Highschool was over and after Chase, the boy had no desire to spread out again. They had all ascended successfully but the truth of their lives had finally hit home, no one else could be trusted and loved ones outside the covenant were a liability. Sure, they dated, but they never let it get serious again.

They bought a house big enough for all of them to have some privacy just outside the University. It seemed, at least to Tyler, that when Reid and Caleb got along the house seemed enormous, and when they didn't- it was like there wasn't enough room to breathe. After ascension Reid had actually cooled down on his using some, enough for it not to be a constant worry to the others, but Caleb was never satisfied. It seemed everyone but them knew that it was his way of caring.

"Come on." The aforementioned blond whined from his place on the couch. He was sprawled over the pillows, one leg over the arm and his head tossed back so that he could look down the line of his nose at his brother. "Why won't you let me do it?"

Tyler sighed and tried not to break his pencil on his notes. He was sitting at the kitchen table, unfortunately facing the blond. "Because." It was a stupid answer, but the one he had been giving for more than a year now.

Reid spasmed in a mock fit and grumbled. "Come on! I was your first kiss, your first hand job, your first blow job." He smiled widely at the memory of Tyler's blushing cheeks in his lap. He sighed as he returned to the present. "You're a virgin in college! It's fuckin' embarrassing!"

The youngest tried not to flush and suppressed the urge to hush the other. It wasn't like the other two didn't know, but it wasn't something they brought up. Probably because they were older, maybe because they didn't want to embarrass him. Though, Tyler often wished Pogue would. "I'm not embarrassed." He lied. "And you weren't my first kiss."

Reid groaned and rolled off of the couch. "Some little girl when you were twelve doesn't count." He came around to the table and leaned over it, palms to the wood near Tyler's. The youngest sighed and looked up, his friend's face only inches from his own with a broad smile and a glint in his eyes. "Tell me I wasn't the best." The blond taunted, tongue peeking out to wet his lips and Tyler sucked a breath, for a moment wondering if it had been his own lips that had been licked.

"Reid…" The youngest sighed and got up.

The blond lit with excitement. "Is that a yes? We can go up to my room right now."

Tyler laughed and picked up his notebook. Reid's room had become a veritable sex den- one that Tyler, the other boys, and probably just about half the town, had enjoyed at one point or another. "I'm going to study in my room- alone."

Reid groaned and picked up his jacket. "Fine. Then I'm going out to get someone else to play with." He smirked as he watched his bestfriend head for the stairs. "And it's going to be a frail little brunet. I don't care if it's a girl or a boy, they're taking it in the ass and I'm call'n 'em 'Baby boy'!"

Tyler bit back a laugh and flipped off the blond before marching upstairs. It wasn't that he didn't trust Reid to be good to him, in fact, he often toyed with the idea. But, as lame as it sounded, Reid just wasn't the one he'd wanted his first time to be with. Maybe that was why he'd never really told his bestfriend the real reason he hadn't gone all the way. It wasn't because the blond would laugh at him- which he would- it was just too pathetic to say aloud. He was saving it.

Sounds down the side hall suddenly caught his attention, pulling his thoughts from his own self-pity. Something heavy slammed against a wall, rattling the pictures outside Caleb's bedroom door. Before Tyler could think otherwise, he was walking down the hall. The door was open just a little and he had reached out to push it into a swing but his fingers never quite reached the wood before his entire body froze. There were more sounds, guttural moaning sounds. He hadn't yet made the decision to move when he saw a mirror on the bedroom wall, directly in view from the opening of the door.

His heart clenched in his chest.

Caleb slammed Pogue up against the wall. Both of them were stripped down to jeans, hands grabbing at skin with greedy passion. The sandy blond curled his lips to bare his teeth, practically growling as he grabbed the dark haired eldest by the throat, turning them as fast as he could without Using and exchanging their positions. Caleb moaned as Pogue ground their hips together, one of his hands coming up to fist in the back of that long hair. With a groan he jerked Pogue's head back, his mouth delving into the column of the blonde's throat.

Tyler found himself staring at their reflection, watching their violent play as they forced each other out of jeans. He felt his breath hitch and his cheeks flush. He'd seen them naked before, of course, had even fooled around with them on occasion, but nothing this heavy- nothing this aggressive.

