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Chapter 11

Nat: "You can have the room tonight"

Zack: "What?"

Nat: "I said you can have the room tonight, I'll crash on the couch. (Still seeing Zack looking confused) I saw you looking at Dustin."

Finally realization kicks in for Zack, and both embarrassment and glee show on his face

Nat: "Go!"

Zack turns around a runs upstairs to catch Dustin literally running in to him. Throwing him against the wall; pinning him there with his body. He kisses Dustin, not even waiting for Dustin to respond to the kiss, he slips his tongue in his mouth

After what seems like hours, but is in reality only a few short minuets, Dustin is able to pull his lips away from Zack

Dustin: "We can't do this here, what if someone sees us?"

Zack: "Well we can move this into the bedroom"

Dustin: "What about Nat?"

Zack: "He gave me the room for the evening so we could be alone"

Dustin: "Wait…..He knows!?"

Zack: "Yeah…..is that okay?"

Dustin: "Will it mean more alone time together"

Zack: "Yeah….I think"

With that Dustin grabs Zack's face and kisses him hard, shoving his tongue in his mouth

Breaking the kiss

Dustin: "What are we still doing in the hallway?"

Dustin grabs Zack's hand and runs down the hallway towards Zack's room. As they slip inside, Nat and Randy come up the stairs and quietly slip into their own room.

Dustin closes the door and slams Zack against it, literally ripping his shirt off of his body, and going straight for the neck.

He sucks on Zack's neck right at the collarbone, causing a moan from Zack.

Zack starts to go weak at the knees, but he still has the strength to lift Dustin, who straddles Zack, and carry him to the bed.

Zack throws Dustin on the bed and rips his pants off.

Zack straddles Dustin and leans in smashing their lips together. Dustin's hands claw at Zack's back, causing Zack to groan loudly and just intensify the kiss. Dustin's hands start to move lower down Zack's back sliding in to his shorts and gripping his ass.

Zack breaks the kiss to take off Dustin's shirt. He then leans in but goes for Dustin's neck kissing and sucking his way down to his dick. He takes Dustin into his mouth and sucks hard. He slips a hand underneath Dustin's ass and starts to finger his hole, stretching him out.

Dustin:" Ahhhh…..fuck….fuck…..Zack…stop I am going cum…stop"

Zack lets Dustin's cock slip from between his lips

Dustin: "I want you to fuck me"

Zack leans up to kiss Dustin

Zack: "Your wish is my command"

Zack gets off the bed and goes over to his bags and pulls out the shoebox. Dustin looks at Zack then down at the shoebox in his hands.

Dustin (with apprehencion): "What's in the shoebox Zack?"

Zack: "You'll see"

Zack straddles Dustin and leans down to kiss him, at the same time he flips open the lid to the shoebox and tips it over, spilling the contents on to the bed

Dustin breaks the kiss and stares at the contents with wide eyes and a look of shock across his face. Slowly his mouth goes from shocked to a sly grin. He turns to look at Zack, Zack returns the grin.

Dustin reaches up with one hand and grabs the back of Zack's head, yanking him down for a passionate kiss. His other hand claws at Zack's back

Zack takes Dustin's hand off his back and pins it down on the bed, with his other hand he reaches for the pile on the bed, searching for something. Finally he finds what he is looking for. He reaches up and grabs a hold of Dustin's hand on the back of his neck, brings it down on the bed; as he does so Dustin hears a click.

Dustin turns his head to see on end of a set of handcuffs locked around his wrist. The cold metal sends a shiver down his spine. The thought of being tied up turns him on even more.

Zack takes the other end and locks it on to the bed post. He grabs another set of handcuffs and repeats the process on Dustin's other hand.

Dustin: "Now that I am chained to the bed, what are you going to do to me?"

Zack: "I am going to do whatever I want to you"

Zack straddle Dustin's chest and sticks his dick in his face.

Dustin doesn't need to be told what to do; he opens his mouth and takes Zack in. Zack braces himself against the wall, and starts to trust his hips.

Zack lets out a long deep growl when he feels Dustin's tongue swirl around the head of his dick. He can't take much more so he pulls out of Dustin's mouth. He leans down and smashes his lips against Dustin's, tasting himself on him.

Zack moves his lips from Dustin's and starts to attack his neck, biting and sucking, leaving his mark.

He slowly starts to work his way down Dustin's body, his lips never breaking contact. He reaches his belly button and swirls causing Dustin's breath to catch.

He moves from his belly button down to his balls sucking them into his mouth as he does so his hand reaches for a large glass dildo that had fallen out of the shoebox. He lets Dustin's nuts slide out of his mouth and he starts to lube the dildo up. When it is covered in lube he slowly starts to slide it into Dustin. Dustin lets out a small moan as the flared head slips inside.

When it is fully in Zack pulls it almost completely then forces it back in, causing Dustin to scream in pleasure as the head slams into his prostate, causing him to cum without even touching his cock.

Dustin: "AHH!...fuck…..more….fuck…me…more"

Zack continues to trust the dildo in and out of Dustin's tight chute, as he reaches for the lube to lube up his own cock.

When his cock is lubed up, he slips the dildo out of Dustin's ass and not giving him any time to react to the loss of feeling, slams his cock in him.

Zack starts thrusting hard, pulling his cock almost all the way out only to slam it in, hitting Dustin's prostate as hard has he can.

Zack reaches down and grabs hold of Dustin's still hard cock and starts stroking it in time with his thrusting.

It isn't long until both boys are approaching the point of no return.

Dustin: "Fuck….baby I can't…I am going to cum"

Zack: "Cum for me baby"

Dustin arches his back, screaming as he cums for the second time in one night.

This sends Zack over the edge and he slams himself as deep as he can go as he releases rope after rope of hot cum in inside Dustin.

Spent Zack collapses onto Dustin, still inside him.

The two lie there trying to catch their breaths when they hear a scream from down the hall.

Dustin and Zack look at each other, and giggle.

Dustin: "So now we know why Nat was okay with us having the room"

Zack: "I guess so"

Zack looks at Dustin, and leans in for a kiss, he then reaches up and undoes the handcuffs that have bound Dustin to the bed.

Zack: "That was amazing. I love you"

Dustin finally free from his restrains wraps his arms around Zack

Dustin: "I love you to"

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