Sometimes Daphne thought someone up there must hate her. Everything in her life was completely out of her control.

She was a living cliché and she didn't know how to change. Her family had been teetering on the brink of divorce, just one among the millions around the country. The last ditch attempt to fix things – a superficial and useless gesture – was also very common, something that annoyed Daphne.

Everybody but them had spotted the problem long ago, not that they would listen. They were only doing what was necessary to take care of the family.

How messed up was it that her dad was her close confidant, the parent she trusted, that she went to for advice. Wasn't her mom supposed to fill that role? But she didn't know her mom and her mom had no idea who Daphne really was. Mom was always running away from things (Daphne didn't think she knew), running from her husband, her kids, her friends. That her powers enabled her to run even faster was an irony that didn't escape Daphne.

And oh god, the powers. Such a cliché, maybe not in real life but certainly in the comic books her brother read. A freak accident always led the hero to develop superpowers which he then used to fight criminals and the forces of evil! Mom and Dad's powers certainly lent themselves to that, but hers and her brother's were definitely useless.

He could do complicated mathematics but he couldn't beat up a villain with the quadratic equation, now could he? Daphne's telepathy could creep someone out, at the most. Even then she would probably be disabled by a splitting headache way before putting it to use.

She hated being a freak. All her mindreading had brought were problems. Because of it she lost her boyfriend and her friend all in the same moment. Her only respite from private thoughts pounding into her head was her music on full-blast. She would go deaf and then there would be nothing but the sounds of people's minds in hers left. She would really go crazy then, becoming a hermit living way out in the country far away from people with no friends.

Daphne sighed, closing her eyes. The ceiling wasn't that interesting anyway. She rolled over and curled up, a comforting position that reminded her of her younger days when everything was wonderful, before all the problems started. The days when she truly believed that she could be anything she wanted to be.

On days like this when she really thought about how pigeonholed she was, she liked to pretend she was in control.

She lay there, eventually drifting off to sleep to a world where everything was perfect.