It's a Family Matter

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The awaited Meet and Greet...

When Demigods meet Bots…


Chapter 6: 'Into a NEST of Bots'

"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us."
~Bill Watterson

Demigod file 1.06: Confessions to Sam's E.T. Family
Driving Towards NEST Military Base, California

N.E.S.T. does NOT stand for 'New and Emerging Science and Technology'.

Or 'Natural Enemies Selected Thoughtfully'…

And even 'Need to Eliminate Stinking Terrorists'.

My cousin Sam made sure of it, since the Autobots were sometimes playful when it came to meeting new people and enjoys making a joke out of them. Including fooling newbies on what the abbreviation of NEST stands for. The three examples above were the courtesy of three different Autobots (who of which, I have no idea). Yet, I sort of knew what he meant as it wasn't too long ago Bumblebee was trying to freak me out with his radio, which Mikaela informed that it was a fun way of Autobots liked to play around with their charges. It does kind of make you think that in a way all sentient races have their own perks and weirdness much like the Gods and us demigods.

NEST actually stands for 'Network Elements: Supporters and Transformers'. Or according to my cousin for the diplomats it was the Nonbiological Extraterrestrial Species Treaty. You could say, the military base we were driving to was like a United Nations army but specifically for handling aliens dead on world destruction a.k.a. the Decepticons.

Still, as much as it was somewhat cool on meeting a whole gang of aliens, I couldn't help but feel worried. Was it really a good idea to tell them about the whole Greek Gods are real, their children and the monsters that are around? Maybe yes, maybe no. I was more torn between telling the truth and as well as a trade in truth.

Thankfully, Sam was insistent that it everything will be taken care of. Or you could say only a few individuals and the only the Autobots will know. His status as a Human Prime also was not exactly military public knowledge since he wasn't eager about the government pointing at him that he had in some way became an 'alien'. There was a danger of getting experimented on, and he didn't want that to happen to me or Annabeth.

Thank the Gods.

...and uh – Thank Primus.

Primus you could say is their equivalent of 'Zeus'.

Wondering about how the other Autobots were really like as we drove to the NEST base, I noticed that Frenzy was quiet as ever although I did feel he was shivering a couple of times as his alt-form was on my lap. Not that I blame him. He just came back to life from the Fields of Punishment, and now he's heading towards the base of his enemy he's been fighting for all his life.

I wasn't sure if all the Autobots were like Bumblebee, but perhaps I was planning to be careful around them. There was no reason to put my guard down for now, as people could still be dangerous than you can see them for.

I was going to get answers but then a car came zooming beside us. Considering its flashy appearance how could we not notice it?

Sam and Mikaela only laughed at us demigods when we were gaping wide at the car's model.

Damn! Was that a silver Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept?

That type of model wasn't even available on the market!

Well not publicly – but you know what I mean…

I had a feeling Autobots like cool alt-forms.

~ Percy

Two demigods inside a yellow 2010 Camaro couldn't help but stare at a certain vehicle.

Not just because of its form, but because of the way it was acting. To Percy, it was a real DEAD giveaway that the car was not what it was supposed to be. If it was just racing about with them normally, the son of Poseidon would've guessed that people would've thought some rich dude or 'dudette' was zooming off and showing off their car on roads that the police wouldn't bother to monitor. So, just how weird was this car acting?

It playfully sped up, and now was driving full speed in reverse in front of Bumblebee - add in a few occasional 360 degree spins.

A feat that definitelycould not be done by a normal human driver or even a professional stuntman so casually on a public road.

Okay, so Percy had seen plenty of weird things in his life… Including the 'sun' in form of a Mercedes Spyder car. But awesome looking cars, not seemingly trying to look like it was sooner or later going to do somersaults on the road – was a first.

And here I thought the world could not get any crazier than it could.

~( Hey guys! )~ came a voice out of 'Bee's speakers. A different deeper voice but sports a chipper tone. ~( I'm here to escort you to base. )~

~( Would you mind acting like a normal car, 'Sides? I know it's deserted, but please try not to catch unwanted attention. )~ 'Bee sighed. He then paused and realized something wrong. ~( Why are you contacting me through the public comm? We have guests inside here. )~

~( No problems, 'Bee. After you sent us the message, Prime said it's fine. We heard a bit of the story, but full explanations later. )~ Sideswipe shrugged as it were nothing. ~( They're bound to know sooner or later. )~

Percy watched curiously as Mikaela shifted uncomfortably and Sam resisted from rolling his eyes. He was interested on how this Autobot could afford to be so casual with them.

Seeing as the Corvette showed no signs of behaving like a normal car, Sam quickly asked, "Sideswipe, could you please drive like normal vehicle should be? We've got enough trouble on our part." The Human Prime was actually glad both his cousin and Annabeth were both accepting this better than he thought despite the amused or surprised expressions. Perhaps being around weird things like Greek legends/myths being real was enough to make this seem normal. He was thankful for it.

There was a chuckle over the comm. ~( Of course, Sir. I wouldn't want to disappoint a Prime. )~ And with that, he twirled around innocently with a screech of tires and was now driving side by side with Bumblebee.

"'Sides, how many times have I told you not to call me that?" Sam asked none too happily. The human Prime had a feeling something was up with the mech as to why he was behaving so oddly.

~( Twenty one times to be exact. )~ There was still the playful tone. ~( Sorry, Sam.)~ To the surprise of the demigods there was a playful mocking tone on top of the apology.

Annabeth found it rather ironic how their relationship was almost similar with Percy with Blackjack, minus the request for sugar cubes… or donuts. The way Sideswipe said sorry was enough to make her imagine that the silver bot had an insane grin on his face even though he was in an alt-form which was impossible to see any sort of facial expression. She somewhat guessed that Sideswipe was rather full of himself.

Sam easily ignored the chipper warrior bot, "Bumblebee, just how much info did you tell the others?"

"A bit of everything, but a generalization, excluding the task Hades set you on," The yellow scout replied as he slightly winced on his charge's question. An uncomfortable pause. "Optimus was worried about you."

The 'boy' wasn't amused at all, "Crap, he must have felt me in trouble when I met Uncle Hades." Percy had given an odd look at the word 'felt'. Sam shook his head about it, "I'll tell you later about that, Percy – Promise – It's just – Uh – really hardly the time now."

"It's alright," his cousin said understandably. Percy knew how it felt like trying to explain things that were hardly reasonable. "You got your reasons."

~( So, Sam. No introductions on who is inside? )~ Sideswipe piped up curiously.

Sam sighed, he knew when Sideswipe made up his mind there was no stopping the crazy front-line warrior mech. "On my left is Percy, he's my cousin, about my age. The girl at the back is Annabeth, his girlfriend, pretty much the same age as well."

~( Nice to meet ya, Percy and Annabeth. As you know, I'm Sideswipe. )~ the bot said ever so playfully.

Both greeted saying their own 'hellos' to the bot unsure through the speakers. They still felt uncomfortable talking to an ordinary-looking car that was driving beside them through Bumblebee's radio.

~( Sideswipe, what's your real reason here? )~ Bumblebee knew better than most about the mech. ~( You usually let Mudflap and Skids do the escort work. )~

Sideswipe vented a snort out from the speakers ~( I personally asked Prime. I'm getting bored at the base doing nothing. )~

"Like pranking the twins with Jolt? You're just here because those two are somehow out of commission," Sam stated making the others surprised but then laugh at the same time.

~( Awesome! I'm proud you've heard my latest work, Sir.)~ the warrior said now more chipper seeing as Sam heard his prank on the smaller twins. ~( You're partially correct. )~

A robot who likes pranks? Annabeth was rather glad the Hermes brothers weren't around. A demigod and alien robot combination screamed of disaster.

"It's Sam," the human Prime reminded knowing fully the Autobot warrior was going to ignore it. "What's your real reason?"

To the surprise of everyone, Sideswipe chose to stay silent.

Bumblebee was not buying the warrior's quietness, ~( Jeez Sides, you're curious of something. )~

~( Who offlined Hardtop? )~ Sides asked unhappily. There was a low grumble over the radio. ~( I had that slagging fragger on the top myhit list to run him through with my blades! )~

Sam slapped his hand on his face and rubbed the bridge of his nose, as now the son of Poseidon looked worried. "Percy was responsible, so no, Sideswipe, you're not getting him, killing him or maiming him in any shape or form. He's family." He said those words with a stern voice to make sure the mech had no way of disobeying him.

~( Scrap. )~ the bot mumbled disappointed. Yet all the same to the surprise of the demigods he returned to his chipper tone. ~( I guess that's cool then, I wouldn't expect any less from your relative. Mikaela did offline a 'Con Pretender too. I'll just have to settle for 'Screamer later on, I've got more than plenty to rough on him when we'll meet next. )~ The tone was rather familiar for the demigods that he reminded them to a certain demented violent-crazy God of War.

While Percy can't help feel any more respect that Mikaela being a normal human was able to kill off a Decepticon on her own, he couldn't help but feel nervous about Sideswipe. The way he talked and behaved was… frightening, in a way. The mech was like a combination of the Stoll brothers and Clarisse together into one person. A dangerous combination for a person who would want to make him their enemy; Percy was rather glad he was not the enemy. Speaking of enemies… Frenzy who was the boom box on his lap was trembling badly at the bot's voice which confirmed that his guess was right.

Perhaps thinking it was better to make amends before he made the first Autobot mad at him (seeing as in the past he had that talent pissing off the Gods), Percy decided to ease things a bit, "Sorry about taking your kill, Sideswipe. I'm sorry about ripping that honor away from you. I had to help Bumblebee, if not, well he wouldn't be with us now and I don't think any of us would be alive either."

To the surprise of everyone there was a laugh from Sides, ~( Well, well! I didn't think you'd be that amusing for an organic, Percy. Not to mention you have some respect for the warrior code! Sweet! Don't worry though, I have means to kill you but I doubt bothPrimes would let me; you know, I'm not in the mood. But in my 'book' as humans say… I'm deciding I like you. Not many of your size can kill Decepticons easily. )~

"Uh, thanks," Percy shrugged and agreed uncertainly with the mech's unpredictable behavior. He was glad enough on getting Sideswipe's approval. "You just remind me of a friend."

