Title: Young Dudes

Genre: Romance

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I no own

Summary: AU. As he began to drive I prayed that this night wouldn't be a waste of time. That something would come out of it, at least a phone number, I thought while giving Axel a side glance.- Main Akuroku. Background Soriku. All characters will be a bit OOC.

Unbeta'd. Beware the errors!

"Blah" means talking

"Blah" means phone conversations

V. Strawberry SwingCold Play

His mouth was hot, slick tongue pushing up against my own, and I couldn't hold in the small whimper which escaped my throat. It didn't matter that we barely knew each other, didn't matter because his hands left a fiery imprint wherever his fingers touched as they continued to creep up my shirt.

We breathed through our noses, and I could feel his shallow breaths against my cheek as our tongues rubbed and our teeth hit against each other. It was fierce and intoxicating.

Somehow Axel managed to get me onto his bed. I fell back onto my elbows and he leaned forward, our kiss broken as Axel managed to straddle me, his green eyes nearly black with lust.

"Quero-te," He murmured, voice a deep rumble, while nuzzling against my neck. I tilted my head to give him better access, my hands slipping underneath his shirt and tracing idle patters on his lower back. His skin was soft and warm; his scent was making me dizzy.

His hands moved up my back, taking my shirt along with it. I held a breath as he pulled away and removed the article of clothing tentatively. I was a shivering mess of nerves. I wasn't the most masculine of men, and I hated working out. My body was thin, no fat really, but no muscle either. I resisted the urge to cover myself under his dark gaze. Embarrassment was flooding through me, I hadn't had sex in a very long time and Axel was making me so nervous that I was worried I was going to be sick all over him.

"Stop hidin'," Axel chuckled darkly while leaning forward and began teasing my body with that sinful mouth of his. I couldn't stop any moan that began escaping me, my hands running over his bare shoulders and through his surprisingly soft hair.

He got up from what he was doing, and I let out a moan of protest. My eyes zeroed in on his nude body as he reached over to the nightstand to pull out lube and condoms. The nervous butterflies were back with a vengeance.

"How do you want this?" Axel asked, voice low and body tensing as he stared down at me. He seemed a little apprehensive, probably because we both knew this was going to hurt me. Especially since it's been over a year since I've last had sex.

"I—What's easiest?"

He thought a moment, eyes roaming up and down my body before he spoke again, "Get on your knees and bend over."

I did was I was told, my face burning as I burrowed it into one of his pillows. I tensed as I felt one slick finger circle around my entrance.

"Relax Rox," Axel murmured from behind me.

"I'm trying," I managed to say through my teeth, and eventually did relax as he began to land soft kisses down my spine. When he slipped a finger inside I tensed again, a surprised whimper escaping me, only to let out a slow, deep, breath as I relaxed again. His index finger wiggled around, and I could feel him trying to stretch me before eventually just pumping the single digit in and out.

One finger became two, became three, and the burning sensation of being stretched caused me to grind my teeth together while my hands clutched the sheets tightly. I knew it was going to get better, that it was only a matter of time, but it still hurt.

Axel kept his fingers pumping and curling, I knew what he was looking for, and I was grateful for his efforts.

"Quero fazer-te gritar," He mumbled as he finally found the spot he was looking for, and I let out a surprisingly loud moan, pushing back onto his fingers without meaning to.

"Axel," I whispered, biting my lower lip harshly as he took his hand away. I knew what was going next, I could hear him tearing open the condom wrapper, and nearly jumped at the feel of cold lube touching my entrance.

"Relax," Axel repeated while leaning forward to nuzzle the back of my neck. I was trying to relax, I really was.

It occurred to me how out of character this all was for me. I wasn't one comfortable with nudity, or one-night stands. Was this a one-nighter? I didn't even—

"AH!" I screamed out as he suddenly slid into me. It was unexpected, and I squeezed my eyes shut at the burning sensation. I knew this was going to happen, but God I wasn't really ready for it.

Axel paused was he was in all the way, his hands squeezing my hips reassuringly, "Ya alright?"

"Y-yeah," I stuttered, "Just give me a sec, okay?"

His hips were moving minutely, probably on their own accord, but Axel said, "Okay." Instead of moving he leaned forward to kiss my shoulder blades, spine, the nape of my neck, and wherever else he could reach. "Whenever you're ready."

Slowly, the pain that was in my lower back began to ebb away, and I melted into Axel's butterfly kisses. One of his hands stroked the skin of my inner thigh while the other held onto my hip, thumb rubbing soothing circles onto the small of my back.

I sighed lightly, enjoying the attention before moving slowly against his hips, "Please, it's okay now. Please, move."

He didn't need to be told twice, because he began to move against me. Thrusting deep, and hitting my prostrate every single time. I didn't realize that my moans had gradually gotten louder until I was screaming. I couldn't help it, he moved at an animalistic pace, and all of my nerve endings were on fire as white hot pleasure washed throughout me.

It felt like an eternity of pleasurable torture, and then Axel's large, rough, hand encircled me and stroked me in time with his movements.

"Axel," I whined, "Oh God."

His breathing was harsh behind me, and he practically growled in my ear, "Vem-te para mim."