Eventually Caleb had the upperhand again, Pogue's chest pressed to the wall and his arm twisted behind his back. The older boy grinned as he kissed the captured blond's spine, his exposed cock rubbing between asscheeks.

Tyler shivered in the doorway, unsure what he was seeing. He had never seen Caleb act like this. In the few, and by few he meant two, times that they had made out and the one time Tyler had blown him, he hadn't done anything so…violent. If Pogue weren't moaning and rubbing back, he might have tried to intervene… might have. Honestly he felt a chill of fear when he watched Caleb now, though it would have been a lie to say his pants weren't feeling particularly tight.

But the worst of it was the way his heart sank into his stomach when he watched Pogue. Was this what he wanted? No wonder he'd never been overly interested in Tyler before. They often snuggled and sometimes kissed. Pogue would make dirty jokes that bordered on sweet with winks that hinted at honesty, but he never made any moves. Was this why? Even Tyler couldn't imagine himself playing in that scene, whether it were top or bottom.

"Caleb." Pogue groaned as the other boy pushed inside him, his lips parted wide and his voice deep and husky.

It jarred Tyler from his stare like a blade to the chest. He stumbled backward before running down the hall to his own room. He threw the lock into place as though someone might chase him and though he hated himself for it, he cried.

Pogue grinned as he stretched, pulling his pants up and mumbling something snarky to his friend, the raven haired one sprawled out on a bed of rumpled covers and abused pillows. He bent to grab his shirt where it had landed, only a few feet from the door. A frown tugged at the corner of his lips as he stood, smirking. "You forgot to close the damn door again." Pogue complained halfheartedly as he tugged his shirt on.

Caleb shrugged, lazy and sated the way he often way after a good go on top. "Sorry."

Pogue had reached out to close to door but found himself holding onto the handle and staring at something on the floor just outside. He opened it wide and bent down, picking up the all too familiar notebook.

"What's wrong?" The oldest asked with some concern as he sat up, sensing his friend's sudden discomfort. His throat felt dry when he saw Tyler's notebook in Pogue's hands. He really should have remembered to close the door. "Should we talk to him?" Caleb asked in his responsible voice, though it was obvious he didn't even like the idea himself.

After a moment, Pogue shook his head. "Nah. He'll be fine." He walked out of the room and closed the door softly. As he walked toward his own room he wondered why his chest hurt, why he felt this press of dread. He wasn't ashamed of what he did with Caleb, or anyone else for that matter. Yet, somehow, Tyler was the last person he wanted seeing it.

It was almost three in the morning when someone knocked at Tyler's door. He tensed, his mind freezing as he tried to think of something to say.

"Open up, Baby Boy. I'm tired." Reid called through the panel of wood.

With a sigh the youngest got up and unlocked the door. He didn't open it, but rather returned to his desk where he had been pretending to read textbooks for the past four hours. Reid walked in and kicked the door shut behind himself. He stretched and yawned on his way to the desk. "You been hiding out in here all night?"

"Reid-" Tyler started but when he looked up his words fell away. Reid was holding his notebook. And when he looked at his bestfriend he realized that he wasn't nearly as drunk as he should be at this hour, in fact, he had a soberness to his expression that looked utterly foreign.

"Pogue asked me to give this back to you." He held it out.

Tyler flushed as he realized that the other boy knew he had seen them. Reluctantly he took it from Reid, wondering if Pogue had told him everything.

"You okay?" The blond asked as he sat on his bed and laid back.

Tyler sighed. That was a 'yes, Pogue told him everything'. "I'm fine."

"Caleb just likes to play rough sometimes. It doesn't mean anything."

Tyler felt the blood rush from his face at the memory and the fact that his friend thought THAT was what had him hiding in his room- not that he would admit to hiding. "That's not- wait." Tyler turned in his chair to look at his friend. "You've been with him like that?"

Reid smiled in that reminiscent way he often did. "Only a couple times. Usually we get too competitive over who's going to top when we play like that. I guess with Pogue it's always a surprise for him."

Tyler sighed a little in relief. "So it's not always like that?"

