It had been a few days since the concert and everyone was finally calming down. Lux was still upset about the whole Tasha and Jones thing, but she knew that Tasha was right about everything and Lux needed to learn to let certain things go. It was Baze's weekend, though, for the girls and Lux hadn't seen Eric around much at school. She was avoiding the whole tutoring thing since their little talk at the concert, plus, he had been hanging out with Paige a lot, too, and that was a little awkward. Paige ended up taking the extra room that Baze has for a little bit while she looked for her own place. And it just so happened to be the night that Lauren and Lux were staying over while Eric was, too.

Eric walks slowly out of Paige's room. He was trying to be as quiet as he could, but Lux opens the door of her room and sees him trying to leave. Eric stops and looks at Lux, who was surprised to see him.

"Oh." He says not knowing what else to say.

Lux tries to play cool and walks out. "Hey."

"Sorry. Paige thought that you slept at Cate's." He tells her.

"Wish I had. It's a small loft. The walls aren't exactly sound proof." Lux says as she walks passed him.

"Lux I'm sorry!" Eric tells her but Lux just keeps walking and he closes his eyes when the bathroom door slams.

At Baze's work, Baze knocks gently on Emma's office door as he peeks in smiling. Emma doesn't even look up from the paperwork she is looking through.

"Good morning." Baze says. "I hope I'm not interrupting."

"Coffee. Black. And hold my calls."

"Right. But before I get that. You got a minute?" He asks while he shuts the door behind him. He takes a cd out from his pocket. "I made you this." Emma looks up. "It's got a lot of music from the concert."

"Nate, this is the office and I'm your boss." She informs him.

"Right. I know that. I just think that maybe.."

"Hey, don't forget I need a copy of my itinerary for the company retreat this evening." Emma interrupts.

Baze looks a little hurt at how Emma was treating him considering their weekend together. "The retreat, right. Hey, crazy idea. How about when you get back we.."

"None of these documents are signed." She interrupts again. "Get Tom from accounting down here.

"Yeah, okay." Baze turns around and walks out of the office.

At Cate's, Cate is in the living room packing up her clothes when Ryan walks in. She smiles at him.

"Hey." He says.


"I got your 711 text. I couldn't remember if that was our code for hurry home or get some milk. What's going on?"

"We're going on a stay-cation." She tells him.

Ryan looks at her confused. "Yeah, I don't think that is a real word."

"Yes, it is! It is a real word. You know, a vacation where you stay in town. At the Carlo hotel. They just opened in Portland and I figured we could try it out for the weekend."

"You mean leave right this minute try it out?"

"Why not? We've never been on a vacation, just us. We always had Lauren with us when we went somewhere. You know, with work a weekend is all either of us could take. And plus we're trying to have a baby." Cate smiles as she goes over to Ryan and holds him around the back. "There's a lot of uninterrupted sex to be had. We can spend the next 48 hours in bed." Ryan bends down and kisses her. He was loving her ideas right now.

"I'm in."

"Alright! You change your clothes. I will meet you in the car. I already packed your bag." She says walking back to the luggage.

Ryan turns around and points at her. "You're good." He says before turning back around and heading towards the bedroom.

Cate's phone starts to ring. "Hey, I can't really talk unless it's about Lux and Lauren. I am leaving in two minutes for my staycation." She says happily.

"Is that a real word?" Baze asks her.


"Well, this is a little weird and awkward given everything, but I can't talk to the guys about this and I need your advice."

Cate stops what she is doing. "Okay."

"Remember Emma? Slight narotic uptight, a bit like you?"

"Alright, get to the point."

"Alright, well, I felt at the concert that we kinda bonded, but now, she's mean, unlike you who's nice and helpful and nice."

"Well, you are at work and she is your boss." Cate reminds him.

"That's what she said. It's scary how alike you are."

"Look, just find some time alone with her away from the office."

"Yeah, I tried but she is leaving for a company retreat this week."

"No, no. That's great. You gotta get in on that. There's alcohol, there's room service. You know that first time Ryan and I had sex was at a company retreat." She says as she stops to think back.

Baze grimaces at the thought. "Yeah, kinda awkward. But thanks. I gotta go." Baze sees his dad walking into the building so he quickly hangs up and walks over to him. "Hey, Dad."

