Saturday March 24, 1984-Late afternoon/Early Evening

Allison Reynolds and her father drove home in silence, but her mind was turning non-stop. It had been the most insane day of her life, but also the best. She held Andrew Clark's wrestling patch in her hand; her fingers running lightly over the soft bumpy threads.

She could hardly believe it had happened. Finally a boy not only noticed her, but kissed her as well. It still felt like a dream.

When she walked into the Shermer High School library at 7am, it was destined to be just another day in detention. After all, it wasn't the first time she'd been sent to Belding's office for doing nothing.

At first, it was awkward being in a room with four kids whom she'd never met before. But then again, that was nothing new. All but 1% of the kids at Shermer High School had no idea who she was. The other 99% either pretended like she wasn't there, or thought she was the most bizarre person they'd ever seen.

But not Andrew. He understood her in a way that no one else did. At first she was angry with him for being so nosy, but he seemed so sincere when he asked her what was wrong, that she had caved.

So it totally freaked her out when he didn't laugh at her or tell her she was just imagining it. God knows she'd that explanation countless times from her shrink.

The car slowed to a stop in front of the ugly, pale green house that Allison had lived in for as long as she could remember. She glanced at her father, almost willing him to yell at her, strangle her... Anything to show some reassurance that he knew he still had a daughter.
But as usual, none came. Instead her father turned off the ignition and walked silently into the house.

Angrily Allison grabbed her bag and dark coat, and walked into the house... and back into her silent world... alone.