This is another little addition to my series of lemony AU stories of Bella and Edward preparing for her change. You don't have to read the others to enjoy this one, but if you want to, I have them listed in order on my profile.

Flying lessons tomorrow… an entire morning away from her.

September first was only a two short months away and there were so many preparations to cram in. We picked the date for her conversion with care, far enough away from our anniversary that it wouldn't stain the event, yet before her birthday so she would forever stay in her teens.

Slow as I always seem to be regarding her thoughts and feelings, it never occurred to me that it would be stressful to join me and learn to fly. Beyond her joking and asking if it was possible for a plane to trip, she had outwardly acted as if it wouldn't be a problem. The only excuse I could muster as to why I didn't catch any real anxiety sooner was my delight in spending the time with her. But I should have been more sensitive, more considerate as we began our plans to lay the groundwork to fake both of our deaths.

Our entire family agreed that crashing a plane into the ocean was the best course to go with. The lack of actual bodies would raise few questions. We would wait as long as we could, but the most Alice could see was two years… two years of phone calls and emails and excuses before one parent or another turned up at our door. But we needed to do as much as we could now, just in case.

Some details were easily enough done. We already paid our tuition and bought our books. We would simply withdraw before the term began due to me breaking my pelvis falling off our roof cleaning the gutters, an injury serious enough to warrant a sabbatical from school. Carlisle would add the paperwork at the hospital to cover our tracks; she would skip the semester as well to help care for me in my convalescence. Only someone looking very carefully would know something was wrong.

Other details were more emotionally involved. It took her by surprise that her voice would be different, but she readily made the tapes she would use, once immortal, to relearn the sound of her human voice. I watched her carefully composed face as we spoke conversationally in front of the microphone. It was too plain… too smooth. Nevertheless, when I would try to talk to her about it, she would laugh it off and tease me about being paranoid. I had been wrong often enough in regards to feelings that I didn't push the point, but in the back of my mind, I knew she was hiding something.

Then there were our plans for tomorrow. We had just come back from Forks from her last face to face visit with her father and sat down on the couch to begin to check out flight instructors. I hated thinking that trip to say goodbye to her father was another loose end, but that was what it was. With Charlie officially dating Sue Clearwater, a council meeting was scheduled and Bella pled her case to the wolves. Jacob sat holding Leah's hand, and it was she and Emily Uley that convinced the others to agree to a new treaty. It would be a long time before we returned to the pacific northwest, but it was nice to know that someday we could came back to our favorite home.

With my arm around her shoulder and laptop on the coffee table, we perused the ads for a private instructor that could meet our needs, someone willing to give lessons at oddly scheduled times. As the days of the summer months in the north were quite long and often sunny, it would be impossible to attend a regular class, but I wasn't too worried about it. A generous bonus should take care of any availability problems.

As we scanned the screen, I could feel the tension in her body. I began rubbing the small of her back, trying to relax her, oblivious to the reason behind her stress.

"It'll be easy… honest"

"For you maybe." She muttered.

"You'll do fine." I said trying to ease her fears. "I'll tutor you… and I promise to be on my best behavior… though that might require you to wear a burkha, or perhaps we could fashion a tarp of some sort, with holes cut out so you can see the books."

I expected her to giggle, but I heard her sniffle, watched as the back of her hand came up and rubbed her eye.

"What's wrong?"

"It's nothing." She whispered

I looked down at her face, watched while her eyes averted mine and a silent teardrop rolled down her cheek. I reached up and turned the screen off and pulled her onto my lap.

"Tell me." I pleaded

"I can't do it. I can't take flying lesson."

She buried her face in my chest. This had nothing to do with her upcoming change, it was about the sorrow she knew her death would inflict on Renee and Charlie. I held her tight wishing that there was some magic in the world that could keep her parents in her life, to keep this pain from touching her heart.

"If there was any other way…" Try as I did, I could keep the agony out of my voice.

"I'm so sorry. I don't want you to feel bad about this."

"Please... don't worry about me."

"It's the best option available," She cleared her throat and spoke calmly, trying to pretend she was alright, "and I appreciate the effort the entire family is putting out for me to have a little extra time with my parents."

She looked down at her hands. I could feel the heavy burden of concern she forever carried for everyone but herself pulling her pulling her back into tears, tearing the brave mask from her face.

"I just don't think I can do it Edward. I don't know if I can sit there, in front of a stranger, knowing why I am there and keep it together." She looked back up at me, taking in the anguish on my face that I could not hide and continued. "I'm so sorry that I am doing this to you."

