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Sephiroth walked out of the castle and sighed in annoyance when he didn't see his husband or the rich wolf before changing into his wolf form and walking into the forest to search for them.

"You see what your father has to put us through because he doesn't know how to control his temper?" Sephiroth said to his swollen stomach and laughed when he felt the pup kick, letting him know that she heard what he said. His laughter died when he realized how quiet it was in the forest. Though he didn't stay in the forest long enough to know how quiet the forest normally was, his instincts were telling him that he shouldn't be here and should run away. His ear twitched when he heard a twig snap and felt a shiver run up his spine.

"Cloud…?" Sephiroth called out nervously. When he heard no response, he started walking faster while repeatedly calling for his mate. He continued walking while calling for his mate and stopped walking when he felt something coming towards him. He braced himself for the worst and flinched when something shot out of the bushes and almost knocked him over. He opened his eyes and narrowed them at his husband, inwardly wondering why Cloud looked nervous.

"Cloud, what's going on! Why did you get so angry and-"

"Love there's no time to answer that! We have to get back to the castle right-"

Sephiroth furrowed brows when he saw Cloud's eyes widen and he gasped in shock when Cloud grabbed him by the neck and pushed him down to the forest floor. He realized why he did that to him when he turned to see a bullet hole in the tree that was behind him. He whimpered when Cloud moved to stand over him as the hunter revealed himself. His ears flattened when the hunter looked at a piece of paper he dug out of his pocket before shoving it back inside his pocket.

"Easy big guy… I don't wanna hurt you, yo… My boss just wants the wolf you're standing over…"

Sephiroth's eyes widened. Who the hell was his boss and what did he want with him? Sephiroth didn't get the chance to ask the hunter because Cloud snorted at the man before he lunged towards him…only to get hit in the shoulder by something. He felt tears gather in his eyes when Cloud shrugged off the first hit and was hit again in his shoulder and the side of his neck. He screamed when Cloud dropped to the floor and tried to run to him, but was stopped by the hunters that threw ropes around his neck.

"CLOUD! Please! Please get up! PLEASE!" Sephiroth repeatedly screamed with tears running down his face as he saw a truck pull up. He tried to fight them from pulling him into the truck, but the ropes around his neck grew tighter to the point where he couldn't breathe. After the hunters heaved him into the cage inside of the truck, one of the hunters untied the ropes around his neck before closing the cage and sitting down in the open space after he closed the doors as the truck started moving. Sephiroth sat down in the cage and continued to cry. Cloud… His Cloud was gone… What was he going to do?

"Hey, what's wrong girl? Why are ya crying?"

Sephiroth stopped sobbing and turned to glare at the hunter with narrowed eyes.

"Are you fucking serious! You and your buddy just murdered my husband and kidnapped me!" Sephiroth yelled.

The hunter's eyes widened.

"Whoa! Easy there ol' girl! Nobody-"

"I'm not a fucking girl dammit!" Sephiroth growled before changing back into his human form.

"See? I'm a man. Just because I can give birth doesn't change anything."

The hunter furrowed his brows after he looked him over and frowned.

"So you're saying you're a wolf humanoid that is a submissive male?"

Sephiroth rolled his eyes before making a face.

"You're not pregnant are ya?"

"What the fuck do you think! I'm not naturally this fat, um…"

"The name's Reno, yo."

"Oh, well… Yeah! I'm not naturally this fat Reno!"

"Well, this is a first…" The redhead snorted.

"What do you mean?"

"Normally our boss tells us to hunt down female rogues that aren't pregnant."

Sephiroth's eyes widened at the small glimmer of hope. There was a possibility that he could be the wrong wolf and that all of this was a bad misunderstanding.

"Then you must have me confused with someone else! I'm not a female and I'm not a rogue! The wolf that you killed was my mate and he's the alpha male of the Midgar territory!"

"You're lying!"

"Do I look like the type of humanoid that would lie at this point?"

"No, but…you do match the description and the picture of the wolf that we were sent to find on the piece of paper that was given to us by our boss."

"Can I see it?"

Reno dug in his pocket and pulled out the sheet of paper and handed it to Sephiroth through the steel bars. Sephiroth unfolded the paper and gasped as his eyes widened. The paper had down his exact height, the color of this hair and the length of it in his human form, and the color of his eyes. The picture was of him lying by his pond in his wolf form a few months ago after he discovered that he was pregnant. It was clear that whoever Reno's boss was clearly wanted him and is pup.

"W-Why does he want me?"

"That's just it, yo… He didn't tell us why. Normally when we hunt wolves, it's for their fur."

Sephiroth gasped as he felt fear run down his spine.

"Y-You're going to kill me for my fur?"

