Oops! Chapter 1

Bella POV

"Bella come on, urgh why do humans have to be so slow!" Great Alice was complaining again. Edward caught my hand and intertwined our fingers. He kissed me then and of course it made my head spin and I forgot to breathe. Edward chuckled. I could feel the blush creeping up my neck and cheeks. "Bella! Come here this instant!" Alice shouted at me completely ruining the moment. I suddenly felt a tugging sensation on my arm I looked to my right and saw Alice trying not to rip off my arm. I guess I hadn't noticed, as I couldn't take my eyes off Edward.

As I was being dragged away to my death by Alice, I heard Edward chuckle in the background. "Bella please don't be scared its not like were going to visit the Voltouri! Just relax please after all were only going ice skating!"

Edward POV

Why did Alice have to take her away from me why? Oh well I'll just have to go hunting with Jasper and Emmett, or maybe I'll o spy on Alice just to make sure she's taking care of Bella. Hmmm I'll ask Jasper and Em what I should do.