Standing underneath an old blue tarp that served as a makeshift shelter for a roadside stand, I paid for the fresh blueberries and cut flowers anxious to be on my way. The day had been beyond dull. I glanced at the clock in the cockpit often, positive it had stopped working properly. My only enjoyment derived from my one respectfully asked question I already knew and my one wrong answer I submitted, imagining the smile that would have lit her eyes if she had been there to hear.

The few sprinkles that had fallen when I left the airport was now a steady rain as I made my way up the mountain home to her. Taking the last turn onto our driveway, it took me by surprise when I caught the scent of freshly cut grass.

What did she mow the lawn for? I had been so busy with other things in the week since we got home, talking to Carlisle, dealing with my class time, keeping her cool. Tall grass and a few weeds did not rank high on the priority list so consequently I decided to let it go. Surely she knew I would have gotten around to it sooner or later.

Then it dawned on me. She mowed it for me, so I wouldn't have to later. I was perplexed by the gesture. She didn't need to exert such effort at something so easy for me to do. Yet I was warmed by her thoughtfulness. As if her existence in my life was not more than enough, she was always trying to think of things to do for me.

Parking the car, my eye was immediately drawn to the movement on the porch. She was waiting for me and I shook my head amused. I could just catch sight of a jade tinted foot hanging over the arm of the wooden swing that waved back and forth slightly in the breeze. Apparently she had not bothered with shoes, probably didn't want to ruin a pair. I would do my best, but it was going to be really hard to not kid her about it.

I glanced back up at the porch. She hadn't sat up when I pulled in, must have fallen asleep there. I turned off the engine and pulled the key slightly so the chimes wouldn't ring and opened the door.

Quiet even for me, I made my way up the walk to our house, inhaling deeply. The freshly cut grass barely registered now compared to her sweet aroma wafting out to welcome me home. Listening to the calm beat of her heart, I grinned at it's accompaniment, the sound of her snoring lightly, something she flat out refuse to accept occurred every time she slept on her back.

Abandoning my purchases in beside the screen door, I gazed engrossed at the vision before me.

On the porch handrail, a bowl and spoon sat dangerously close to the foot I spied on my way in, no doubt the slightly soured milk in the bottom the remains of her inadequate breakfast. Pillow from our bed on the floor, she laid awkwardly on the swing. I frowned at a small new bruise beginning to blossom just above her knee. Her head was crooked against her chest, her left arm extended out revealing its scars, almost touching the porch floor as the growing breeze from the summer storm rocked her tenuous perch.

Awkward, yet graceful…

She wore no bra, the natural contour of her small round breasts rose and fell in a perfect cadence underneath a pretty white camisole, one lacy strap dangling across her arm completely baring her fair shoulder. Wisps of hair that had escaped her ponytail fluttered around her heart shaped face. She slept untroubled, brow smooth, cheeks slightly flushed, her soft pink lips slightly parted, inviting me closer.

I wanted to carry her into the house. Surely she was not comfortable that way. But I resisted my urge hesitant. She slept so little and so lightly these days and it seemed no matter how careful and quiet I was, my presence alone often appeared enough to stir her. I felt certain she would wake for sure were I to touch her.

So I continued to watch absorbed. To be so tired as to be able to sleep that way. What would that be like? I craved the ability to understand. I was aware of it intellectually, had heard physical weariness often in human's minds. Yet I had no idea how it felt, could grasp no personal memory of the sensation.

I often accused Alice of being wrapped up in her voyeuristic tendencies, and here I was watching, trying to experience humanity through the slumbering form of my wife.

I felt envious of her. I felt sad for her. Like all of us, she would too soon loose this experience and the memory of it as well as most others of being human.

She snorted once as if to chastise me for my moodiness and began to turn over, rolling off the swing. I caught her easily a couple inches from the floor and her eyes flew open.

"You know, we have beds in the house… a fairly comfortable couch too."

She gave me no opportunity to say more. Her fingers reached up, locking around my neck as she lifted her head and silenced me with her mouth.

I sat us on the swing, cradling her on my lap. It had been six hours since I felt the warmth of her body against mine. The relief was palpable.

She broke away to yawn and laid her head against my chest.

"You bought me flowers." She mumbled still groggy at the bouquet on the floor. "Thank you Edward."

You could hear in her voice the effort she was making not to say… you shouldn't have. Another two or three years of me wearing her down and she might actually enjoy getting presents.

"Blueberries too." I smiled.

"Maybe I'll have them for lunch." She said stretching like a cat, trying to get herself alert.

"Did you even attempt to sleep this morning?" I asked stroking her cheek with my thumb.

"I tried."