"No! We don't kill the wolves we catch, our boss breeds them so that the pups the females produce will be used for fur coats, hats, and lining when they are about six to ten weeks old. Since pup fur is softer and fluffier than adult wolf fur, it sells at a very high price that my boss makes a huge profit off of every year, not to mention that the customers prefer pup fur over any other type of fur since they claim it keeps them warmer and it is easier to clean."

Sephiroth frowned in disgust. He heard rumors back when he used to live in Midgar that some fur companies buy their fur from black market factories that use baby humanoids and animals to make their products, which was why he always read the label of his fur items to make sure that it was one hundred percent polyester instead of a percentage of real fur. To know that was where the hunters were taking him and to hear the hunter talk about the business he worked for so nonchalantly, he found it very disturbing…

"So…what you're saying is that your boss kills innocent wolf humanoid pups to make coats out of? And you find nothing morally wrong with that!"

Reno narrowed his eyes.

"Hey, I never said that I'm proud of what I do, yo. If there was another job where I didn't have to hear the squeals of puppies getting killed I would take it in a heartbeat! I have to survive just like you do and this job is paying me just enough to get by. Don't act like your kind doesn't kill humans as a way to survive…"

"I'm not saying that some wolf humanoids don't, but I highly doubt we walk around in coats made out of the skin from human children!"

Reno opened his mouth to say something, but closed it before shaking his head. Sephiroth knew what he said was harsh, but he needed for the redhead to see that what he was helping his boss do was wrong, even if he needed the money, which Sephiroth found hard to believe that the hunter in front of him needed money since he was hunting in a black suite and dress shoes…

"Listen, I know what I said may have hurt your feelings, but you have to understand where I'm coming from here… I watched my husband die and now I'm learning that you are taking me to a factory where they are going to use me as a breeder for pup fur, not to mention that the pup I'm carrying now, which is the last thing I have to remember my husband by, is in danger of becoming apart of someone's boots!" Sephiroth yelled as his eyes filled up with tears as Reno furrowed his brows at him in confusion.

"Why do you keep saying that your mate is dead, yo? He's alive."

Sephiroth's eyes widened.


"Yeah… Cid just tranquilized him that's all. Now I'm glad that he didn't tranquilize you because I think the dosage would've affected your pups…"

Sephiroth let out a long sigh of relief. He thanked all that was holy for not making him a widow…

"Now you really have to let me go…"


"Like I told you, my mate is the alpha male of the Midgar Pack. I'm his wife, mate, lover, best friend, alpha 'female' and the soon-to-be mother of his first born pup. He's going to come looking for me and when he finds me, there will be hell to pay..."

"What makes you say that? Cid and I have enough fire power to take him down again."

"I'm not so sure you do… You caught him off guard earlier. He won't let it happen again. He's not called one of the strongest alpha males that the entire world has ever seen for nothing…"

Sephiroth inwardly smirked when he saw a look of worry show on the redhead's face before it went away.

"I tell you what… If it's true that we did get you mixed up with another wolf, I'll return you to your mate just as long as you don't put up any fights with us on the way to the factory. If… If you're the one my boss is looking for, then I'm sorry to say it, but here's nothing I can do about that, yo. Do we have a deal?"

Sephiroth sighed in defeat. He had no other choice but to agree. He was too far along in his pregnancy to try and attempt to break out of the cage and the truck. He didn't want to hurt the pup…


"Alright. By the way, you never did give me your name Silver Mama…"

Sephiroth glared at the smirking redhead.

"My name's Sephiroth…and I would appreciate it if you never called me that name ever again…"

Reno waited for Sephiroth to fall asleep inside of the cage before walking up to the front of the truck and sliding small window door open that allowed him to speak to the driver and the passenger.

"Yo Cid, do ya remember that bad feeling I told you about before we got out of the truck?"

"Yeah, what about it?"

"It got worse, man… The wolf we were hired to grab is the alpha female of the Midgar Pack and the wolf you tranquilized was his mate, the alpha male."

Reno wasn't surprised when Cid was quiet for a few moments before letting out a slew of curses.

"What the fuck is that man thinkin'! Why would he tell us to grab an alpha fucking female! That's a huge fucking difference from a rogue! That blond wolf and his pack are gonna come after us now!"

"That's not even the best part… The silver wolf isn't a female. It's a submissive male that's pregnant and has to be about 5 or 6 months along."

Cid sighed.

"…We're all gonna fucking die…"

"But that doesn't make sense… There's something that we're missing…" Rude, the driver of the truck, said.

"No, I don't think it's something we're missing. There's something that the boss ain't telling us, yo… I can feel it…" Reno said before looking over at the sleeping humanoid with a sigh. He didn't tell Sephiroth, but he and the wolf were on the same wavelength. He hated knowing that all of the female wolves he brought back to the factory were going to suffer a horrible death by birthing pups until they couldn't do it anymore. As a way of atoning for that, he would make the females stay at the factory as comfortable as best as he could. He would feed them, clean their cages, give them extra pillows, blankets, and clothes if they got too cold, talk to them, and without the boss knowing, let them see their pups one last time before they were killed. Rude and Cid felt the same way he did, but they needed the money just as bad as he did as well.