My body did what it was told, despite being in a different language. I saw blinding white, it was as if I were looking up into the sun. I convulsed against his hand, hands clawing desperately at the sheets beneath us.

Once I was done Axel pulled out and helped me roll onto my back, moving my knees swiftly over his shoulders before continuing. And God help me, it was the most intense sex that I've ever had in my life.

"Fuuuuck," I sobbed, but he didn't stop. He didn't stop until both of us were too spent to move.

I woke up to a car horn honking loudly on the street below and the sunlight was hitting right down onto the bed.

"Ugh," I groaned, trying to roll over and getting at least five more minutes of sleep.

"Too late now ya know," A southern twang stated from the doorway, "I know yer up. C'mon, I made ya breakfast."

My stomach growled at that moment and I peeked over at Axel. He was dressed in comfortable looking jeans and a black t-shirt; his feet were adorned with striped socks.

I squinted at the sun, "Can't I just eat here?" I said, my voice still thick with sleep. I didn't even remember the time that we passed out; because I know that we sure didn't go to sleep willingly.

Axel smirked, "Nah. Ya have ta get up an' shower. I'm sure yer family's wonderin' where the hell ya are."

It felt as if a bucket of cold water were poured over me, and instantly I was awake. Axel was completely right. Sora was wondering where the hell I was, he was probably pissed at me.

"You're right," I nodded. It took a moment for me to stand properly, huffing as pain shot up my lower back. No, not pain, just some severe discomfort.

The redhead grinned at me as he sauntered over to help me.

We made our way towards the bathroom one cautious step at a time. And I couldn't help but chuckle with amusement as he followed in behind me.

The drive to my parents house was done in a comfortable silence, and I tried to wrap my mind around exactly what had happened the night before. It was a lot more than I had ever done in my life. It made me really evaluate myself in a new light, I had to really think about things when I got back into the safety of my bedroom.

"Make a left up here," I directed.

"Ya know, I wouldn't mind seein' ya again." Axel nearly mumbled, and it was warming at how this man. This man who sexed me up twice in the shower not an hour ago, could suddenly become so shy.

I felt a grin split my face in half, "Really?" I didn't want to sound too eager, but I liked him.

He nodded, staring straight ahead at the road. "I mean, if you'd like, I can give ya my number. I don't…I don't really do one night stands."

Quickly, I whipped my phone out. Pounding the numbers in as he said them. Who knows, maybe we could be something more? If anything, last night taught me that it was okay to take risks. I was young, I could afford to do it.

We made it to the house a few minutes later.

"So, I'll call you," I told him. His smoldering green eyes caused something inside me to stir.

With a smirk, he leaned forward, large hand cupping the back of my head as he pulled me into a sweet kiss.

"There you are Roxas!" Mom smiled at me as I entered the house a little after two. "How was your night?"

I rubbed my eyes and yawned, "It was good." I stated, trying to not just fall asleep on the spot. "I'm still really tired Ma, I'll be in my room." I told her while doing just that. As soon as my bed was in view I fell onto it and laid there staring up at my ceiling fan.

Grabbing my cell from my pocket, I lazily dialed Sora's number and waited for him to pick up.

"Don't you ever pull shit like that again!" Sora's voice was serious, which was something new for him. I could hear someone murmuring something in the background, it was probably Riku.

"You do realize that I can take care of myself. I'm a big boy; know how to tie my own shoes and everything." I replied, my eyes at half-mast. "But, you have my word that I'll never do that again. How was the party?"

"I didn't get to really enjoy it since I didn't know where the hell you were." Sora took in a deep breath, "Lulu showed up halfway through. Shit seriously hit the fan. It was pretty epic."

I chuckled, "I bet."

My cousin went silent for a moment before asking the inevitable question. "How was your night?"

The smile that spread my face could've been bright enough to light the entire city at night, "Yeah. It was an awesome night."


"Actually," I rolled around in my bed some more, "I'm gonna call it in early. I didn't get much sleep last night."

"Yeah, I bet," I could practically hear Sora roll his eyes, "You'll tell me more later." He sniffed.

I shook my head to myself; my cousin was like a dog with a bone. "Goodbye now Sora." I hung up immediately afterwards, falling asleep not a minute later.

Monday was the day that I had to have hated most. In a way I almost felt sorry for Monday, almost.

Xigbar was in his chair; doing exactly the same thing he was doing on Saturday. Eye patch firmly in place. He was an odd man.

"How was your drunken stoner sex?" He asked casually, playing around with his pencil.

I chose to ignore him, wanting to burn the amount of paperwork which seemed to have accumulate on my desk in less than forty-eight hours.

Paperwork. That's what my life had been reduced to. Usually I'd want nothing more than to jump out of the sixth story window and fall to my sweet death. Right now, however, I couldn't bring myself to do it. After all, I had a redhead to call later.



Quero-te: I want you

Quero fazer-te gritar: I want to make you scream

Vem-te para mim: Come for me

MLL: Ugh, I'm so embarrassed hahaha. Lemon's always do that to me. Anyways, that's it, that's the end of Young Dudes. A HUGE thank you to everyone who reviewed; and a thank you to everyone who read. I hope you enjoyed it!