Jasper's Bella


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Chapter 1


Bella woke up like she did every morning, but what was a normal morning for her would have freaked out anyone else. For you see every morning she woke up to the sight of two red eyes in her face. It wouldn't be so bad but her Dad had a problem with personal boundaries and being a vampire with no need to sleep, it killed him to wait for her to wake up. His impatience was therefore the reason she had to wake to two red eyes in her face every morning. Her Mother's wrath was the reason that she was actually allowed to wake up on her own, and wasn't woken at some god-awful time in the morning. Thus she was not fazed by the sight in front of her, but was annoyed non-the-less.

"Mom, Dad is staring at me again!" she called out softly knowing her vampire mother would hear her no matter what volume she used.

"Damnit! Peter Whitlock you leave her alone, today is her first day of school and she doesn't need you to put her in a bad mood before she even gets there!"

Ha! I thought. Serves him right, now Mom is going to bitch him out all morning. Glad I don't have to be here for that. Shit, today is my first day of school? Wow did my stomach just drop to my toes or what? The nerves are really kicking in and I haven't even gotten out of bed. I think I am gonna be sick?

Dad jumped off the bed and took off for parts unknown at vampire speed, so I was all alone while I dressed for school. It wasn't as if I was one of those girls that primp and curl etc… I just put on my best jeans and a tshirt. No one would see the tshirt anyways as with the weather here in Forks, I fully intended to wear my thick hoodie all day. I slipped on my chucks to complement my hoodie (both black) and I was almost ready to go. It took forever, to get all the knots out of my long brown hair but since I hated it in my face, I pulled it up on my head into a bun and secured it with a rubber band to keep it out of the way. Now breakfast and I would be ready to go to school.

When I entered the kitchen Mom had a smorgasbord set out for breakfast. She went way overboard for one person, and I knew that it was because she was nervous and excited for me. This was all as new for her as it was for me. Mom and Dad had been home schooling me for the last 12 years. At first it was out of necessity, a kindergartner is not great at keeping secrets and telling your teacher that your parents are vampires is not a good idea if you want to remain under the radar. Then as I got older, Dad got super overprotective and the idea of me in a school with a bunch of hormonal teenage boys was too much for him. So even though I was capable of keeping the secret by then, he was incapable of letting me go. I basically figured that I would never go to school like a regular kid.

Then last month something changed. Dad sat Mom and I down, and told us that we were moving to a little town in Washington called Forks where vampires can go out during the day most of the time due to the weather. Mom and I looked at each other waiting for the bomb to drop or "the catch"? Dad then said that he had purchased us a house there and that he had already enrolled me in High School there as a senior. I know my jaw dropped and I couldn't even look at Mom for her reaction. I was going to go to High School? Dad's gift must have been working overtime cause he answered my thought.

"Yes, baby girl you are going to High School. You are old enough that you know the importance of keeping the secret and you are able to take care of yourself for the most part if some hormonal teen gets out of line. I don't know why but my spidey sense is telling me that we have to move there and that you have to attend High School. I tried to fight it. It has been telling me this since the beginning of the school year, but I tried to ignore it but it is just too damn annoying and won't give me anymore information until we do it. Last time it hit me this strong and this enigmatically was when it told me to move to California and get a job. We all know how that turned out? So yeah, we're moving to Forks and you get to go to High School like a normal kid."

Mom and I were both so shocked that it took a while for us to even start to think of questions or have any comments on the whole situation. Eventually though we talked it all out and decided that Dad's Spidey sense had never steered us wrong before and that we were gonna follow the yellow brick road to Forks, to see where it takes us.

That was a little over a month ago, and we moved into the house in Forks last week with no problem. As the days had passed and it had gotten closer and closer to my first day of school, I don't know who was more nervous about me, Mom, or Dad? I hadn't been away from either one of them longer than a couple of hours since I was 4 months old. The only time that one of them was not with me was when they occasionally went hunting together and that was usually while I slept in the "safe room".

I looked at the feast that Mom had prepared for breakfast and I wanted to cry. I know that I should have been laughing but seeing all that food made me realize how much my Mom loves me and how hard this was gonna be on her. The smell of human food is revolting to vampires, yet she had spent hours preparing all this just so she could send me off to school with a good breakfast.

"I didn't know what you would want to eat this morning so I made a little bit of everything?" she said.

I didn't have the heart to tell her that I was too nervous to eat so I decided to make a plate and just try to eat some of it.