"Sex with Caleb or sex in general?" Reid smiled at the ceiling, as though it were charmed by his wit.

Tyler rubbed a hand over his face, wondering if he should correct this assumption that he was interested in Caleb's preferences. But then he'd have to admit that what had him riled was Pogue's part. "Both." He gave, needed to say something.

Reid started to laugh and then something serious intruded on his otherwise light thoughts. He propped himself up on his elbows and looked at his friend carefully. "It's not supposed to be like that." He said and strangely enough, Tyler felt like he meant it- or rather, that he really wanted Tyler to believe it. "Not for you." He amended with the same conviction. "And Caleb would never treat you like that anyway, not unless you wanted to and you don't." His eyes narrowed suspiciously. "You don't, do you?" There was a hint of worry in his curiosity, leading Tyler to believe that Reid didn't like the idea at all.

"No." Tyler assured.

Reid stretched on the bed. "I don't know what your plan is, Baby Boy, but you're running out of options." He murmured before a yawn. "You're not interested in Caleb, you won't give it up to me, and Po doesn't do virgins."

Tyler felt his heart lurch. "What?"

Reid had closed his eyes and looked as though he were seconds from sleep. "Hmm?"

Tyler got up and climbed onto the bed, straddling the other boy in order to shake him awake again. A grin spread Reid's features and Tyler knew he'd fallen into a trap. Arms wrapped around him, hips lifting beneath his to roll them until he was pressed beneath the blonde. "Gotcha, Baby Boy."

Sucking a breath, Tyler tried not to squirm. Reid's hips pressed against his own, his knees by gravity alone were spreading Tyler's legs to lie on either side of him. His heart was still hammering in his chest. "So, that thing you said about Reid... that was a trick?" The youngest murmured, Reid's lips dangerously close to his own. If things kept moving at this rate he wouldn't have much time for thought left.

The blonde laughed and brushed his mouth over the other boys before dragging it and his tongue up his jaw and then down his neck. "Hardly." He said as his hands worked Tyler's shirt up his ribs, exposing some of that creamy pale skin. "Pogue's never been into virgins. Too much pressure, too much responsibility- something like that. But not me." He smiled against Tyler's neck. "I'd make it good for you, you know."

Tyler laid there beneath his bestfriend, his body responding to the other's attention and wiggling. But his mind was racing in other directions. Pogue didn't do virgins. That was too cruel. The boy he'd wanted to be his first for as long as he'd been thinking about those things, the one he'd been shutting down his other lovers for, wouldn't sleep with a virgin. He shivered under Reid. It felt like his heart had cracked under that cruelty of fate. "Okay." His voice was shaky but he could tell that his friend heard him, because he had stopped kissing his neck, had stopped stroking his sides.

Reid turned his head to look at the boy's cheek. "You teasing me?" He asked quietly, trying to smirk.

Tyler swallowed hard and stared at the ceiling. "N-no." His breath shivered past his lips when he turned his head to look back at Reid, their lips touching. "Fuck me." He whispered.

The blond blinked. He felt his cock harden between them at hearing those words from that mouth, but when he looked into his friend's eyes he saw only determined sadness and fear. With a shiver he sat up and slid off of the bed. He stood there and stared down at Tyler, his body sprawled on the mattress and offered up, but it wasn't the way he'd hoped. With a shaky breath he racked fingers through his hair and turned away.

"What?" Tyler asked, sounding completely lost.

With a sigh, Reid walked to the door. "Don't take this the wrong way, Baby Boy. I'll be more than happy to get in your pants just as soon as you actually want me there." He paused with his hand on the handle, turning back to give him a reassuring smile. He wanted to stay, to talk about whatever had made his friend change his mind. He wanted to wash away that lost sadness. But right now it felt like if he stayed they'd either argue or his resolve would fold and they'd end up doing something they'd both regret the next morning. "I don't need to be your first, Ty, but I'll need you to want it." He walked out and closed the door quietly.

In the hall he felt like slamming his head against the wall. He'd nagged and teased Tyler for years about sleeping with him. For years. And when it was finally offered he walked away. No. Reid shook the thought as he walked down the hall. It wasn't really offered. Not the way it should have been, not the way he wanted their Baby Boy to.

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