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Chapter 1

Dark Oceans

Ok, it was eight in the morning, we had been waiting forty-five minutes for our alcohol-loving teacher, the twins would not shut-up, oh, and did I mention it was eight in the morning? I was ready to bite someone's head off. Twice.

"Ughhhh! Where's Gobber?" Ruffnut complained, sinking down into a slouch where she sat.

I peered around the training ring, half expecting him to just pop out. "I don't know. . . he's usually not late like this," I said, getting the slightest bit concerned.

I heard Toothless snort behind me; "He's probably eating or something. Or drinking mead. Neither would surprise me from him at eight in the morning," Toothless smirked. I gave him a disapproving look and leaned down to his head, so I could whisper.

"That wasn't very nice."

He chuckled, "Ha! I'm not a very nice dragon."

I just rolled my eyes... Toothless was never, errm, perky, par say, in the morning. All trainees were sat in a circle, waiting for our teacher to arrive and strangely, he was late, and late was not usual in the slightest. We probably would've been worried if it not had been Gobber… Maybe he just overslept, or maybe Toothless was right and he was just eating. . .or drinking mead. Sorry to admit it but it was a rather good guess.

I slumped against Toothless, getting inpatient and irritable. I took a deep breath, sucking in the chilly Icelandic air, feeling the cold burn my lungs and glanced at Astrid who gave me a small smile back, obviously still tired, and getting as inpatient as me. I of course gave her my signature lop-sided grin, making her roll her ocean-eyes. She slouched against Sharp, closing her eyes as if she were to fall back asleep, both of us sighing contently, and I turned on my side to draw in the dirt with my finger. We had been waiting too long. Forty-five minutes at least, little more or a little less but whatever it was, I was still ready to march out of there and stomp home, to fall back asleep in my warm bed. . . . .but nope. Cause guess who strutted their way in when I thought that?

"Alright ya' lazy teens! Sorry I'm late, ye kno', lost track of time an' all. . ."

"At the mead hall?" Toothless mocked and I resisted the urge to chuckle.

"Anyway'z," Gobber continued, oblivious to Toothless's sarcastic remark, "TODAY! Yes today, we're going out to sea!" Gobber bellowed, smiling prideful-ly. The whole class groaned - yeah. . .why don't I tell you how well that went the last time we went out to sea for class?

Summary: Not very well. At all.

"Quit yer' whine'n! Now UP ya' lazy lots! And march!" he commanded, pointing a chubby finger at the exit. All stood, mumbling various curses, and lazily walked out of the arena to the docks.

Surprisingly, what met us was four miniature boats. We all looked at Gobber expectantly, who slyly cocked an eye-brow and broadened a smile. He gestured us to board the tiny ships, still with the sly grin. We all climbed in and set off nervously.


"ALL RIGHT!" shouted Gobber, easily drowning out the rushing wind with his loud bellow, "Yer' probably all wonder'n why we'r on these tiny ships right noow, correct? Correct! Well, both Stoick and I agree that you should all practice boarding an enemy ship. Why? Well because of the little problem we had about a month's ago, wasn't it? That shoowed how vital dat skill really iz,"… the amputee babbled and babbled and babbled, like he usually did when explaining the day's lesson.

I sighed, blowing hard to get the bangs out of my eyes. Today was going to be a nuisance. Gobber had expected us to find a 'peaceable' fishing boat, as he likes to say, and then somehow steal one of their helmets. 'Peaceable' fishing boats were usually occupied by the non-Vikings from the coast opposite of Berk - for some reason unknown, us Vikings like to constantly raid these people, or just scare them out of their wits when we're bored.

Ha. And you wonder why these people are scared of us.

Let's just say we aren't exactly on 'buddy-buddy' terms with them. They do anything to avoid us. Which is why Gobber wants us to board one of their small boats and steal one of their little helmets. He thinks it'll be easy, and what's another peaceable fishing boat? They aren't going to do anything back, they're too scared he said. Well honestly, I pity these poor souls that have to put up with us. I didn't want to steal anything from them, but of course I didn't want to face the wrath of Gobber the Belch either; would my conscious or fear win?


Fear, you've won this round.

It was a bit of a comfort knowing nobody would get hurt, though. Just some beaten dignities and very mad peaceable fishermen, if we actually succeed.

As Gobber babbled about his first time boarding an enemy ship (which was - strangely - when he was only four and it was a ship full of a cannibal Viking tribe…..nothing fake about that…..) I glanced around at my peers, seeing if any of them felt the same way I did.

Ruff and Tuff were in one boat with Fishlegs-which was a very bad idea in my opinion—both twins smiling largely and eyes full of excitement, but slight maliciousness. They loved this kinda stuff: raiding the innocent for fun... it was a little concerning actually. Fishlegs on the other hand, well was being Fishlegs. His face chalk-pale, eyes darting back and forth with nervousness, and clinging onto the oar for dear life.

Snotlout and Dogsbreath were in the other. Snotlout looked as excited and anxious as the twins, eyes bright and a slight smile perking through his lips. Dogsbreath was a little different, though. His eyes were narrowed in thought, an evil-pleasure-ful grin cutting through his daunting features. It was actually quite frightening. I turned my gaze away in slight disgust at his 'fun'.

