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Summary: Born out of wedlock from a Potter and a Black, this is the story Arcturus Octavian Black.

Warning: slash, underage sex(kinda), implied student/teacher relationship, killing, humor, sex, Mpreg….and other delicious stuffing




spells/curses, please note the difference between thoughts and spells/curse!

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Last time

But unknown to them, their heir was kissing up a storm in the walls of Durmstrang. Especially with the vampire that taught there, his body was backed up against the stone wall in his professor's room, their lips crashed together, tongues tied in primal need. A hand was up Octavian's shirt playing with his nipple while the other was down his pants, slowly, erotically enticing the young cock, Noir scraped the slit of his cock with his nail, earning him a low, heavy moan.

Removing his mouth and tongue from Octavian's, Noir kissed down his jaw and to his neck, where his slowly licked over the spot that he knew was the most sensitive part on his young 'lover's' body. A shudder passed through the body underneath him, smirking he bite down, drawing a loud scream. Thank Morgana he had warded the room. As the blood rushed to his mouth, he let out a moan of his own, he knew he would miss being able to have the sweet, with a hint of spice deliciousness when Octavian left today. This was all he could do today, they couldn't go any farther than this right now, after all, his family was probably waiting outside for him. Reluctantly, Noir removed his fangs from the soft neck that was presented to him, licked it to close the wound and removed his hands from underneath the shirt and in the pants; in return he got a growl of displeasure from the boy.

"This is farewell for now my beautiful. Don't worry, we'll see each other again."

"Ha! Me worry about not seeing you again? Please. Do not illusion yourself," Octavian scoffed as he straightened out his clothes, fixed his hair and applied a glamour to hide what they had been doing so far, "Trust me Damien, I won't be the one worry, it'll be you. I purromise." Octavian purred into his ear. Standing up straight, both slowly walked out of the room. And split into opposite directions, of course before he could go back to his family, but first he had a sexy werewolf to visit. With a smirk on his face, he glided away to his next conquest.

Chapter 2: Stupid Potions Guild

Severus Tobias Snape was a very patient, calm, caring man. Yeah right! The only thing right in that sentence is the patient part…or at least that's what he told himself. The other professors begged to differ. So let's change that sentence to what is actually the truth, Severus Tobias Snape was a cunning, spiteful and easily irritated man. So it's easy to understand why, he was irritated at the moment. You see, while sitting in the Great Hall for lunch, a young man walked through the door of the Great Hall and demanded that he get up and go to the Potions Guild for the Master's testing.

For those who don't know what a Master's testing is, it's a test that very five years, a Potions Master has to take to keep their title as Potions master. Not only Severus, but many of the other Potions Master thought that it was a complete waste of time. Of course, Severus was the only one to actually purposely 'forget' about the test the last two times. But never did he imagine that the Guild would send someone to come and get him, to make him take the test.

Still confused? Here's what happened:

It was 11:45 lunch had began some time ago, so the students(most anyways) where sitting a socializing. The professors too were talking amongst themselves, all was loud and obnoxious, causing Severus to grow a headache. Suddenly the doors of the Great Hall burst open and in strode a young man about the age of 16 or 17. He was wearing black skin tight pants with multiple zippers running in all directions. His black top was…well it was completely open in the front, and there was a long hood that was on top of his head. I suppose the best way to explain it would that the top was in tunic form, backless, no sleeves, with a hood that went down to the middle of his chest.

On his feet were clearly very expensive dragon hide boot, charmed to be black in color. On his right arm/hand was a bicep length fingerless glove and on his left arm was a tattoo of…something, as well as multiple bracelets. But because he had his hood on, it covered his face, the only this visible underneath that was his waist length black hair. It was obvious that he was a pureblood or even a half-blood. He walked with the grace only attained by blood or years of dedicated practice.

He had a slim, sun-kissed body, but one could tell that he was fit, his arms and lightly pecked stomach attested to that. And if one were to look closely enough you could see another tattoo on his stomach and a shine of a piercing of an ankh on his belly button and right pelvic skin/bone area. And though the people he was facing couldn't see it, he had a tattoo of an ankh with two eyes of Horus coming out from both sides of it 'arms' at the nape of his neck. The leg of the ankh reached the middle of his back, and coming out of the ankh were numerous amounts of hieroglyphics, as well as a tramp stamp(you design your own TS n put it above his ass).

Whispers floated around the hall, all asking if someone knew who that person was. Of course no one was able to answer the answer everyone wanted hear. Why? Because no one knew who that male was. Well…no…one school, a blonde 3rd year Ravenclaw, and a red-head dragon-tamer knew…but but they all decided not to say anything…or at least not to say anything until he called upon them. So far, they knew this was going to be an interesting day.

Once the mystery man was standing in front of the teacher's table, his looked from one side to the other, you could tell because well…his head moved, bringing the hood along with it. Many were startled when he called out,

"Severus Snape."

