Gintoki x Hijikata x Okita

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"All good local residents please exit the building! This is the shinsengumi! Disobeyed orders will have to commit seppuku." Okita said over the speaker phone.

"Sougo, that won't be necessary. It would be us with the seppuku. We want the rebels out of the café, not the locals." Hijikata said calmly. He used his thumb to slightly push up the sword from its sheath on his belt. "Hurry up. I want to get this job done."

"How rude, Hijikata san. Being impatient is a sin. You'll go to hell for sure very soon."

"Have fun in the underworld, Sougo. You'll meet the devil for sure."

"But I'm such a good boy; Mr Devil wouldn't want to see me for sure."

"Neither will the angels."

"But I see them all the time in my dreams."

"That must mean you're brain dead, Sougo."

"Toshi, Sougo! Hurry up! I gotta go!" Kondo shouted in the police car.

"Eh? Is it the banana smoothie you drank or the mochi? Big one or small?" Sougo asked casually.

"Shut up! It's big! Real big! Number two!" Kondo shouted.

"Eh? Not number three? I'm disappointed. You'll have to wait then, Kondo san."

"NOOOOOOO! I need to go!" Hijikata could see he was going to cry like a child in a few minutes.

"Okay, okay." He brought out his bazooka and shot at the café without aim. It caught the building on the left and it fell apart. Residents screamed as they ran out. There were no rebels on sight.

"Idiot! You could've killed the innocent! Our reputation is getting worse and worse!" Hijikata shouted at Sougo.

"Oh dear, I don't see the rebels. Maybe I should shoot again." Sougo ignored and started to aim.

"No, no, no, no, no! Just let me handle this!" Hijikata kicked the bazooka out of Sougo's hands and unsheathed his sword. The rest of the shinsengumi followed him into the ruined building with their swords ready. As Sougo waited, he sat down and imagined ways of assassinating Hijikata. A while later after Sougo came up with at least 50 ways, they came out, injured, with the apprehended criminals and led them to the waiting prison vans. Hijikata came out last from an automatic door in the entrance. He dawdled from there than slowly walked towards the others, his sword back in its scabbard. He approached Okita with a grin.

"This is how you do it."

Okita shrugged and followed him to a police car. Kondo waited inside fidgeting his legs. As Hijikata boarded the car, Okita saw a drop of blood fall from the back of Hijikata's head. He grabbed his shoulder and stopped him.

"Kondo san, you go ahead of us. We'll catch up later."

"Eh? Okay! Bye!" Kondo said quickly, busting.

"What was that?" Hijikata asked as the cars drove off. Okita didn't look at him.

"You're injured, aren't you? Kondo san would fuss over you and worry himself. Its best he doesn't know."

Hijikata stared at him. Did Okita just say that? No fucking way! A sadist like him… he's planning something. Since I'm injured, he's probably planning to assassinate me. Now's the perfect chance for him to kill me! It was a trick all along! He made everyone else go so we'd be alone!

"It's just a scratch on the shoulder." Hijikata said in a sweat.

"The shoulder too? I was talking about your head. So they were strong? Guess I should've joined too" Okita said. Hijikata couldn't hear any sadism behind his voice… no, it's a trap! Just like last time, he's toying with him. Okita easily read him. Drat, Hijikata san already knows what I want to do. Now that he's tense, fighting him won't work out well. Okita looked up and gazed at the slow moving clouds for a short while. I don't have to kill him now. It'd be boring then, and I'd look like a weakling if I fought him while he's injured. There's many other ways to torture him though…

"Hijikata san, I swear on shinsengumi and my bushido that I won't do anything weird."

Hijikata stared at him hard then shrugged, trusting him.

They decided not to go to the hospital, since the others were being treated there, and the station would be full of the others. There was one place that Okita recommended…

"Why the hell are we here?" Hijikata yelled. They stood in front of the Yorozuya and Okita grabbed Hijikata's wounded shoulder to stop him from running away. Hijikata hissed in pain.