Astrid was of course was in a boat with me, not looking excited, or evil, or anything really. Her expression was bleak; a warrior's mask. She was determined, ready for anything and I have to say I admired her highly for this; the straight faces she could whip out whenever she wanted. It came in handy at times, though other times it left me baffled and confused.

Toothless couldn't come as neither could the other dragons, they were too big. With a little argument and a very loud yell from Gobber, the dragons reluctantly stayed behind.

"RIGHT!" Gobber, bellowed, finishing his story and startling me out of my thoughts, "Now off with ya'! ONE RULE, THOUGH! You are NOT to LEAVE this BAY! Understand? Winter's a near'n and the tides are getting faster! Plus, just south of here runs the summer's current. Therefore, warmer waters, and that means sharkworms. Ye' don't want to get in a fight with 'em, now do ya?" Gobber warned, cocking and eye-brow and smiling playfully.

Sharkworms. Living in the icy waters of Berk, we usually didn't have to worry about those.Although, just south of here ran a summer's current, like Gobber just explained, and it was always warmer than other parts of the ocean. Sharkworms adored the warmth of the waters, so that's their natural habitat. They were a relatively tiny species; so why should we be so afraid you ask? Well, they're called sharkworms for a good reason. They are closely related to the shark, and have five rows of teeth sharp enough to puncture skin with little force, ungodly speed, and strength. And they're carnivorous. What do we have to worry about, you wonder? As long as we don't go in the water we should be fine! Yeah, well I didn't tell you the worst part, dear reader. Sharkworms have legs. Yes, you heard me right. Sharkworms are have a super rare ability of being able to survive on both water and land; though, they can only stay on land for about ten minutes. And I still haven't gotten to the worst part! They prefer human flesh. Sharkworms were known for raiding ships and dragging unsuspecting victims under water, drowning them, and then sucking out the blood, and to finish them off, slowly eat the rest of the carcass. Yummy, right?

"Now off with ya'!" Gobber ordered, pointing outwards. The trainees groaned, slowly mustering up enough strength to row against the tide's pull. It, surprisingly, was harder than it should have been, taking both me an Astrid off guard at first. Biting our lips in determination, we pulled the oars toward us, then away from us; repeating the process over and over again until we were moving at a good speed. Both Astrid and I got easily distracted from the outside world, purely focusing on the job at hand.

"Hey! Would you slow down?"

I nearly jumped out of my skin at the command, peering over the side of the small boat baffled.

"Toothless?" I said, surprised, and a little annoyed. "Toothless! What are you doing! You were supposed to stay back at Berk, remember?" I stated, raising an accusing eye-brow.

He widened his eyes, giving his best innocent look. "I'm just swimming… you know I like to do that often."

I looked at him disapprovingly. "Really Toothless?"

He did his best to keep the ever-so innocent look, but my stern stare faltered him. Toothless let out a scoff, rolling his eyes. "Yeah, ok, whatever, you caught me! I would like to come along, where's the harm?"

"Toothless, you're suffocating me," I stated dully, staring straight ahead with a slight grin.

I heard Astrid burst into laughter. "Oh wow, you didn't expect him to follow you?" she mocked. I glared slightly, annoyed with the fact I'm the only one unaware of this.

"So fine! I'm afraid you'll kill yourself! I had to intervene two times the last time you went out to sea for class, or you would've died! I have every right to follow you!" Toothless protested.

I looked to Astrid, still irritated, "I'm surprised Sharp didn't follow you, too," I murmured.

Toothless snickered at that statement. "Nadders can't swim for long and neither could most of the other dragons. They just aren't built for it," he explained.

Now I was a little worried, "Well then what are you doing! You could drown!"

He looked at me as if I was stupid. "Hey, hey look at this," he mocked, looking down at himself, "Wow, I'm all Night Fury. Yep, mhm. I am built for this stuff, I'm perfectly fine. Now you, well you're a different story."

"Toothless. . ." I whined, "Really? You can't trust me alone for one hour, if that!" I defended.

He snickered rudely, "Oh please, I don't trust you for half an hour let alone a full one!"

I glared harshly, feeling insulted. I wasn't that clumsy! "Toothless! Please, I'm fine! Astrid's here, she won't let anything happen."

"No I won't," she cut in, smiling at Toothless.


"But. . ." she continued, getting a small 'oh, no' from me, "Even I admit a Night Fury's better protection than me," she held her head high, straightening her shoulders, "and that's saying something."

"You're not helping the situation!" I whispered, getting a little mocking laugh from her.

"Awww," I heard a taunting voice sing from behind, "Does the kitty have separation issues?"

Dogsbreath. Great.

I practically growled when I heard the deep, annoying voice. Both Astrid and I turned to face him, narrowing our eyes with irritation and annoyance.

"What?" Dogsbreath questioned, shrugging his shoulders defiantly, "You know the dragons were supposed to stay back at the island. What, dragon tamer and dragon tamer's dragon couldn't part for an hour?" he mocked.