"I know I made too much but I figure I can freeze the excess and then you just have to microwave it for breakfast later in the week?"

"Everything looks great Mom, thanks. I love you too."

She smiled at me and the ruby of her eyes glowed with unshed venom tears, and Dad wrapped an arm around her slender waist to hold her to him. I looked at my parents and thought to myself that I was a lucky kid to have them. Some people may think I am crazy to feel lucky that two vampires adopted me, but I know better. They love me and put me first always. Shit they haven't even been on a weekend getaway since they adopted me almost 16 years ago. That is a long time to go without any couple only time, but they swear that they have eternity to have couple time but they only get these 18 years to be real parents. At least that is the plan, they are gonna turn me when I am 18, so only 2 more years to go.

After choking down some food so my Mom doesn't get disappointed and listening to all my Dad's safety lectures, again; I was actually starting to look forward to going to school. I mean how many times does he have to tell me not to drink anything if it is not opened by me and kept with me at all times. Or how many times do I have to promise not give my phone number out, that I will come straight home after school, I will call him immediately if I see a vampire, that I won't correct the teachers when they have the wrong information (that one is because with parents who were there when the history was being made, their version of history is often different than the ones in the books) and most of all… I promise not to get into fights.

That one is a doozy! And all Dad's fault, it is not my fault and that is for sure! When you are taught fighting techniques, martial arts, and strategy from the time that you are a baby… well some of it going to have consequences. It just so happens, that Dad wanted to make sure that I could protect myself from the time I was a toddler and so he started me out with taking me to Karate and Tai Kwon Do classes. Mom let him because he claimed that he had to socialize me with humans or I wouldn't know how to act with humans and they were good for that as the parents were expected to monitor the classes. However, when your 4 year old lands a round house kick on a bully at the playground with his parent watching; then you end up with a very pissed off Char and a scared Peter. Lets just say that Mom added some other classes to the mix, and made Dad give me a monthly lecture on when violence is necessary and when force should not be used.

Finally the lecture was over and Mom and Dad walked me out to my new car. Dad wanted to get me something like a tank (overprotective ass) and Mom wanted to get me something cute. I ended up with Nissan Xterra. I liked it and that was all that counted, at least it didn't scream rich bitch. I thought my car said that I was sporty and practical. Mom always rolls her eyes when I say that, but I can't help it if I am not very girly and not into cute.

I faced who I was a long time ago and I have learned to be fine with it. When you grow up with two beautiful immortals for parents, and then puberty hits with a vengeance…well I am just lucky to have any self esteem left. I know that I am not a troll but I am certainly nowhere near the beautiful range. I may be considered decent but definitely not pretty. I mean, hello, I am 16 years old, 5 foot 2 inches tall with 40 DD bust and wear a size 14. Basically I am short and fat. The good news is that I have pretty long hair, though it is a boring dark brown color and my skin is clear, though white as can be. Shit, sometimes I think that I am whiter than Mom and Dad. I think my best feature would have to be my big brown eyes, again brown is boring, but at least I have really long eyelashes and nicely shaped eyebrows to frame my eyes. I could do without the freckles though.

I shook off my self reflections and realized that I better get a move on if I am going to make it to school on time. Thank god that we had done a little midnight reconnoitering of the school. The three of us broke into the school at 1 am and located where all the classrooms are and got a general feel for the layout so I wouldn't be too lost today. I hopped into my Xterra and waved to Mom and Dad as I put my seatbelt on and backed out of the driveway. One of my favorite songs was playing on the radio as I drove to school, Sugarland's Baby Girl and I know my Dad could hear me singing along with the song cause I caught him laughing as he ran alongside the car.

"Dear Mom and Dad,

Please send money

I'm so broke

that it ain't funny"

I knew he wouldn't be able to resist following me to school. Have I mentioned how overprotective he is? Well, I made it to school just fine and parked my Xterra in the lot. The lot was only half full and everyone was busy with their friends, so no one had noticed me yet. I thought about putting my hood up and walking with my head down so I wouldn't be noticed, but dismissed the idea. The whole point of me going to school was so that I would get some human interaction.

I jumped out of the Xterra and slammed the door behind me. All eyes were suddenly on me and just as suddenly I had changed my mind. Now I think I want to go back home, I can always go to college? I don't have to be with humans right now, do I? Damn, where did my courage go? But I knew where it went, it was at home with my parents. Then my cell phone rang "Cowboy Cassanova" and I checked the text from my Dad "get your ass to class, they won't bite but I will". Ouch! I took a deep breath and walked to the office door without looking left or right. I kept my eyes pinned on that door so I wouldn't have to look at any of the students and see how they were taking my presence.

