Mizukage's Bodyguard

Chapter 1: Oh joy, here comes the Mizukage

Summary: Shortly after the Kage meeting, everything was starting to settle down in Konoha. Naruto, now a chunin of the Hidden Leaf, was summoned by the Hokage to escort their guest, the Mizukage back to her village. But that's not the only thing; he had to stay as her personal bodyguard for 2 MONTHS!

AN: Hi guys, I got a new idea for a new story, and uh... here it is. Naruto gets to become the bodyguard of the Mizukage. How cool is that!

The main PAIRINGS will be, obviously NaruMei (my new favourite pairing). And hope you guys enjoy it :)

PS: I put Mei a couple years younger than her real age, because I wanted her to be a bit closer in age to Naruto, so Naruto is 16 years old, and Mei would be 25 years old. Hope you don't mind. Also note that this story starts after the Kage-summit arc.



Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, the saviour of the village Konohagakure, the youngest to master the art of the Toads, and probably the only one alive that dared to stand up against the Godaime Mizukage. The young blond, age 16, stood in front of the well respected Mizukage. It wasn't his fault that he accidentally touched her ass; his hands just acted on its own, without him even knowing. "Look here, old-hag. I said I was sorry, so no beef," Naruto said flatly. He didn't really care what the woman would do to him; it wasn't like she was some insanely strong kunoichi, right? The fact was, he didn't even know who this woman was.

The Mizukage gasped as she heard the young teen's reply. She was not an old-hag! For god's sake, she was only twenty-five! "What did you just say, brat! For your information, I'm only twenty-five!" she stated. "And if I'm sooo old, why did you bother touching my ass!"

The two were currently arguing in the middle of the once shopping district of Konoha – Now it was in the rebuilding stage, just like the rest of the place. There was a big crowd around them, currently betting on who would win the fight, if there was one. "Look, I said it was an accident, just calm down and move on." Naruto really wasn't going to fight a girl. Actually, he wasn't in any mood to fight.

Mei sighed, the blond pervert in front of her was right. Maybe it was just an accident, and she was just overreacting. "Fine, I'll let this slide, but if you ever touch me again! I'll melt your balls off!" Her tone was serious, and the glare she gave was pretty scary.

Naruto gulped at the woman's warning. He immediately stepped aside as the woman walked off. He sighed in relief as the auburn-haired woman was out of sight. There was no denying it, that woman was hot! And with that blue-dress just barely hanging from her shoulder, revealing A Lot of cleavage, it would make anyone touch her ass. But of course, he touched it by accident – Though it did feel good; her butt was firm and soft.

He shivered from all the perverted thoughts, but shook all of it out. He really shouldn't be thinking about this stuff; he was really starting to become a pervert. But at the mention of the word pervert, made him remember his old sensei, the old ero-sennin.

The blond then continued on his way to his temporary sleeping section. Since most of the buildings were destroyed (including his apartment), people had to sleep in tents at a designated place. And his one wasn't far from where he was now. The tent itself wasn't that big, or small. It was just medium size to fight one person and most of his belongings.

Naruto quickly entered the tent, and felt the goose bumps on his arms disappeared. He missed his old orange and black jacket, and his other orange clothing. The thing was, all his clothes were destroyed during the Pein invasion, and he was left with only one-pair of his orange clothing, but the last pair was currently being washed, and he was left with nothing to wear. Luckily though, Kakashi gave him one of his black tank tops that he used to wear when e was in ANBU, and a standard black ninja pants.

The clothes did look good on him, but winter was coming closer, and this type of clothing won't keep him warm; he also felt so 'revealed' wearing it. He hoped that the shinobi clothes store would be back up and running before the snow comes, or he would probably freeze. He sighed at the thought of winter as he took off his Konoha chunin vest. Yes, he was a chunin now – he got promoted when by Tsunade when she heard about his victory over Pein.