"Now, now Hijikata san. Do you want those wounds to get better or worse?" he dragged him up the stairs and rang the bell.

"Hello Danna. Mind visitors?" Okita smiled when Gintoki opened the door.

"Yeah, I do." He automatically replied and slammed the door shut. Okita quickly slipped his hand in and stopped the door from closing.

"You wouldn't leave an injured man shut, would you?"

"You look perfectly fine."

"Not me, Hijikata san." Gesturing behind him.

The blood was now starting to seep through the cloths and his dark black hair couldn't hide the blood from overthrowing. Some dripped down to the ground. Gin's eyes widened a little but when back to his normal dead fish eyes and turned back to Okita.

"Go to the hospital. I'm no nurse."

"Can't you play nurse for a little though? I'll pay you… actually, Hijikata san will. He has plenty. Well than, see ya" Okita quickly left Hijikata and Gintoki.

"…brat." Hijikata mumbled. He turned to Gintoki and bowed a little. "Sorry for the trouble. I'll be going then." He started to leave then stumbled a little. Gintoki was there to catch him.

"I don't mind being a nurse for a while as long as I get paid."

"…Thanks." Hijikata didn't argue at his condition. He just needed to be treated quick and get out as soon as possible. No harm done.

Inside the house, Gintoki checked the wounds, having Hijikata only wearing his boxers. They were blue covered with pictures of mayonnaise bottles. Gintoki dipped a soft towel into the warm water in a plastic bowl and dipped gently at the cuts. There was one on his shoulder that stretched from his shoulder blade to his spine. Another small cut on his leg, one across his stomach and a hard hit enough to make him bleed on the back of his head. Hijikata hissed as Gintoki dipped the towel on to the wounds. Gintoki resisted the urge to wander his hands all over the smooth strong body. For a long time, the second time they faced off on the roof, he had a strange feeling of this man he treated now, and Gin was certain now that he loved Hijikata. In a daze, he accidentally pushed in a little too hard on the stomach. Hijikata yelped in pain and tried to hold it in. Gin wished the yelp was created from him. He bandaged the wounds and all was left was Hijikata's head.

"Uh… Hijikata kun, can you lie down on your stomach on this futon so I can treat your head?" Gin said. He was a bit excited to see Hijikata lie on his bed almost half naked. He clenched his fist to hold his excitement.

"Eh? Okay." Hijikata replied unconcernedly.

Can't you be a little nervous? Gintoki thought. Hijikata lay on the futon and relaxed his head on his crossed arms. Gintoki parted some black hair and treated the wound. He realized that as soon as he finished treating the last wound, Hijikata would leave, and he wanted him as long as possible. He treated the wound slowly and gently and about 10 minutes had passed when he was done wrapping the bandage.

"Uh, I'm done. How do you feel?" Gintoki asked nervously. There was no reply. Gin decided to continue. "Uh, you know, you kind of had me nervous back there, all injured and bloody… remember when we first met? The bomb? Heh, I wish we could've started off in a different path. The second time, on the roof, it felt like destiny that we would continue meeting each other. You had that look in your eyes. Devotion, anger, strength, passion, pride, and something else… when I saw that, I couldn't hurt you. I didn't dare. That's why I cut the sword. I wanted to protect you. Remember when-"

Hijikata shifted to his side, his eyes closed shut and breathing slowly through his mouth. Gintoki stared and his right corner moth twitched. Sleeping? You were sleeping through my speech? Go to hell! But his sleeping face was relaxed for a vice chief that was always tense and putting burden on himself, he looked adorable. Gin smiled and brushed some hair from Hijikata's face. I guess it can't be helped. He got up and started clearing the spare bandages.

Hijikata woke up with pain here and there. It was dark as he blinked, trying to adjust the darkness. He didn't know where he was, but it looked pretty familiar. Light streamed in and Hijikata looked up at the window, the moon shining bright in the still night. What happened? Oh, that's right; I'm at the yorozuya's… damn, I gotta smoke.