I made it to the door without any mishaps and walked into the office. It reminded me of a doctor's waiting room with informational posters all over the walls. I walked up to the receptionist and her nameplate said "Mrs Cope" and waited for her to get off the phone. She ended her call and asked how she could help me?

"Hello, I am Isabella Whitlock and today is my first day. I was told to pick up my school ID card and class schedule here?"

"Yes, I have them right here. Your paperwork shows that you are a senior. Now here is a map of the school and you need to have each of your teachers sign this form and return it to the office at the end of the day. Any questions?"

I had plenty of questions, but I didn't want to seem like I had never done this before or seem stupid to her so I just told her "No thank you" and walked out of the office.

I looked at my schedule and my first class was Homeroom/English with Mr Macon. What the heck is Homeroom? This wasn't in any of the High School movies that Dad and I watched to prepare for school. Shit I was already a fish out of water. I walked towards my first class and hoped that whatever Homeroom was, would be made apparent when it started.

When I got to the classroom, the teacher was already taking roll and I walked up to his desk and handed him the slip after he finished. He smiled at me and said "Isabella you can take the seat over by Angela, she will hold her hand up so you know who she is. I will bring you a book after the morning announcements and I have signed your slip. Welcome to Forks."

I didn't want to seem like a twit but I had to correct him so I softly said "Um Sir, I use Bella, thank you Sir." and then walked over to sit by the tall brunette with glasses that had her hand raised.

He seemed kind of surprised by my correction but smiled at me curiously and said "OK class settle down, we have a new student Bella Whitlock and after announcements we will begin working on our speeches for your midterm grade."

Then a loudspeaker over the clock came to life and a student began talking. They said the Pledge of Allegiance (what is that? Something to do with being an American and everyone else stood up and said the words but me. Dad had some research to do about this shit!). Then she talked about dates for dances and ticket sales, raffles, and test dates for SATs. It was just a bunch of random information. Then they wished us a good day and ended. I looked around at everyone else and since they all seemed to be relaxed, I figured it was normal.

After that Mr Macon explained our new assignment. We needed to write and give a speech about a topic that we would pull from his hat. We had three weeks to complete the assignment and we would be working on it in class for the next couple weeks. He came around with a hat and everyone stuck their hand in and pulled out a slip of paper with the topic listed on it. The slip that I pulled out said "If I could pick a side in the Civil War, it would be which and why?" Great, at least Dad can help me with the research, but if I know Dad I better pick the Confederacy or not go home.

The rest of the morning went pretty much like the beginning, with each of the teachers introducing me to the class and then getting the rest of the class started on the current assignment before setting me up with books and an overview of the what they have already covered this year. I was pretty much way ahead in every subject so I was feeling pretty comfortable but it was becoming more and more clear that I was a social retard. It was the little things that I just didn't get, little jokes people would tell that I wouldn't understand the context, and references to pop culture that went over my head. My natural shyness was at least working for me, people just thought that I was too shy to respond when I would hide my face in embarassment over not knowing what they were talking about.

I was walking out of my AP French 4 class when the brunette from English walked up to me, I think her name was Angela.

She said "Hey Bella, would you like to come eat lunch with me and my friends today?"

I blushed a bright red like usual and nodded my head. I followed her to the cafeteria and we got into line. I grabbed a small salad with Italian dressing, an apple and some lemonade. Mom would be happy that I was picking healthy foods. I walked behind Angela and followed her to a table that had a mixture of boys and girls. We sat down and she introduced me to Mike Newton, Lauren Mallory, Tyler Crowley, Eric Yorkie and Jessica Stanley. Jessica and Eric seemed nice. Mike was creepy, he kept looking at me and licking his lips. Lauren was scary with her bleach blonde hair, plastic face, tons of makeup and fake nails. I glanced at her and she gave me a mean glare. I didn't know what I had done to her but I was sure that she hated me for some reason.

Then everyone in the cafeteria's attention was caught by some students entering the room. I followed everyone else's gaze and I saw a group of vampires enter the room. I looked at the other students and they were all gazing at the 3 vampires enviously. I leaned over to Jessica and whispered knowing that they would be able to hear it anyways, "Who are they?"