Before the conversation could get any weirder, Sam thought of a good diversion, "Sideswipe, could you do me a favor?"

~( That depends. )~ the mech answered, inquisitiveness pulling his attention to his Prime.

"Could you go on ahead and round up the bots as well as the select few who know I'm a Prime? I need to do some explaining." Sam then added, "Just make sure the area's secluded or made that way. Tell Optimus that we're letting Percy's parents on this, but we'll do things subtly on the intro. The Big Guy will know what I'm talking about."

~( Any trade secrets? )~ Sideswipe said not wanting to miss some sort of bargain with the human Prime.

"Optimus did say he found your previous prank with Jolt was entertaining," Sam smirked.

The trick was working all too well on the mech's ego, Sideswipe confirmed it, ~( Deal!)~ With the surprise to the demigods, he zoomed off with an insane speed that one would expect from a galactic spaceship making a jump into Hyper Space from a Star Wars movie, leaving in a sonic boom in the distance.

"Well, that was – interesting," Annabeth commented blinking at the mech's sudden departure. "Sideswipe kind of reminded me of the Hermes kids and the Ares kids if they were actually staying in one cabin. But – I don't know about you, Sam… he seemed to be happy of something else."

"You're very perceptive, Annabeth," the Autobot scout said. "I've just got a comm. from Optimus that we're having new arrivals in about a week or so. Apparently his twin is finally coming here."

"So he has a twin?" Annabeth said thoughtfully. "I guess that explains his tendency for pranks."

Sam groaned at that as his head hit the steering wheel, "Great, more trouble in my ambassador work."

"More trouble?" Percy perked at the notion. "Prank wise?"

Mikaela shook her head, "I've heard stories from the other bots. They've been separated for a long time, but Sunstreaker's worse about blood-lust than Sideswipe is. If Sides is about 'Fight first, think later', his twin's is about 'Corpses first and talk later'… so – you kind of get the idea."

Annabeth couldn't help but feel a bit sympathetic for Sam. Being a human Prime seemed like trying to handle the Olympians' eternally messed-up family; only the difference that it was an Autonomous Robotic Organism family. Edit out the 'godly' powers with immortality and replace them with metal, technology, exploding weaponry, and the permanent extra large giant size, moreover it was no different.

If the daughter of Athena could conclude anything, then if Percy was really unlucky, he'd have the same luck like Heracles.

It was just like her Seaweed Brain to have a family like this one.

Almost as soon as they arrived at the base, they were immediately led to a hanger where their parents were waiting for them. Percy and Sam got the usual 'where-have-you-been-and-we were-worried' lecture from their moms as their girlfriends waited patiently at the back. To Sam's relief, Optimus Prime was in holoform and that Percy's parents were updated about the terrorist attack. However, seeing that apparently he had to tell them the truth how he met something that was Greek-related… he owed the explanation to his parents as well as Percy's parents. The very room they were in was just the main entrance, but it was fortified enough with Cybertronian and human technology so no one would be listening in.

Bumblebee looked like he was here to stay with the introductions (in alt-mode), which Sam assumed that his brother Prime requested it initially. It was probably a wiser choice to introduce them to 'Bee first who was 15 ft than to a 30 ft gigantic robot. Not that Aunt Sally had a 'secret weapon' like his mom, but Sam wanted a subtle introduction before he introduced them to the other bots. Of course, being an ambassador had its drawbacks as Sam immediately was given some letters to sign but nothing he couldn't do with an iPad walking on the go and even with both of the parents of the family in the hanger he was working.

As for Percy, to him it was amazing and he saw a new light to his rather geeky cousin being surrounded by military personnel and in one case, have a personal aide. Sam wasn't kidding about his work as a diplomat (an ambassador to be more precise), and yet all the same he was very modest about it. It wasn't soon after Sam was explaining as calmly as he could to his parents that they were attacked but not by terrorists, but by a monster. Well, monsters were more specific.

Frenzy was still in alt-form and was placed near Percy's leg and as far away as possible from the soldiers or any of the Autobots. Even if he was their detector for Jazz, the demigod just wanted the small mech to know he was willing to vouch for him in a base filled with Autobots. This of course caught the attention of a soldier that was staring at the boom box with suspicion, which Percy for certain had no idea who he was.

The demigod was wondering why Sam hadn't introduced the older soldier that was standing amongst them (even after he introduced the NEST leader Major Lennox and USAF Master Chief Sergeant Epps), who looked like one of those country singers you'd expect to wear with a cowboy hat, but only with military attire. The only thing that made him not so human were the eyes; they were somewhat glowing mysteriously bright blue. Not like Thalia's eyes that were like lightning sparks, more of like of sparks of an energy core.

A sign Percy knew that the person wasn't exactly a human.

"Aunt Sally, Uncle Paul," Sam started. "I'm aware of what Percy is, and well – I haven't been honest with both of you what I am either."

Seeing the two slightly tense, Percy interrupted, "Mom, Paul, it's okay. We talked about it; Sam's actually accepting it better than I thought he would."

Will continued on with the conversation, "Well, we're handling here with something otherworldly, kid." He then turned to Sally and Paul, "You both weren't just in danger for I think Percy's been hunted for, I apologize that you have to be involved with Sam as hunted target due to his position in his work. What you will be hearing soon is a top government secret. We won't tell, if you won't."

Paul slightly frowned, "I was sure that this wasn't just a normal terrorist attack, but –" He looked to his nephew, "Just what sort of terrorists were there to get you? You're a little young to be an ambassador aren't you? At least from what I know."

"Um, you see Uncle Paul, just like Percy – I have my own secrets that I forbidden my mom and dad to tell you," Sam explained as clearly as he could. "I know Percy's half human," there was gasps from all sides except for the Prime's holoform, "and – I'm not so normal in my own way as well."

Will was looking at Sam uneasily, "Sam, you're alright with this?" Knowing that Sam meant he was going to tell them that he was a Prime, he had to ask.

"Percy's in the same situation as I am," Sam nodded. He added as he faced the soldiers, "You guys are probably going to freak out it's even weirder then me being 'connected'."

Of course the two soldiers knew what Sam meant about 'connected' (connected to Optimus Prime as well as the Original Primes). The fact they were going to get an explanation on how the situation was weirder didn't help any. Major Lennox raised a brow to his war buddy, which Epps nodded in a fashion they needed to listen to Sam. Bizarre or crazy be damned. He had a feeling that this was going to be important and more life changing than what had happened in Egypt. Add in the fact that Sam said Percy was 'half human' bothered them. "Well, kiddo," Epps sighed, "Spill the beans."

When both Paul and Sally asked about how Sam wasn't so normal, Sam easily made his iPad float in mid air for them to see thanks to his magnetism powers, and quickly suppressed his powers to let it into his hand again. Their looks were in a mixture of awe, worry, but thankfully tolerant. "Just say that if Percy's the way he is because he was born that way, I'm like this because it was somehow destined to be. If Perc's mostly because of a 'godly' intervention, mine is godly plus some of it came from outer space."

"Are you saying there are aliens?" Paul asked a bit skeptic.

Both Will and Epps were chuckling at this while the soldier who wasn't introduced before said in amusement, "Why Paul Blofis, we're quite aware that your step-son is related to the Greek/Roman gods of your planet. Humans sometimes don't believe because they have not seen it does not mean other sentient life does not exist." He had a strong, commanding and yet a gentle baritone voice.

Utter dead silence.

Both parties had a big 'O' coming from their mouths straining to say something, except the youngsters and the Prime. Will, Epps, and Sam's parents were trying to digest that Greek Gods are real… And vice versa, Sally and Paul were now hearing that there was an alien amongst them. Sam and Percy were anxious as they eyed their parents wearily on how they were taking it. Mikaela and Annabeth were beside them and giving the parents a pleading look that this was how things are, hopefully they'll accept each other.

Sally was more approving than her husband, "You're one them? I thought there was something odd about you. Who are you?" Paul could only gape how Sally was taking this normally. He quickly shut his mouth afterward feeling foolish and impolite. Considering his wife did fell in love with a Greek God in the past, she would have a better tolerance to these things and not easily freak out. Well, it wasn't easy to accept the fact that his step-son was a demigod then.

"My apologies for not introducing myself earlier, I am Optimus Prime, Commanding Officer of the Autobots. We come from the planet called Cybertron," the Leader said through his holoform.

Annabeth was curious why he 'looked' human. "That's not really what you look like, is it?" All the Autobots were all similar like automatons or robots in true form.

The holoform glanced to the girl demigod with a kind smile, "Indeed no, but Sam suggested that it is better – more 'subtle' that I introduce myself in a form you are familiar with, and deem acceptable. Most humans are not at ease with our true form. This is what we call a 'holoform', this technology in simpler terms would be akin to advanced holograms made out of light energy, and thus it makes us solid in this form." Slightly flickering the holoform, the newcomers watched with wide eyes as he did so before making a full holoform again. "I think real introductions are in order, please follow me. But before that – Percy?"

Percy stopped short. "Uh? Yes?"

"The boom box you're holding," Optimus inquired, "Do you realize it's a Decepticon?"

"Say what?" Epps nearly stumbled. Sam's parents were already taking a few steps back, making Paul and Sally confused.

Major Lennox however, already got his sabot round gun that was nearby. "Percy, get away from it!"

On cue, the boom box changed so quickly and hugged Percy's left leg as his life depended on it, "Don't-shoot-me! Don't-shoot-me! I'm-here-cuz-of-Lord Hades! Don't-want-to-go-back!"

While Sally and Paul looked dumbly at the small panicking half-screaming bot, Sam's parents and the soldiers were giving the changed boom box bot Decepticon leery looks.

