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Tristan: Can't.

Paris: What?

Tristan: Actually, my dad had me pulled out of school. He… [Paris walks away] … and is she unhappy.

Rory: What do you mean he had you pulled out of school? What happened?

Tristan: Nothing. Just ticked the old man off, that's all.

Rory: By doing what? Tristan, come on, tell me.

Tristan: I got in some trouble.

Rory: Trouble involving?

Tristan: Involving Duncan and Bowman, and Bowman's dad's safe.

Rory: Oh no.

Tristan: I mean, Bowman had a key. It was supposed to be no big deal. And the crazy silent alarm kicked in.

Rory: You broke into Bowman's dad's safe?

Tristan: Yes.

Rory: Stupid.

Tristan: Yes.

Rory: Well, okay, you can apologize and you can put back the money and you can explain that, I don't know, you were going through something.

Tristan: I was, I was going through his safe.

Rory: Why would you do this?

Tristan: I don't know. I guess that's something I can ponder at military school.

Rory: Military school?

Tristan: The police are letting our parents handle it, and in my case that means military school in North Carolina.

Rory: I don't know what to say.

Tristan: Well, I imagine you're overwhelmed with the relief in knowing that soon I will be gone.

Rory: I'm so sorry.

Tristan: Well, I'm a big boy. I can handle it.

Rory: There's nothing you can…

[Tristan's dad calls him from down the hall]

Mr. DuGrey: Tristan, come on.

Tristan: I gotta go. So, I might kiss you goodbye but, uh, your boyfriend's watching. Take care of yourself, Mary.

She watched as he walked down the hall, one step away from her, two steps, three….He just kept walking then all of a sudden he stopped and without even pausing he raced back to her "You only live once" he said as he took her in his arms and his mouth captured hers. Feelings rushed through her, more than she could have ever imagines, no kiss ever felt like this, no kiss with Dean even compared, not even her first kiss with Tristan, she didn't think it was possible for anything to ever top that, but this did. She couldn't breathe, she didn't wanna breathe, no one had ever said that feeling like this was possible not one movie, not one song had prepared her for this. His mouth left hers, she was left standing before him her eyes in total shock, her mouth still open.

"Your boyfriend's gonna be pissed, just tell him I grabbed you. I'm gonna leave before he kills me, I don't want you to remember me as a bloody pulp." He flashed a look over at Dean who was over his shock and was now rushing forward shoving past people. He turned back to her smiling. "Just tell me one thing Mary, did you know that was possible? To feel so much in one moment? Is it supposed to be that way?"

Rory overcame her shock "I didn't think that was humanly possible. My bones actually felt like jello."

He smiled at her "Shame we'll never know if it was only a freak of nature. Bye Mary."

She still just stood there dazed, but then he did it again, it was only a slight kiss, a mere peck, but the feelings raged again, only softer, sweeter, and heartbreaking. He lifted his head away from hers; she saw the tears in his eyes. "I don't think it was a freak occurrence Tristan." She had tears in her eyes and he was frozen in his place.

He looked at her in that one moment and saw something in her eyes that he'd never really seen before and that was a chance. He couldn't let it slip out of his hands, he took it. He grabbed her hand "Come with me?"

"Where?" was all she could say

"Anywhere" was his response

She just nodded and they started to run, run away from his father, from Dean, from everyone.