Match Maker

They were sitting in class first period. It was her and Harper. They had been friends since kindergarten. It had been her, Alex Russo, Harper, and Nate Grey. As time grew on they added more people. Nate's older two brothers, Shane and Jason, joined in. They joined about 3rd grade. They were now in 9th grade. Then a new girl, Ella, came about in 4th grade. Her and Jason got along pretty well. After her came Caitlyn in about 6th grade. Nate's liked her ever since, but won't tell anyone but Alex. Right about 7th grade the last of them came, Mitchie. She was everyone's best friend. You could tell that her and Shane like each other they just won't do anything about it. Which makes Alex mad when two people are so right for each other yet they won't do anything about it. It just gets on her last nerve. Just this last year Zeke started hanging with them because he and Harper were going out.

"Class, we have a new student with us today. He's from England, so be nice to him. His name is Mason Greyback. You can go sit over there beside Alex Mason." The teacher said while Alex didn't hear a word she said.

"Hi my name is Harper." Harper told the young man in front of her. He was to busy staring at Alex to give a care. She saw this and smiled. Somebody had a crush.

They went the rest of the day with Mason getting stuck beside Alex in every class. He would sit there and watch her every once in a while. It was funny cause all there friends, well Alex's friends, saw this but her. Even Nate who was in three of her classes. He didn't say anything though. He wasn't jealous of Mason, cause he only saw Alex as a little sister. She was the 'baby' of the group. Everyone was older than her by a year or a couple of months.

It had been two weeks since Mason had got there and was now in 5th period. The only period Alex didn't have with any of her friends. It was one of her favorite periods, he could tell, besides English. She looked up and saw him there. That was the first time she had ever seen him before.

"Oh, hey, is today your first day here?" She ask him with a warm smile. That was another thing he noticed about her. She always had a smile on her face.

"No I've been here for about two weeks now." He told her like it was nothing.

"Oh I'm sorry, I've been so busy that I hadn't even noticed. I feel terrible now." She had told with a laugh.

"Its okay don't worry bout it. So why are you in this class? I mean Isn't this really a boys class?" He ask while she just laughed at him. He had a lot to learn. She could tell you that.

"I'm known as the tomboy at school." She told him while he did a 'O' shape with his mouth. She just laughed at him. "Sorry I just don't wanna be known as normal. Its no fun."

"Yea I know what you mean. I am normal though." He told her with a smile. He liked who he was.

"Well, normal people scare me. They don't know how to have fun. They just don't get me at all." She told him while he just laughed. She was defiantly different. There was no denying that.

"Well, then I guess I'm not normal. I know how to have fun to a point." He told her while she just laughed. Just then the bell rang and it was time to eat lunch. She hated how 9th graders ate so late. "How come we have to eat lunch so late?" He ask her while she shook her head saying she didn't know.

"I seriously don't know. I know I hate it though. You wanna sit with us at lunch today?" She ask him with a warm smile. He just shook his head as if to say yea.

"Okay, I still don't like the lunch deal though. Its so annoying." He told her in a complaining voice. They finally reached the cafeteria and sat down.

"Hey guys what are we doing now?" Alex ask as her and Mason sat down at the only two seats left. Caitlyn looked at her funny.

"Well, we were talking about what we are doing this weekend and watching Mitchie and Shane." Caitlyn told her as if it was nothing. "Oh, hey Mason what's up?"

"Nothing much really. Just the school is confusing." He told them and they laughed.

"Shane Michale Grey if you don't ask Mitchie out already I will seriously kill you. Either ask her out or stop flirting. Its that simple." Alex said ignoring the fact that Caitlyn new who Mason was. Everyone busted out laughing at Shane's face.

"Alex that's just mean of you. We only like each other as friends." Shane told her while she rolled her eyes.

"And I'm not craving for a hamburger." She told him with a sarcastic tone of voice. They all laughed at her while Jason just had a weird look on his face.

"If your going to be that way then why don't Nate ask you out?" Shane ask not seeing Caitlyn's face go down a little. Alex saw it and right then and there new she liked him just like he liked her.

"Eww, that would be like going out with one of my brothers. That's just gross. All you boys do is flirt. I swear. I'm going to find a boy who don't do that." Alex told them with a look of disgust.

"Sure you will." Nate said in a sarcastic tone.

"Watch it Nate Matthew Grey. I own sarcasm and didn't give you permission to use it." She told him with a look. "Besides keep this up and your secret will be out sooner then you think." She told him with a laugh.

"What the secret of him liking Cait- oww." Jason said stopping his sentence cause both Alex and Nate had kicked him under the table. "What was that for?"

"Wait a minute, I haven't heard nothing from Caitlyn, Ella, Mitchie, or, well the love birds don't count." Alex said just as her brother came by them with his girlfriend. "Hey Juliet and Dork of the South."

"Haha Alex that's so funny." Justin said with a laugh. Alex just rolled her eyes.

"So Mason." Nate said trying to learn more on the new member. "When's your birthday?" Nate ask seeing if Alex was still the 'baby' of the group.

"Oh my birthday is November the 18th, so yes my birthday is late." He told them while Alex just groaned. "What's the matter with you?" He ask her with a look of consurn. Everyone could tell he liked her. They just couldn't tell if Alex felt the same. She was always one hard to read.

"That means I'm still the 'baby' of the group. My birthday is August 30th." She said with a sad face. She hated being the 'baby' of the group. They made fun of her for it. "Oh well." She said going from a sad face to happy real quick. "I'm going on the football filed come on out when ya get done." She told them running out side.

"She got over that quick." Mason said real surprised at her. The rest just laughed at him.

"That's Alex for ya. Don't ever fall for her sad eyes unless she's real pissed off. Its just a way for attention for her." Nate said like it was nothing. He could tell you a lot about everyone at that table.

"So something tells me I should stay on her good side?" Mason stated slash ask the rest of them.

"Yep." They all said at the same time. He just laughed at them.

They were all getting ready to go outside and were outside when they saw Alex had a football. She was throwing back and forth between some random dude at school. He looked to be a football player. When she saw the rest of them she handed the dude his football as his friends started coming out side too.

"Hey guys." She told them as she saw Caitlyn do something to Nate then started running. She laughed at them kinda wanting that for herself too. "So what's going on this weekend?" She ask them with a smile.

"Sleepover at our house." Shane said with a laugh. Alex shook her head okay. She was down with that. It didn't bother her none.

"You wanna come too Mason?" Alex ask him as he thought for a moment.

"Sure I think I live next door to them anyway." He said with a smile.

"Then its settled. sleepover at the Grey's house." Mitchie and Alex said at the same time with a laugh. This was going to be interesting.

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