Percy winced as Frenzy's grip in fear was tight and bit into his leg unpleasantly, "Um – Frenzy – Can you let go? It's a bit… hard." He relieved a sigh as Frenzy slightly loosen up, but he left his claws on Sam's jeans and showed no indication of getting them off without ripping them. The small bot just trembled harder. He looked at the others pleadingly, waving his hand in a peaceful gesture. "He's got something important to do and I'm responsible for him. Could you avoid killing him for now?"

Sergeant Epps shook his head, "No can do, kid. This little guy did kill a couple of agents who were on board of Air Force One years ago."

The poor Decepticon kept on trembling hugging Percy's left leg in fear,"Noooo! Don't-want-to-go-back! Don't-slagging-care-about-working-with-Autobots! As-long-I-don't-go-back-to-ever burning-smelter!"

Will blinked at Frenzy's words, "Lord Hades? Smelter?" The soldier was hesitant on aiming at the small Decepticon as it hid behind Percy's leg.

Annabeth stepped in front of Percy, "We really, really need to explain this. Are you familiar with the Greek Gods?"

Epps looked bewildered knowing how his life was going to get more complicated… and insane. "Uh – you mean like the Hades? Zeus? And all of those other gods?"

A sound of booming thunder was heard in around them despite the sky was clear with no clouds there and then.

This time it was Sally, Paul, and the demigods to have uncomfortable looks on their faces

Walking into the middle, Mikaela said, "It would really help if we tried to calm down. You're all going to need it."

It was Optimus who finally issued what was needed to known by both parties. "Sam and Percy, please enlighten us of our situation."

Sam gave the baton to Percy, "You first Perc."

He gave an approving nod to his cousin and faced the soldiers. Percy sighed, "Well, as you have heard, I'm half human. My other half is – Greek God."

Judy stuttered, "B-but your father was lost at sea on a business trip!" She looked back to her sister in trying to confirm it to only find sadness in Sally's eyes.

"That's what mom wants you to believe. The thing is he isn't. That makes me a demigod." Percy breathed out before he said the real deal.

Ron Witwicky was nodding at Percy's situation with understanding, as his own son wasn't in such a different fate than him. Well why not Greek Gods? He already had a son who had an alien connection and alien for a bodyguard. "So who's your real father, Percy?"

Now there's the jackpot question.The demigod was hoping they weren't going to freak out.

"As for dad, he wasn't lost at sea… he's Poseidon, God of the Seas."

Nearly an hour of explaining and the son of Poseidon was relived no one went into a fit or worse, fainted.

Percy had to remind himself that these were the military guys who got acquainted with aliens the hard way in Qatar not too long ago.

Sure, there were doubts and anxious expressions on their faces… but Percy held respect for Major Lennox and the USAF Master Chief Seargent Epps they were willing to listen to him and Annabeth about how the Gods, demigods, and even the monsters were still around. However by the look of their faces, the son of Poseidon had a feeling they were only partially accepting about the whole 'Greek myths aren't myths' thing. They probably wanted to see proof but were content not to push further as they were respecting Sam's wish that Percy was his family.

More or so, Percy was worried for Sam's parents and how it would affect his mom's relationship to his aunt. To his relief, Aunt Judy was alright with it and accepted her sister fully knowing they both had sons who were destined for people wanting to kill them. Talk about ironic.Nonetheless, Percy slightly winced when he heard Aunt Judy said she was going to give Poseidon 'a-piece-of-my-mind' whether he was a God or not. He was having thoughts to warn his dad about her baseball bat weapon later on, but his attention returned to Optimus Prime in his holoform.

As a 'warm up', Optimus introduced Bumblebee who had been all the time in his alt- mode and showed his transformation to his parents. Like the first time Percy had seen it, the transformation never seemed to make him bored, even with his ADHD kicking in. Only this time it wasn't in a huge battle so he could see all the turning gears as they move flawlessly into place, revealing Bumblebee's true form. There was no such automaton as advanced here on earth, and not even Daedalus would ever create one, which meant that it deserved to be other worldly and he was sure the god of the forges wasn't capable of making a sentient robotic race. His mother was extremely surprised how it was Sam's car all this time, as for his step-dad seemed to accept Bumblebee better than the first time he knew about Greek monsters because technology was easier to accept.

"Amazing," Paul breathed out in awe. "How long have you been here?"

"Three of your Earth years," Optimus replied still in holoform as his real form was somewhere else on base. "We will deal with Frenzy later, for now, we wish for you to meet the others. Be sure that he stays close to you, Percy." He then turned to his scout. "Bumblebee, meet us in the main hanger in five minutes."

~ Aye! Aye! Captain! ~

As Bumblebee transformed and drove off, Sally knew they were heading further into the base. She was still confused why Optimus had not shown himself. Optimus Prime had noticed on her nervousness being directed at him through his scanners via holoform. "Do not worry, Mrs. Blofis. I hide my bi-pedal form for a good reason. We will meet face to face soon." Oddly enough, the commander's soft voice had a soothing effect on her as she calmed down.

To reach to the main hanger, they were provided with a military buggy to ride on, which included going through numerous layers of security that even Annabeth wasn't aware some devices existed. Optimus was still with them in holoform all the way. Once they got there, the main hanger (which was GIGANTIC in proportions reminding Percy of the hall of where the gods would gather) was wet all around as if someone was washing planes in the hanger. However to the eyes of the visitors they spotted something else parked in the hanger.

There were lots of land vehicles of all kinds of shapes and sizes there, innocently parking as if they can do no wrong.

Bumblebee was in the middle of the room already in his bi-pedal and ushering the humans to come closer with fondness. A excited voice of a child said, ~Over here! Over here! ~

Percy was a bit hesitant at first, but with an encouraging look and a gentle shove from his cousin he hesitantly walked closer. Both Annabeth and Mikaela followed them, with the parents behind carefully walking towards them but kept their distance. Epps and Will made their way to the front and stood beside Bumblebee, as for Optimus's holoform stood in the middle. At first, the son of Poseidon was wondering what they were waiting for the introductions, until they heard a sound of a roaring engine of a truck from deeper inside the hanger.

Driving slowly towards them was a blue and red Peterbilt 379 with flame designs around the side of the semi. Percy thought that would be the biggest type of truck ever built for pulling trailers. The truck soon miraculously halted quietly just behind Optimus' holoform. In an instant, the 'human' Optimus flickered into nothing.

"This is my true form," now his voice was coming directly from the truck. This time the large Cybertronian commander transformed. Sally, Paul, Percy, and Annabeth had their breaths taken away as the Autobot leader's transformation was far more elaborate and complex, not to mention the sheer volume of metal folded flawlessly to shape the Autobot leader. Even to Annabeth he seemed more as a living robotic organism as she never had seen such intricate and refined structure of cogs and joints that soon revealed Optimus' true form. Looking at them would make anyone gape with awe, add in the size factor, the daughter of Athena guessed that the Autobot CO was as tall as the Olympian Gods on their thrones on Mount Olympus.

She now understood all too well why the Autobot leader hid his true form.

It was very intimidating to the average human and would most likely switch their fight or flight reflexes to 'SCRAM' if there was one.

Annabeth stared at Percy's stepfather who looked like he was feeling dwarfed by the gigantic Cybertronian in front of him as he paled while looking only at the legs of the giant robot. Even Percy's mom felt intimidated but eventually calmed down after a while. Yet she still hesitated to speak in his presence. Optimus Prime knelt down and had not said a word, which Annabeth thought it was his way of letting the humans 'digest' what he was without freaking out. Unlike how the Gods radiated with power and authority, the Autobot commander had a presence that surprised her. As soon she looked into his optics/eyes, it was as if they were there as equals despite the evident differences and his spirit emitting kindness.

The daughter of Athena noted as once the four of them calmed down, he ushered the other vehicles to come forward. It was unnerving to see them move on their own (especially the rider-less motorcycles), but these were a whole race of robotic aliens. She raised an eyebrow as Percy walked forward to him but smiled as he was always the one to have courage for these things.

"Well, reintroductions I think." Percy shrugged scratching his head, somehow thinking they were giving a hint they wanted to know about him first. He was nervous but at the same time he was excited to know Sam's other 'family'. "I'm Percy, Sam's cousin from my mom's side." He then pointed to his girlfriend, "This is Annabeth, my girlfriend." Then he introduced his parents, "My mom, and my step-dad." With that they all nodded slightly in greeting.

In return, one of the Autobots drove in front of the others and transformed from a black monster truck that was at roughly 22 feet tall, bulky… the most nerve-racking thing about this Cybertronian? His canons. Although, Percy seemed to notice there were parts inside of him that appeared to be concealed weapon chambers on all over his body. This one bot gave the impression that he had more weapons in store than a third world country. As predicted, he was introduced by Optimus Prime as their weapons specialist with the designation of Ironhide who clearly had no intention of being modest about his canons. He made his mom squeak and latched onto his stepfather who wasn't faring any better himself looking at the humongous activated canons pointed towards them.

He was reprimanded by his leader for it.

"What?" Ironhide said as if he had done nothing wrong. "These canons are works of art."

Annabeth slightly giggled as the Autobot CO had an expression he was straining himself from doing a face-palm. Percy's parents who at first were scared started chuckling.

"Says the Tooth Fairy who fell into a pool," a voice came from a familiar form of a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, which ended up having the hanger filled with more chuckles and laughs. This mech who Percy knew as Sideswipe by his voice, smoothly transformed into a sleek silver bot. He was about Bumblebee's size but he had wheels for his feet, thinner boy-wise, and the clearest thing showed he was a warrior were his double blades. Optimus introduced him as a front-line soldier.

Ironhide did not appreciate in being nicknamed that; he clearly was grumbling at the younger mech as Sideswipe recounted briefly how he earned it when he first came to earth by landing into a pool, and was mistaken by a young girl as the Tooth Fairy. Being the warrior and prankster as he was, Sideswipe ignored him easily as he was more interested in Percy. "Hey, bots, did ya know it was Percy who offlined Hardtop?" He was giving a reason to get the attention of the weapons specialist away from him. It worked as everyone's attention was on the son of Poseidon.