Naruto calmed down a bit as he rested his body on the mattress. It wasn't as comfortable as his bed, but at least it was soft and clean. He was laying on his stomach with his head turned to the right. His eyes were currently staring at a particular wooden box. It was left behind by his dad, the great Yondaime Hokage. Tsunade gave it to him as a gift for his promotion to chunin.

Naruto got off the mattress and went to pick up the box. He had opened it a week ago and red everything inside. There was a letter that his dad had wrote to him before he fought the Kyuubi, it pretty much explained why he sealed the Kyuubi into him and about all the other stuff in the box – It included the special three pronged kunai that made his father special, a scroll which included all the jutsu his father created, and sealing scroll that contained his dad's other favourite weapon.

Naruto was planning to practice all the jutsu that his father left him, mostly the Hiraishin, during his break. He had ordered a hundred of the special-kunai to be produced, and the owner of the shop said that it would be ready in a week's time, which would be tomorrow, since he ordered it a week ago. And in the mean time, he was just reading about the concept of the Hiraishin and all its mechanics, so it would be easier for him to do, since he knew how it worked.


"Mizukage-sama, the Hokage is awaiting your arrival, please follow me" An ANBU stated.

Mei smiled and nodded at the ANBU, "Thank you, Anbu-san," she replied cheerfully, but inside, she wasn't smiling. Apparently, the young teen before was still in her mind. She still felt like melting the teen's balls off for touching her butt. Because really, she does not like people to touch her ass without her consent, though the boy was pretty handsome, not to mention that he had some nice muscles.

Mei inwardly groaned. She couldn't believe she was still thinking about the guy, and she was thinking bad things...things that could only happen in bed. And for some odd reason, she liked the way the blond teen touched her ass, and again, for some odd reason, she wanted more. She had to admit it; the young blond had a nice hand.

She followed the ANBU until she arrived at a partly destroyed Hokage tower. It was still under construction, but was close to finish, since the building was one of the places that the Konoha council said had to be up and standing first; though she wondered if the Hokage was using the building right now. Her question was answered when the ANBU took a left turn to a path that led to a big tent.

"This is the temporary office for the Hokage, hope that it does not disturb you in any way," The ANBU said as they reached the entrance. He stopped in front of the entrance and made a gesture for her to go in. "Please enter," he said politely.

"Thanks again, Anbu-san." She gave him a small smile before entering. Inside the tent, Mei immediately bowed her head slightly as she was in the presence of the Godaime Hokage, Tsunade Senju. She was sitting comfortably on her chair while busy reading a particular form. "Hokage-sama," Mei greeted.

The Hokage looked up and let a small smile out. "Uh, nice to see you that you accepted my invitation, Mizukage-sama, I would really like to talk to you about something."

"It's my pleasure that you invited me here, and I am eager to know what was so important that you insist that I come." About a week ago, Mei received a letter from the Konoha that said the Hokage wanted to have a talk with her. "So, what is it?"

"I believe you remember your injured shinobi, Ao?" Tsunade started.

"Yes, he is still in the hospital. But not in a very good condition."

"Well as you know, the shinobi that almost caused Ao his life was identified, and I feel as though I have to repay you for that, since Ao-san was injured by one of our own," Tsunade explained calmly.

"Repay me?" Mei questioned. "How, may I ask, are you going to repay me?"

Tsunade clamped her hands together and leaned back into her chair. "Well, I would like to send one of our shinobi with you as your personal bodyguard, since I believe Ao-san was your previous one.

Mei laughed, why would she want another bodyguard? She could handle herself perfectly, and it's not like she couldn't take another one of her own shinobi to become her personal bodyguard. "And why would I want that, I could ask one of my own men to become my bodyguard," she stated with a smirk.

"Well," Tsunade started, a grin appearing on her face. "But can your other men match your previous one in power and skill?"

That hit her hard. What the Hokage said was true; no one in her village was as strong as Ao, except her, of course. But who in this village was as or stronger than Ao? "And who is this person?"

Tsunade's grin turned into a smirk. "I believe you have heard about Uzumaki Naruto?"