"Good morning, Nate. Emma in?"

"Hey, can I talk to you for a second?" Baze's dad walks back over to him. "The whole company retreat that's happening this weekend, do you mind if I tag along?" Baze's dad gives him a questioning look." I just kinda feel like I'm playing catch up here. I just want to do the best job possible."

"You know? You absolutely should come. Way to take initiative, Nate." His dad says proudly as he pats Baze on the shoulder and walks away.

At school, Lux walks into Eric's classroom and throws her test down on his desk.

"What's this?" He asks her.

"That is my essay test on The Outsiders, and that would be an F on the top. Again. This whole tutoring thing. It's not working for me." Lux says in frustration.

Eric puts Lux's test back down and looks up at Lux with sincere eyes. "Lux, I apologize for this morning. I'm sorry it's awkward."

"This is not about this morning. This is about wasting my time. I've read the book. I've shown up for all these sessions. Clearly I don't understand this stuff."

"Well, you're required to be here so you can't just quit on yourself."

Lux picks her test back up. "I'm not quitting on me. I'm quitting you. For good. I want a new tutor." She demands before she walks out and Eric watches her leave.

Outside the quad, Lauren is sitting at one of the benches while she smiles down at her phone where she is texting Jake. Lux walks up to her.

"Texting Jake?" She asks her.

Lauren looks at her big sister with a confused look. "Yeah. How'd you know I was texting Jake?"

Lux sits down next to her. "Because I know you had sex with him." She blurts out rather loudly.

Lauren covers Lux's mouth and looks around to make sure no one heard her. "Shut up, Lux. And how do you know that?"

Lux moves Lauren's hand. "Because you left your email open when I went to go print out some stuff. If you don't want something found, then don't leave it up."

"First off, you shouldn't have read it. And second, it's none of your business!"

"Actually, it is my business." Lux tells her.

"How do you figure that?" Lauren asks as she turns back to her phone.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe because you are only thirteen and you're my little sister who shouldn't be having sex at all. Oh, and also maybe because Jake doesn't live here anymore. How the hell did you manage to have sex with someone who doesn't live here anymore?"

"He came down for the concert. I didn't even know he was coming. And why do you care all of sudden about what I do?" Lauren asks. "You didn't care before."

"I did care." Lux tells her. She was a little hurt that Lauren didn't think that she cared about her.

"No you don't." Lauren says, rudely. "You're too far up your teacher's ass to care about anything else but yourself."

Lux was surprised. "How do you know about..."

"Because I'm not stupid. Surprise. I can figure things out." Lauren says sarcastically.

Lux rolls her eyes. "Well, that's over with. And I didn't have sex with him so that's not the point. The point is you're too young and I'm pretty sure you're not ready!"

"Well, if I wasn't ready then I wouldn't have done it. Just leave me alone, Lux." Lauren grabs her things and walks away. Lux sighs. She knew she was taking her anger out on Lauren, but she was right. Lauren did not need to be having sex. She regretted her first time and she didn't want Lauren to regret her's.

At the hotel, Ryan and Cate walk in.

"This is a suitcase?" Ryan asks her as he struggles with the bag. "It weighs a ton."

"Oh, quit complaining." Cate laughs. "Let's just check in and get to our room. We have some business to take care of." She teases as she reaches up and kisses Ryan. They start walking again, but stop when they see someone familiar.

"That's funny. That looks like Baze's boss." Ryan says as they look at Emma who is waiting to check in.

"And that's definitely Baze's dad." Cate says as she looks at the man standing in front of Emma. "Oh, geez. Oh my gosh. The retreat."

Baze walks up behind them. "Hi, guys." He says a little surprised. Ryan and Cate both turn around. "I get it now. A vacation where you stay in town. Staycation."

Ryan looks horrified and Cate rubs his arm soothingly. "Oh my gosh."

In the hotel room, Cate and Ryan are unpacking their things.

"Oh, who cares if he is here. It's a huge hotel." Cate runs over and jumps on the bed. "We are never going to see him."

Ryan walks over and bends down in front of Cate. "Especially since I don't plan on leaving the room." He says making Cate fall on her back. He starts to kiss her until a knock on the door happens.