With Sideswipe's statement, another vehicle that was a yellow neon search and rescue H2 Hummer rolled forward and transformed. Unlike Ironhide or Sideswipe, this one was slightly taller in terms of height, larger than Sideswipe, and wasn't as bulky as Ironhide in stature. His transformation was more complex than the warriors before him as Percy wasn't how a Hummer split into gods knows how many pieces before seeing the mech stand upright. He had a slight air of authority but the son of Poseidon caught it as what he would expect from a nurse or doctor. Percy's guess was right as he was introduced as the Chief Medical Officer of the Autobots.

His optics were looking at both him and Annabeth with full curiosity, "Impressive, despite that you are termed as 'demigods', according to my scanners there isn't anything different at all in your physiology to that of normal humans." A pause as he looked as though he was thinking on it as he judged Percy. "How you have frozen Hardtop's spark chamber is beyond me." Yet Percy was surprised when the medic looked towards Annabeth and questioned her, "I'm sorry to intrude, but I thought Athena was one of the virgin goddesses. Then how are you here?"

There was an awkward silence among them, but Sam thankfully interrupted and told them to ask questions later in private or after the introductions were done. His expression was comical - just stern enough for the local resident doctor bot to back off grumpily (much to the amusement of the other younger Autobots who were snickering and Ironhide shrugged but happier seeing his old friend losing the debate miserably), which reminded Annabeth just how much authority he held as a Prime. It was fascinating as it wasn't everyday you'd see someone as small as Sam was telling off a huge bot off without getting squished or seriously maimed by the latter. The daughter of Athena gave him a thankful nod as she was relieved about explaining it later even though she was not surprised at the question. However, she was sure later on she would have to explain it to everyone because the Major and his war buddy were looking at her as if they wanted to hear a serious unexceptionable explanation of what they just heard.

As Ratchet kept on muttering, a orange neon rider-less motorcycle rammed into him making him curse. "What the fragging circuits is your problem, Flare Up?"

The motorcycle broke apart to the astonishment of the newcomers into a sleek but feminine looking Autobot. Seeing her balance and rolling on a single wheel was odd but felt natural at the same time. "Keep those questions for later, Doc. Talk about being insensitive and dense when you're a CMO." In a way to Percy she sounded young, if not a bit bratty.

Before he could say anything else another motorcycle (this time a purple one) transformed to stop the fighting. "Ratchet, enough. Do I have to aim a canon at you so you'll stop?" Her voice sounded older, smooth, although she reminded the demigod of Ironhide. "Be a gentle mech and not ask such a personal question when it comes to femmes."

It was very clear now that the Cybertronian gender labeled 'mech' for males and 'femmes' for female. Percy took note 'do not piss off femmes' in particular.

Finally, a pink neon motorcycle turned to her bipedal mode and did the introductions. "Sorry for that, Annabeth. Ratchet can be a little too curious for his own good he doesn't realize that he embarrasses earthlings because he sees everything in scientific view." She then introduced herself looking at the four said, "I'm Arcee, a warrior and we're triplets. The purple one is my older sister Chromia the femme weapon's specialist, also mate of Ironhide. The feisty orange one as you heard is Flare Up, she's our youngest sister and also a warrior."

As the CMO was silent, that brought the attention of Flare Up and Chromia rolled over to Percy, Percy's parents, and Annabeth.

"Nice to meet you!" Flare Up chirped. "Pleasure to meet Sam's other family."

Chromia tilted her head in acknowledgment with a hand on what looked like her hip with a small smile.

Last but not last who was there, a blue Chevrolet Volt came to them and transformed who had a similar body structure like Sideswipe, although he seemed a bit buffed up in the chest area and possessed feet than wheels. Instead of double blades, he had whips. "I'm Jolt. Warrior, assistant medic, and prankster extraordinaire. We have another two bots but their in the Med Bay courtesy a prank I did with Sideswipe, so if you see a Chevy Beat and Trax those are most likely the smaller twins Mudflap and Skids," he said mischievously while doing an 'air toss' to his prankster partner who was on the opposite side of the room from where he stood.

"Ahem," Ratchet coughed, making the two silent but it was as clear as day they were both hiding smirks from their faces much to the amusement of the humans.

Unbeknown to the giant bots, a small remote controlled car zoomed towards the new guests. And it was heading for Mikaela's leg. Percy saw his cousin clicked his fingers and it tumbled out of the way away from his girlfriend. To his surprise however, the small car recovered quickly and rolled over towards Annabeth.

"Wheelie! Don't you dare - " Sam shouted.

Just as he transformed and thought he had his target, Frenzy being a spy bot and who had faster warrior reflexes, kicked the perverted bot a few meters away from his current master's girlfriend. "Stupid-idiotic-perverted-slag-useless-bot! Be-civil!"

While Percy was glad Annabeth was saved from being molested by Wheelie as Sam whispered to him that Wheelie like to 'hump' on a lady's leg, the hanger was deathly quiet, and there were a few killer glares that were on Frenzy. The tension was thick, and the Autobots who looked friendly before... showed that they weren't going to joke around knowing that an enemy was on base. Ironhide, Sideswipe, the triplets in particular had their weapons out.

Frenzy of course immediately made himself retreat near the safety of Percy. The son of Poeseidon wasn't sure what the Cybertronians were saying in their language, but he was sure they were asking what Frenzy was doing here with them.

Sam took that movement that it was a sign to explain. "Time out! Hold it!"

Sally and Paul were shocked to say how all those bots just went silent by Sam's command.

"There's a reason he's here, and it's complicated." Sam said in a serious tone. "I asked Optimus beforehand he's allowed in here, for a really important reason."

Ironhide looked to his leader with dark optics, "Optimus, are you sure he won't let our security in jeopardy?"

"At ease Ironhide, this has to do with Percy's family of Greek Gods. I'm not sure of the details but Frenzy isn't in any position to tell the Decepticons because he holds an oath that does not let him betray Percy." Optimus replied smoothly. "Autobots, weapons down! Now!" The others took their weapons down reluctantly but trusted their Prime. Giving the cue to Sam to continue, his brother Prime began his story.

Sam did a recap on what happened that day. From the fact there was a flying bat that followed him around, and to the appearance of the Decepticon sniper Hardtop. They were getting to the part where Sam in brief mentioned that Percy saved him, Ratchet had immediately raised the question, "Percy, how did you freeze Hardtop's spark chamber?"

Everyone looked to Percy who looked nervous with all the attention. He calmed himself before saying, "Well, since my dad is Poseidon, I can control the water with my mind. It took toll on me though, ice isn't really my father's domain to begin with, but it was that or we were in real trouble." There was a murmur among the Autobots and soldiers that they didn't believe him. Sam caught Percy's attention and pointed at the wet hanger floor and the empty water storage cylinder that was near them.

Warming up to the idea, Percy stretched his arm out and focused. He extended his senses of the remaining water on the floor, felt a tug in his gut and guided it into the middle of the hanger. The audience watched in awe with their eyes/optics widening as the water at their feet became drained out of the concrete and gathered to where Percy willed it to. Once it was all in one place Percy flowed the water into the empty storage container and released the water there.

"Whoa, Percy!" Sideswipe gaped all the same was impressed. "That was awesome! No wonder Hardtop never stood a chance." The other bots were also commenting on what they just saw again in a language to Percy was all clicks, booms and synthesizers. Optimus quietened his soldiers down and motioning Sam to continue on even though he was amazed himself of Percy's capabilities. They still needed to know why Frenzy was here.

Sam moved on with his story on how the Fury mentioned that the Lord of the Underworld Hades who was Percy's uncle wanted to meet him. With no choice, they met up with him to see what he had wanted. The Human Prime breathed again before he took a lantern he had been holding onto before and tapped it. There was a shock of shouts when a familiar Cybertronian ghost showed up.

"Jazz, buddy! It's you!" Jolt exclaimed.

"How is it even possible?" Will gasped. "We saw you die at Mission City!"

Epps seemed to be more accepting with a nervous voice, "Sir, I don't think anything is impossible after getting involved with aliens or Greek Gods."

"We dearly missed you old friend," Optimus Prime said glad to see his lieutenant.

Jazz seemed at ease even though his fellow bots were wary of him. "Been better Optimus, Sir. I expected to go to the Well of Sparks, but I ended up in the Underworld." He then looked to all of them. "I didn't expect to see 'Bee, Sam, and Mikaela there either. I thought they died but it wasn't the case."

The leader of the Autobots looked toward Percy and Annabeth, "I'm not certain why, but according to most human databases your uncle is very strict in maintaining the dead where they belong."

"That's the problem," Percy replied. "Jazz isn't dead; at least the Fates say so. His thread of Fate isn't cut yet, but since he's in the Underworld for a few years and my Uncle wasn't happy about it. Some of the other gods were taking it he wasn't doing his job right. Considering Sam's your human representative, he wanted to meet him so we can get his soul to his body – BUT – there's another problem we're facing with. I'm not sure how it happened, but Jazz's body was taken away by monsters from its original location so he sent me along with Sam to find it."

Ratchet seemed adamant about it, "Why did he send you along, Percy?"

Annabeth answered this one, "Gods aren't allowed to enter or interfere into another's domain. He could have sent his own son, but since its in Percy's home turf, Percy's dad might be more willing to help him out." She added quickly, "We don have a small clue where we're going as it happens that Lord Hades revived Frenzy and made him our radar to get to his body. All we know it's on the eastern shore of the US."

"That's very far considering we laid Jazz's body to rest later on near our main base, which should be, according to humans, the Indian Ocean." Ironhide huffed, his optics still focused on Frenzy.

"There's a more bigger problem," Mikaela added in her information as well. "We need to Jazz to his body before the winter solstice, if not his soul will be destroyed."

There was another commotion again as many of the Autobots and soldiers were saying 'what?' or 'why would they?' They did not stop talking until both Optimus and Sam motioned for them to be quiet.