Mei gasped in surprise. Uzumaki Naruto, the hero of this village, the one that had beaten Pein, and also the apprentice of the dead Toad sage. She had never seen this person before, but people told her that he had a special aura around him. "You can't be serious! This Naruto person, he must be important to your village? Are you just going to let him go?"

"Well, it would be a big blow for us to lose one of our greatest shinobi, but it seems that the Akatsuki is currently in hiding again, and probably won't attack any time soon."

Tsunade was right, the Akatsuki were currently in hiding, and from what her spies said, the Akatsuki won't attack any time soon. But still, why would the Hokage let one of their best go? There must be another reason, "But what is the real reason, Hokage-sama?" Mei pushed. "I know that you wouldn't be giving me your best shinobi for only that reason."

Tsunade sighed; her smirk disappeared from her face, leaving only a sad frown. "Mizukage-sama, do you remember about five years ago, you came here asking for help from the Sandaime?"

Yes, Mei remembered that. She had come here asking for assistance to overthrow the rogue Yondaime Mizukage, but unfortunately, the Sandaime Hokage declined, because they had another thing to worry about. "What about it?" Mei asked with a frown. She didn't really like the memory of it, since she actually had to beg to previous Hokage, and it was embarrassing.

"Well, it seems, one of the wishes left behind by the Sandaime was to help Kirigakure. Believe it or not, that old man felt sympathy for you and promised that he would help you when this village's problem was solved," Tsunade explained. "And my reason for this is because I want to grant his wish, and hope to make a true alliance with you."

"An alliance?" Mei repeated, quizzical at the choice of words. "Aren't we already in an alliance?"

Tsunade chuckled, "Mizukage-sama, you must remember, the alliance that we are in now won't last. It would only stand until the Akatsuki are taken care of, after that, the other villages would go on their separate ways," Tsunade said.

"So you mean, you want to become an alliance with us like the alliance you have with the sand?"

Tsunade nodded, "I see now that you understand the situation, so? How about it?"

Mei smiled and nodded, "I see this as way of making my village strong, since you know, my village is still recovering,"

"So is it a yes?" Tsunade asked, her eyes glinting with hope.

"I accept you offer, Hokage-sama. But I have a question, how long is this Uzumaki person going to be my bodyguard?"

"Well, until your previous bodyguard recovers, Naruto would fill in his place."

"But that would be at least 5 months; Ao-san's injury is very serious, as you know. His spine was badly damaged; most of his organs were badly punctured, not to mention that his brain was badly damaged. And even after he recovers, he wouldn't be able to straight away come back to his shinobi life, he would have to do a lot of rehabilitate training so his body would become fit as before, and that would take a whole year." One and a half year? That was an awfully long time.

"I know that already. I did my calculation and I figured that he could become the Ambassador there for Konoha, while also your personal bodyguard."

Mei sighed in defeat. Seemed like the Hokage whipped up a really good deal, "I guess I have to accept. But may I see this man first?"

Tsunade smiled, "Of course, I already told my Anbu to call him here. He should be here in a few minutes, believe it or not, Mizukage-sama, but I haven't told him about this yet. I was hoping that he would have come at the same time with you, but I guess I have to explain it again." Tsunade sighed and shook her head. "But please, take a seat." Tsunade pointed with her eyes to leather coated chair to the left of the tent.

"Thank you, Hokage-sama."


Naruto groaned as he was suddenly disturbed. He cracked his right eye open to see what the problem was, and right in front of his face was his sensei, Kakashi Hatake, the famous Copy-nin. "Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto mumbled his brain still foggy from the sleep. Then, both eyes snapped open. "Kakashi! What the hell are you doing here?" The blond exclaimed, immediately jumping out up from his bed.

"The Hokage summoned you, I think it's for a mission," answered the masked sensei.

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "Mission?" Naruto repeated, confused. "But I'm on break. Why would I have a mission now?"

