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John and I sat in the Ballroom for about an hour talking about music. It was the best conversation I have ever had with John.

"Miss Scarlett could I talk to you?" Inspector Grey walked into the room.

"Sure." I smile at John and get up walking over to the Inspector. He leads me into a small room and shuts the door.

"Sit down Miss. Scarlett." He beckons to a chair behind a table. I quickly sit down looking at the content on the table. It included pictures of all the guests and lots of other papers that I did get the chance to read.

"Now Miss Scarlett, tell me where were you when you found out Alexander died?" Inspector Gray asked me as he sat down across from me at the other side of the table.

"I was in the Lounge talking to my mother."

"Mmhmmm….. And did you have a good relationship with Alexander?" He said as he scribbled something on a notepad.

"We were not exactly friends." I hesitate saying I really wasn't in the mood to be a suspect.

"Yes thank you Miss Scarlett. I might need to talk to you later but that is all for now you may go." He stands up and opens the door for me.

"Thank you." I walk out of the small room and decide to wander the house. I never knew how big it was. I thinking there might be over a billion rooms in this place.

"What are you doing?"

I scream and turn around. "ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME AGAIN JOHN!" I yell at John as he started to laugh.

"You should have seen you face!" John laughed.

"John!" I hit him playfully.

"What why can't I have fun?"

"You can but please don't scare me like that." I beg him.

"Alright." John frowned he took a step closer to me. "What else can't I do?"

"Umm… I don't know." I stuttered. My heart jumped. "You can't be falling for him." I told myself.

"I want to show you something."John grabs my hand an pulls me down the hallway.

"What would you possibly need to show me?" I laughed.

"This." He pulled me into a beautiful glass room. "I thought you might like it." The walls were full of flowers and plants.

"Oh my gosh. This is gorgeous," I walk over to some of the flowers studying the pink and white petals.

"I know." John says handing me a white flower. "This is a Gardenia. You should look up the meaning of it sometime I think you will enjoy it." He smiled.

"I guess I will." I look at the beautiful flower.

"I'm sorry Kassandra I must go." John smiles and quickly walks out the door.

"Bye." I lightly wave. It was no use he was already out the door. I look at the flower again. "It is really pretty." I say again. I spent about ten more minutes in the room before I left. I desisted that the white flower matched my red dress so I stuck it in my hair.

"Miss Scarlett?"

I turn around quickly. "Yes?" In the middle of the hall was Professor Plum, a skinny man with round glasses. He never really knew what was going on. Always a bit out of it if you ask me.

"Oh sorry to startle you," He smiled weakly as he fiddled with the buttons on his coat. "Um…. Miss Scarlett…"

I quickly interrupt him, "Just call me Kassandra."

"Oh sorry… Miss Kassandra you need to leave this area of the house."

"Why? This is the nicest part of the house and I want to stay in this area." I complain.

"You can't I'm sorry." Plum frowned.

"Well then." I huff as I storm past him. I always like making a big deal out of the littlest things just to get on some peoples nerves. I continue to walk away from the disappointed Professor. Of course I get myself lost. I stop quickly. I hear mumbling in one of them many doors. I quickly find the source.


"I'm sorry but this was your idea. Don't blame me for it turning out differently then you wanted to."


"I didn't mean too!"

"We will discuss this later."

I couldn't make out the voices but knowing that one of them was about to leave the room hiding was the best idea at this point. I opened another door.

"A closet perfect." I whisper as I try to make my way into it. I shut the door slowly and try not to move. I listen for the footsteps. There were none. I wait for another five minutes. Still no footsteps. It was getting difficult to breath in the cramped closet, so I try to open the door. I try to move some of the fur coats out of the way as I push on the door. Still it wouldn't budge.

"Just great I'm stuck in here. And I'm going to die." I said to myself that was my feeble attempt to be positive. I start hitting on the closet door.

"HELPPPP! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!" I scream. I continue to bang on the door. I should have listened to the Professor and stayed with the group. "Well if I'm going to be in here at least I have fur coats to keep me warm." I say pulling the coats on top of me. I quickly make a makeshift type bed with the fluffy fur coats and quickly fall asleep.