Under the moonlight, the shadows danced over her narrow figure as the campfire was extinguished. Gracefully turning and twisting in the moonlight, the genuine smile was a clear evidence of her enjoyment. Droplets of water enveloped her, her clothes and brown hair wet as she danced in the pouring rain.

She was just another one, Cara kept convincing herself. Just another woman. Just one of the many she had seen. Just one of all the beauties in the world. A significant one... a lonely one. Breathtaking, heart breaking.

The smirk on the Mord'Sith's features transformed into a small crook of her lips, a gentle smile of the kind Cara never wore on the outside. That was preserved for her only.

The Confessor's smiling eyes turned to Cara. She stopped dancing now, but her eyes wore an intoxicating happiness. It was quite a sight. Her hand promptly held up, she called out to the Mord'Sith. An invitation of kinds. But for what?

Tentatively, Cara held out her own, to be lifted from her place on the fallen log. The campfire long forgotten, the women were now standing face to face, each with a smile of her own. Suddenly, the Confessor pulled her along, to the small clearing they camped next to.

A glint in her eyes. A challenge. One gladly taken by the one in red.

The rain never ceased to fall. Under the moonlit skies, they indulged in a dance. A deadly dance of mixed beauty. Breathtaking, heart breaking. The music was the rain, the dance floor was the soil. Red and white together, fingers laced, blue eyes piercing green ones. A passionate play, ending the same way.

Slowing down, each ended up in the other one's arms. A moment of truth, the night of first love. It started with a dance, ended with a kiss so chaste, so fleeting, eyes searched eyes for emotion. Did they find it?

The Confessor's hand cupped the Mord'Sith's cheek. The blonde leaned into the touch. Doubtlessly, she was a woman. But she wasn't just another woman. She was the woman. She was the beauty of the world. A significant one, but never lonely. Not with Cara. Breathtaking, heart breaking. The sight of her shook Cara to her very core. The enemy is the only love she has ever known.

And yet, somehow, on this rainy night, Cara didn't mind.

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