"Listen!" Sam raised his voice. "They decided it on their own, and we don't have a choice here. We'd appreciate that Frenzy stays alive, and I know I'm on vacation, but I need to go and fix this."

Major Lennox sighed as he walked over to Sam, "I don't like it kid. But I don't think we're going to have any other options on how to help Jazz. And here I thought Egypt was crazy enough. Epps?"

"We can't tag along, but we'll try and get help if you need it." Epps shrugged. "I'm in, we never did get to know about Jazz, and we could use more Autobots."

When Optimus issued a vote that they were to go, none of the bots declined. "Very well, let's make preparations."

At the Med Bay...

The medical bay what you would expect of a place of healing. Only in Percy's perspective he felt like he was Alice in Wonderland after drinking a potion to shrink himself. Since it was Ratchet's med bay, every tool and machines were Cybertronian size. The lack of surgeon knives and other tools were replaced by wrenches, welders, and metallic spinning saws. The place seemed like the lab of Frankenstein, and he started to rethink about whether bringing Frenzy there was a good idea. Both he and Annabeth were actually standing up on the CMO's observation table.

"Percy-won't-let-medic-offline-me?" Frenzy asked the question over for what Percy thought was the 70th or was it 82nd time. He lost count at 60. Frenzy was still clinging on his jeans as he refused to let go since they got there. Ratchet was very stubborn about Frenzy getting a good check up before they went. He wasn't sure about the God of the Forges doing work on him, which wasn't surprising in one part as the Cybertronians were more advanced in technology, but he didn't think Hephaestus did that bad considering he was a god.

Being a son of Poseidon, Percy wasn't easily angered. However his patience was running thin. He sighed. "You won't be offlined Frenzy, I won't let Ratchet, and I doubt my Uncle would like to meet you in a hurry."

Frenzy only shivered further at the mere mention of Hades but did not say anything.

Annabeth shook her head in pity, "You had to scare him more, didn't you, Seaweed brain?"

Her boyfriend shrugged, "The truth is better, Ratchet did say it was a general check-up." Percy then ran his hand through his hair a bit relieved that Frenzy decided to be quiet. "Optimus and Sam are going to be with us soon, I don't think they're that cruel to actually try and harm Frenzy when he's got the information to where Jazz's body is. Jazz is having a chat with the other bots. He said he wanted to catch up on the news since he's been 'absent'."

A rumble of the ground alerted to the demigods as Ratchet, Optimus, and Sam with Mikaela (in Optimus' hand) stepped in the room. Optimus gently let Sam and Mikaela down on the table with Percy and Annabeth.

"Sorry for waiting," Ratchet huffed. "We had to stop Ironhide from coming. He doesn't like any Decepticon, especially at close quarters in the base. I had to deactivate him in stasis temporarily for this procedure." He then muttered quietly although it was heard by the humans, 'stubborn mech besides the larger twins'.

"Do not forget Ratchet, you're the head stubborn bot," Prime teased his medic, making the humans and demigods snicker.

The medic scowled, "Are you asking for a flying wrench, my Prime?"

"Primus, no," Optimus mended quickly in a peaceful gesture. "But I do think Percy and Annabeth would like you to do Frenzy's general check up for the journey."

Ratchet reached for Frenzy, only for the small bot to go defensive and let his small pistols out that transformed from his claws. "Stay-away! Stay-away!"

No one moved fearing if they did, it would set the fidgety nervous paranoid small spy bot loose with bullets.

Annabeth decided to come in try to reason with Frenzy, "Come on, Frenzy. It's just a general check up. It's not as scary as the Fields of Punishment and Percy did vouch for your safety."

"How long will it take?" Percy asked so Frenzy would feel more at ease with the medic which apparently did as the small bot looked like he preferred his current demigod 'master' to guarantee the safety for him.

"No more than your 30 earth minutes." Ratchet said with his arms crossed.

But just as Frenzy was about to agree, the room's flickered off in that moment alerting both demigods in the room to reach for their weapons as they felt something familiar that reminds them of the Greek power. As soon as it started, the lights shimmered back to their original brightness. The answer of the previous blackout came and answered the confused occupants of the room in a sudden drop.


An all too familiar teenager with head to toe black clothing landed unceremoniously flat on the observation table barely squishing Frenzy in the process. The teen groaned in pain and said something about hating places that were too bright. Ratchet of course being the proud owner of the med bay didn't appreciate the comment as he was a professional doctor and all. Percy quickly ran up to his cousin to see if he was okay. His other reason? He did not want the Autobot medic to start throwing jumbo sized flying wrenches at Nico, and that meant he'd piss off Hades if anything happened to him.

"Nico, are you alright?" Percy asked as he turned his cousin over.

Annabeth at the moment didn't seem to want to help the son of Hades. "Didn't your father tell you it's harder to near impossible to shadow travel into super bright rooms?"

The son of Hades sat up nursing his stomach and parts his body from the fall. "I had to, Annabeth! I didn't know where you guys were and Dad wanted me to tag along with you guys to make sure the quest is completed in time." he complained. He soon realized that there was an audience watching him. Sam he knew about, but staring at giant metal bodies of Optimus and Ratchet made him do a double take and quickly climb to his feet. "Umm – Hi?"

The daughter of Athena made a face that Percy recognized as the 'I'm Here With Stupid' expression when he (Percy) did something incrediblystupid.

Frenzy knew who Nico was screeched loudly and made a run for it of the observation table in panic. If it weren't for the CMO, he would have plummeted to the floor meters below. Percy didn't understand what he was saying (he was speaking in rapid Cybertronian) until Ratchet who held him translated, "What do you mean there's a Ghost King?"

This time it was Percy's turn to roll his eyes. So much for trying to persuade Frenzy to take a general check up nicely.The Autobot CO, Sam and Mikaela gave him awkward looks seeing how Nico just appeared at the base. To ease the tension, Percy quickly said, "Uh, this is Nico Di Angelo a.k.a. Ghost King. He's my cousin from my Dad's side. He's the son of Hades."

"The one you mentioned when we were in the Underworld right?" Sam questioned and in reply Percy nodded. Going in diplomatic mode Sam walk forward giving out his hand. "I'm Sam Witwicky."

Nico took it, "Nico, I heard about you from Dad." Sam in turn quickly introduced Optimus, Ratchet, and Mikaela as well.

"How did you get into my Med bay?" Ratchet asked.

"Shadow travel," the son of Hades shrugged.

Sam and the rest of non-demigods all raised their brows.

Being the knowledgeable one Annabeth explained, "Like Percy, Nico has some powers he inherited from his father. All of Hades' children have abilities to do with the Underworld. Shadow traveling is like teleporting, but the destination to has enough shadows to get somewhere or usually he'll land in the wrong place."

"Hey! It's not that bad! At least I didn't end up in China like the first few times I attempted it!" the son of Hades protested.

Before Annabeth could retort, Percy thought it be better they get back on track. "So– Nico, you're gonna tag along with us?"

Both Annabeth and Nico stopped their argument. Nico sighed, "Yeah."

Percy nodded, "Could you do me a favor and tell Frenzy you'll not hurt him?" The son of Poeseidon pointed at the transformed boom box trying miserably getting out of Ratchet's grip, or more specifically out of Nico's sight.

The son of Hades realized he must have dropped in at the wrong time, because his cousin wasn't looking all too happy about it. It was glare that he would shoot to the opposing team in Capture the Flag which usually ended with his opponents going for an unplanned and unpleasant swim. Wincing as he looked next to Percy, Annabeth giving a glare to him as well which would've made her mother proud.

"Frenzy, I'm not here to hurt you. Get yourself checked by the doctor quietly," Nico said in a monotonous voice being strict to his father's sent 'quest guide' but avoiding the eyes of two scary demigods opposite him.

Immediately Frenzy shut up and went limp, and Ratchet relieved his vents that he could finally work in peace.

Percy apologized to Sam, Mikaela and the Autobot leader, "Sorry about that. It's nothing compared to camp though, considering it's filled with demigods doing all sorts of weird things."

Sam seemed to be interested, "Do any of the demigods have an affinity with machines?"

"If there's anyone you're looking for who's in tune with machines, it's the Hephaestus Cabin." Annabeth answered him. "Thanks to their dad who's the God of the forges they're gifted for metal work. But I heard one of the kids managed to control a tank without learning how to on a quest. They say they can listen to the machine and control it naturally like a normal tank driver could." She set her grey eyes on her boyfriend's cousin and said, "You're curious to find out who's got abilities like you, right Sam?"

Percy saw there was a tired face on Sam's face as he looked rather vulnerable at that moment. "W-Well, it's not like its easy accepting me being a Prime. My abilities were driving me and especially my parents crazy since I'm the only one around." He pasued for a moment to get a grip on himself before he continued, "Will and Epps were really understanding about it since they went through all the crap I went through, but its not like they understand about getting powers and all." Sam looked at his hand, "It still scares me sometimes that I can hurt someone I don't intend to with my powers. Most of what I do is trial and error since there's no other Human Prime."

"You're afraid being called a freak?" Percy asked.

Sam frowned, "Mom already called me that the first time she knew about it. She totally went wacko on Optimus throwing a baseball bat at him and anything else within her reach when she knew I was connected to him."

Percy looked up to Optimus Prime not really believing his aunt had the guts to do that. He had a feeling his dad wouldn't be safe, seeing a giant 30ft metal robot didn't stop Aunt Judy from using her favorite weapon. Something nagged Percy's mind and perhaps if anyone knew better, it would be the Cybertronian Prime. "Optimus? What does Sam mean when he said you're 'connected' with him?" At this question, Annabeth and even Nico gave curious looks to his cousin.

Optimus looked to Sam for a moment as if he wanted to confirmed everything was alright. To Percy's observation, it was like they were having a mental conversation. Something that was actually familiar to him.

