He saw her with the corner of his eyes. A lock of her red hair flashed in his iris, and for a moment he held his breath.

As usual, he felt the instinct to turn and leave, but then the thought that they were now trying to be friends and civil made a shameful appearance in his mind.

He decided to keep watching her, only for a while. To make sure that throwing away eleven years of marriage and more was worth it, after all.

He winked to see what she was holding in her hand. What she was about to... throw in the water.

He saw in shock the tears falling down her face, and he finally understood what had happened when she caressed her forth finger – without the ring.

For some reason (he had that right, but still couldn't explain it), he felt empty, as if there was a hole in the place his heart should've been.

He could sense his legs move, as his mind remained lost somewhere through all the memories of a lifetime earlier, and a lump in his throat arrested him from speaking.

He was right behind her now, and he heavily breathed out before placing a soft kiss on the top of Addison's head, embracing her to fill that void, and putting his chin on her left shoulder.


He held her tighter for a moment, before doing a step to the left and pulling his own ring out of his jeans' pocket.

He stared at it, in his palm, then looked up at the woman.

He cleared his throat, in an attempt to kick the sadness away. "Don't you think our wedding rings deserve to be together, after what we've been through?"

He then threw the golden ring in the rough sea.

A/N: I know that Derek would never keep his ring in his pocket. Forgive me for that, I just wanted to give you a story :)