She spoke the words as if she were confessing to a horrible crime. I rocked her in my arms, stroking her face with my hand, desperate to make her feel better.

"I can go alone." I reminded her. "You can stay here… maybe go see Alice."

"Would you mind?"

I wanted to push away the sadness… see a smile return to her heart, if only for a few moments.

"Hmm..." I smiled thoughtfully, teasing her. "Get away from my nagging wife for a few hours…? Why would I mind?"

Sniffling, she cocked her head head to the side and pressed her lips together, stifling a snicker.

"Gee, I didn't think about that." she retorted. " entire day with out you getting underfoot. What could be better?"

"I might be late getting back." I contemplated, looking up at the ceiling grinning. "Who knows what pretty girls are hanging out at the airport?"

"Take all the time you want Mr. Cullen." She giggled, the light returning to her tear filled eyes. "Its a couple hours to the nearest male strip club. I could be awhile myself."

We both sighed with relief.

I pulled her arms away from my neck and kissed her wedding band, a plan beginning to form. "I didn't realize you were so lacking visual stimulation Mrs. Cullen."


"Don't move…" Edward whispered seductively sitting me back down on the couch and walked over to the stereo where his Ipod was docked. He stood there for a few moments, and then chuckled low.



Suddenly he was standing right in front of me on top of the coffee table, our laptop between his feet. He ran his hand through his tangle of bronze hair as the harmonica intro began.

Pink, it's my new obsession, yeah

He looked down at me and smiled

Pink, it's not even a question

He began at the top button of his shirt, his hips rocking from side to side to the music.

Pink, on the lips of your lover

Still moving, he crouched low on the table and brushed his lips against mine

'Cause pink is the love you discover

Recognition of what he was doing finally dawned on me and I burst out laughing.

He looked down at me as if I had offended him, but his eyes twinkled and the corners of his mouth twitched.

I clamped my hand over my mouth, but I watched eagerly as Aerosmith continued on and his long lean body moved in front of me. The sorrow of just a few moments ago vanished and I gawked at him on his impromptu stage, my hand falling away from my open mouth as slowly... one button after another of his shirt opened forming an arrow with his bare chest that drew my eyes straight to the crotch of his pants.

Pink, it was love at first sight

And pink, when I turn out the light

The heat I already felt inside me surged when he got to his cuffs and my mouth started to water. Odd I thought, it seemed the sexiest part of his dance. Maybe because I knew what was coming next. He pulled off his shirt, fully exposing the muscles of his broad chest, his flat stomach. I could sit there no more. I stood up reaching out with my hands to his belt buckle, but he took them up in his own and stepped back down on to the floor, kissing them before he pulled them behind my back, imprisoning them in his own.

Pink, gets me high as a kite

"I don't think they let the customers do that at the strip club." he breathed low and throaty into my ear.

Still swaying back and forth, he continued to restrain me with one hand as he pulled my tank top from my shorts with the other, his lips moving lower and lower, kissing a trail to the hem. He released me only long enough to remove my shirt, lifting my arms over my head, holding them there as he danced against my trembling form. With nothing available to touch him with but my mouth, I licked his bare shoulder, and he jumped, my shirt escaping from his grasp above me and rolling down my back on to the floor.

MY eyes widened and I sucked in a sharp breath surprised that I was instantly back on the couch pinned down by his long hard body.

"I don't think… they allow… this either." I panted trying to compose myself while he rocked his hips against the outside of my shorts, his fingers crawling up the cup of my bra, moving higher to the strap and sliding it down my shoulder."

"I won't tell if you won't." he murmured

He rolled up to a seated position and pulled me on top of him. With my legs straddled across his lap, I slipped my elbow out of the restricting strap that hung across my upper arm. No longer willing to prevent me from touching him, Edward's head fell back against the back of the couch with a throaty growl as my mouth bore down on him, the nails of my newly liberated hands digging into his hair. I barely heard the song end as I felt his cool fingers on my back, felt the tension and restraint in his hands as he carefully undid the hooks. I wretched myself away from his bare chest a couple inches, just far enough to yank the white cotton and lace out from between us. It hung loosely off my elbow as he bent me over his hand, his lips moving to my burning neck and chest, his nose trailing down between my breasts before turning, allowing his tongue to sample my erect nipple.

"Definitely my favorite color…" he murmured to himself tasting me.

