Rory Hawthorne

I've always had a crush on Primrose Everdeen. I mean, she was different from everyone in the Seam. And I mean good different. She had that amazing soft hair, the color of the sun and those enchanting blue eyes that you couldn't stop looking at. She was small for her age but she was strong. Too strong, in fact. I've still got the mark of her hand on my arm when we were both six years old and I teased her that she was as tiny as a snail.

Over the years, I've come to the conclusion that she won't give me the time of the day. Gale professed his love for Katniss and look where that got him. A coal miner married Mrs. Everdeen and now she won't speak. Loving an Everdeen can be hard so I usually keep my feelings to myself.

Prim can't hunt nor can she barter at the Hob which are the two most important skills that people from the Seam have to learn. But Prim is in some ways, more talented than all of us put together. She can heal people like she has magic or something. She knows which herbs can make your pains go away. She doesn't even flinch at the sight of open wounds and blood, the only kid I've ever seen do that.

While Katniss is the one who provides for the family, Prim is the one who keeps them all together. Without her, I'm sure Katniss would have taken up on Gale's proposal to run away to the forest. Without Prim, they wouldn't make the extra money they get by selling the milk and cheese they get from her goat, Lady. Without Prim, the people at the Seam would have to turn towards the snotty doctor in the merchant's part of our town. Without Primrose Everdeen, the life expectancy of the people from the Seam would be cut down to, oh about, one-fourth.

I never really had a crush on her. It was like she was my best friend and confidante, my constant playmate. Kind of like Gale and Katniss. She just crept up to me. Before long, I began to notice her red lips, her blond hair and those amazing eyes that were the richest color of azure. It was then when I began to be protective of her.

It started out as me punching Scorps Folger when I caught him flirting with her a year ago. Gale taught me everything he knew in combat so by the time I was finished with Scorps, he had two black eyes and a couple of teeth missing. He wouldn't dare to go near Prim again.

But Prim didn't find that amusing. In reality, she didn't talk to me for nearly two weeks. It was then when I broke down and went to her house to formally apologize. Katniss almost killed me when she saw me at their door but it was a good thing I had the premonition to bring Gale along or else Greasy Sae would be cooking my flesh right now.

Prim isn't just amazing...she can make you feel invincible with every word that she says. She can make you feel good about yourself even if you're depressed and wanting to kill yourself at that moment.

Prim was the one who gave me the reason to hold on...

Primrose Everdeen...