Chapter 7

Jacob P.O.V

Why did she have to do this, she knew I would do anything for her, I just didn't realise she would use my love for her against me. I have to keep fighting for her whilst her heart beats. She was my love and she begged me to let her go, I couldn't refuse her puppy dog eyes.

"Jake you have to let me go if you want me to be happy you have to let me go. I'm sorry Jake."

"Please Bella, I'm better for you than him."

"Jake you have to let me go."

So that's what happened it all seemed so unreal when it happened. How could I let her go: Back to the monster that was going to kill my sweet love. I had watched her disappear into the forest her sweet smelling chocolate brown curls blowing out behind her. She was right if I cared for her I had to let her be happy, however much it killed me inside. I couldn't phase knowing I would have to put my brothers through this pain, also knowing they were fed up of me imagining Bella naked on a pile of rose petals begging me to come to her. Wow she was hot naked. Oh great I've got goose bumps now.

Bella P.O.V

I think I remember the way to the Cullen's house. Ah. How did I end up on the edge of a cliff? "AHH GET OF ME LET ME GO HELP!"

"Shhh don't worry Bella its just me ok? Calm down."

"Oh Edward." I turned around slung my arms around his neck and he kissed me. Not a soft kiss, or a goodbye kiss a passionate kiss, a kiss that knocked the air out of me but I didn't care all that mattered was I was with Edward, the love of my life. We fell to the floor still kissing, and then Alice appeared. "Bella, Edward can you not do that in public?" We didn't listen we carried on not just kissing now. "Guys please! We need to get Bella home she looks cold." We stopped and I moved my hands realising I still had the chains on all Jake had done was snap the chains. "Bella why are you wearing chains, I hope Jacob didn't get kinky did he? Did he, cause if he forced you I'm going to-"

"Edward? He didn't force me, I think he wanted to but I begged him to let me go and he did."

"Oh, he MADE you BEG?"

"Edward it was the only way I used his love for me against him, you should have seen his face."

"Ha I wish I did I would have ripped it off though…"


Esme P.O.V

Yey! I had all of my family back including my human part and I couldn't be happier. Edward and Bella's wedding day was coming up then Bella would be officially part of my family, and so would Charlie… "Esme?"

"Yes Edward?"

"Could I talk to you outside please?" I followed Edward outside and I knew what this would be about. Charlie.

"You may want to know you don't have to worry about thinking of Charlie, I know."

"What how do you know? When did you find out?"

"At the time of the event. Charlie was screaming your name so loud in his head."

"Oh." I knew if I could blush I would have. Great. My eldest son knew I had slept with his fiancé's Father and I had cheated on his Father. "Esme what I don't get is why you did it? Why did you do that to Carlisle?"

"It wasn't my fault, I had tidied Jaspers room and found stuff that was private and he wanted revenge. He played with mine and Charlie's emotions."

"Oh okay I thought you had gone off Carlisle."

"Edward!" we raced back to the house obviously he won. I was happy and I wanted to spend the evening with my family. I needed to make the most of my human Bella time.