Hijikata stood up then later tripped on the folds of the futon. He scowled and tried to get up again. As he started to walk, he fell again by something else.

"What the hell?" Hijikata almost yelled.

He decided to crawl all on fours and swatted his hands in front of him, trying to find the feeling of his jacket. He finally grabbed onto some clothing which he presumed it was his jacket and pulled it towards him. Eh? He tugged it again. How'd my jacket get so heavy? Is it stuck to something? Instead of pulling it, Hijikata crawled towards it and started looking for his pockets. Somehow, the jacket was warm… and hard… and… alive!

"Hijikata kun… Am I that irresistible? Should I give you my best picture or my best underwear?" said an all too familiar voice.

"EH? Yorozuya?" Hijikata shouted. He withdrew his hands, a small blush appearing on his face. Thank god the moon was covered by the clouds. The room was completely dark.

"Be quiet! You'll wake Kagura up, that little wench."

"What are you doing here?"

"Eh? What else could you mean? I live here." Gintoki said mockingly.

"Right." Hijikata muttered, feeling rather dumb.

"You're so stupid." Gintoki said, sticking his pinky in his nose and looking for a booger to flick. Veins popped out from Hijikata's forehead.

"Shut up you ass!" he dove for him but Gintoki easily dodged it. He almost didn't had to. Lying on his side, Gintoki lowered his head little and Hijikata's aim was way off. Hijikata crashed on to the floor.

"Dammit! Where are you? How did you dodge that?"

"Love, Toshi. I easily detected your fiery love for me and just had to avoid that fire, that's all."

"Don't call me that! And don't fuck with me Yorozuya!"

"I didn't fuck you… yet." Gintoki mumbled the last part.

"Whatever! Don't you fucking play with me!"

"But playing is fun! I love to play around a little, especially with you."

"Shut the hell up and answer the question bastard!"

Gintoki sighed. "Why are you so mean and always swearing? How did your parents raise you? Eh?"

Hijikata's eyes widened a little. He scrunched his fists and supressed his anger. "…Just… answer the bloody question bastard!"

"Okay, okay. Night vision goggles. They're perfect for the dark. They let you see-"

"I know what night vision goggles are." Hijikata growled.

"Oi! Be grateful for someone who healed your wounds! "

Hijikata stopped. He touched his wounds and the back of his head. They were perfectly bandaged up. Should he thank him? That would create a weird awkward moment and he would lose his face as his nickname. The demon vice chief of the shinsengumi wouldn't thank a Yorozuya, would he? But…

"Oi, you can give me the money in cash, okay?" Gintoki flicked his booger away in an unknown direction

There's no need to thank this bastard!

"Hmph! Whatever! I'm leaving! Have fun on your own!"

"Eh? How are you even get out of this room with your blind eyes, mouse?"

Light poured in again and Hijikata whipped his eyes around the room. He spotted the door and as he ran for it, he made a quick 'V' turn and swiped his jacket and sword on the ground.

"See you later, asshole!"

"Ah. Wait. Toshi, I forgot to tell you something." Gintoki said with his dead fish eyes. He stuck half of his body out into the corridor. He took his goggles off.

"What?" Hijikata slid open the door.

"… You must be cold." An icy breeze came in.

Hijikata shivered. Somehow, the bastard was right. It was damn cold. Than he realized he wasn't wearing his cloths, only his boxers.


"I treated your wounds, remember?" he shook his head and slowly got up. He was wearing his whit pyjamas and he yawned. "Your cloths are in the washing. Better sleep here tonight or you can just go to the station with just your boxers and jacket. Either way, I'm tired. Good night." He went back in his room and Hijikata closed the door. Eh~? How the hell did I get in to this mess? Oh, yeah, Sougo. I'm going to kill him… I gotta smoke. He dug into his jacket and realized he used it all up. Damn. He stood at the corridor for a while. I guess I have to sleep here than. He went to the sofa and saw the big white dog sleeping on it.

