Dean watched the scene unfold in the beautiful room. He remembered this, Castiel returning from wherever he went to make these important decisions, flinging him against the wall and covering his mouth. He knew what would come next. Castiel would cut himself, paint the symbols on the wall and send Zachariah away.

But before that...there was a whole lot of staring. He hadn't noticed before, kind of fixated on the whole 'shit, he's gonna kill me' line of thinking. But from the moment his eyes had met Cas's (technically were meeting his in this little vision-aside) the stare lasted a good 4 minutes.

Dean turned to find Sam, silent since they began the trippy sequence of visions, trying to hold back a grin.

"This is what you were talking about?"

Sam nodded. Dean punched him on the arm. Across the room Castiel still had the Vision-Dean pressed up against the wall.

"Grow up. It...It was tense, ok? And if I remember right you were chugging demon blood somewhere right" Sam isn't fazed. He just smiles knowingly.

"Fine, I admit it." Dean throws up his hands. "But it doesn't feel like that when it's's all very dramatic"

"Looks pretty gay to everyone else though. You know that right."

"Well I do now!" Dean turns away as the vision dissolves into smoke.