"So what should we do with him then?" Cid asked.

"I don't know… I told him that if we did grab the wrong wolf that I'm taking him back home. I can't let him stay there if he isn't the right wolf, it would destroy whatever morals I have left. Besides, it will be the least that we could do…"

"Yeah, you're right. But still, even if he's the one the boss wants, what are we gonna do about his mate?"

"If the blond wolf comes to Wutai to save his mate, then let him. Shit, I'll open the front door for him! I'm not getting in the way of a pissed off alpha male… I like living…"

"Hn, I guess we'll sort everything out when we get there."


Reno closed the window and walked over towards the cage and unlocked it. He walked in and sat down next to the wolf form of Sephiroth and smiled when Sephiroth subconsciously moved his head to rest in his lap. Though he knew he should be on his guard around the silver furred wolf, but he couldn't resist softy rubbing the wolf's silky furred ear. Besides, this wolf wouldn't risk damaging his unborn pup to try and kill him before making an attempt to break out of the truck. When he looked down and saw his large swollen stomach, he felt the sudden urge to protect the mother-to-be from what was to come. He didn't know why, but he would follow that instinct as best as could…

Cloud groaned as he blinked his eyes open and he found himself back in his bedroom and on his bed.

"Cloud! You're awake!"

He turned towards where the voice came from and smiled when he saw Aeris sitting at the edge of his bed with Angeal, Yuffie, Genesis, and Zack sitting in chairs.

"We were so worried that you weren't going to wake up! It's been three days since…since…"

Cloud sighed before he sat up and motioned for Aeris to come closer to him so that he could give her a hug. He rested his chin on top of Aeris' head as he held her tighter and allowed her to cry in his shoulder. He wasn't surprised that she would cry about Sephiroth being taken away… He knew that she would be because she and Sephiroth were very close friends. He looked around at the others in the room and saw that they were close to tears as well… Cloud inwardly sighed at that. He was hoping that the situation in the forest was all a bad dream, that he didn't allow the hunters to take his mate away, that he hadn't failed protecting the only wolf he ever loved along with their pups… Had he not have gotten pissed off at what Rufus whispered to him, Sephiroth wouldn't have chased after him and would still be with him…

Sephiroth, forgive me…

"How did you find out?"

"…Vincent carried you to us and gave us an idea as to what has happened."

Cloud's eyes widened at that. Vincent, of all wolves, saved him? He kept that information in the back of his mind as he listened to Aeris.

"He also showed us how to pull out the tranquilizers and he told us that you would be out of it for a couple of hours, but when the hours turned into days, we started becoming worried and thought you were going to take a turn for the worse."

"I… I think it was me that didn't feel like waking up because I knew that I lost Seph… I felt like I failed him by the hunters succeeding in taking him away from me. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it's the truth. I'm the alpha male, I'm viewed as the strongest male in the pack and I let the one I love get taken away by hunters…"

"It's not like you willingly handed him over, Cloud! You were put to sleep because they knew that you would kill them in order to protect Sephy."

"I know that…and that's why I'm going to find him… Angeal, you're in charge of everything while I'm gone."

Aeris let go of him and stared at him in confusion as Genesis frowned.

"Y-You can't leave right now, you just woke up! Can't you-"

Cloud shook his head.

"I can't waste anymore time like I already have. I need to find him as quick as I can before the pups arrive." Cloud said as he moved the blankets off of him and stood up.

"You aren't going alone. I'm coming with you…"

Cloud looked over at Angeal and frowned when he got out of his chair.

"You can't, I need someone to watch over the pack while I'm-"

"Finding Sephiroth is more important. He is my family first and the alpha female second. I feel as though it is my responsibility as well as yours to make sure that we find him and get him back here safely before the pups come…"

"Yeah, the same goes for me, too…" Zack said with a determined smile on his face as he got out of his chair as well.

"I'm going as well..."

Cloud's eyes widened when he saw Tifa standing by the door with a smile on her face.

"He and I made peace with each other the day he was taken away from us and I want to along with you all to show that I meant what I said and that I do care about him and the pups…"

"Well, you know what that means! If she's going then Aeris and I are going as well and there's nothing you can say that will deter us from going with ya!" Yuffie said as she threw a fist in the air. Cloud looked at Aeris and sighed when she nodded her head in agreement.

"But…what about the pack?"

"We talked to them already and they said they don't mind watching over each other. They understand that this is a serious situation and they want us to go with you to make sure that you are safe and that we get Sephiroth back here safely, too…"

Cloud was about to respond to Aeris' statement when he heard a noise come from the nursery. He didn't know who dared to enter that room without his permission, but he was going to give them a good piece of his mind. Cloud stormed out of his bedroom with Tifa, Aeris, Yuffie, Genesis, Zack, and Angeal right behind him towards the nursery and growled before he opened the door. His eyes widened when he found the very last person he'd expect to be looking around in the nursery.