Kakashi sighed, "I don't know Naruto, but it seems pretty important. I think she is going to give an S-rank mission," Kakashi said flatly. Though it affected Naruto big-time.

Naruto immediately jumped onto his feet, "Are you serious? And S-rank? I didn't know chunin get S-rank missions," Naruto said while dressing up. He quickly put on his chunin vest, then his utility belt which held his weapons pouch. After that, he took the special box out and unrolled one of the scrolls. He did a couple of hand-signs before slamming his palm onto the centre – Immediately after that an object appeared from it; one was a special trench coat that the Fukasaku had made for him. It was similar to his old red trench coat, but this time, it had a high collar and the kanji for toad at the back. It still had the black fire designs on the bottom, and the short sleeves.

He quickly put it on and took the second object from the scroll; a sword. It wasn't just any sword; it was the sword that his father used to use when he was in Anbu. It was a katana, but it was slightly longer than the usual 80cm length. The sword also had its hilt wrapped in beautiful glossy black silk, intertwined with yellow silk.

He wrapped the sword around his back with a smile. Naruto wasn't that good in using swords, but this sword somehow felt comfortable in his hands, like he was meant to use it. Lastly, he put on arm guards for protection. "Wow..." Kakashi gasped. "Nice attire."

"Thanks Kaka-sensei. So do I have to go now?" he asked.

Kakashi sweat dropped. He might dressed like a professional shinobi, but his brain needed working. "Yes Naruto," he breathed. "You have to see her now."

"See ya then, Kaka-sensei!" Naruto said with the famous grin of his before disappearing in a puff of smoke.


Tsunade looked up as Naruto appeared in a puff of smoke. She's got to say, the boy looked good in his new attire, even the Mizukage was surprised to see him. "I'm here baa-chan!" Naruto exclaimed. "So what's the problem he-" He stopped when he realized that there was someone else in the tent. And that person felt familiar. His eyes widened in realization – He whipped his body around and pointed a finger accusingly at her, "YOU!"

Mei, also up standing up, pointed at the blond at the same time he did. "YOU!" she yelled, though it was at the same time as him.

"What the hell are you doing?" Naruto asked roughly.

"Don't tell me you're the Uzumaki?" She groaned in annoyance.

"SO what if I'm the Uzumaki? What does it have to do with you, old-hag!"

Mei gasped; this kid had broken the line! "YOU'RE DEAD! I'm GONNA MELT YOUR BALLS OFF!" She straight away went for the kill and leaped at him.

Naruto saw this and took out a kunai at lightning speed. But before contact, they were both pushed away by the other shinobi in the room, the one and only Tsunade Senju. She was now pissed, and everyone knew that when she was pissed, bad things tend to happen.

Both Naruto and Mei were on the ground, groaning. "Uhhh, that hurt baa-chan," Naruto said while rubbing the back of his head.

Mei remained quiet as she pushed herself up. She glared at Naruto as she stood up, but then her eyes softened at Tsunade. "I'm sorry Tsunade for my behaviour. It was inappropriate of me."

"Don't worry Mizukage-sama," Tsunade said. "It's Naruto here that needs to learn some manners."

Naruto quirked an eyebrow as he heard Mizukage. "She's the Mizukage?" Naruto asked, his face showing total cluelessness.

Tsunade sighed, "Yes Naruto, she's the Mizukage. I suggest you apologise to her."

"Fine," Naruto sighed in defeat. He turned to the Mizukage and bowed, "I'm sorry for my rude behaviour, Mizukage-sama."

For some odd reason, Mei blushed when the blond apologised He seemed to look mature when he acted like a gentlemen. "Don't worry about it; just don't call me names anymore."

Tsunade breathe out calmly, "Good. Now that that's settled, let's get back to business." She went back to her seat behind the desk, "Alright, Naruto, I have a special mission for you."

Naruto's eyes started to sparkle as he heard her. "Sweet! So what is it?"

Tsunade grinned, "You see, I've made a deal with the Mizukage here, and part of it is for you to become her bodyguard. This is an S-rank mission, I expect you to complete this mission with your life."