"That's our champagne." Cate tells him. Cate gets up and runs to the door. When she opens it Baze is standing behind it smiling. "You are not my champagne."

"Really?" Ryan asks.

"Hi. Small favor. I need to switch rooms with you guys." Baze asks as he steps in.

"And now he's in our room."

"No." Cate tells him. "No way!"

"Cate, come on. Emma is in the adjoining room and I am at the other side of the hotel. You're the one that told me to score some alone time with Emma. I'm just trying to follow your very safe advice."

Cate sighs and looks at Ryan. "I'm sorry."

Ryan breathes out. "Alright. I'll get the bags."

At Baze's, Paige is left taking care of Lux and Lauren. She is mixing some drinks as she looks at Lux and Lauren who were still mad at eachother.

"So, you two stoked for movie night?" She asks them.

"Uh, yeah." Lux tells her with a smile.

"Sure." Lauren adds.

"Ah, this is so fun. Cate, Baze, Ryan out of town. They were so worried like I don't know how to take care of teenagers for a couple days. Apple or chocolate martini?" Paige asks as she holds up two martini glasses.

"Apple." Lux points out.

"Chocolate." Lauren says taking the drink out of Paige's hand.

There's a knock at the door and they all look over. "I wonder who that could be." Paige says as she goes to the door. She opens it and Eric walks in. "Hi!" She yells as she hugs him. "How are you?"

Both Lux and Lauren choke on their drinks when they see who it is. "Hey." Eric says to them.

"What's up?" Lauren says.

"Uh, hi." Lux says, nervously. "I didn't realize that you were coming." Lux grabs her bag. "I'm just going to go to Cate's and leave you two alone. Lauren are you coming?"

"Oh, no. I'm here for you." Eric tells her.

"Surprise!" Paige gleams. "Look, Eric told me that you were having trouble in school and we thought that this would be a really fun way to do your homework."

Lux looks at Lauren who is trying not to laugh. "The Outsiders." Eric says as he holds up the movie.

"Well, I already failed the test so you're a little bit late." Lux tells him.

"Yeah, but I emailed Math to see about a make-up one."

"Popcorn's ready." Paige says while Eric walks away.

"Let the games begin." Lauren smiles as she follows Eric into the living room.

Lux just stood there awkwardly. She didn't understand why this stuff was always happening to her.

At the hotel, Ryan is laying in bed with a robe on. He hurt it when he was putting down the bags and now he could barely move. Cate gets in and hands him some water and pills.

"Maybe we should just go home." She suggests.

"Oh, no way." Ryan tells her. "I was promised some baby making time and I am not going home until I get some." Cate smiles and kisses Ryan.

"Well, until the drugs start I have some almost wedding pictures that we took." Ryan groans. "Come on. The photographer just sent them. We can look at it and decide what to do better the next time."

"Alright, bring it on." Ryan says. Cate jumps in excitement and grabs the album.

Cate opens the album. "Okay, so these must be the photos taken at the church." She says as she looks at the picture of her and Ryan standing at the alter. She looks at the other one on the side of it. "Aw, look at Lux and Lauren. They are so cute. Wait! Is my mother holding a flask in this picture?!"

"Well, technically she's not holding because it's tuck inside her bra." Ryan jokes.

Cate rolls her eyes and continues on. "Who's that?" She asks. She points to the picture of Ryan and a girl talking behind Ryan's parents.

Ryan looks stunned as he stares the picture. "Uh, I can't remember." He lies.

"Oh, come on. It wasn't that long ago." Cate tells him.

Ryan takes a closer look. "Oh, yeah, right. That's, uh, that's Julia."

"Your parents friend Julia? The one that sent us the crystal vase?" Ryan nods his head. "Did you send her a thank you note because I tried, but we don't even have her address. It wasn't on the guest list."

"I told you I was going to take care of that, Cate."

Cate looks back at the picture. "She's not even dressed up."

Ryan scowls. "What does it matter what she's wearing? Why are you obsessing about this?"

"I am not obsessing. She was at the wedding and she gave us a gift. I'd like to send her a thank you note. I mean, how am I suppose to send her a thank you note if I'm not even sure if we invited her."