"Good to know that you're awake now…"

"Vincent, what are you doing in here?" Cloud asked with furrowed brows. He expected for the rogue to be long gone by now before he had the chance to ask him how did he find him and why did he save him.

"I wanted to see what the nursery looked like and needless to say, I'm quite impressed. Any pup would surely love to have this room as theirs… It reminds me of the one I built for my mate a long time ago… The only thing that I would critique is that there's a certain toy missing from the excellent collection of toys in the toy box that all pups love to play with…"

"Oh? What is it?"

"Rib bones… They can come from any animal just as long as they are not too big for them to chip their teeth on or too small for it to get lodged in their throat. I'd recommend getting some. Not only is it fun for them to play with, it keeps their teeth healthy."

Cloud chuckled as he inwardly wondered why Vincent was telling him that, yet alone having a peaceful conversation with him.

"Is that what you used to give to your pups?"

"Yes, but none of my pups enjoyed them as much as Sephiroth did. Heh, that's all he would ask for me to bring back with me the next time I visited him at my father's house in Kalm…"

Cloud's eyes slowly widened as he saw Vincent softly smile at the memory. There's no way that Vincent could know that detail, unless…

"You're his father, aren't you?"

"…Sephiroth was a newborn when I left him in my father's care in Kalm… At that time, I was running away from the people that wanted to use Sephiroth as a science experiment and it was getting harder and harder for us to hide because they would always find me carrying him in my mouth as we travelled from town to town searching for a suitable place for us to live without fear that a hunter or a scientist would find us. After I told my father my situation, he agreed to watch over him for me as I went into hiding for a couple of months. Everything was going well for about four years. I would visit Sephiroth every few months or so and listen to him tell me stories of what he did with Grandpa Grimoire while I was gone and how he learned how to bake sugar cookies and other baked goods. I know he tells everyone that he got his love of baking from Gast, but he actually got it from his grandfather. My father taught him everything he knew about baking and he absorbed it like a sponge since he was very bright for his age, a trait I know he inherited from his mother. After I spent a week or two with him, I would take my leave and keep my promise to come back as soon as I can and to bring him more bones to play with.

All of that went south when a fire broke out in m father's house. I learned from my father that a spark from the oven caused the house to be go up in flames and while Sephiroth was trying to get to him on the other side of the living room, a heavy plank of wood came down from the ceiling and hit Sephiroth in the head and knocked him unconscious. My father transformed into his wolf from and was able to push the plank of wood off of him and grab Sephiroth and run out of the house with a few burns before the house collapsed. Because he was still in his wolf form when he went outside, the townspeople thought that he was about to kill Sephiroth by the way that he was carrying him and they were able to force him to drop Sephiroth on the ground and get out of Kalm. My father transformed into his human form when he reached an area where there was no one around him and watched the owner of a orphanage in Midgar by the name of Reeve Tuesti pick Sephiroth up and ordered for one of the townsfolk to help him heal him from behind a building. My father followed them and waited for Sephiroth to heal completely before sneaking into Reeve's rented room to take my son and run for it.

It didn't go as he planned it would. Sephiroth woke up and screamed when he saw my father in his wolf form trying to explain to him who we was before yelling for Reeve to help him. My father jumped out of the window when he saw Reeve with a shot gun and hid in an abandoned building for the night. When he woke up, he went back to the house that Reeve rented a room from and received information from the lady of the house that Reeve left with Sephiroth earlier that morning and were heading towards Midgar and he decided not to follow them. A few months after that, I found my father living in a new house in Kalm and I asked him where my son was when I wasn't greeted by him at the front door like I normally was. After he told me about the fire and Sephiroth being taken away by a man I never heard of, it sent me into such a rage that I felt like killing my father for allowing the last piece of Lucrecia, my first mate and Sephiroth's mother, to be taken away by a human. When I asked him why he didn't get him back as we continued to fight each other as wolves in his house, I was caught off guard by his answer…

He…he said that Sephiroth would be given the life that all humanoids dream of, living side by side with humans and not having to worry about hunters killing him for his fur since Sephiroth was still in his human form and didn't know how to change back into a wolf because my father didn't get the chance to teach him how to transform back. He called it the perfect solution on how to hide from the hunters and scientists that were after him, but I called it him being a coward and not protecting his grandson. When I began to walk towards the front door after I told him that I was going to do what he wouldn't, which was to search for Sephiroth, he told me that it was best if I didn't look for him because when I do find him, it would kill me. I ignored his warning and spent seven years searching for him, until my father broke his silence with me and told me that he was in the Midgar Orphanage.