"It doesn't look like you put much effort behind it." I accused, staring out at the wet yard, suppressing a laugh at the feet she was now trying to hide from my view.

"I had a lot of stuff on my mind." She stiffened in my arms and her change in tone left me confused. I looked down at her expression… empty. I felt kind of like I was in trouble but I just didn't know it yet.

"What kind of… stuff?" I asked a bit uneasy.

"Rosalie came to the house this morning." She answered flatly.

Crap. I knew what was wrong immediately. She thought I was not going to tell her about my predawn visit with my sister.

"Rosalie came to visit me too… while I was hunting. She got me so behind I didn't get a chance to talk to you about it this morning." I met her examining eyes, feeling a strong need to rattle on. "You were barely awake, but I should have warned you anyway. She didn't say she was coming, but I had a notion she might."

"Oh," she responded looking slightly pacified. "It's okay."

"She didn't upset you, did she?"

It was the wrong thing to say. I could tell as soon as it left my mouth.

"No, she was quite gracious." She replied defiantly. "She gave me her… blessing, I guess you could say… on becoming a vampire. From what I gathered, you two had a similar conversation."

My annoyance at her for clearly thinking I would hide this from her flared then quickly turned to shame. I had no right to be irritated. I had lied to her so often in the past… withheld information one time too many. "I was going to tell you all about it when I got home, honest."

"I'm sure you were." She acknowledged, but didn't look me in the eye as she said it.

"You don't believe me, do you?" I lifted her chin up to plead with my eyes for her to understand.

"I believe you… now. It's just that…I was tired and… taken by surprise… and… and..." Moisture began to fill her eyes and her face flushed crimson.

"It made me wonder." The tears brimmed over and down her cheeks "I'm sorry. I should have known better. "

I don't know what hurt more, the fact that she was crying because she had doubted me, or the fact that I deserved her suspicions. I pulled her tight into my chest and pressed my cheek against her forehead.

"I swear to you, I will never betray your trust again."

She began to sob in earnest now and I rubbed her back, helpless as to what I could do or say to comfort her. Finally it became too much.

"Please…" I begged, not knowing for what.

"My feet are green!" She wailed.

I couldn't help myself. Heartbreaking as her sobs sounded and upset as I was myself, it was the funniest thing I had ever heard in my life. I burst out laughing.

"There, there…" I did my best to reign in my amusement and patted her back.

I thought maybe I had offended her more as she began to clamber off my lap. But she turned around and climbed right back on top of me, placing one knee on each side of my thighs. The change in the distribution of weight tipped us back in the swing as she leaned to dig her fingers into my hair, pulling my head back and glaring down, a tear splashing on my face.

"Don't make me angry." She warned, sniffling and trying to look mean. "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

"Are you about to burst out of your clothing?" I asked seriously as I could.

"Maybe." She snarled, but her lips twitched as her face fell closer and she began to rub her nose against mine.

"I missed you so much today Mrs. Cullen."

"I missed you too."

Her mouth dropped down on mine once more as I reached up and pulled what remained of her hair out of its restraint. It started as a friendly kiss, soft warm lips moving gently against my own. But as our connection continued, the feeling changed. Need and desire was making its presence known in both of us. Our heart that only moments ago beat so calmly and quietly, now began to splutter erratically. Both sets of lungs sucked in air at an ever increasing pace. My fingers tingled with the sublime pleasure of stroking her dark mane. My other hand determined to outshine its counterpart, slid it's self between her shirt and her back, delighted in being in direct contact with her skin and trapped in the pocket of warmth.

The summer storm was growing stronger, the temperature truly beginning to cool now; a gust of wind pushed the rain onto the porch, hitting the swing.

"Let's get you out of the weather." I suggested, finally breaking my self away from her mouth.

"No." She whispered at my ear nibbling.

"At least let me make you some lunch then."

"I can make it myself… later"

The swing rocked faster in the wake of how she moved against me, indicating what she did want.

"Two Pop Tarts thrown in the toaster is not a meal." I was proud that came out right. It was hard to think straight, let alone form coherent sentences when she was pulling my shirt out of my jeans.

"I want to stay out here." She demanded.

"But it's raining and it's getting colder."

"I know." She responded, by abandoning my shirt for the button atop my fly before sliding her hand down the crotch of my pants rubbing my growing erection. "It's been well over twenty four hours since we…"

"Not for me." I grinned teasing, closing my eyes to focus. "My wife took care of that last night."

"Really?" She stopped to snicker when I jumped as she squeezed the denim bulge in her palm. "Then why does it feel like you're about to bust the zipper of your jeans.

Fine, she could eat later I decided, but the temperature was really dropping quickly now. "It's warmer in the house."

