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After Flameheart was buried, Dawnpaw continued her journey. Her paws felt numb. All she knew was that she passed a cluster of trees and there was a cave ahead.

Soon she reached the cave and found that there was a pool there. Dawnpaw bent down and drank some of the water because she was really thirsty. It was as if the water was drugged. She felt very drowsy and slept.

Dawnpaw woke up to find something strange. It seems that she was walking in the sky. Her eyes widened as she saw her body lying beside the pool. A breeze came and her body dissipated like stardust. Suddenly a tail was laid on her shoulder. She turned to see someone she thought she would never see again.

It was Duskpaw, the apprentice who had gone missing after his training was nearly done, whom she had a crush on. Many cats still held hope that one day he would return to ThunderClan. But something was different. Duskpaw looked older than Dawnpaw last saw him. There were stars in his fur.

"Duskpaw? Are you dead?" Dawnpaw's question came out like a whisper.

"Nope! It's Duskbreeze now. And yes I am dead, and so are you." His ears angled toward her paws, and when she looked she had stars in her fur, too.

"I'm dead! But how? Why?" Dawnpaw felt horrified. She was rather certain she would return to the Clans.

"This is a long explanation, so why don't you sit down?" Dawnpaw listened.

"So, you see, every cat has cententia (SEN – TEN – SHA). Cententia is the energy in a cat. How strong it is depends on the cat."

"So what does that have to do with me?"

"Aah… that is what I am getting to. Many moons ago, StarClan noticed that the Dark Forest (A/N : I'm assuming all cats know what it its) was stirring. This means trouble for the living Clans. The magical boundaries will start to weaken; therefore the Dark Forest can attack. So, they devised a plan. The magical boundaries are strengthened by cententia, the more the better.

This means that we need cats to be sacrificed. But then we can't have many cats die. StarClan found 3 able kits that have the strongest cententia among the Clans. We are two of them. Guess who the third is?" On the cue a cat came walking over to them. It was Flameheart.

"Hi!" she greeted them. "Duskbreeze told me about this after I died."

"So continuing with the story. So the three of us are destined to save the Clans, however little we do. Oh yeah, you're not an apprentice anymore."


"The Dark Forest stirring is not a natural thing, so it does not follow nature's laws. That means they shouldn't stir at all, which leads us to the fact that the three of us should be going on with our lives and not in Starclan."

"So what will my name be? I don't want something ridiculous!"

"Alright. Umm… so… oh yeah! By the powers of StarClan I give you your warrior name. Dawnpaw, from now on you will be known as Dawnfire."

"So this is it? The end?"

"Yep. And we will walk the skies forever together."

"You know what I feel about you?"

"I do. And I feel the same about you, too. You are a sweet cat."

"Why thank you!" Dawnfire was flattered.

"I hate to break the spirit, but Bluestar just called a meeting with the 3 of us!" Flameheart spoke. Oops. Dawnfire almost forgot about her. And the 3 of them walked together, with Dawnfire and Duskbreeze's tail twined.

~The Most Final Epilogue~

Firestar's POV

The Clans had moved to the lake. Many moons had passed since the disappearance of my daughter, Dawnpaw. Even longer had passed since Duskpaw vanished without a trace. He never gave up hope that they would never find the Clans though, just like he haven't lost hope with Duskpaw. It was night, and he settled into his nest and fell asleep.

Firestar awoke in a lush forest. It was apparently Greenleaf in this place.

"Father." Someone spoke to him. He turned and gasped. It was his lost daughter, Dawnpaw! But something was wrong. There were stars in her fur. Then he realized something BIG. She was dead and he was in StarClan right now. Oh no.

"Dawnpaw! You're dead!" he said. She nodded in a somewhat sorrowful way.

"I am dead, but for a good cause. And I'm DawnFIRE now."

"Explain. What had happened all this time?"

Starting from the beginning, she told him everything that happened. Firestar felt tired when she finished.

"So this is it then. You'll never come back?"

"I know. I'm sorry I should've told you earlier. But you have your own Clan to look after, Firestar, don't mind me. I casted a spell. Everyone will forget about Duskbreeze and me tomorrow."

"Even me then?"

"I'm not sure. I think so. I know that Blossom, from the early era of the Clans, had casted a forgetting spell like I have a long time ago. However, her mate Thorn still remembered. I guess if you think about us enough you'll never forget."

"I won't forget you at all."

"Goodbye, father."

Dawnfire began to vanish, and Firestar tried to hold back his tears. It was most likely this is the last time he'll ever see her again. As she disappeared she whispered:

There will be three, kin of your kin, who will hold the power of stars in their paws.

The prophecy again!

The sky became pitch black. But there appeared, high in the sky, three very bright stars glistening like jewels in the sky. The Three. The stars lit up the sky. Suddenly he was falling down, down, down…

Firestar woke up with a start.

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