"Pardon me, but who are you and why are you asking for my Potion's Master?"

"Who I am is of no concern to you, and he is not your Potion's Master, he is the Potion's Guild's Potion Master. Now where is he?"

"I'm right here," the boy/man turn his head towards the voice. He looked him up and down, "Greasy hair, yellow finger nails, hooked nose, and a what-the-fuck-do-you-want stare. Yep, you're him alright. Ok so here's the deal, the guild wants you to take the Mastery test. Today. And because you haven't attend the last two times, they sent me her to make sure you attend this on. So as you can see, go now."


The boy snorted, "Listen, either you go willingly or I forcibly take you, either way works but I'd rather not, turn up to the guild with a grown man kicking and screaming because he didn't want to take a little test."

"Kicking and screaming!"

"Yes, kicking and screaming. Now don't get your panties in a bunch and start walking."

Quiet chuckles could be heard floating around the Great Hall. All the students were in awe, no one had dared to talk to the dreaded Potion's professor like that before…well, no one except for Prof. James Potter of course, but he didn't count he was after all a teacher.


"YES! PANTIES! What are you? An echo?"

"Why you disrespectful little-"

Severus' words were stopped when a strong gust of wind came into the Great Hall, and a large amount of dark energy formed around the boy.

"I dare you to finish that sentence up little half-blood."

Silence overtook the Hall, no one dared make a sound. This was the first time anyone had openly called a professor by their blood status. Everyone waited with halted breaths wondering what was to come next.

"Do not think that just because you are the grandson of Marcinus, I will allow you to get a away with insulting me half-blood."

"How do you know him?"

"Don't worry yourself about insignificant matters. Just go to the guild right now."

"I cannot."

"And why is that?"

"Because I have classes to teach after lunch."

"Very well, then I shall take over your classes for today, while you take the test."


"For the love of Morgana!" Fed up, the by waved his hand across Snape's body and he disappeared with a 'whoosh'. The hall was in a panic then, wands where pointed that the stranger. Albus got a wild glint in his eye, no ome took away his potions master without his permission! Not even the Dark Lord, and especially not some snot nosed pureblood child!

"See here, little boy! I demand that you bring Severus back her this instant!"

"You demand? And who are you to demand something of me?"

"Hey! He's Albus Dumbledore! Question is who are you?" A boy-ish voice yelled out from one of the tables. The hooded man spun on his heel, and turned to look at the boy. Slowly he walked over to the kid and stood in front of his table, as his back was towards the window. He looked him up and down, the loud mouth boy could feels eyes dissecting him.

"Another half-blood? You lot sure don't know how to hold your mouth when you're in the presence of your betters."

Gasp rang through the hall, no one had ever insulted Snape, Dumbledore and the Boy-who-lived all in one go!

"Excuse me! Do you know who you're talking to! I'm Henry Potter! The boy-who-lived!"

"The boy-who-lived? So it is true…you British people are so weird."

"What? You're the weird one! You come here and insult us!"

"You're asking to be insulted. It's not my fault. Well whatever, I've done my job, now I have to get back."

With a hooded nod, the man turned towards the door and brought his right hand up to his neck, a click was heard and a large portal appeared. Looking through it one could see the other side, but all they could see was a bunch of sand, people, sand, fire lit wood, and who would have guessed…sand.

"HEY! You haven't answered my question yet! Who are you!"

Ignoring the loud boy, the stranger walked into the portal. Those of the Great Hall saw him on the other side of the portal, but what they also saw a long red haired man came into view. He was very handsome, muscular, and for some reason panting hard.

"Bill?" Came a quiet voice from the hall, heads turned to the voice. It turned out to be a red haired girl by the name of Ginny Weasley.

"VAN! Get out of here now!" Heads twirled back to the portal. The stranger, now named Van, stood there, 'Why isn't he moving?' went through the heads of the students. As they watched, they saw the man, Bill, run straight at Van…and tackled him out of the portal and back into the Great Hall.

The students of Durmstrang all stood up along with their Highmaster. All ran towards the two, wands lowered at the red-headed assailant. No one dared to move.

"Bill…get now while most of the time I don't mind you being on top of me…this is not one of those occasions. Get off."

"Right. Sorry," Bill said leaning on his upright arms and lifting himself up, "it's just…flesh-eating scarabs are not my thing."

"Ha..that's nice to know."

Slowly Bill got his bearings together enough to look around. Eyes widened as he spotted several wands pointed at them, looking past he was a familiar out of this world robe, his old headmaster. Bill blinked once. Twice. Swiftly he looked back down at the straddle male underneath him, then back up at the table, and back down one more time, "Hogwarts? Why are we at Hogwarts?"

"I had to take one Severus Snape to the guild for the testing. And as I said before, GET OFF!"