"Unavailable, eh?" he turned to the other opposite sofa and felt immediately disgusted. It was spilled with strawberry milk and chips and… some weird substance that had mosaic covering it.

"Ugh, revolting." Hijikata commented and decided to get a futon instead. He peered into Gintoki's room and tiptoed in. he opened some closets and looked for some spare futons. Strangely, there was none. Gintoki's lazy voice interrupted Hijikata's stream of thoughts. Hijikata didn't bother turning as he spoke.

"Kagura wanted to have a sleep over, since she never had one. Yesterday, she spread the whole room with spare futons and invited everyone we knew without my permission. Hasegawa, Shinpachi, gorilla girl, Old granny, pig ears, Zura, Elizabeth, and the old fart came. After a whole night of partying, they left and the futons were a mess. They're also in the washing." Gintoki's eyes were closed in his futon and he turned to look at Hijikata.

"You gonna sleep like that? Won't be comfy. I've got spare kimono."

Hijikata grunted but wore the kimono he found in another closet. It felt fresh and crisp. He sat down on the tatami. Than lay down on his side, turning a little to the right, then the opposite direction. He tried to sleep in different positions, and veins starting to pop out when he couldn't find a way to sleep. He lay still, staring at the ceiling and closed his eyes. Relaxing his body, he started to fall asleep, then suddenly felt cold and shuddered. The wind rattled against the frames of the windows and threatened the streets of Edo, rubbish bins flying everywhere. Hijikata shuddered and tried to keep warm, curling into a little ball.

"Damn wind."

Gintoki watched the whole time and sighed. Hijikata looked up to see Gintoki part the side of his futon and slump a little.

"Get in. you'll freeze to death before you even fall asleep."

Hijikata flushed at the thought of sharing the same futon as him, but quickly disguised the feeling with anger and pride.

"BASTARD! I'M NOT GOING TO SLEEP ANYWHERE NEAR YOU! YOU DISGUST ME YOROZUYA!" Hijikata hissed angrily, instantly forgetting the feeling of before.

Gintoki showed no emotion and fell back to the soft material.

"Whatever you say."

Hijikata stared at the man for a while, expecting something else and was relieved with a tinge of disappointment. He fell back on the floor with a soft thump and tried to think of finding a kingdom of mayonnaise. He fell asleep uncomfortably, but nevertheless, a good dream. A few hours passed and Gintoki was dreaming his own kingdom of parfait when he heard a fit of coughing intrude his dream. He woke up sleepy and slowly looked Hijikata. He was curled into a ball, sleeping well with a content expression, but his sound, didn't seem all too good. He was spluttering through his coughs, his chest heaving as he tried to breathe. Gintoki shook his head and just had to take action from what he was seeing. He got up, annoyed he had to get out of his bed and walk through the cold air, a few meters, to Hijikata.


Hijikata woke feeling rather warm, recalling his cold departure to his dream. He turned and snuggled towards his warmth and continued sleeping. Gintoki, still a twinge awake, was surprised at Hijikata's action and smiled. He wrapped his arm around Hijikata and sighed.

"Sleep well… Oogushi kun…"

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"That's how you do it."

Okita watched ad hiikata started to board the veichle

"Uh, hijikata san?" Okita said.


Okita grabbed his shoulder to stop him and told kondo to go ahead.

"Eh? what ws that for? now we have to walk home!"

"there's a spear sticking out of you."


Hijikata turned to see a large ass spear sticking out of his back.


he fell.

okita stared down at him and made a rofl face.


Somehow, the jacket was warm… and hard… and… alive!

"Toshi! watch where you're grabbing!" Gintoki gasped.


"oooh... i feel hawrny now." Gintoki cooed.

Hijikata's hand started to go hot underneath and really hard, as if whatever he was holding wanted to stick out and grab him. hijikata whipped his hand away. Gintoki moaned romantically.

"OMGWTFBBQ?" hijikata thought.

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