I teamed up with a pack of rogues that were going to attack Midgar in search of food since that year food was becoming scarce amongst the forests because of the humans killing off more deer, elks, hogs, bison and other wildlife than they needed to sustain their lifestyles. I told them not to attack a boy with silver hair and green eyes and they agreed. When we entered Midgar, I searched amongst the crowd of screaming people until I came in contact with slitted emerald eyes that belonged to my son. I called out to him, but all he did was turn and run away from me. I chased after him until he ran down an alleyway. In my frustration at him running away from me while screaming and crying, I growled at him until I realized that I was the reason as to why he was crying. I tried calling to him again as I tilted my head, but all it did was cause more tears to run down his face. It was then that I understood what my father meant… Sephiroth didn't remember me or anything that happened from his birth to my father's old house being on fire because of the severe head trauma that the heavy plank of wood caused. To him, he no idea who I was or that he was my son because he was raised amongst the humans in the orphanage. When I smelled the scent of gun powder getting closer, I turned around and growled at the baker holding a gun before jumping over the alley wall and transforming into a human and running around the corner to see Sephiroth smiling happily at Gast because he saved him…

I meant what I said when I told you that Sephiroth's father died… The part of me that still wanted to keep Lucrecia's dream of raising a family died when I saw Sephiroth smile at Gast and knew deep down that Gast would be the one to take my place and raise Sephiroth as his own and realized that my father was right all along. Sephiroth wouldn't have to worry about becoming a fur coat because he would be taken care of by a human that loved him just the way he was… I just hated that I couldn't be there to see him grow into the beautiful man that he is today… Though he has my facial structure, he looks exactly like his mother only with silver fur…"

Cloud looked down at his feet in sadness as he heard the female wolves, long with Genesis, sniffling. He always knew that Sephiroth's father was alive... He never would've guessed that the reason why Sephiroth's father gave him up would be close to the horrible story that Vincent just told him and his friends… He couldn't imagine ever going through that heartache, or imagine that was why Vincent was as mean and bitter as he was. The rogue had Sephiroth, his last memory of his first mate, taken away from him and forced to live a false reality, not to mention that he watched both of his mates and second litter die. He now couldn't blame Vincent for being so cruel, but at the same time…

"Why did you do all of those horrible things you did to Sephiroth then? You…you made your own son believe that it was his fault that his fiancé died, his fault that I got injured, and that he shouldn't have pups because if he did then you would kill him and his pups! How could you do that to your own son!" Cloud asked in anger. He didn't understand it…he refused to believe that there was a justified answer. He would never inflict that kind of mental and emotional pain on his pups and didn't understand why Vincent would do that to Sephiroth if he loved him as much as he implied… Vincent rubbed his temple before sighing.

"Despite your views of what is right and wrong, what I did to him, you, and Zack had a purpose. Since I wanted Sephiroth to never know about our world, I had to do all that I could to keep Sephiroth away from wolf humanoids. When I heard that Sephiroth had a fiancé, I disguised myself as a commoner in order to see what he looked like. When I saw Zack for the first time, I was okay with him marrying Sephiroth because he looked like a regular human. It was a few weeks later when I saw Zack running towards Midgar in his wolf form that I became apprehensive about their relationship, but I calmed down when I learned from Tseng that he was a dominant beta male wolf humanoid that was being dominated by my son and wouldn't be able to get Sephiroth pregnant. When I watched the fight that happened between you, Zack, and Sephiroth in the forest before you left Zack bleeding and walked away with my crying son on your back, I knew that Sephiroth managed to find his own way back into the world of the humanoids and I had to do something to get him out of it…and making Sephiroth fear wolf humanoids was the best route to take at the time so I put my knowledge of knowing that Sephiroth would never forgive me for what I was going to do aside and did what I did, only to see it backfire in my face." Vincent said with a low growl in his voice. Cloud narrowed his eyes before growling back at him.

"I can't believe you actually thought that shit would work! Do you understand what you have done! Do you understand all of the pain that you caused Sephiroth to feel!" Cloud yelled.

"Hn! I understand it perfectly! I also understand that if I hadn't done the things I did, Sephiroth wouldn't be your mate right now and in the predicament that he's in! He wouldn't be in all of this shit if you! You are nothing but a selfish, possessive little pup that doesn't deserve to be called Sephiroth's mate!" Vincent snarled. Cloud stared at him with wide eyes before sighing and looking away from the rogue wolf.

"I know that…" Cloud muttered as he let his bangs cover his eyes. He came to that conclusion when he was hugging Aeris in his bedroom. He never did deserve Sephiroth…

"But I'll be damned if I let a bunch of hunters take him and my pups away from me… I earned Sephiroth's respect and love and I could care less if you or anyone else thinks that I don't deserve Sephiroth. I will find him and I will raise a family with him because I love him and he loves me, whether you like it or not…" Cloud said sternly as he lifted his head and looked at his father-in-law straight in the eyes to show that he wouldn't be going back on his word anytime soon. He'd been through too much shit with Sephiroth to call it quits because his father felt like acting like a father now instead of their enemy. Vincent could say whatever he wanted to him because in the end, it was he who Sephiroth chose as his mate and the one he would have pups with and there was nothing Vincent could do that would change that. The rogue stared at him before smiling softly.