"A 'connection' Sam is citing to is actually what we Cybertronians call as a 'bond'," Optimus said clearly. "Unlike humans, our bonds is much more tangible because the existence of our sparks which is a sense would be the soul. When we have bonds among each other it is like a thread joining our feelings, emotions and in many cases lets us to communicate mind to mind. Bonds differ between, siblings, spark-mates, and clan members; stronger those who are Primes. It is what makes us sentient but a severed bond is similar to like a human losing a limb. Thus losing a another bot we are linked to can be crippling because we would be feeling the hollowness and absence of the other side."

Mikaela had held Sam's hand when Optimus explained it. She knew he was afraid about his cousin's reaction to it, since his own mom didn't take it too well.

Nico was the one who first spoke up. "Wow! That's wicked! I mean – you're like Percy it's kinda of weird, you know?"

"Too much alike you could be his brother, Seaweed Brain." Annabeth nodded but she was smiling.

The second time for that day he was stumped. "What do you mean?" He found that his cousin was chuckling at him.

Percy was lost for words at first, but said, "I sort of have something like it, but it's called an 'empathy link' with my best friend Grover. It's how Optimus explained it and it actually saved our lives a couple of times since we would know if other is in trouble. I don't think it's as strong as your 'bond' emotionally wise, but if one dies so does the other when it comes to empathy links." He paused for a moment before he added with a shrug, "Grover's a Satyr by the way, so I'm more worried if I die he's going to die with me since Satyrs can live far longer than humans – but I wouldn't want to break it if he doesn't want to. I trust him with my life and I'd like to live long as the Fates would let me. You shouldn't be ashamed of it Sam, it's worth something having."

The human Prime's eyes glazed for a moment as he was holding back tears. He looked away for a moment before he gave Percy a shoulder hug and breathed, "Thanks, Percy. I-I... You- You have no idea that really made me glad hearing that."

In the background as Ratchet worked on Frenzy, he was having a private conversation with his Prime through their communication link. :: Seems your idea of getting Samuel to meet with his family proved to be beneficial for his mental health. He nearly went all mental without a break on his ambassador work. :: As he scanned thoroughly his small patient he added, :: As much as I appreciate Percy can equal Sam's condition, I'm not certain I'm blissful about him going into a dangerous situation – as much I do want Jazz back among us. ::

:: It is the work of the Fates. Fate rarely does call us in a moment of our choosing. :: Optimus said those words remembering his lost mentor many eons ago. :: I am certain that since that Decepticon went after, Sam we'll have to do our own recon. It means that the Decepticons are on the move again. We can't afford to take any chances risking the events at Egypt to happen again.::

:: You've decided to let Samuel in the hands of his 'family'? :: the CMO asked skeptically. :: Greek Gods. For the current record, it's not a very good one in most historical or myths I've read from databases about them. Killing of one certain family member for power and in the end the true ones prevail. Family feud rivalry. :: There was a vent of snort. :: Reminds us how it's similar to Primus and Dynasty of the Primes. ::

As Optimus observed the young adults' happy chatter he said, :: It will do them good for whatever may come ahead. I don't believe that it's a coincidence that Jazz was meant to be back with us. Primus appears like he wishes us to get to know the deities on Earth. I will send a small team to watch over them, in case the Decepticons get involved and they would definitely prevent too much injuries when fighting monsters. ::

:: A wise choice, Optimus. :: Ratchet grunted. :: You think we should keep an optic on Major Lennox and Sergeant Epps? The monsters their soldiers saw were these 'Greek' monsters Sam's relatives mentioned. It's natural if they may be able to see them now that they know. ::

:: We should. :: the Prime agreed.

:: Who do you have in mind to send after Samuel? :: the medic asked curiously. :: The Minor twins are out of the question, and we need fire power for missions ahead. ::

:: Three bots according to normal Cybertronian proportions, no more. No officers. ::

There was a flabbergast response :: You can't be serious, sir? ::

His leader calmed him down :: You're forgetting that they will be with Jazz. He wasn't my First Lieutenant for nothing. I'm sure he'll help if anything becomes amiss. ::

Just as Ratchet was going to say something, a loud frequency came from the public comm. slamming through their frequencies making him annoyed. :: WHAT ON PRIMUS IS GOING ON? ::

:: Just having a vote! :: A triger happy Flare Up replied.

Tuning in, Optimus was curious on why everyone seemed very excited about it. :: May I inquire what this vote is about? ::

:: Favorite Greek God! :: Flare Up chirped to the amusement of the two. :: I'm going for Artemis! ::

:: Hermes! :: that was from Jolt cackling.

A calm voice from Chromia :: Athena. ::

:: Aphrodite, Hestia, and Hera :: Arcee said shyly.

:: God of War, Ares. That's my kind of God. :: There was a evil chuckle from Ironhide. :: Bet he's the best to come for weapons. :: Ratchet noted he needed to inject more sedatives next time he deativated the weapons specialist, as he was back online more quickly than expected.

Not wanting to be left out of the fun, Sideswipe voted :: Ares and Hermes! War and prank mayhem! :: which didn't surprise Optimus and Ratchet as they both rolled their optics inwardly.

Jazz to their astonishment joined in :: I'll go for Hades and Poseidon. :: Percy's father they could understand, but Hades? Considering he wasn't all that alive currently was a weird choice.

:: Poseidon and Athena. :: Bumblebee obviously choosing his charge's relative's parents.

:: Ooh! Ooh! Dionysus! :: Mudflap raised his vote. He had a thing for high grade energon which was like alcohol to humans. :: All about da booze! ::

:: Hephaestus! He's better! :: Skids didn't want to lose to his twin. :: Fire burns the booze! Hah! :: Afterward sounds of punching was heard indicating they were fighting as usual.

Then Flare Up directed a comm. to Ratchet :: What about you Doc? ::

:: Apollo. :: Ratchet said obviously the best choice for a medic.

:: Sir? What about you? :: Jolt asked the Prime.

In anticipation of their leader the public comm. became quiet.

There was a ten second 'Hm'...

:: Primus. :: Optimus grinned and chuckled leading to sounds of frustrated and disappointed moans from his subordinates.

:: Aww! Come on, Big Boss! :: Sideswipe's whining could be clearly heard through the intercom. :: It's supposed to be a Greek God! ::

:: You're not doing da game right! :: Mudflap protested.

:: Yeah! Can't you pick? :: Skids supported his brother.

Prime's rich laughter came in the comm. :: Truthfully it's a difficult choice. As long as they all are equally important to Earth in making order, I will respect them in whatever they represent as with Primus. :: He then reminded to all his subordinates and family, :: I believe everyone was on duty? :: There was shuffling through the communications as they went back to whatever they were tasked to originally with grumbles and some laughter. His Autobots never seem to be able to stop amusing him.

:: Hmph. Trust a Prime to get things back in order. :: Ratchet rolled his optics. His leader sure knew how to get everyone back to work.

Optimus only shrugged and beamed secretly as he looked towards his brother human Prime. He sent a message to Major Lennox to prepare another room for Nico, as it was clear the boy looked tired and as he was tagging along he would stay for the night with the other humans. The CO had a feeling with his arrival they probably would leave shortly. Perhaps a private word with Sam before they depart would be wise as well as ordering some transport on standby.

It was the least he could do before Sam went on his own journey.

That night the whole family stayed over the base for safety. Even to the surprise of Sally, Nico was provided a room to sleep for the night. She was very touched to how the Autobots were willing to make them as comfortable as possible.

Her son on the other hand, was for the first time actually looking forward to a quest. Maybe just this once he could get a quest that wouldn't turn out so grueling like his previous ones. Tired of having too much action for today, he changed his clothes and dropped to his bed. Percy instantly fell asleep as soon as his head was on the pillow.

In a few seconds he was dreaming as around him he saw the infinite darkness blur and focus of a place.

Damn. He knew what was coming.


As soon everything cleared up, Percy was dropped and landed on his butt on a asphalt plane lane which was actually on a aircraft carrier. Did dreams actually hurt? He rubbed his rear end in pain, stood up, and looked around. To his amazement, Sam was there staring at him and he was solid too. Was this a demigod dream? It can't be.

"What are you doing here? How did you – get –"

"Where in Hades are we?" Percy interrupted.

Sam had a bed feeling Percy wasn't here for nothing. Oh, crap. This meant hewanted to meet with Percy.


The said boy rubbed his face with his hand calming himself down before saying, "You remember what I said at the med-bay I have a connection to Optimus and the Dynasty of the Primes?"

"I thought it was like a empathy link," the son of Poseidon said perplexed.

Sam shook his head. "It's more than that, we both can contact each other on a subconscious level or more bluntly this dreamscape here now. Serves as where they teach me about Cybertron and training place about learning my powers. Only, when I don't intentionally get here the other Primes usually want to have a 'chat' with me." Considering Optimus wasn't here at all only made him nervous. I hope this doesn't go haywire.

"Other Primes?" the demigod asked Sam.

"Other Primes, indeed." A new voice come from them.

Percy yelped and searched his pocket to find Riptide missing. For the love of Gods! He was in a dream for crying out loud! Of course his weapon would not be there. He instantly paled when he was face to face with blood red optics. If he thought Optimus Prime was huge, this Cybertronian towered over the Autobot CO by say... thrice his height. The fact the bot looked similar like those aliens from the Alien movie series, with its face plates that frilled parts moving individually resembling an ornament that pharaohs wore on their head – and what Percy figured were its veins glowing red cables all over its body immediately made his whole body went into defense mode. Di Immortals! How could a Decepticon be here? Without hesitating Percy was instantly shielding his cousin expecting a confrontation.

"Percy, Percy!" Sam yelled trying to calm down his demigod cousin and held him still. "It's okay, it's okay! He's a friendly! He's Optimus' ancestor!"

Hold on a sec – Ancestor?

Still on guard, the son of Poseidon forced himself to calm down and face (by far) the largest Cybertronian he ever laid eyes on. Compared to Optimus or the other Autobots he met, the bot looked more like a creature crafted into metal, and he was somewhat guessing it didn't have a transformation like the current Transformers, seeing the lack of other pieces from switching to alt-mode. His eyes diverted to something that was hovering in the air next to the large 'Prime' – a double sided metallic staff. Yet it was flying around twirling harmlessly out of reach behind him as though he was trying to show Percy he was unarmed.