"Too warm … Make love to me in the rain Edward."

I caved to my less noble interests. My shirt got thrown behind her on the porch floor. The white camisole followed moments later. I stood us up and her legs clung to my waist as I made my way down to the bottom of the stairs that were not under the porch roof. The dirt path that leads to the house was beginning to get muddy and the now heavy rain drenched us quickly, wind whipping her soaked hair into my face. Still holding tight with her legs, she leaned back against my hand and lifted her eyes to the deluge, washing the way the last of her tears.

The invitation was too much to resist. Teeth well hidden, my lips gorged themselves on her wet throat, my body electrified by the pulse that throbbed against my tongue. In desperate need of my hands, I pulled her to lips back to mine - I could not tolerate having my mouth away from the flavor of her - and disentangled myself from her limbs and putting her feet on the bottom stair.

It was hard to tell if she was getting chilled standing in the storm. Heat rolled off her in waves as she tried to remove a foot out of the soggy shorts puddled on the rain covered tread. My knees dropped into the now muddy path of our walk as I my mouth made its way down her trembling body. Her legs gave way and I decelerated her fall with my hands, setting her soft bottom gently on the wood stair two above me.

Water ran like a river in the valley between her breast as her back arched in gratification to my tongue on her erect nipple and my hand seeking its way between her thighs. Legs spread wide and feet braced on the sodden path, she rubbed her throbbing clit against my vibrating fingers. With each passing second she grew hotter and hotter in my hands, heart thundering in her chest that rose and fell faster and faster.

Her squeal turned to a laugh as she slipped in the liquefying earth. One leg attached itself around my waist and fingernails previously dug into my hair now tightened around my neck to prevent her from sliding off the step. It was that exquisite sound, the sound of her laugh that made it impossible to play no more... wait no longer. Selfishly, I dragged my hand from inside her and unzipped my fly, pushing my jeans down to the bend in my knee. Sitting back on to the heels of my sneakers, I yanked her from the steps and thrust myself up into her.

The throbbing heat and her engorged core nearly made me loose it. She gasped from the suddenness of the move, but responded quickly, repositioning her feet and began to ride.

Her body now felt like an inferno against my chest, her mouth, blistering hot smashed up to mine. Calves trembling at my sides, she panted and grunted with exertion growing ever tighter. Hands at her waist, I did what I could to ease her effort, my pelvis thrusting up to meet her downward strokes. Exhilarating as it was to explore this new position, it was something I could not allow to continue. I knew I was close and would all to soon have to forced my aiding hands from her sides. She sensed the my hesitation, and the solution before I did. With one last effort, she shoved my hands away, pushed me off my heels and on to my back, falling on to her knees, yet not missing one beat of her cadence. She leaned back against my bent legs. Her shoulder blades rubbed against the waist of my jeans that hung down from my knees impaling herself on my stone shaft. Crying out my name her muscles clamped down as she rode out the wave of pleasure. Fists dug into the sloppy muck, my hips bucked from the ground as she ignited my own orgasm nearly knocking her off as I joined her.

Her internal flame extinguished, she fell on top of me and immediately started to shiver while the rain pounded on her back. Still gasping for air myself, I rolled up on to my feet with her in my arms to take us into the house to get warm.

"N… n… not on m… my c…clean fl…oor!" she protested, teeth chattering as I juggled her to open the screen door, nudging her flowers and the pint of blueberries aside.

I laughed breathlessly, putting her down long enough to abandon my muddy sneakers and jeans on the porch.

"Th... they are v..very p...pretty." She sputtered, knees knocking and reaching with shaking hands for her flowers.

"I glad you like them." I said scooping her back up headed straight for the shower.

The water ran hot against my chilled body, only now with a clear head did I realize that she had not ran so hot in the rain as I had grow so cold. Yet she didn't pull away and as she caressed my shoulder and kissed my chest and I was absurdly grateful for her acceptance.

Both of us clean and warmed up under the shower, she yawned and began to sway exhausted in the tub.

"Let's get you out of here and into bed."

She didn't argue and I felt certain that I would fail in my endeavor to get decent food down her before she drifted off. I shut the water off and she dragged herself from the bathroom, pulling back the blankets and flopped over on the bed. I slid in beside her and took her into my arms

"By the way, I really don't like your lawn mower." She yawned again, snuggling up tight against me.

"What's wrong with it?"

"It's a pain in the butt, jamming up and every other step." she continued on, her eyes closing

"Then why did you keep mowing? I'd have finished when I got home…" I brushed my hand down the length of her arm and kissed her forehead. "…eventually."

"I became a battle… me against it." Her last words slurred as she spoke them and I was not total sure she was awake.

"That poor mower never stood a chance."

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