Slowly Bill picked himself up and off the floor before extending his hand down for the male, now dubbed as 'Van', to take. Van took the offered hand and pulled himself up. Gasps rang throughout the Great Hall. Confused as to what caused the sudden gasp, 'Van' turned to look at the students, but found that they were all staring at him.


"You look like Professor Potter that's what." Said the eldest red head.

"Professor Potter?" Slowly Van turned his head to look at the Head Table but found his vision block by Durmstrang students. A perfectly shaped eyebrow was raised, "Well? Why are you still standing there? Go back to your seats."

With speed until now, unknown to man, the teens dispersed back to the Syltherin table. Finally being able to see the table, purple eyes searched for someone who looked like him. Tilting his head in confusion, he asked, "Bill. I have no clue what you're talking about. None of those people look like me. At All."

"Van trust me, you might not see it, but we do. You really do look like James Potter."

"Really? This is the first I'm hearing of this. I've always been told I look like my dad, not a Jamal Potter."


"Excuse me?

"His name is James."

"I know, that's what I said, John Potter."


"Ma ma, what are you getting so worked up about William? Have a secret crush on Jared?"


"OCTAVIAN! Where have you been for the past six months young man!"

Heads twirled around to the source of the voice. There stood a man of five feet eleven inches. Long ink black tresses cascading down in back and small waves. Angry darkening gray eyes glaring at the aforementioned boy. He was dressed in expensive clothing, a black silk cloak with a silver trim, black slacks and black dragon hide boots.

Upon seeing the man, the officially named Arcturus paled slightly, "Uncle Sirius. Hi. How are you? Good? That's great. Well bye! I must get going now!"

Trying to escape though was impossible. A curse was shot at his legs, though he naturally avoided it. Not losing any momentum, he hurriedly ran to the left side of hall, all the while dodging various curses.

"Van! If you do not stop running at this moment I will tell Regulus that you are purposefully avoiding him because you don't want to see him!"

That successfully stopped the running teen short, "WHAT! Siri! You wouldn't dare! You know that's not true!"

"I know, and you know. But he doesn't. and we both know that."

Seeing that he was now stuck between a Sirius and a hard place, Van knew he had to give up the run…for now. Though unknown to the rest of the school, one man was sitting in his chair while his mind drew up completely wrong conclusions as to how and why Regulus and this Octavian character knew each other. Jealousy filled the man, 'how dare that impudent little boy come in and try to claim what is mine!'

But that discussion is for another time. Anyways back to the main story, Octavian and Sirius were now at a stalemate. Neither could move knowing both had something to hold against him. Slowly Van walked over to Sirius, his eyebrow twitched, why is it that his Uncle Sirius always had something to hold against him? True he had blackmail against many others as well…but still! What Uncle willingly blackmailed their only and most favorite nephew! Van left out an inaudible sigh when he finally reached his destination.

"Siri…really, I didn't know that so much time passed. I mean we, the research team and I, were having so much fun breaking all these ancient curses and dodging booby traps and…and…Siri!"

"Lord Black…what he said is true. I personally didn't even realize that three months had passed and then we got stuck in the pyra-" Bill was cut off when and elbow rammed into his stomach. He dropped to the ground groaning, "Damnit Van! What was that for?"

"Yes, Octavian. Why did you stop Bill from continuing on with this story?"

"Wait…Van you didn't tell your family?"

"No! Of course not! Are you crazy? They would never let me out of the house again if they heard this story! But now thanks to you! They will know, and I will be living the rest of my in the Manor and die with like a thousand cats!"

"You…you are a drama queen."


"Hey! Don't talk about my mother like that!"

"Then you cannot call me a drama queen!"



"Geez…are you too going out?"

Two head whipped at the older man, as well as two pairs of glares.

"No. We are not."

"Could have fooled me."

"Sirius. Don't worry when I formally go out with someone and not as a bed friend, you'll be the first to know ok?"

"I'll hold you to it. Now, come along! We must get going."

Nodding his head, Van turned back to Bill, "You can get back on your own right?"

Before he could give an answer, a voice cut him off, "Or he could stay here for a little while."

Once again heads turned to the voice, I swear with all this head turning someone was bound to get whiplash! Eyes widened with recognition as to whom had just spoken to them. Another ginger.

"Charlie? What are you doing here?"

"Not much your Highness. Just lazing about."

"Charile. Why aren't you at the reserve?"

"Because at this time, I am here with some of the others for the Tri-wizard tournament."

"Tri-wizard tournament? Really? Damn…I should have stayed in school a bit longer huh? Anyways, so William, you will be staying here for a while, yes? Good", Van turned back to Sirius, "Let's go."


With a click to his pendent, Van and Sirius turned their heels, robes floating around them and walked through the portal.

Taking in a giant breath, Van bellowed out, "Dad! I'm home!"

And the portal closed behind, them leaving a confused many. One thing ran through the minds of most, 'Dad?'

Hi…so…yeah..i'm late…extremely late…sorry.