"That was what I was hoping to hear… I had to see if you really did love my son and it's clear that you do... We should get going if we all want to make it to Wutai in time before Sephiroth gives birth to the pups."

Cloud inwardly chuckled when he heard Zack make a noise of confusion.

"Ehh, what's in Wutai?" Zack asked.

"Sephiroth. There's an old black market fur factory that is still operating. He is being taken there to be used as a breeder for humanoid pup fur."

Cloud's eyes widened.

"How do you know that?"

"Because, I know who owns the factory…"

"Who is it?"

Sephiroth followed closely behind Reno in his wolf form as they walked into the factory, which Sephiroth guessed had to be at least 15 years old going by how run-down it looked. It had been a long three days riding in the back of the truck, especially since they only stopped when Cid got tired of listening to him complain about not being able to hold his bladder for long periods of time, his muscles getting sore because he couldn't move around much in the cage, needing a bath and a hairbrush, and saying that his spit wasn't enough to feed him and his pup. He never knew that someone had a short temper that rivaled Cloud's until he saw how Cid reacted when he lost his, which was very humorous to see. All he would say about that was he learned a lot of new cuss words and phrases…

Sephiroth inwardly grinned at that. He had a good idea that Cid and Rude wanted to make a few stops as possible because they thought he would take the chance to run away, and despite the perfect opportunities he had to get away from them when they stopped to use the bathroom and get something to eat, he didn't try to make a run for it since he couldn't really run anymore because he was so far along in his pregnancy and he wanted to keep his word to Reno. It was best that he got in good with the hunters since they would be the only ones able to assist him in his escape if he really was the wolf their boss was looking for, especially Reno. Sephiroth gasped when they turned the corner and found that the factory didn't look like a factory at all, it looked like a prison for rogue female wolf humanoids and full blooded wolves. He stared at the multiple wolves and pups crammed into the small cells in shock before Reno lightly tugged on the rope around his neck.

"Come on, we gotta take you to our boss." Reno said as he led him down the hallway towards the only room at the end of it. Sephiroth shivered in fear when Rude opened the door for him and Reno to step through, and felt his fear turn into rage when he saw who their boss was.

"YOU! IT WAS YOU ALL THIS TIME YOU SON OF A BITCH! YOU TRAITOR!" Sephiroth yelled as he let out a feral growl as he tried to lunge at the blond, only to have Reno and Rude pull him back.

"Ouch. Why would you call me a traitor Sephiroth? That really hurt my feelings…" Rufus said with an evil grin on his face as turned away from the monitor he was watching to face Sephiroth.

"I hope you burn in hell for killing your own kind to make profits you piece of shit!" Sephiroth yelled with a fierce glare. He could tell that Reno, Cid, and Rude didn't know that Rufus was a wolf humanoid by how they tensed at his words. How they didn't know that was confusing, yet from what he understood from Cloud when he told him why he didn't like Rufus, the blond was deceiving and would do any and everything to get what he wants. That was why he got bad vibes from him the day of the puppy shower. It was because his wolf instincts were able to pick up that the blond business wolf was evil… He had no doubts in his mind that he was the wolf that Reno and his friends were supposed to grab…

"Oh, must you be so angry? All of this would've gone smoothly if you were captured the first time around…"

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

Rufus smiled.

"Who do you think sent the hunters that made Cloud decide to move his pack to Icicle Inn?"

Sephiroth's eyes widened.

"It was you from the very beginning…?"

"Yes it was my dear… Though at that time I was more interested in collecting humanoid fur, but after meeting you in the elevator of the inn, my interests changed to where it only had you in my thoughts…"

"What do you want! What do you want with me!" Sephiroth roared. Rufus shook his head before grinning.

"How did I know that you would be so quick to cut to the case? I ordered my lovely hunters to bring you here to me to offer you a deal…"

"What kind of fucking deal!"

"I want you to be my wife. With you by my side, not only will we have the perfect relationship, we'll be able to take over every single company on this planet…"

Sephiroth's eyes widened before he narrowed them.

"Not a chance… I already have the perfect relationship, and that's with my husband who you clearly tricked into leaving the castle because you knew that I would follow after him!"

