A/N: Hi everyone this story is kinda my mental break from ten years, and pushing olive (which I haven't updated in forever im sorry). This is also a repost I really didn't like how things were going when I first posted so I am reposting it so, have fun reading. Feel free to comment all you want. Thanks :D

A little over view before we start. This story is about the relationship between Miss. Scarlett and Mr. Green (the cute version not the fatty one in the older clue games.) I'm thinking it is all going to take place during the investigation of Mr. Boddy murder. I'm not sure though hahaha well let's just get started then.


-Alexander Boddy

-Kassandra Scarlett

-John Green

-Colonel Michael Mustard

-Diane White

-Eleanor Peacock

-Inspector Earl Gray

-Professor Peter Plum

(more charaters could be added later in the story)

DISCLAMER: I do not own the game of Clue© or any of the characters so please don't sue me! I don't have that kind of money.

We all looked at Alexander's dead body crumpled upon the floor. The day seemed so normal until this.

"How could this happen?" my mother sobbed.

"It is ok Mrs. Peacock." Diane White put a hand on my mother's shoulder. The old woman comforted her, I always liked Mrs. White.

"I..I think the body should be moved." Professor Peter Plum stutters.

"No we shouldn't" I look up to see Mr. John Green pushing aside. Plum almost fell over his skinny feeble body was no match for John's strength. "We will wait until the police get here."

"Now my friends we should all wait in another room. We should not be looking at this ghastly sight." Colonel Michael Mustard exclaimed and started to beckon us out of the room.

We all left the room and went into the Lounge. We were all talking with different people having our own little conversations. Except for John, he was looking out the window into the darkness. I walk over to him I tried to look nice in my little red dress but, I knew it didn't look that great. I pushed some of my pitch black hair out of my face.


"Oh Kassandra." He turns around abruptly, "I didn't know that you where behind me."

"I'm sorry for startling you."

"No no no don't apologize." He smiled. I smiled back looking into his sparkling blue eyes.

"I must say you look lovely tonight Kassandra."

I blush lightly, "Why thank you John." Just as I finish my sentence the door bell rang. John walks to the door slowly I follow after him.

He opened the door to a swarm of police officers then stormed into the house and worked on Alexander's body.

"Hello Madame," the police officer bowed and kissed my hand. "My name is Inspector Earl Gray."

"Nice to meet you Inspector," I smile and curtsy.

"And you are Mr. Green I presume." He looks over at John who was about a foot taller than him.

"Yes sir, I called you. The body is in the back. You go down the hall and to your left is the room he is in." John pointed down the hallway.

"Before I go to the body I need all of you to stay in this house. If you leave you will be arrested for leaving the premise of a murder scene without being questioned." The Inspector told the crowd and then walked off with his men to the body.

"Well I guess we are going to be here for awhile" John laughed.

"During this time my friends, I think we should get together and mourn the loss of our dear friend Mr. Boddy." Mustard stood up and addressed us.

"Michael is right we do need to mourn the loss of our dear friend." My mother looked around the room, her eyes where puffy and red.

"Mother please we all know Alexander wasn't the nicest person in the world, there is not a real reason to mourn," I frowned. I could remember when I was a child and Alexander would take my toys or get mud on my dress. I disliked him my whole life. The whole room glared at me, probably because of the comment I just made. "Ok, I'm sorry that was un-lady like. We should mourn the loss of Alexander." I walked out of the room knowing that no one would accept my apology at this point. I walked into the Ballroom and sat down at the piano. Being a starving actress and singer I already knew how to play the piano, but I wasn't great or anything. I played a simple tune. My fingers floated across the keys. I was about to finish the piece when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I turn around quickly. "John!" I gasp startled by his stunning appearance. "Do you want there to be two dead people in this house!" I practically yell at him.

"Well I guess that was payback from before." He laughs again and leans over my shoulder looking that the keys of the piano. "Hmmmm…. could you play that last song again I really enjoyed it?"

"Sure," I turned around and faced the piano and started to play. John still leaned over my shoulder. I continued to play I thought I could hear him humming. I look over at him. His eyes are closed and he is smiling happily.

I just keep playing the soft, sweet tune.

"Close your eyes." John whispered into my ear softly. I closed them slowly unsure what would happen next.

I felt John's warm lips touch my neck gently then, slowly pull away. "Surprise" he smiled and as I opened my eyes to see him sitting next to me. I didn't know what to say.

Oh be bold Kas! You never get this excited about a kiss I mean look at you! You are a beautiful lady….. that doesn't have a job in Hollywood like I planned but you don't need him…

"Kassandra, Kassandra?" John looked at me puzzled about what had just happened.

"Oh sorry." I smiled weakly.