"Me? Her bodyguard? Why?"

"Because I chose you. You are the only one capable of doing it," Tsunade explained. "You're only going to be gone from Konoha for two years."

Naruto almost choked on his own saliva. "Two years? That's a long mission?"

"Oh come on Naruto, think of this as an opportunity to test your skill. You'll use it more than you ever use it hear, trust me." Tsunade finished with a smirk.

A lot of things passed through his brain. One of them was that this would be the perfect opportunity for him to train, since he had more free time. "I'll accept!" Naruto said eagerly. "When do we leave?"

Tsunade looked at Mei who was currently having a battle with herself. "So, Mizukage-sama, when are you leaving Konoha?"

Mei was currently talking to herself about Naruto. She didn't know why, but she suddenly felt attracted to him. If only Naruto was a bit more mature, then she could probably accept him. "Are you listening, Mei-sama?"

"Oh, sorry about that. Can you please repeat the question?" Naruto shook his head at this, causing her to give him a death glare.

"I asked you when you are leaving Konoha." Tsunade repeated.

Mei laughed at herself for not listening, "I'm sorry about that, but anyway, I'm thinking of leaving straight after this, since I have other business to take care of, back at Kiri."

"Today?" Naruto repeated. He didn't want to leave so soon, he had to get his kunai tomorrow. "Are you serious?"

"Well, I did say to my village that I would return by next week, and if I leave today, then I'll be back on the exact day as expected," Mei explained, "So you see, I have to leave today."

Tsunade sighed, "Well Naruto, seems like there's no choice. I'll give you 30 minutes to pack all your stuff, and then you can meet Mei-sama at the gate," She looked at Naruto, waiting for conformation. "So? What are you waiting for? Get moving!"

Naruto sighed and nodded, "I'll get going," Naruto muttered, but before he was about to shunshin himself back to his tent, he saw the glare Tsunade gave him. Naruto raised an eyebrow at this. "What?" he mouthed.

Tsunade used her head to gesture to the Mizukage. Naruto saw what she was trying to do and nodded. He turned to the Mizukage and bowed, "I'll see you later, Mizukage-sama." He said with a genuine smile before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

The blush came back to her as she saw that smile of his. She felt her heart skipped a beat from it. "T-thank yo-you for th-this Hokage-sama." She didn't know why she just stuttered, but her head was starting to get a bit dizzy. It was also getting pretty hot in here, she could sweat running down her neck, down her cleavage.

Tsunade stood up and bowed, "Thank-you for your cooperation, I'll make sure that you won't regret this."

Mei tried to smile, but she only managed a small one. "I'll be leaving now," She then walked out of the tent and the followed the Anbu that had escorted her here to escort her back to the gate.

Tsunade's smile faltered as she was left alone. She didn't like this idea of her much, but she knew she needed to, for the sake of Naruto's safety. From what she had heard about Akatsuki, they were probably concentrating their attacks to Kumogakure and here. Since Tsunade knew that they were after the Jinchuurikis. At least this way, she could achieve three things with one sacrifice: One, she would be able to keep Naruto safe. Two, was that she could get a solid alliance with Kirigakure. And third, Naruto could learn more things with this experience.

She then felt a hand on her shoulder. She slightly turned her head to look at the visitor. It was Kakashi. He had the usual expressionless face, but she could see approval in his eyes. "You did the right thing, Tsunade-sama."

Tsunade sighed. "I hope I did, Kakashi."


Naruto sighed as he packed all his stuff. He didn't have much, since most of his stuff was destroyed. The only thing he had now was the box that contained all his dad's possession, the clothes that Kakashi had given him, his ninja gear, and his sword. That was pretty much it. He guessed that he would be travelling light. Because really, he didn't even need a backpack, all his possessions fit into just 2 scrolls.