My heart stuttered to a stop, then kicked into overdrive as Edward dropped us off the couch and on to his knees, knocking the laptop to the floor and laid me down on the wide boxy coffee table. His fingers slipped underneath my backside, catching both my panties and shorts in one smooth move, sliding them past my knees and lifting one of the legs I had braced against the couch, pulling it free. He placed the back of my ankle against his shoulder and my leg shook, his tongue sopping up the dew forming on the inside of my overheated thigh. I lifted my other foot off the ground, kicking my shorts away as he reached underneath me, pushing the table forward before taking my backside in his hands. Ignoring my panties stuck to my damp knee, my calf joined its mate on the other side of his shoulder, trailing down his back.

My hands gripped the table and my head hung off edge. He lifted my engorged womb to his mouth, moaning with desire as he pillaged the now wet folds. The muscles in my legs strained to force his tongue further in, pressing my aching clit against mouth desperate for relief.

"Please…" I begged incoherently to who I don't know. "Please… God…"

The blood pumped in my arteries, harder, louder, demanding oxygen from my overworked lungs as he pleasured me. My straining knuckles held me to the wood as if I was clinging from to the precipice of a cliff, the sweat from my back pasting me to the table, pulling at my skin. Edward's tongue began to move faster and faster, soon just vibrating off the opening of my throbbing loins. I gasped uncontrollably, the heat intensifying until its energy boiled out to my fingertips as my toes curled, my orgasm taking me.

I could hear his satisfied moan over the pounding in my ears, over the sound of me crying out his name as he lapped up the juices pulsating from my core. His fingers abandoned me to unbuckle his belt and unzip his fly. Warm lips began to move back up my clammy stomach, his hands pulling me on to my knees and I ignored the slight pain of the wood fighting to keep my wet back suctioned to it.

"Make me come again." I demanded at his ear, tugging at the lobe with my teeth. "…or I'm gonna tell the management."

His pants fell to the bend in his knees as I reached into his underwear and took him into my hand. I began to get to my feet dragging him with me by his erection, before pushing him back on to the couch. I shook my arm out of the bra I never fully removed and threw it on top of his head, stepped out of the half of my panties still hanging around my ankle and climbed back on top of him.

Legs trapped between my thighs, I rubbed myself against his hard shaft taunting him, working myself up for round two. My bra began to fall down over his face and he leaned back to inhale it.

I would not allow my prize to be hidden. My mouth descended on the offensive object, grabbing the fabric with my teeth and flung it away, the same teeth that now tugged at his stone lip. I could still taste me on his lips, the saltiness of my juices mixed with his delicious sweetness making me shudder from the memory where those lips had just been. I continued to grind against the front of him and Edward's hips drove up underneath me matching my rhythm, his lips parted against mine and his tongue emerged. Like a crazed addict in front of a bowl of coke, I sucked him into me, my hands crushing me to his face, holding tighter than I had to the table.

Edward could take no more. His snarl reverberated down my throat and he threw us sideways, thrusting himself into me the moment my back hit the couch. His face looked more animal than man as he moved with an intensity that was a shocking but wonderful surprise. I flushed and tingled as I felt his fight, saw the struggle in his eyes to maintain the control that he always so carefully held. We certainly loved each other, but this was not making love. It was pure lust that was driving both of us. He was almost outside himself as he pulled his face from mine, lifting himself higher and I could feel his hard shaft smacking against the top of my cervix as I clung to him with my legs, rocking my pelvis up to meet him. I didn't have to beg for him to push harder as he gripped the arm of the couch and its back with his fists, growling and snarling, my entire body trembling with insane gratification.

"Edward!" I cried out, the heat coursing up my chest and into my face . "It's so good…"

It wasn't fear that ignited my orgasm. It was the tiny glimpse of the true force of his power and of his nature, and his ability to rein that power in. I screamed wildly in ecstasy, my limbs clinging to him as he roared, his body rigid and trembling as he joined me, collapsing on top of me as his handholds gave way, the wood frame splintering under his fingers.

He pulled out of me and rolled on to the floor, dragging my limp body off the destroyed couch and on to his chest. We laid there between the furniture gasping for air. I pressed my lips to his neck and he flinch, the part of him that was just inside me jerking, still not yet fully calmed down.

It was a full minute before I had the energy to look up at his face, severe with anger and shame. His eyes caught mine and softened.

"I must be indestructible…" He muttered.

"It's okay Edward." I crawled up higher and rubbed my cheek against his. "It's okay."

"I know…" he sighed and kissed my forehead and tightening his arms around me.

I don't know how long we lay there, Edward stroking my hair, listening to my heart quiet.

"So, wanna to go couch shopping tonight?" I said, finally breaking our silence.

His low growl shook me from underneath.

"You are such a bad, bad girl."

"Maybe you can spank me later." I suggested.

"Don't think I won't take you up on that."

"Maybe I'm hoping you will."