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Soft clicking of nails against the oak wood floor was heard all throughout the hallway as a medium sized wolf walked down it. He stopped at the end of the hallway to sniff at the bottom of the door and slowly nudged it open and let out a small whine when he realized that another member of the pack had tricked him into waking up the alpha wolf since all he saw was darkness in the room.

"Cloud, it's time for you to wake up now…and I also have a question to ask you…" Zack said meekly with his tail tucked in and his ears flat. It wasn't as though he was scared of his best friend/ pack leader; he just hated being the one who had to wake him up because Cloud always happened to be in a cranky mood. He flatten himself even further onto the floor outside of the room when he saw two narrowed blue eyes filled with anger at disturbing his slumber glow from the dark room and a growl that told him that his question better be a good one.

"Well, what is it?"

"I was just wondering if I could invite a friend over for dinner tonight…"

"Is your friend a human?"


Cloud snorted.

"Fine, but I suggest you keep a close eye on your human… I won't be held responsible for your friend accidentally getting eaten by our pack members. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good, now tell Tifa to prepare my bath and Angeal to bring me my breakfast."

"Right away, sir." Zack said before he quickly scampered off to inform the others of their leader's order and in happiness that his friend could finally visit him.

Cloud watched Zack leave before sighing. The large wolf stretched his front legs and back legs before shaking himself off and changing back into his human form. He reached over and pressed a button on the wall and squinted when the blinds opened and let in the morning sunlight. He grabbed his bath robe and put it on and went to sit at the medium size table where he ate his breakfast. He wasn't surprised when Angeal came in a few seconds after he sat down with a small smile on his face.

"Good morning, leader."

Cloud nodded in acknowledgement as Angeal placed his food in front of him. After Angeal finished pouring Cloud some coffee, he went to Cloud's closet to pick out his outfit for the day.

"I hope you got enough sleep last night… Hojo wants you to choose a mate from his selection that he believes will be a good match for you."

Cloud growled before sipping coffee.

"Tell him that I decline."

"But Cloud, the mating season starts in three months and you can no longer decline taking a mate. In order for you to still keep your title as leader of the Midgar Wolf Pack, you have to mate and produce heirs this year or the council will force you to step down."

Cloud smirked.

"Funny… The strongest wolf to have ever roamed this planet is controlled by a council full of elders that are afraid of me…"

Cloud ignored Angeal's sigh and resumed eating with a frown on his face. He knew that it was coming; he just didn't feel like dealing with it. It wasn't as though he didn't want a mate; he just knew that whomever Hojo picked out were going to be too submissive that he would end up wanting to kill them after they produced his heirs. He didn't want a mate that was going to listen to his every word like how the way his servants did, he wanted a mate that had a mind of his or her own and challenged him, but apparently that was too much to ask for in their world. So every year that mating season began, he declined any offer that was made to him because the ones that approached him were nothing but mindless drones, much to the council's annoyance because they were the ones that picked them. Oh well, that's not his problem. He'll pick his mate on his terms and his terms alone.


A man with long silver hair looked up and sighed when he heard his lover run into his bakery and slammed the door against the wall like he normally did.

"Zack, how many times have I told you to not slam the door against the wall? That's the ninth door I had to replace this month and if that breaks, you owe me a new door."

Zack rolled his eyes before plopping himself down in the chair next to the counter where he was kneading dough to make rolls.

"So! I asked my roommates and they said that you can join us for dinner tonight."

"I can't make it tonight."

"Aww! Why not! You promised that you would! It's a special dinner tonight and you have to come!"

"I don't see why you want me to go so much…"

"Well… I wanted to tell them of our engagement with you there with me…"

Sephiroth snorted and Zack laughed before getting out of the chair and walking behind the counter to wrap his arms around his mate's waist.

"You do remember that I'm the dominant one here, right?" Sephiroth said, making Zack laugh some more.

"I know. I just like doing this to you when you make my favorite type of bread."

"All the bread I make is your favorite type of bread."


Sephiroth shook his head and Zack grinned before placing a kiss to the back of Sephiroth's neck and rested his head against his shoulder. The engagement wasn't the only reason why he wanted Sephiroth to be there at the castle with him…he wanted to tell Sephiroth what he really was with his friends there for support if Sephiroth reacts in a negative way. Granted, he knew that he should've told Sephiroth that he was a wolf humanoid and works for his best friend that also happens to be his leader, but he couldn't force himself to do it for the past two years. Not to mention, he also loved being in his human form more so than his wolf form since he had much more freedom to do whatever he wanted…until someone fetched him from the castle in order to attend to Cloud. He didn't like lying to Sephiroth about where he works and why they couldn't move in together, but to him, those sacrifices were all worth it. Just as long as Sephiroth still loves him for him after tonight, he'll be alright.

"So…are you still coming?"

Sephiroth sighed.

"I suppose…"


"Dammit Zack! You made me drop the dough on the floor!"

Sephiroth grumbled as he scraped the dough off of the cobblestone floor. As much as he loved his fiancé, he was a pain in the ass at times. He never did understand why he was always on the go. He would visit him for an hour or so, then return back to work, then visit him again for another hour or so, then leave for work again. It confused him to no end, but he shrugged it off every time he thought about it. Zack was a hard worker just like he was and that was all that mattered to him, that and their upcoming marriage in three months. He did find it odd that it was Zack that proposed to him a few months back and wanted to get married so soon…especially since it was odd for the uke to propose to the seme. And just like Zack's job, he brushed it off as well. Zack meant a lot to him. He was the only person to accept him for how he looked and for who he was. Granted, people still bought his bread and pastries from his shop, but they never looked him in the eye because of how his eyes looked. It was well known fact that the citizens of Midgar despised the wolves that would run in and out of the town and his eyes shared a resemblance to theirs, even though he couldn't change into a wolf like how they could. He always liked his emerald slit eyes because they brought out his features and made him look more exotic with his natural silver long locks, but the other citizens didn't agree. Sephiroth sighed after he shook off his musings and looked at the clock. It was getting late and he needed to keep his promise to Zack.

Cloud inwardly glared at all of the women that were practically throwing themselves at him just to get a chance to talk to him as he sat down at the dining table. Luckily for him that he knew how to ignore people. When he heard commotion coming from the hallway, he wasn't surprised to see Zack walk in with a big grin on his face like he normally did when he was happy. But what did surprise him was the friend he brought with him. He was the most beautiful male human that he'd ever seen, especially with those slitted emerald eyes of his and long silver hair. The more he looked at him, the more he felt like he carried the traits that he was looking for in a mate. He could tell by the man's posture that he was meant to be dominant, which would give him his challenge, and by how he held a small smile on his face when others talked, he wasn't the one to bite his tongue to prevent from saying what was on his mind.

"Perfect…" Cloud smirked as he continued to eye the silver haired beauty as he chatted with Zack's friends before taking a seat at the table not too far from where he was. He may get to announce who he'll take as his mate after all tonight…

To Be Continued…

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