Why ? The alone thing she wanted to know was... why she was here and... who was she... She hadn't any memories about her or what she was doing here... she wasn't even remeber her name.

The street was deserted. Where was she ? She suddently noticed that she was... necked ! Oh my god ! What had heppend to her to be in that situation ? " Where am I, she tought, who am I ? "

She was sitting on the floor, nest to a big metalic wall in an unknow street of an unknow city from an unknow world... She woke up and looked all around her. Nobody. She suddently felt lonly...

She was lost, without any memorises, without anybody to help her... She started te feel desesperate... what will she began... ? She started to cry. She suddently heard something... or someone.. a very sweet and

hight voice. She was calling "Tariiiii !" The young girl woke up, hiding her chest, and started runing toward the voice. The voice continued to call " Tariii !" The young girl felt on the floor. She cried so hard. " H-help meee !" she screamed. She saw a young girl with long turquoise hair in front of her. She had turquoise eyes with very long tails on her hair and she was looking at her. " Tari ? " she said. The young girl trying to said " H-help me... help me... " The girl siting next to her and put her hand on her head. " Tari ? What are you doing there ?" The girl sat in the other girl's knees "where am I ? Who am I ? Who are you ?" The other girl smiled and said "I'm Miku, I'm your friend. Your name is Tari. Tari Nijine and you're at Silver-Star. Come with me, we'll back to home together." Tari. So her name was Tari. Ok then. Then Tari woke up and Miku opned big eyes "Ew.. Tari.. what happend to your clothes ?" Tari said that she wasn't know why she was necked. Miku took out her siler blouse and give it to Tari "Then your be.. more okay to back at home now" Miku smiled. Tari nobed. Miku took Tari's hand and took her at home. It was a big metalic building with a big window at teh top. Miku enter in it and Tari enter after her. Every thing was silver or colored. Miku took Tari in the living room, which was a big room with a big red floor, a beautifull purple sofa, a bg TV etc... She saw a big red-two-headed alien come in and he lokked at her with big eyes. She was necked and she blushed because of it. The big alien was looking pretty cute. Yes... too much cute... and he was looking at her. He suddently asked " Tari... why are you... necker... what.. what happend to you ?" Oh, he was knowing her... okay... then she should knowing him too... He comes near her and put his hand on her check "Tari... Tari, are you right ? What happend to you ?"