropped…

There laying in front of him was a bloodied and beated, Minato Namikaze.

Authors note.

Well guys here it is this is my first ever Fic. I have no clue just how exactly I would do as a writer but I guess im about to find out. I would love to get some form of reviews for this and see how you guys would like for me to continue this story. BTW yes this will be a Bleach Naruto Crossover as well as a tiny bit of Rosario+Vampire but only a Tiny part nothing drastic. So R&R please?