Once the demigod calmed down, the large Prime commented, "Very interesting, even though you two only recently met, your bond as a family is strong. Your cousin holds a great unyielding loyalty to those around him, Samuel." His voice had a thrumming hum to it, but it stunned Percy how it was like Optimus' voice in a way. The longer he stared at the large being, he couldn't help but feel lighthearted and at ease. His power was similar to of a God as his heart stop beating drastically noticing there was a soft blue aura around him.

Sam sounded pissed off. "How many times do you have to surprise me like that just by zapping through mid-air? You could have made a better impression on my cousin if you showed up from a distance or something." What was this? Freak out the Earthling game?Of course his cousin thought the mech was a Decepticon, Percy didn't know originally all Cybertronians had red optics when they first came to being.

The large Prime tilted his head as if he misinterpreted something, "Oh? Ah, your reason is correct that species on your planet don't take it calmly in meeting a larger being. My apologies, but my curiosity for your family unit who is related directly to the deities of your planet pushed my desire to meet him." His words seemed like he declared the son of Poseidon was a new species or something.

"Who are you?" Percy asked once he found his courage and trust back seeing that his cousin was speaking to the large mech on a casual level.

Red optics turned to him, but there was no malice in them but the glow reminded Percy more like they were Hestia's eyes. It wasn't fire like but felt warm nonetheless. "I am Prima, the First Prime and Leader of the Dynasty of the Primes. Also the very first generation of Cybertronians Primus created. Pleasure to meet you Perseus Jackson, son of the Sea Deity of the planet Earth."

At first the demigod wasn't sure what to say, but then asked again, "Why or how are you here?"

Sitting down very gently without causing a local earthquake (or rocking the aircraft carrier to be exact) he answered, "To make it more simpler for you, Primus is our God, as we the first 'Primes' help him carry out his wishes and orders. In your point of view we might be well thought out as 'Minor Gods' in comparison to your hierarchy of your immortal family, but on certain levels the twelve of us hold equal power to that of your father and uncles." Once he saw Percy's muscles relaxing he continued. "Originally there were thirteen of us, but one, unfortunately sought power without remorse for other sentient lifeforms and thus he was exiled to the void. Eventually and recently he was slain in battle by Optimus Prime."

Information started to sink in as Percy knew that that Prime was 'the Fallen' Sam told him about. Knowing that Sam went against a Minor god with Optimus that was on level with his father raised Percy's respect for Sam and the Autobot CO. Then again, it looked like the alien god family had their own 'evil god' going on as well like Kronos.

"Are you here and dragged my cousin in because of the quest my Underworld uncle sent me on?" Sam questioned thinning the silence between them.

"Yes, I was hoping to contact you both on about this quest. You're experiencing problems on locating Jazz's protoform."

Percy was half guessing 'protoform' meant 'offlined bot body'. "We have Frenzy to be our radar, but we can't hit the east coast quickly unless we travel there by plane which I would like to avoid if possible. Plus we don't have any other clues on where it's going to lead."

Sam wasn't sure why Percy was so uncomfortable with planes. "You haven't rode on a plane before?"

"Not since my first quest." Percy said a slight fear in his eyes. "My uncle didn't like me for 'intruding on his space'. He promised he'd blast me with his lightning bolt if I ever travel by plane again."

"I suggest you do take flight in the morning. Time is of essence. Your lead is in the east and you must depart very early tomorrow," Prima said with importance. "Zeus will not be able to kill you."

"How does that work?" Percy asked somewhat unsure. How does he know Zeus won't blast him with his lightning bolt?

There was a chortling clicking clutter sound that sounded like a laugh from the first Prime which the demigod guessed that the Prima wasn't all too concerned about his problem.

"Do not fret young one." Prima said with a strange smile which Percy thought wasn't possible on his Cybertronian face before. "As long as you are with Sam, you will be safe from the interference of other gods. Even Zeus will think twice about blasting you off in the sky."

The son of Poseidon faced his cousin who shrugged it off, but still, the feeling of insecurity haunted him. Percy could only think of asking a hopefully helpful explanation. "Umm, I don't mean any disrespect to you, to the other Primes, or Primus – But – How can you effect the decisions of gods not on your planet, especially when you're really, reallyfar away from it? I thought I heard Hades or my uncle said he or the other Gods can't interfere what isn't their domain."

Prima didn't seemed phased or angry at the question, more of he looked to be fascinated at the inquiry Percy gave him. "Such inquisitiveness, a trait I admire about humans and demigods alike." There a pause from Prima before he asked Percy, "Young Perseus, you are aware of your uncle's title, no?"

"Lord of the Sky and Lightning, King of the Gods, uh... God of Justice..." the demigod said off by heart as he wasn't sure there were anymore.

"Indeed, therefore his domain is the whole sky or the atmosphere of the Earth and the nature of its element – And well as in justice as he perceives it." Prima nodded his tone was light.

Percy raised an brow eyebrow, "Yeah... more the reason he has to blast me because I'm 'invading' his territory." He blinked. Confused as he was not sure where the large Cybertronian was going.

"Hmm, I suppose the truth should be in order." Prima waved off not commenting on Percy's slow loading brain compared to a Cybertronian which Sam noted he often did to him (when his mind went blank) during his teachings on Cybertronian history. "It is for certain that the gods of planet Earth are many millenia old, but you forget that the existence of my race is older despite the abundance and highly technological advancements. In a way, our kind are not easily affected by their power. As you stated before, a God's title also compasses his realm or domain therefore it is also a significance on how much a god can influence whatever element or nature they represent – even have authority over the race that worship or know/do not know about them."

Sam stood ridged as he already knew about Primus and gasped, "Whoa! No way!"

Left in the dark, Percy scratched his head and gave a look to Prima he wanted to know what made his cousin shocked that bad. "So what's Primus' domain or title?"

"To us Cybertronians he is our Creator. To us and many of others in our galaxy and the universe, Primus is the Lord of Light and Order." Prima said softly.

Mimicking his cousin perfectly, Percy too gaped and was gobsmacked at the information. Holy Zeus! Okay, he was expecting that Primus did hold a higher power like the Big Three – but this was way off the charts of his beliefs. Uh – make that he felt like he was nuked by a nuclear silo on his head. It suddenly clicked in his mind how Cybertronians had sparks (their sentience existence), how far in space they could reach, and their holoform technology that was based on 'light energy'. Not to mention their god had influence over the element of Light which meant his domain was – pretty much all over the universe...

Seeing both human Prime and demigod too quiet for his liking, Prima frowned and asked genuinely with worry. "Oh dear, I hope haven't caused your processors to malfunction. Are you two alright?"

Brain dead was be more like it.

If the alien dude meant that their brains were fried at the moment, Percy would have to agree Prima did blew their minds out that moment know Primus' domain was nearly unlimited. No wonder his uncle, the Lord of the Underworld, backed off.

Recovering from shock, Sam shook himself out of it. "W-We're alright. We sort of need more time to – uh, process the info." He breathed out, knowing full well that he could not accept all that quickly. "I know you explained it to me before, I just didn't know that he had much influence. Well, it's not like I knew about that Greek Gods really existed then. No wonder you're not worried about Percy coming on a plane." The human Prime laid his eyes on Percy, "Uh, is it cool with you?"

"H-Huh?" Percy snapped out of his stupor. "Oh yeah. Better then getting zapped by lightning in the sky. Last time I went on a plane was because I was holding my uncle's lightning bolt. If he shot me then he'd have done damage to it. That was the only reason I was alive." He sighed.

"Good. Now that we're clear, I hope that you're more willing to travel by air." Prima said happily but then rubbed his chin. "I should remember next time to break the news to you younglings more slowly. There can only be so much information your kind can process without overloading."

Sam rolled his eyes, clearly showing his disdain for the bot's behavior to his cousin. He had went through this sort of situation too many times to count. Again, Percy perked up at how Prime was comparing them using technological terms. Human (and demigods) must have been really confusing for Cybertronians since they were all mostly metal and logic. However, he was still confused on how Prima took him into the dreamscape. All this magic, tech, and 'mojo' coming into one place made his head want to explode. "What's our clue to the east?" he asked feeling he needed to distract himself away from how the gods were side by side co-existing with alien gods.

Prima's optics were on him again. "The culprit is from your 'world', the best person to consult this matter is with your Oracle. While Gods do have power over many domains, destiny has always been in the hands of the Fates who come in many forms throughout the universe. "

"Oracle?" Sam was the one confused this time.

Percy went to help his cousin this time. "The Oracle of Delphi. She usually recites prophecies from the Fates whether to a quest or a turn around of large event like the War of the Titans in New York four years ago. The Oracle is my friend, her name's Rachel. But if we have to meet her, that means we have to go to Camp Half-Blood." The demigod wasn't so sure of that. He asked Prima, "Sam is a mortal, how is he going to get through the barrier?"

"Simply with your permission to enter it." Prima said. "Samuel's current status is more 'demigod-like' than a mortal, so you should have no problems on getting inside. Be discreet about it, it is for the best the lesser people know about your quest, the better. However, let your camp director and the Wine Deity know about your quest and presence in camp and leave as soon as you get what you came for."

Oookay, he officially was going to plunge into his cousin's ancient 'Greek' world. Hang on – "Wine Deity? As in the Wine God Dionysus? What's he doing at your camp?"

"Long story, but short version is he's kinda being punished by my uncle because of chasing a 'off-limits' nymph. So, his sentence is cut to 50 years now by 'babysitting' us demigods." Percy said emphasizing the babysitting. "He hates demigods in general and deliberately says our names wrong. You still don't want to piss him off though, he's the God of Madness too."

Sam gulped about how that meant he might end up insane like his great great gramps if he wasn't careful. "I'll keep that in mind when we get there."

