The train came and took them away from those who were just beginning to search for them. They rode the train in shock with joined hands through a few stops until Stamford where they had to get out and wait in the cold, laughing holding each other to stay warm. His lips occasionally brushing across hers, warming her only momentarily until the winter chill returned.

"This is idiotic" he said collapsing into the seat facing hers at the front of the train, he rested his arms on his legs as he leaned forward.

"Oh yea," she nodded her head, "this is completely insane. Military school is going to look good when this is over." She leaned forward and copied his move to be closer to him.

"They can only hold us until we're 18." he took her hands in his, "Our graduation day comes and we're free."

"That's a year and a half away."

"I know" he said with a smile, "We have a lot of living to pack into these next few days."

"Think any stores will be open?"

"It's the city that never sleep Rory." he says with a smile, "Of course let's just hope that more stores are open than the ones that never sleep."

A faint blush colors her cheeks as she realizes the stores he was talking about, "I hope so because I think a naughty maid might draw a little more attention than Juliet."

"Yes, but your mother is looking for a missing Juliet, so let's not dismiss this naughty maid idea so quickly."

She laughed and tried to pull back, but he held onto her hands and pulled her close.

"You won't regret this Rory." he whispered with their lips almost touching.

"I know" she whispered back and allowed herself to fall the final distance to him into a kiss.