"Huh. Well, you want to talk about uninvited guest at our wedding? I can think of someone else we should be talking about."

Cate turns away and rolls her eyes. They were fighting over a wedding that didn't even happen. "Why are you doing this? Why are you picking a fight about Baze?"

Ryan sighs. "It's my back." He says, trying at all possible to avoid the topic of Julia. "It hurts."

"I'll get you more ice." Cate gets out of bed and walks away while Ryan opens the album back up and looks at the picture of Julia again. He flashes back to the night that he and Cate got into that really big fight about sleeping with Baze and he walked out. He knocks on the door and Julia opens it. "Hey." He says smiling at the tall blonde.

"Hey." Julia says a little confused. Ryan walks in and Julia notices him stumbling a little while he walks. "You're drunk." She tells him. "And engaged."

"We broke up." Julia walks closer to Ryan while she looks at him. "Cate. She, uh, she cheated on and I just found out. It was stupid."

"I'm a good listener."

"I didn't come here to talk." He says smiling at her. They start making out and pulling eachother's clothes off as they continue to make out. Ryan comes back to reality. All this time he was mad at Cate for cheating on him, when he kinda did the same thing.

At Baze's, Paige had already fallen asleep during the movie and Lux, Lauren, and Eric were still up watching it except Lauren was busy on her phone while Lux and Eric talked.

"So, The Outsiders? What did you think?" Eric asks her.

"That has to be the worse fake blood I have ever seen. Do they use gel or actual motor oil on their hair?" Lux asks making Eric laugh. "And what's with those names? Sodapop? Ponyboy? Cherry?"

"Cause Lux is such a normal name." Lauren tells her.

Lux glares at her sister and takes her phone away from her. She looks at it and sees it's Jake. "How about you go talk to Jake somewhere else. Preferably not in here?"

Lauren rolls her eyes and takes her phone back from Lux. "Whatever. I don't want to hear you and "Mr. Daniels..." She quotes. "..flirt anyway. Kinda sickening." Lauren walks to her room and closes the door.

Lux is surprised what Lauren says and looks at Eric who is staring at her. "She knows?" He asks.

Lux shakes her head. "Not exactly. She just knows that something happened but she doesn't know what."

"It's fine. Hey, so, what do you think? Do you want to take the test over?" Eric asks her changing the subject.

Lux takes a deep breath and looks at Eric. "I don't want to take the test over. I don't want you to talk to Math. I don't want your help! God, dude, take a hint." Lux stands up and so does Eric as he looks at Paige to make sure she wasn't listening because Lux is raising her voice. "Go home. Right. You can't. You're on a date with your girlfriend. If you're not leaving then I am." Lux walks passed him and Eric takes a look at Paige to make sure she's sleeping before he runs after her.

"Lux, wait!" Eric follows Lux outside.

Paige phone starts ringing and she answers it groggily. "Hello?"

"Hey, it's Cate."

"Hey, Cate. How's everything going?" Paige asks.

"It's pretty much consisting of walking back and forth to the ice machine." Cate tells her while she walks the hallway once again with a bucket of ice in her hand. "But it's fine. I'm just calling to check on Lux and Lauren. Are they there?"

Paige sits up and sees that no one is in the living room. "You know, they are doing their homework right now so it's probably best not to bother them right now. I'll tell them you called."

"Okay. Um, Paige hold on second." Cate sits down in one of the chairs outside. "Can I ask you something?"


"What do you know about your parents' friend Julia?"

Paige rolls her eyes. "My parents' don't have any friends. They hate eachother. Oh, oh!" Paige says realizing the name. "You mean, Julia, Julia. Like Ryan's ex."

Cate is surprised. "Um, yeah. Were they serious?"

"You're kidding, right?" Paige laughs. "She's like the one that got away." Cate is silent which makes Paige realize that Cate had no idea about any of this. "Ryan never told you about Julia?"

In the room, Ryan is still looking through the album while he remembers everything that happened that day and before. He flashes back to the day of the rehearsal dinner and when Lux's adoption was finalized. He gets out of the car and walks towards the house but a familiar car catches his eye. He looks back at the house to make sure no one was watching or standing outside and then he goes towards the car and gets in.