Prima who had been quietly observing their conversation finally spoke up. "It's time for you to go back. Good luck on your journey Samuel and Perseus."

Sam faded away from his sight but Percy had a feeling Prima wanted a word with him in private.

"This quest should be a normal matter for you, thus you don't have to worry about your survival." Prima said in an amused tone.

Percy sighed at his full name. "I prefer being called 'Percy', thanks – and I have my own share of experiences of trying not to get killed."

Prima nodded but this time his expression unreadable, "Indeed. You will have to survive, for the Fates have an essential role for you in the future."

Percy never got to say or ask anything as he was whisked away from the dreamscape, waking up on his bed in the military base that morning. Those last words that Prima said...

He had a uncanny feeling Prima was referring it had to do with the Second Great Prophecy.

Morning was hectic and full of confusion on base. Not as bad as Sam thought it would be, but at least getting into gear to head towards New York or the closest base to Long Island was over.

Their team consisted of him, Mikaela, Percy, Annabeth, and Nico for the Earthlings. As for Cybertronians was Bumblebee, Arcee, and Jolt plus their 'radar' Frenzy. Obviously Jazz was with them via the lantern his uncle gave him. Since Bumblebee was his guardian, he was already in the team in the beginning. Arcee was coming along as Optimus was certain they needed a bot who's size was near humans as possible during their quest. Jolt was sent on Ratchet's suggestion as there was no knowing what sort of condition Jazz's body was in. Other than that, he was the only other medic around besides the CMO. Wheelie couldn't come as he was in Ratchet's care; also because that morning he tried to 'hump' on Annabeth's leg, Frenzy was not as kind as last time, and completely pulverized the mini car bot with his shurikens.

Sam wasn't going to complain about it, in fact – he was starting to like Frenzy for getting back at Wheelie so he could not try and do perverted things on a random lady's leg. Maybe he could bribe the small bot to watch Wheelie after the quest.

Percy on the other hand seemed to like the mini ex-Decepticon for protecting his girlfriend again as he wondered of what Frenzy's fate was at the end of the search for Jazz's body.

Nico was not so ecstatic when he heard they were going by plane and panicked. Percy was sure about not getting blasted off the sky because of Prima's explanation last night, but he was worried about going to camp with his human Prime cousin. Annabeth having thought a plan the previous night suggested that Nico would go to camp by shadow traveling and warn Chiron about Sam. In that case, they could possibly pass Sam off as an 'old timer camper' inside as most of the demigods at camp were new. She did not want to think about tempting Zeus to shoot them with a son of Poseidon and Hades at the same time in the air.

The son of Hades vanished away into the shadows as soon as they finalized their plans before heading off to camp.

Two hours later, they were all aboard a C-17 military plane what was mostly used to transport army vehicles and the Autobots on missions after saying goodbye to their parents. Percy was glad and thankful this time as his mom had Aunt Judy to be with. Paul and his uncle should be alright with Will and Epps. In the short time Percy got to know the two, and he actually liked them. It was clear that they were veterans when it came to fighting. Buckling up as the plane was about to depart, he held Annabeth's hand and prayed everything would turn smoothly one they get to camp.

He silently gave a apologizing prayer to Zeus as the plane lifted the ground.

Better safe than sorry.

Major William Lennox shook his head as the plane disappeared to the distance. "You know, I really feel sorry for Sam. Even when he's on vacation, he still has someone to save."

"Well, that's I guess how the kid's luckis," Epps shrugged at Sam's tendency to be a 'hero' magnet. He then pointed out to another problem, "So while the kid is gone, how are we going to explain things to Galloway?"

"We don't." His partner said bluntly really wanting to avoid the liaison. They walked back into the hanger. "Sam's still on vacation."

"Right," the sergeant said sarcastically, "And the explanation about those bots that went with them?"

"On a recon mission to look for a better secluded landing site for the new arrivals," Will stretched his arms out not wanting to do anything with the liaison. "Galloway's already on the verge of making the Autobots angry enough. Him thinking that he could take on a whole groupof Greek Gods is something I want to avoid. He's happier not knowing, and I don't want more paperwork." The soldier shuddered on what might happen to Galloway of pissing off the Gods. All he knew it wasn't going to be pretty.

"Says the man who lied and chucked Galloway out of a military airplane by parachute in Egypt," Epps teased earning him a scowl from the Major. Yet he gave a nod of approval on the second choice. "But I'm not denying about of having more paperwork sucks."

"By the looks of things, probably we should tell this to General Morshower." Will had a feeling when Sam did something he was going to need back up. "You never know if the Decepticons are around, we're gonna have to be prepared to bring the rain."

"Gotta agree, man – but – How are we going to explain the Greek Gods stuff?" his partner complained.

Will thought on it as he scratched his head. "Drag Optimus into a meeting, his voice can vouch the authenticity. Besides, General Morshower's the only higher-ups that we can really trust on this."

"Okey-dokey, let's talk to Brass Eagle then," Epps nodded and then half joked, "The kid's going to owe us. Lets pray we don't get dragged to Greece thistime." He also prayed inwardly hoping that they did not need to destroy another national historical monument in the process as well. Let alone it just 'happened' to be a god's temple by mistake.

"You said it," Will agreed he dusted imaginary dust from uniform. "General Morshower should be soon landing back from the Pentagon soon. If he knows, less likely Galloway needing to know, or butting in our operations."

"Why do I get the feeling you're disappointed in not getting a chance to throw Galloway out of a plane again?"

"Shut up, Epps."

Prime Log 1.06: When Weird Families, Meet More Weird Families.
Heading towards Long Island

Okay... So the meeting between my Greek God related family and my alien one did not turn out to be so bad.

Still, I was worried on what we're going to face ahead.

With the attack on me by the Decepticons, the Autobots were uneasy and felt that it was a sign that the Decepticons were on the move since our battle in Egypt. There was no room for mistakes this time around, not after we almost lost Optimus the last time. So, my brother Prime decided he'd stay behind with most of the Autobots in case their enemies showed up and were up to no good. That left us with a few options on who was coming with up on this quest we were on. Bumblebee, Jolt and Arcee were sent – Jolt being a medic can help out Jazz when we find his body – and Arcee more maneuverable in terms of human size. Jazz was in fact going to help with plans or strategies even though he was literally a spirit. However, I don't think it'll be a problem as he was Optimus' first lieutenant.

I had a chat with Optimus later on about my 'death' and how my Underworld uncle didn't seemed to be happy about it. He was worried at first but then shocked that apparently Primus had marked me to have been tied to destiny under his domain. We were both unsure about what was going on, but my brother did believe that in Primus' plans there was something that may turn the tide of their war on Earth.

On to the Greek side of my family...

Nico Di Angelo was my distant cousin from my uncle Hades. He did have death vibe like my uncle, but he still had some spirit in him, although at times there was a sad expression on his face. In a way, it kind of reminded of my own fate on I was alone in being something half alien and half human. Only for him, he was part dead and not so dead. While I'm not sure about how gets by, I do want to get to know him. If Percy trusts him, I don't see why I can't try.

That morning when I woke up, Percy came over and we had a little talk. He wanted to make sure that the meeting with Prima he wasn't really a dream. When I told him it wasn't and that Prima was the bot that taught me all of my abilities he sort of paled. Not that I blame him though, especially when he found out just how much Primus was behind it and how much influence he had on the quest. He was even more surprised that he had only met one Prime and not the others like I have which there were 12 altogether. The fact that both the alien and Greek god family had so much in common was disturbing. We could only hope things wouldn't go up by a notch and turn into disaster.

With Prima's suggestion, we were now heading over to Percy's side of the world. Camp-Half Blood. The only place that was safe for demigods. The plan is, that I was to go in without the other demigods finding out I was a human, get a prophecy, and get back to search Jazz's body. To tell you the truth, I'm nervous. Why? It's because I was the only one going in, Mikaela didn't had Prime powers like I did, and I doubted that the barrier would let in any Autobot for that matter.

It kinda makes me ask sometimes why I ended up as an ambassador to aliens and end up facing more and more freakier things.

Still, I'm happy that I'm with friends and family this time.

Ancient Greek mythical reality here I come...

~ Sam


Yup, this time we're off to Camp-Half Blood! I thought of having a 'payback' short visit would be interesting (especially for Sam) before we head 'sea-ward'. Just note that Camp has changed as more demigods (mostly new) will be there. You won't find the older ones around (like Clarisse or Chris) because they've graduated from camp but we'll see later on if they may make an appearance.

About this chapter, I've researched and combined the aspect of gods from the TF universe to fit with our beloved Greek/Roman gods. Yes, Primus is the Lord of Light and Order (based on IDW comics and most Transforemers Universes). Prima is his most trusted warrior (also known as the 'Warrior of Light') and the first Transformer to walk on Cybertron. The Primes (when they were alive) were tasked to find suns so they could harvest the energy for energon. When they died/offlined they exist like minor Gods in his steed.

For you who aren't aware that Transforemers do have gods or not, they do. And like Greek/Roman Gods they don't have good family relations either. I'll make the history simple. In the Beginning of time, Primus existed with his brother Unicron who is the God of Darkness and Chaos. They fought for like a billion years until Unicron was locked into another dimension, ending his destruction of planets across a few galaxies. Then comes in the Dynasty of the Primes (there are 13 of them). The Fallen or known before as Megatronus Prime betrays his brothers, he then also gets locked into the 'void' dimension. Later freed by Megatron (also shows up in the RoTF), and as you know now Megs and Optimus battle it out inheriting the endless 'good vs evil' fight. Happy family feud rivalry as Ratchet says. xD

If you did notice something about a certain 'great prophecy', well just say I do have plans for a sequel (maybe) as inspiration struck after I read the Son of Neptune (glad to see Percy again). It's still in the works, but I like the idea of a God war with earth giants vs. robot alien giants with the demigods and humans stuck in middle. We shall see...

I'm going to update this fic once my other fic 'A Twin for a Twin' is updated as well. So there's time to mull over it.

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