Now, all he had to do was ask the owner of the weapons store to see if it was ready, because he hoped it was; if it didn't than he would probably be a couple of kunai short. He put the two scrolls into his pouch securely, and made sure to close the pouch properly. He then stood up and tightened his head-band before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

A second later, he was in the middle of the shinobi district, where you can find everything you need for a shinobi life. He walked into one particular tent that he knew was the weapons store. As soon as he was inside, he could smell all the steel from the weapons. "Ah Naruto, I see you're back. You came here at the right time," said the shop owner. He was already in his fifties, but he still had a strong body. "I just finished your order."

Thank god! Naruto yelled in his head. Seemed like everything was going smoothly for him, though he wished he had more time to say goodbye to his friends. "Here it is!" exclaimed the old man as he took out a scroll from a rack full of them. "This is yours, two hundred special kunai, done." He threw the scroll to Naruto who caught it easily.

Naruto bowed to the old man, "Thank you, grandpa. And here's the money," Naruto then took out a certain amount of money and left it on the counter. "See ya later!"

As he exited the shop, he was suddenly bumped into Kakashi. "Ahhh, sorry Kaka-sensei. Didn't see you there," Naruto said while scratching the back of his head sheepishly.

"Ah, don't worry Naruto. I came here to give you something," Naruto stopped his little ministration as he heard his sensei. "Here, take this," he handed Naruto a familiar orange book. "I heard that you are going to leave the village for quite some time, so, I'm giving you my favourite Icha-Icha book to you."

Naruto took the book slowly, his brain still registering the words his sensei had said. "Thank-you, sensei. I'll make that I'll read it, no matter how perverted it is, I'll still read it." He then suddenly hugged Kakashi. He didn't know why he did it, but he felt that he had to. "Thanks for everything, Kakashi-sensei."

Kakashi was awe-struck for a second, but finally replied the hug. He patted Naruto on the shoulder and murmured that he was proud of him. "Stay safe Naruto, this time, I'm not there to safe you."

Naruto pushed himself off Kakashi and laughed, "I will, sensei. I'll remember your teachings."

Kakashi then let out his famous eye-smile. "Well, you better go then. You don't want to be late, do you?"

"Yeah, I hope to see you soon, sensei!" Naruto yelled out as he started running to the Main Gate.


Mei stood with her arms crossed over her chest. She had been waiting for minutes now. The little brat was supposed to be here ages ago. She tapped her foot impatiently and felt her rage grow. She didn't like to wait for anyone, she really hated it. Not to mention that she had to wait for some brat. Where is he! Mei yelled in her head I swear if he isn't here in the next ten seconds, I'm gonna leave him here! And she waited, and waited.

Ten seconds had passed, and there was no sign of her so called 'bodyguard'. So as she had told herself, she was going to leave without him! But as soon as she took her first step out of the village, she could feel someone behind her. "Going somewhere, Mizukage-sama?" Naruto asked with a smirk. "I hope that you weren't going to leave your bodyguard, were you?"

She turned to him with a smirk of her own, "Well, I was actually getting a bit worried about you, I thought you had left before me. So that's why I tried to leave." She said with a sly grin.

Naruto almost growled when he saw that grin, it was...sexy. He cleared his throat in an attempt to restore his concentration. "I believe we are behind schedule, we should leave now," Naruto said, sounding a bit more 'professional'. He then started walking ahead but stopped when Mei didn't move. "Coming, Mizukage-sama?"

Mei shook her head in amusement, "Yeah, yeah. Coming!" She quickly caught up to him before the two started walking. As they were walking, they started to introduce themselves more to each other, and for some odd reason, Mei felt more and more attracted to the young teen.

With Naruto, he felt something spark inside of him when his skin accidentally touched her. This feeling caught him by surprise, but he didn't know what it meant.



And there it is. Naruto has left Konohagakure and became the bodyguard of the sexy Mizukage! What will happen next? Tune it to find out :)

Hope you guys liked it. And I'll try and continue this if there actually readers out there interested. PM me if you have any questions or ideas you want to share :)

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