This was written for the Glee Prompt Challenge at the HPFF Forum :)

Prompt: Beautiful

Thank you for Mew for the lovely beta work :)

You look out of the window and a blanket of white is stretched as far as you can see. All the familiar features of the town have disappeared, hidden under the lumps and bumps of the coverlet. Snowflakes fall around you, bringing a small smile on your otherwise ghostly face.

But beneath all that snowy white - snowy, snowy white - is a streak of red which blows your vision away. It's a bright, orange red - a red which can belong to one family only. A red which you would recognize anywhere in the world - because you've been attracted to it for far too long.

You wonder what she is doing her, freezing in the cold. She is barely wearing a shawl and seems oblivious to the weather around her. You walk up to her - in that dignified, cool walk of yours, and ask her that - exactly that.

"What are you doing here, Weasley?"

She turns around and faces you. You expect her to be shocked - but she is not. Snowflakes fall on her and she has never looked more beautiful.

"Sitting, Malfoy. Can't you see?"

"Why are you sitting here, Weasley, in this horrid weather? Go inside to some cottage or something," you grunt.

"Why do you care, Draco? Go to your Pansy dearest who will feed you the truth about ugly Weasels and Potters. Don't waste my time and yours," she fights back.

"Shut up, Weasley, and come inside. I don't want you freezing to death, otherwise your saint Potter would send me to Azkaban,"

She doesn't move and you are not shocked when she stops replying. It's this new habit of hers - one you think she has picked up from you. You grab her hand, forcing her to stand up. She looks at you fiercely and you drag her towards your cottage - but she refuses to move. You tug at her hand and she ends up spinning in your arm. Your hands creep up her waist and you wonder why. Snowflakes fall around you both and soon she is entwined with you - and you find this so much more romantic than the boring old rain. She is gorgeous - gorgeous, perfect, beautiful - and for once, you listen to your heart over your brain.