"What are you doing here?" He asks, Julia.

"Your mom said you'd be here." She tells him. "I didn't know what else to do. You weren't answering my phone calls."

"Yeah, for a reason. We have the rehearsal dinner tonight and the wedding is tomorrow, Julia."

"Ryan, I think I'm pregnant."

Ryan felt like someone just punched him right in the stomach. He couldn't breath. "What?"

"I took a home test." She tells him.

"Oh, my god, Julia. I am marrying Cate tomorrow. Am I suppose to tell her today before the rehearsal?"

"Well, listen, listen. Calm down. I am going to the doctor to confirm it. I just felt like you should know, but there's no reason to say anything to Cate until we know for sure."

"Julia, I am here for you no matter what, but-" Ryan opens the door again. "I have to go before she sees us. Just call when when you know."

"I will."

Ryan closes the photo album and stares sadly at it. He hated keeping things from Cate, especially since he hated her keeping thing from him. But he didn't want to hurt her. He didn't want to her the girls.

Down in the bar, Lux and Eric are arguing.

"Lux, you can't make this personal and fail out of school just because you are upset about me and Paige." Eric tells her.

"Oh, my gosh! I am not failing out because of you! I was failing way before you showed up!" Lux yells at him.

"How is that possible when you clearly know the material."

"For the last time, I don't know!" Lux was yelling hysterically. She didn't realize she had this much anger towards the the whole Eric situation. "Here!" Lux grabs the test of her bag and throws it at him. "Take the stupid test and pathetic essay and you figure it out for yourself if you think you are such a brilliant teacher!"

"Lux, stop!"

"No, why do you care? Why do you care if I show up for stupid tutoring!?"

"Because maybe tutoring is the only way I can actually spend time with you without it being wrong!" He yells. Lux was surprised by this. Eric had never shown any interest in wanting to be around Lux before since he found out she was a student. Eric sighs. "It's the only thing we are actually allowed to do together." He says, relaxing his voice. "I never want to give that up. I don't want to give up getting to know you." Lux just stood there listening to Eric. She couldn't take her eyes off of him. "I like that part."

Lux nods her head. "Well, look who's making it personal now. So, what? What does it change?" Eric doesn't say anything. Instead he turns away. "That's what I thought." Lux turns away and walks out of the bar leaving Eric standing there alone. He felt bad, but he knew that nothing could ever happen with them. He didn't want to lie to Lux, but he wanted to be honest with her, too.

Back at the hotel, Cate walks in and goes over to Ryan, who was still laying in bed. She puts the ice down and just looks at Ryan. She was still stunned by what Paige told her and she wanted to get to the bottom of it.

"So, Julia's your ex." Cate says. "Kinda buried the lead on that one, huh?" Ryan was lost of words. "Yeah, I talked to Paige. Why didn't you tell me? Why did you lie?"

"Okay, yes, Julia and I dated. But, Cate, that was a long time ago."

"Well, according to Paige she was the love of your life. Which is a pretty big thing to never mention in four years. You know, I don't understand what you ex was doing at our wedding." Cate was growing frustrated with all of it and therefore her temper was rising just a bit.

"Cate." Ryan sits up and looks his girlfriend in her sad eyes. "When you and I broke up, Julian and I slept together." Cate glares at Ryan with anger. "It was only one time, and I knew it was a mistake. I was drunk and I was hurt. Julia and I didn't really talk after that until the day before our wedding. Julia came to me and said that she thought that she was pregnant."

"Oh, my god. I thought you had doubts and I asked you. No, you did, you promised me that it was all in my head. That is wasn't true! And when you were talking to Lux and being that great guy saying that you were putting them first, were you just looking for a way out?"

"No, Cate!" Ryan stands up, ignoring his back pain. "Everything I said to Lux was true!" Cate turns away, rubbing her face. She couldn't believe all this was happening. "I would have called the wedding off for the girls if that's what they wanted. But, yeah, I had my own reasons, too."

"So, what? I'm suppose to be okay because she's not pregnant?" Cate asks. "What if she had been pregnant? Would you have called off the wedding?"

