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Chapter 1: Reunion

Naruto was immobilized. There laying before him in a broken and bloodied heap was his father, the fourth Hokage. As the dying man began to stir Naruto regained his thoughts and quickly went into "Shinobi mode"

"Dad!" Naruto was at his side in a spit second, quickly looking him over to check for any serious injuries. His left arm was broken as well as a few of his ribs along with some internal bleeding.

"This is bad. I need to get him to Grandma fast!" Naruto hoisted his Father on his back, and began the neccisary hand signs for the teleportation jutsu. As the said boy was doing so he couldn't help but notice just how heavy his Father was.

If he had only taken the time to notice, it wasn't his Dad that was adding the extra weight. His katana grew heavy and began emitting a black aura.

30 minutes later

Naruto was sitting by his father's bedside in Konoha Hospitals Intensive Care Unit as soon as they had arrived his Grandma Tsunade began to treat Minato all the while with tears streaming down her face with a look of incomparable shock, but to her amazement, his wounds were already well along the way of healing themselves. Seeing that she could do no more for her adopted son she left the boy and his father alone so that she could alert Kushina of the recent events

"Minato? Tsunade where is he?" Kushina's yells could be heard all over the Leaf Village. Just as Naruto stood up to find his mother she burst through the door with horror painted on her face. In a moment she was beside Minato with a stream of tears flowing freely down her face

"Oh my God it's really you. How did this happen?" That was the question on everyone's mind.

Suddenly Minato began to stir and awaken from his slumber before his eyes shot open and he began to cry out in agonizing pain. Tsunade, Naruto, and Kushina were terrified. The Fourth, continued to scream for several minutes before settling down and returning to unconsciousness.

The three were so caught up that none of them noticed Naruto's Katana pulsating emmiting once again the dark aura and reacting to Minato's presence.

But that was not all that went unnoticed, for because of the bandages covering Minato's chest and the rest of his body no one noticed a hole slightly larger than a fist appear in the center of his chest.


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