"Obviously," I whispered to myself, still aggravated that Toothless had followed me.

"Snotlout," Astrid said, looking to Snotlout, "Will you please get your friend to SHUT-UP?"

Snotlout, who was known for being Dogsbreath's little puppet, looked between the two at a total lost. He was Dogsbreath's good friend for a long time, but Dogsbreath liked to bully me and the other trainees had come to my defense whenever that were to occur. But because of their 'good' friendship, Snotlout hadn't the heart to intervene and risk it that friendship. Even if he didn't like the way he bullied me.

Snotlout finally rested his gaze on Dogsbreath, twiddling his fingers around the oar nervously, "Hey. . ." he started slowly, "l-lay off 'breath. We all know Toothless is over-protective, and the last trip out to sea hadn't gone all that well, he's probably worried," he explained.

"THANK YOU!" Toothless cut in, though only I knew what he was saying, "Finally! See Hiccup? Even your dunce-headed cousin gets it!" I rolled my eyes, glaring softly at Toothless.

"Hmph," Dogsbreath pouted, narrowing his eyes. Only he and I knew it was full-well his fault the last trip nearly cost me my life. He smiled slyly, eyeing me. "Fine. Makes sense. . ." he covered, giving me a knowing look, "Whatever. I'll leave you alone," he settled, looking away for a moment.

"Wow, I can't believe that worked!" I heard Snotlout whisper to himself.

Snotlout and Dogsbreath started rowing their little-ship again, both seemingly getting lost in their work. How wrong I was. Once Dogsbreath knew Snotlout was fully distracted, he looked at us with eyes full of malicious pleasure, and a slight evil grin threatening to slice through the rest of his features again. My eyes broadened and my mouth gaped when I saw this: it was never a good sign to see the person who liked to punch you in their free-time smile like that.

He slowly raised his oar out of the water, stretching it over to us. With one strong thrust, he shoved it against our boat.

Taken totally off-guard, both Astrid and I lost control of the steering. I nearly fell off the boat. Before we knew it we had been captured in the mighty current; and heading out of the bay, towards the summer's current.

Toothless had no choice but to duck under the boat and avoid it, or there was a good chance it would've knocked him out. Astrid and I paddled furiously, trying to get the boat back on track and away from the summer's current. But even with both of us it was no use. The tide was strong, stronger than usual... It was as if the salty-waters were pulling us toward something; like if someone had been at one end of the earth and was tugging on the ocean like someone would a blanket, reeling us in as their catch.

After minutes of useless effort to gain control of steering again, the rest of the trainees and Gobber's little boat were out of sight. The current's strength had finally dulled down, until Toothless was able to safely stop the boat for us. I peered at our surroundings with slight terror; it was all ocean. Nothing but a blue horizon for miles on end, it was as if Odin himself had picked up our little-boat and placed it straight in the middle of the sea. We were completely, and utterly, lost.

"Oh no. . ." I whispered to myself. Astrid looked to me with pleading eyes.

"What do we do, Hiccup?" she asked. I opened my mouth to reassure her, but nothing came out. Why was I always the one who had to save our butts?

"Hey, Hiccup? Yeah, don't want to worry you and all, but the water's definitely warmer," Toothless pointed out, looking at me.

I looked between dragon and girl, feeling helpless and lost. I held up my hands in defeat, "W-w-well I don't know what to do! Don't look at me, I don't have all the answers!"

"Oh no," Astrid muttered, "If even you don't have an answer there is no answer. Oh gods, Gobber's gonna murder us."

"See, Hiccup? This here is the reason I don't trust you by yourself!" Toothless said triumphantly.

I huffed out of irritation and annoyance. "For the love of the Gods! Toothless!" I addressed sternly, sticking up for myself, "Would you please give me breathing space! I know you're my best friend, and I'm touched you want me safe, but you are strangling me! I need room to breathe, bud!" I protested, the stress of the day catching up and rearing its ugly head.

"It's not my fault, Hiccup!" he roared back, now getting fed-up with me, "Beginning fires, you are a death MAGNET, boy! What am I supposed to do, let you off by yourself to lose the other leg, too? Huh? Well no, I'm not! I am your dragon and your best friend, so I have every RIGHT to be worried about your safety!" he protested, eyes slowly slitting and roars getting louder.

I ignored him. "You follow me around like a dog! For Odin's sake, would you quit mothering me!"

He nearly chuckled with anger. "Mothering? MOTHERING? I do not mother you!"

"Yes, you do."

"No, I don't."

"YES, you do!"




Toothless and I both snapped our mouths shut, looking at the steaming girl with slight fear.

"We have a problem," she stated casually, as if she hadn't just blown up.

"Yeah, we're lost," I said grimly.

"No, we have another, more serious, problem." Joy.

I raised an eye-brow. "What?" I asked.

She furrowed her eye-brows, and pointed in the other direction. "Look."

My gaze followed her pointed finger, finding a horrifying and alarming scenario. Just as I looked in the direction, a single sleek, black, jagged fin swiftly glided back under the water. And it wasn't Toothless. Astrid lowered her voice into a dark whisper,


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