"Ah, ah, ah! You should hear me out fully before you make your decision. If you become my wife, I will spare one of the pups you are carrying now for us to raise together as our own before we create more. If you choose not to, you will become my number one producer of silver fur, which I suggest that you not do since silky silver fur like yours is very rare and a lot of buyers are willing to pay a great deal of money in order to have fur like yours wrapped around their bodies, not to mention that you will get a front row seat in seeing all of the pups you're carrying right now and will carry in the future get slaughtered when they become of age. So, what do you choose?" Rufus said with a smile on his face. Sephiroth snorted before he spit in the blond's face and felt satisfied when his spit got in the blond's eye. Rufus furiously wiped his left eye before glaring down at him.

"Lock him in a cell and don't give him any food or water for the rest of the week. That'll teach him spit in my face…"

"But sir, he's-" Reno tried to say, but was cut off by the angry blond.

"I DON'T GIVE A DAMN! Just do as I say if want to receive your pay check!"

Reno sighed before he tugged on the rope and Sephiroth turned to follow Reno with his head held high. Rufus must've been a million different kinds of stupid if he thought that threatening him would make him submit to him and become his wife. All he knew was that when Cloud arrived here to save him, his mate better allow him to get a couple of bites in before he killed the blond business wolf. Reno led him to a cell that was empty except for the pillows and blankets lying on the floor before taking the rope leash off of his neck.

"I don't know what you were thinkin' back there, yo… Pissing him off like that wasn't exactly the best idea."

"Reno, that asshole had the nerve to show up at my puppy shower unannounced before you and your friends came to kidnap me. He was lucky that all I could do was spit in his face…" Sephiroth growled.

Reno eyes widened.

"…What? We thought he remained here the entire time… And, is it true what you said back there? Is he really a wolf humanoid?"

"Like I told you three days ago, do I look like the type of humanoid that would lie at this point?" Sephiroth said before he stepped into the cell and curled up in the blankets after he shuffled them around with his paw to his liking. Surprisingly, the blankets and pillows smelled like they just came out of their package... He looked up at Reno and saw that he was visibly disturbed by what he just said.

"Then why would he do that to his own kind? It doesn't make sense…" Reno asked in disappointment.

"I don't know and honestly, I don't think I want to…" Sephiroth said before he yawned. He used up too much of his energy when he tried to lunge at Rufus and as much as he wanted to stay awake, he felt his eyes slipping shut.

"Oh, just so you know, I put you in the cell that's close to where I sit for guard duty. I'll be able to sneak you some food and something to drink later on tonight."

"Thank…you…" Sephiroth muttered before he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Cloud, please hurry…

Sephiroth's ear twitched when he heard a key slowly being inserted into the keyhole of his cell. He thought it was Reno, but when he smelled the scent that he never wanted to smell again, he inwardly growled. He slowly opened his eyes to Rufus slowly turning the key to his cell. He felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up when he saw the grin he had on his face…a grin that spelled out trouble for him…

"It's good that you're awake, Sephiroth. It makes it easier on me now that I don't have to wake you…" Rufus said as he slowly slid the cell door open to prevent the screech of the door from being loud as it normally would be.

Sephiroth looked passed the blond wolf to see that there was only one light on in the factory and that it was quiet. Where was Reno?

"Why are you here!" Sephiroth growled when Rufus stepped inside of his cell as he backed himself into the corner of the cell.

"You spit in my face… You need more punished for that little stunt…"

Sephiroth's eyes widened in horror when he realized the type of punishment Rufus had in store for him. The glint Rufus had in his eyes that h couldn't see earlier was a giveaway… He lashed out at the man as best as he could with his fists and feet when the wolf tried to place a hand over his mouth. He inwardly cursed himself when he couldn't find the strength to transform into his wolf form because he hadn't fully recovered from his overexertion of energy from earlier yet… He screamed into Rufus' hand in pain when he grabbed a fistful of his hair and yanked it to the point where he was sure that his scalp was bleeding.

"Shut the hell up! If you scream when I remove my hand from your mouth, I swear I will kick you in your stomach." Rufus violently whispered in his ear as he yanked on his hair even more to prove his pint. Sephiroth nodded his head with tears streaming down his face. He hated that he had become this weak… He couldn't even defend himself from the wolf that he was sure he could take down if he had fully recovered...


Rufus moved his hand off of his mouth and used his free hand to unzip his pants and pull out his hard and leaking member. Sephiroth tried to move his face away from Rufus' member when he brought it closer to face, but Rufus must've already expected for him to do that by the way he shoved his mouth onto his hard member.

"I'd suck it good if I were you because this is the only preparation you're getting me. And don't act like you haven't sucked a cock before, I'm sure Cloud has you choking on his every night…" Rufus said as he looked down at him with a smirk on his face before he thrusted himself in and out of Sephiroth's mouth as his fist gripped his hair tighter to keep his head in place. Sephiroth felt his tears run faster down his face as he proceeded to give Rufus oral pleasure while beginning to feel sick. Not only did he feel weak at not being able to prevent this from happening, he now was feeling humiliated.

Why does shit like this always happen to me?

