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A/N: A cute one-shot of Jade and Beck.

Jade POV

I sat alone in my room at five o'clock pm on a Friday night, feeling bad because I didn't get the part in a play that I auditioned for last week.

Suddenly my cell phone rang. My spirits lifted a centimeter when I looked at the caller ID. My wonderful, handsome Boyfriend. Beck always knows exactly what to say when I'm upset.

I answered the phone. "hey" I said still glum about not getting the part. "hey Jade" Hearing his voice made me even more happy. "Listen I know your still upset about not getting the part," He began in his velvet voice. "But I know something that can make you feel better." I sighed. "what?" I asked sounding a little harsher than I wanted to. "I'll have to tell you in person." He said mysteriously. "Fine come pick me up." I said flatly, not telling him how much seeing him would make me feel better. "OK, I'll be there in five minutes." He told me. "Love you." He said waiting for and answer. Usually I don't show emotion, or tell him I love him. It's just not my nature. But today was different because he was going to "make me feel better". "Love you too" I sighed hanging up the phone.

I went to my closet to find something to wear, puting on a short-sleeved black t-shirt with a gray and silver bleeding heart on the front and metal diamonds on the sleeves, Black skinny jeans and black combat boots. I walked into my bathroom and touched up on my make-up, then brushed my hair. I Surveyed myself in my full length mirror. "perfect," I wispered. I walked down the hallway yelling "Mom, I'm going to beck's," in the general direction of her room. "Be back before twelve" she called back. "Yeah, yeah, yeah" I mumbled under my breath as I walked down the stairs and into the livingroom.

By this time Beck was pulling into the driveway. I was out the front door before he could get out and got in his car. "So, what's up?" I questioned. He leaned over and kissed my cheek. "Here" He handed me a small box with black wrapping paper. "What is it?" I asked looking at him as he started driving down the road towards his house. Well RV, anyway. Which he lives in parked in his parent's driveway. He reached over and took my hand with his right hand while holding the steering wheel with his other. "A box" He replied, chuckling. Normally I would have smacked him or made some smart remark, but like I said, today was different.

"Uh, yeah I see that. I meant what's in it," I said, rolling my eyes. "Open it" he said simply while rubbing small circles on the back of my hand with his thumb. I obeyed, taking off the wrapping paper with my free hand.

I gasped in awe when I saw what was inside the box. Sitting in the center was a beautiful silver necklace. The charm was a Big black diamond shaped as a heart with clear diamonds all around the edges.

"Beck this is beautiful" I sighed admiring the necklace. "You like it?" he asked.

"I love it. Thank you," I said, taking it out of the box and putting it on. "Your welcome." I was so happy about the necklace that I forgot all about not getting the part. Another horrible day had once again became a wonerful one because of Beck.

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