"I don't know." Cate couldn't believe this. She walks in the living room area and sits down. Not like it mattered now because they weren't married. She actually followed through with her doubts and called off the wedding before they didn't anything stupid. But now, Ryan was wanting a baby, with her, and they were trying. But now Cate was feeling like Ryan is trying for all the wrong reasons.

At Cate's, Lux walks into the house. She needed to get away from that place. Being around Eric was causing far more problems than she wanted it to and she couldn't take it anymore. She was sixteen pining for a 20 something year old. That wasn't right. But it felt right. When Lux walks further into the house, she hears a banging on the floor. She looks up the stairs. There wasn't suppose to be anyone here. Lux slowly walks up the stairs and she hears the banging noise again, but this time she hears it from Lauren's room. Lux starts running to Lauren's room and when she opens the door she is met with two naked bodies staring back at her.

"Oh, my god!" She yells as she turns around quickly and shuts her eyes.

"Lux!" Lauren yells. Jake jumps back under the covers to hide himself.

"Lauren, what the hell are you doing!? Well, I know what you are doing." Lux says as she still faces the hallway. "Jake, get the hell out of my sister's room or I'm calling Cate."

"I'm sorry, Lux." Jake says as he grabs his clothes off the floor.

"Just get out." Lux walks out and slams the door behind her. Just what she needed. To walk in on her thirteen year-old sister having sex in her bedroom.

"I'm so sorry, Jake."

"It's okay, Lauren. Look, I'm just going to leave and you call or text me later." He bends down and kisses Lauren on her cheek.

"Okay." Lauren watches Jake crawl out of her window and she falls back into her bed, exhaling all the air she was holding in. Her sister just walked in on her, she thought. She's going to kill her.

At the hotel, Baze knocks on Ryan and Cate's door and Ryan answers.

"Hey, Ryan, sorry. I know it's late. I need to talk to Cate." Baze tells him.

"Yeah, she went home." Ryan tells him.

"What? What happened?"

"We got into an argument." Ryan says as he turns away and goes back into the room. Baze follows him. "Let's just say, getting together with your ex before your wedding is not a great idea."

"Okay, look, I don't know what Cate told you, but it wasn't all her fault." Baze tells him. "It was mine, really. I mean, if I wouldn't have had feelings for Cate then she wouldn't have had doubts." Ryan looks back at Baze with a confused look. "And wouldn't have been wondering if she had feelings for me." Baze looks at Ryan and realizes that Cate and him were not who Ryan was talking about. "Okay, you know what? This is the alcohol talking. I just came back from a party, uh, I'm a little drunk right now." He laughs nervously.

"Okay, Baze, just tell me what happened." Baze sighs and looks away from Ryan. He did not want to explain anything to Ryan, but Ryan was not going to let him leave that room until he did and Baze knew that. He also knew he had to get to Cate before Ryan did."

The next day, Baze is walking out of the hotel while he is on the phone.

"You've reached Cate. Leave a message." Cate's voicemail says. "Hey, Cate, we really need to talk. I screwed things up big time. Not with me and Emma, but, well, that too, but I talked to Ryan. Anyways, call. I'll explain."

At Baze's, Lux had came back to clean the place up before Baze got home because she sure knew Paige wouldn't. While she's in the kitchen, Eric walks in and knocks on the door while he looks at her. Lux turns to him.

"Hey, I wanted to talk to you about last night." Lux rolls her eyes and ignores him. Eric walks over to her. "You weren't the only one making things personal." Lux stops what she is doing and takes a deep breath. "Lux, I can't show you how I feel like normal people can. The only way I can show it is through your school work. You know, all those tests and essays you threw at me? Well, I started looking through them. Lux, have you ever been tested for a learning disability?" He asks, surprising Lux a litte. No, Lauren is the one with the learning disability.

"What?" She asks.

"Because I think that you might have one. But if you just give me a chance to help you the one way that I can, I know that everything can change. Some things can." Eric tells her as they stare at eachother. Lux had nothing to stay. Learning disability? Maybe she and Lauren were more alike than they thought.

At Cate's, Cate is in the kitchen trying to make herself look busy as she cleans the kitchen. She had so much on her mind and so much she wanted to ask, but she couldn't. Ryan walks into the front door to find her just staring off.

"Cate." He calls out. "Can we talk?" He asks as he walks into the kitchen.