She got all excited to be the one to give me the gossip"You don't know? Those are a couple of the Cullen kids, two of them aren't here yet. The beautiful blonde is Rosalie Hale and she is dating the buff brunette Emmett Cullen. Her twin brother Jasper Hale is dating Alice Cullen; they are both here today, but are probably out in the parking lot making out or something. The guy with the weird bronze hair is Edward Cullen, he is the only single one. They are all adopted by Dr and Mrs Cullen. Isn't that sick? I mean they are all living in the same house and dating each other?"

She wanted me to respond like I was grossed out but I didn't think that they were really siblings as they were vampires, so I really didn't find a problem with their cover story.

Angela was the one who responded to her "Jessica they aren't related to each other, they are adopted."

I ducked my head and looked at the Cullens out of the corner of my eyes. Dad was gonna flip when he knew there were vampires here in Forks and in my school. What was with their weird eye color too? I couldn't figure out why all of them had gold eyes. I mean if they are going to wear contacts to cover the red eyes, then shouldn't they choose a color that at least looks natural?

After lunch Angela walked with me to our next class. We both had Physics next. My last class of the day was Gym and one of the Cullens was in my class. Emmett Cullen was sitting on the bleachers with the other boys in the class, as I walked up to Coach Clapp. I gave the Coach the form to sign and he told me that I would need to dress out for PE everyday. The sweatpants and tshirt with the school logo can be purchased tomorrow and costs $20. I will also need a lock for my PE locker, I can bring one from home or purchase one here for $3. Emmett Cullen saw me looking at him and winked at me. I blushed bright red and he laughed at me. I couldn't help it, I was entranced by the gold eye color. I took a seat on the bleachers, as far away from Emmett Cullen as could be and watched as the students were put into teams to play basketball.

Finally Gym was over and I was done for the day. I walked out to the parking lot and out to my Xterra. That Mike guy was chasing me to my car, so I stopped and turned around to find out what he wanted. I leaned my back against the driver's side door and waited for him to catch up to me.

He ran up to me and I looked down at his shoes cause I couldn't look him in the eye. He was breathing fast and I just wished that he would spit it out so that I could leave.

"Hey, Bella. How was your first day at our High School? "

"Good?" I was hoping that was all but he wasn't leaving so I waited for him to say what he had to say.

"Great, so I was wondering if you would like to go to a movie with me Friday night?"

Oh shit! He wants me to go on a date with him. This guy is creepy and there is no way that my Dad would ever let me be alone with a guy like him in the dark. What do I say? Shit. Now I was panicking and then I realized that Dad's advice about lying is gonna come in handy. When in doubt tell the truth, just part of it.

"Uh Matt, is it?"


"Oh sorry, Mike but my Dad is really picky about who I date and he would have to approve of you before hand and my Dad is really scary and doesn't like anyone. I'm sorry but I am going to have to say no. Thank you though."

I didn't wait around to see the expression on his face but spun around and jumped into my Xterra. I started it up and out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the Cullens walking to their red BMW and a silver Volvo. The other two vampires were with them now, a small girl with black spiky hair that must be Alice and then a tall built man with honey blond curls. My eyes were drawn to the man, he must be Jasper Hale. He was the most beautiful man I have ever seen. I couldn't move, I was so entranced, and then he looked up at me and our eyes met. I couldn't breath. It was like we were the only two people on the earth and I couldn't believe how drawn that I was to this man/vampire. Then the Alice vampire grabbed him hard and tried to pull him away.

I turned off my Xterra and jumped out. I don't know what I was going to do but I needed to talk to him and stop her from taking him away from me. Then she turned to me, the little Pixie vampire and she took on a blank expression and a look of anger passed over her face. Then too fast for me to keep up with a blur came at me and another one crossed in front of me as yet another vampire was suddenly in front of me and crouched protectively in front of my was my blond savior. He was growling at the Pixie vampire and she was being held back by the bronze haired one.

"Oh shit, she was going to eat me, wasn't she?" I said.

"No, she was going to kill you." the bronze haired vampire said. I think his name is Edward. "We need to get out of here, we are drawing too much attention. No one saw what happened but they are watching us now. Jasper, we need to leave, we can discuss this at the house."

Jasper growled "I'm not going anywhere without her."

"Fine bring her to the house, Emmett call Carlisle and tell him what happened and to meet us at the house." Edward stated exasperated as he held a struggling Alice. "She knows about us, so we need to talk to her anyways."

Knowing they were all talking about me and waiting for me to say something, I said as softly as possible "Of course I know what you are, my parents are like you."