Sephiroth's eyes widened when he felt his pup kicking frantically, as if knowing what was happening to him and was distressed. Sephiroth narrowed his eyes. Though he knew what he was about to do would have some serious consequences, he refused to be raped by the man in front of him… He had to do what he needed to do…for his and Cloud's pup. Sephiroth bit down, hard, on Rufus' member and watched as the blond's face twisted in pain before he let go of his hair while gasping in pain. Sephiroth pushed Rufus away from him before quickly rising to his feet to try and run out of the cell. He let out a sharp cry of pain when Rufus latched onto his hair and slammed him down on the floor. He groaned at the pain of the back of his head colliding with the cement wall before gasping when he was struck hard in the face with the back of Rufus' hand.

"You stupid bitch! I'll make you pay dearly for biting me…"

Sephiroth weakly narrowed his eyes as he brought his legs up to protect his swollen stomach when he saw Rufus lift his foot up to kick him.

"Sir, you have an urgent call on line one from a client…"

Sephiroth's eyes widened when he saw Rufus pause his kick and turn his head in shock to stare at Reno. Sephiroth allowed himself to pass out for the moment, knowing that Reno would keep Rufus out of his cell by the look on his face…

Reno stepped out of the factory's small cafeteria with a lunchbox full of snacks and juice boxes for the silver haired wolf and began to walk towards the wolf's cell when he caught a glimpse of Rufus standing in front of it. He furrowed his brows before quietly moving to lay flush against the wall a few yards away from Sephiroth's cell that was hidden in the shadows. He didn't like that Rufus was up walking around at 2:47 in the morning when he never would in the past and it bothered him that he would be standing in front of Silver Mama's cell. When he saw Rufus slowly slide the cell door open and step inside of it before he heard Sephiroth growl, he knew why Rufus was visiting Sephiroth's cell this late and became disgusted. Was he really that obsessed with the silver haired wolf humanoid that he would go this far in order to get him to marry him? Not to mention that it brought up the thought of whether or not if his boss had forced himself onto any of the other females here, which would explain how Rufus knew to slowly slide the cell doors open to prevent them from screeching and why the female wolves would become feral when they saw him.

Reno clenched his fists in anger. It was bad enough that Rufus was killing his own kind to make fur coats, hats, and boots out of their pups, but to go as far as… Reno shook his head. This wasn't what he signed up for. This wasn't worth $1000 every other week… Reno's eyes widened when he heard a slap and quickly came up with an idea before he rushed over to the cell. He thanked all that was holy that he wasn't too late when he looked in the cell and saw that Sephiroth was still fully clothed.

"Sir, you have an urgent call on line one from a client…" Reno said sternly. He could tell that he caught his boss off guard by how he lightly flinched before he placed his foot back on the ground and zipped up his pants before turning around to face him in shock. Reno stared at his boss as best as he could without letting his disgust or the knowledge of what his boss was going to do to Sephiroth show on his face.

"A call this late at night? Well, that's strange…"

"I thought so, too. I went to your bedroom to tell ya, but you weren't there so I looked around the entire factory until I found you here in the new humanoid's cell."

"Ah, tell the client that I will call them back in the morning."

"I did, but the client wanted to hear that from you and not me, yo… The dude seemed pretty furious on the phone for some reason and I think I made it worse..."

Rufus rubbed his forehead before sighing.

"Fine. I'll handle this myself then. Figures that you wouldn't know how to properly talk to my clients…"

"Hey man. I don't do phone calls, I do the huntin'…"

Rufus rolled his eyes before stepping out of Sephiroth's cell and walking down the hall to his office. Reno waited for Rufus to close the door to his office before quickly stepping inside Sephiroth's cell to check on him. He cursed when he saw the pregnant humanoid was knocked out with a large bruise forming on the silver haired humanoid's face, as well as having precum and blood around his mouth, and the roots of his hair stained with blood. He had to make sure that the pregnant wolf visited Cissnei tomorrow morning so she could make sure that there wasn't any severe damage done to his scalp as well as making sure the unborn pups were okay since he had no way of telling right now... With that in mind, he covered the cold floor with one of the blankets before carefully moving Sephiroth to lie across it on his side after he used his handkerchief to wipe the precum and blood off of his mouth. He placed pillows underneath his head and around his body to prevent him from rolling over onto his stomach and covered the wolf with the remaining blankets.

He stood up and looked down at the sleeping wolf with narrowed eyes filled with determination. Rufus hurting Sephiroth destroyed the last ounce of respect he had for the man, well humanoid. He no longer cared about Rufus and what he could do to him for going against him. He was going to get Sephiroth out of here one way or another before the pups came. Though it was going to take some time in order for him to get Sephiroth out of here safely, he would make sure that Rufus didn't get anywhere near him without him being present until then.

"Don't worry, Silver Mama, I'll keep you safe…"

To Be Continued…

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