Bella was leaning over the bed, smoothing out the quilt that covered it as she hummed quietly to herself. Her thoughts were on the things that had to get done that day, an endless list of chores that would keep her busy till twilight.

She was so distracted by her thoughts that she didn't hear Edward come up behind her and she let out a startled yelp as he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her rear flush up against his hips, showing her that he was rather…excited.

"Edward!" she gasped out, laughing slightly.

"Sorry, just saw you bent over and couldn't help myself," he replied with a chuckle, even as he moved one hand from her waist and used it to start lifting up her skirt and petticoats.

"Edward Masen, whatever do you think you're doing?"

He only snickered in response and as she felt his hand running along up under her skirts and petticoats, tugging down her pantaloons and then sliding between her legs she stopped thinking and only groaned, pushing back against him.

Both their groans filled the room as he felt how wet she was for him with only a few strokes of his finger.

He was fumbling with his belt when the door to their room flew open and they both looked up with startled expressions as their eldest child, Charlie, stood at the door, staring at them.

"What y'all doing?" the seven year old asked. "You spanking momma, pops? Was she bad?"

Both Edward and Bella just stood there, frozen in shock. Edward was just standing there with his belt halfway off in his hands and Bella was just bent over the bed with her skirts around her waist.

At their son's words they both scurried to straighten up with Bella tugging her petticoats and skirts down and Edward putting his belt back in place.

"Uh, yeah, that's right, son." Edward said, giving Bella a sheepish look as she looked at him with a blushing glare.

"How many lickings is she getting?" Charlie asked as he came into the room and pounced onto the freshly made bed, looking at his parents with curiosity.

"Uh…" Edward said, sliding his hand through his untamed hair.

He was saved from having to say anymore as Bella scolded the boy. "Charles Masen, get off my freshly made bed!"

The boy hunched his shoulders a bit and slid off the bed, trying to smooth out the quilt.

"And, how many times do your father and I have to keep telling you that you have to knock before entering a room?"

"Sorry, momma," Charlie replied.

Shaking her head Bella sighed and she pulled the boy towards her, leaning over to kiss the top of his head.

Charlie responded by wrapping his arms around her waist and nuzzling her tummy a bit before he looked over at his father.

"I just wanted to tell y'all and Uncle Em and Uncle Jasper are downstairs waiting."

At that moment Edward was glad that it had been Charlie that had interrupted them instead of Emmett. There had been too much of that over the years, the night before their wedding having started precedence.

"Thanks, son." He gave Bella a crooked smile and headed towards the bedroom door, following his boy. He stopped though and turned to Bella who was fumbling under her skirts. "You coming?"

"Give me a chance to pick up my drawers!" she hissed.

He chuckled and made his way downstairs.

He smiled as he passed the parlor. Rina, their housekeeper who helped Bella around the homestead with everything from childcare to cooking and cleaning, was there, watching his two youngest, five year old Billy and three year old Harry. Both boys were playing with a set of carved out barnyard animals that he had made for Charlie when he was younger. Now, Charlie tried to pretend that he was too big for those toys, but both Edward and Bella could see the envy in his eyes when his two younger brothers had taken over playing with them.

He watched as Twilight, their old cat, moved between the boys, knocking over several of the toys. Billy, the calmest of their children, simply sighed and started to straighten up the pieces, setting them on their feet again. Harry, already vocal at three, pointed his finger at the cat and said, "Bad kitty!"

He shook his head, smiled and said, "You boys don't give your momma a hard time today, you hear?"

Both boys looked up and while Billy simply nodded, Harry held up his arms, demanding, "Go with poppop."

Edward went over kissed the boy on the top of his head and shook his head. "Not today, buddy."

As expected, Harry started yowling and Billy let out a sigh, hunching his shoulders over his ears as he tried to drown out his brother's cries.

By this time Bella had come into the room and had picked up Harry, soothing him quietly.

Edward looked over at Billy, ruffled the boy's hair and kissed the top of his head, quietly saying, "Take care of your momma and brother for me," before he straightened up, kissed Bella, and made his way outside.

Emmett was there, helping Charlie to saddle up his pony.

"At the rate you're growing, you're going to need a full grown horse soon," Emmett said as he set the saddle in place.

Emmett had a special bond with his nephews most likely due to the fact that he had four girls of his own. Edward knew that he wanted a boy, but from what Bella had told him, Rosie had insisted that their fourth girl was their last child. Those girls were the center of their father's world though and between him, Rosie, and their "'buelitos"—as they affectionately called Carmen and Eleazar—those girls wanted for nothing.

It was funny how things turned out. Emmett and Rosie had their four girls. Jasper and Alice had their daughter and son. Esme and Carlisle had little Edward who was almost nine now. And, he and Bella had their three boys. Somehow he had a feeling that that was it. There would be no more kiddos coming, but it wasn't as if that wasn't enough. They were a large, happy brood who were as close as could be despite the fact that not all of the shared the same blood.

As he came down the steps Jasper said, "Well, there you are. Thought you were never coming down."

Emmett looked over. "It's about time, too. What took you so long?"

Edward was about to say something when Charlie answered the question. In a matter-of-fact tone he said, "Pops was punishing momma."

Both Jasper and Emmett blinked, looking over at Edward who was actually blushing.

"What?" Emmett said, his tone dangerous. Edward might have been married to his sister for over nine years, but he was ready to take down his brother-in-law at the drop of a hat if he thought his sister was being hurt.

It was taking Edward a while to come up with a good explanation so before he could say anything Charlie continued, answering in his innocence, "He was taking off his belt and had momma bent over the bed with her skirts around her waist." He looked to his uncle and added, "That means she must have been real bad."

Jasper was hiding a smirk behind his hand and Emmett just stood there a moment before he bellowed, "Jesus Christ, Edward!"

Edward just groaned and palmed his face.

Emmett continued, "What kinda kinky stuff have you got my sister into? I'd of thought you'd of gotten over it after all these years! The nightdress! What I caught you doing in the shower! Now this?"

Edward was turning all shades of red while Jasper was openly laughing now.

Charlie looked confused and looked over to his father. "Pops? What'd Uncle Em catch you doing in the shower?"


Translation: "'buelitos" = Abuelos is grandparents in Spanish. Abuelitos is an affectionate way of saying that (like granny or gramps). The kids have shortened this even more.

Yes, folks, that's the end of Lonesome Hearts. I know it's probably not the ending most of you wanted or expected, but I didn't want to try to pack a lifetime into the epilogue. I just wanted to give you a taste of what Bella and Edward's future turned out to be.

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