A/N: inspiration from "The Boat Song" by The Miserable Rich. Stories may involve some creative liberties… also haven't watched S2 yet so stories may be off…

Just short chapters one for each section in the song



I'll build a bigger boat; I'll build a bigger boat,

One that won't capsize each, every time you try to stand in it,

And I'll build a bigger boat; I'll build a bigger boat,

You won't believe your eyes; I was so surprised that I can handle it.

K: *walks in front door and goes to run downstairs*

B: "hey son" calls Burt *looks up anxiously from the game on TV*

K: *slows down* "hey" chokes out Kurt

B: "how was school" he knew the answer before his son said: he asked in vain hope that it would change

K: "fine" *smiles weakly before running down the stairs to hide away in his room all night. Again*

B: *sighs* Kurt thinks I don't notice: the change of clothes; the distinct smell of grape; the tear stained cheeks.

What am I meant to do?

I wish his mother were here, she was always so much better at this sort thing than I am.

Every time his confidence is built up, someone comes and sinks his heart. It infuriates me. All I can do is sit and watch while those immature, puerile, moronic bullies ruin my boy's hopes and dreams.

I just have to pick him up, dust off their muck and stand him up.

Just to start all over again tomorrow.

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