She stares blankly at the teacher, trying her hardest not to give in to those little devils desperately trying to pull her eyelids down, and send her to sleep…

She couldn't focus… well, not that she had to.

All she could hear were the ticking clock, occasional scribbles, and the faint voice of the blabbering teacher.

Silence can be so boring…



A few scribble every now and then… and more seconds of silence.. She needed this silence.

A gum pops.

Her eyebrow twitches.


Another pop.

She balls her fist.








It was quiet… too quiet.

She hasn't been sleeping properly... no, not only because of school work. Something else has been bothering her.

Usui hasn't been coming to school for days now.

Where is he?

Did something happen?

..she hates it.. the feeling of uneasiness when he's not around


The door slides open

Thoughts quieted. She was washed by a wave of relief when the annoying silence was cut by the noise of the sliding door.

She secretly smiles.


"sorry, president… but these papers are—"


No. it wasn't Usui.

Another wave crashed down on her… total opposite of the first one

She stood up, went out of the room and headed to the rooftop.

She clutches at her chest.

Why didn't he tell me anything?




She raises her hand to rub her throbbing head.

"damn you…"

She tries to wipe all images of him that keeps on appearing.

She tries to stop the thoughts.

"everything ok, prez?"

Her eyes widens.

"wh- USUI!"

"hi prez…" he grins as he walked closer to her.

"tch… what are you doing here? And why weren't you able to attend classes?"

"I couldn't… it's- -"

"where have you been? Why haven't you been coming to school?... "

"awww… prez missed me that much?"

"BAKA USUI! Did something happen, usui?... why didn't you tell me?"

"Misa-chan is worried about me… I'm really flattered"

She tried her hardest to calm down… but was failing miserably

"BAKA! You're not answering any of my questions!"

She grabbed his collar, ready to punch him

"Ayuzawa…" His eyes softened

"and what are you thinking? Me? Worried about you? That's completely ridiculou- - "

Her eyes widen.

A hand slides on her neck, another rested on her back.



Again, silence reigned.



He pulls her to a kiss.

His kiss..

It silences the confusion.

It silences the thoughts,… the unquiet, uneasy beating of the heart


"I'm sorry" he whispers then leans in again.

Among all the other kinds of silence…

This has got to be her favorite.