"Uh, I'm not sure I'm ready to talk." She tells him.

"Are you really doing this?"

"Doing what? What is it that I am doing?"

"Pretending like I am the only one that had a secret at the wedding." Cate stops what she is doing. "Yeah. Baze told me everything, Cate. He said that you were over at his loft. He said that it was you that was having doubts. He said that you were afraid that you were in love with him!?"

"No, Ryan, I mean, my god, yes, but it was obviously because I was sensing your doubts which is why I went over there to begin with. But the wedding didn't happen so it doesn't matter anymore."

"No, it does matter. What would you have done if he would have told you that he loved you? Would you have called off the weddin? I mean, before Baze ran in and interrupted everything."

Cate is silent for a few seconds as she stares at Ryan's pleading eyes. "I don't know."

Later at the house, Ryan ended up leaving to think about things and for Cate to think, too. Yeah, she had a whole lot of thinking to do. So, while she is sitting in the living room, just sitting there, thinking, Lux walks in.

"Hey." She says.

Cate looks up and gives her daughter a small smile. "Hey." She notices Lux somber face. "What's going on?"

Lux sighs and sits downs next to Cate. "Look, I know a lot is happening right now and this is probably not a good time, but I don't know what else to do."

Cate sits up and looks at Lux with worried eyes. "Lux, did something happen?"

Lux looks away. She didn't want to see Cate expression when she told her. "There's something you need to know about Lauren." Cate took a deep breath and prepared herself for what she was about to find out.

At Baze's, Baze is on his roof drinking a beer when Cate walks in.

"Cate, hey."

"Hey, I got your messages. I mean, not in time, but I don't think it would have made a difference." She tells him sadly.

"I'm so sorry. I thought my days of messing up you and Ryan were done with."

"If you would have told me two months ago that I would be standing here on this deck with you, that I would be in a better place with you than I am with Ryan..."

"Look, I am sorry." Baze says again. "That night, that was my fault. I told Ryan that."

"It's not what you did. It's what I did. I came over here looking for something. I was looking for answers. All you did was not say you love me." She says, smirking at Baze. "But enough about me. We need to talk about Lauren." Baze looks confused as Cate sits down in front of him.

In the kitchen, Lux and Cate are sitting at the bar.

"Cate, I don't know what to say. You and Ryan, you guys are going to be okay, right?" Lux asks.

Cate turns to her daughter and gives her soft smile. "Of course. We're going to get through it." She says trying to tell herself more than Lux. "It's going to be okay, Lux. We're all going to be okay."

The front door closes and they both look up to see Lauren throwing down her things. "Not all of us." Lux whispers. They watch Lauren walk over to them. She was still mad at Lux for kicking Jake out but she didn't want to show that in front of Cate because then she would be asking questions.

"What's up?" Lauren asks, as she takes a sip of Cate's coffee.

"When did you start drinking coffee?" Cate asks, confused.

"Paige gave it to me, so it kinda stuck." She tells her mom.

"Uh, I have to get to tutoring with Mr. Daniels." Lux tells them as she stands up and grabs her things. "I will see you both later."

"Okay, have a good day." Cate tells her as she watches Lux walk towards the door and leave.

Lauren looks back at her mom. "Lux is doing tutoring on a Saturday?" She asks.

Cate smiles. "Yeah. Well, your sister really wants to do well in her English class. Hey, come sit for a minute." Cate pulls on Lauren's hand and she walks over and takes Lux's spot.

"What's up?" Cate didn't even have to say anything. Lauren knew that look that was giving her. It's the look she had been giving her all her life when Lauren did something she wasn't suppose to which explained the whole tutoring on Saturday for Lux. Lauren turns to the front door where Lux just left from before turning back to her mom.

At the school, Lux walks into hers and Mr. Daniels usual tutoring spot. When she walks in she sees no one there. A woman walks out from the back and smiles at Lux.

"Oh, where's Mr. Daniels?" Lux asks her.

"You must be Lux. Mr. Daniels asked me to step in as your tutor going forward." She tells her. "So, have a seat." Lux is surprised and couldn't move. Things were good. Why did Eric not want to tutor her anymore? "Let's get started on some tests." Pay back is a bitch.